Bank of Zambia urges public to handle new Kwacha carefully



The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has called on the members of the public to desist from subjecting the new bank notes to harsh handling or any other form of experiment.

BoZ Head of Public Relations Kanguya Mayondi said told ZANIS in Lusaka today people must know that all banknotes have a limited lifespan which can be determined by how the citizens handle them.

Mr. Mayondi reacting to public concerns that the new rebased Kwacha notes, especially the K5, were fading easily.

He said the Bank of Zambia would appreciate to see the new fading notes so that an appropriate assessment is done.

The Central Bank Head of Public Relations said it was difficult for the bank to take corrective measures without any tangible evidence of the fading notes.

Mr. Mayondi said the Bank of Zambia’s clean banknotes policy encourages proper and safe handling of the banknotes.

He said the Central bank expected members of the public, with encouragement from commercial banks, to ensure that banknotes were handled in a proper manner.

He said the Bank of Zambia was ready to cooperate with all stakeholders in order to find effective ways of educating members of the public on how to handle the country’s currency.

Mr. Mayondi said BoZ will continue to sensitise the public on the bank’s clean note policy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mayondi has expressed satisfaction and happiness with the overwhelming acceptance of the rebased Kwacha by Zambians ever since the new notes were introduced into circulation almost a month ago.



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      All quite evil.

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  1. Is he admitting that the currency notes are fading quickly? That is how he sounds especially with emphasis that it should be handled properly.

  2. So the People in Magazine compound and Navutika compound in East Province were right , after all. BOZ caught napping. Can we have a commission of Inquiry on this?

  3. This culture of threatening people instead of answering their concerns has now spread to BOZ.

    People inform you that the notes are fading, you tell them that 1. you want evidence to prove it first and 2. that they should handle the money well, in other words its their fault not BOZ.

    what a back ward country, cant that monkey from BOZ just apologise for once?

  4. the notes are alridy faded. they do not look original. why rush to give them to people. there was nid to have plenty of time to plan these things. k5 and k10 are not luking nice. the bank shud do something about it. it is embarssing as a country that even notes we are failing to produce that can look better. cheap quality.

    • I dont think Zambia has the capacity to mint currency. Whoever they commissioned are to blame. My suspicion is BOZ got quotes from rebutable firms but used a cheap source and pocketed the difference. Time will tell. Reputable minting houses have carried out tests on combinations of paper and ink they use and effects forces and environmental conditions have on the paper and ink used.

    • Alexandra Chikwanda is the Thomas de la Rue agent in Zambia. Why don’t we all ask him what happened? Thats what hapens when you have more money in you pockets. spend it before it fades hehehe

  5. The dollar is used around the global without proper handling and fading. Even currencies around our neighbours. This is nonsense of the highest order.

  6. Why the concern was it printed on the cheap…all notes are designed to withstand harsh treatment. Its best you address the real underlining issue about notes instead of patronising the general public.

  7. Iwee Mayondi……wats your problem?? The notes are not even a month old.Am sure you new this.tell us wat you will do.

  8. Actually people are not just talking because they hate the govt! its true the new notes especially k5 fade so quickly. I noticed this myself and even asked a shop keeper about it cause I thot it was fake!

  9. The banknotes are of a very poor quality , a closer look is required for each transaction as doubts arise as to the genuineness because of the rapid deterioration in texture and colour. There is no change available at the banks for traders so old currency and sweets are being used .

  10. iam at a loss on who to trust now.
    please ba pf, ddon’t fail us by allowing such idiocy to go unpunished.
    am sure samples were sent to boz for certification and approval before the actual printing commenced.
    unless someone within the govt echelon is involved, we expect stern action on whoever is involved in this nonsense. it smells of corruption and our presido is allegic to corruption, remember?

  11. It’s seems the quality of the Kwacha has also been rebased! You spend such amounts of money rebasing a currency, with no real economic value in the exercise and that new currency, take back the quality in the notes…more expense in minting yet again more notes…

  12. This is quite a shame! How can a country’s currency notes fade, really:? There was no fading of our paper money during the entire 27years of UNIP rule even when one washed the notes by mistake! All this nonsense of our paper money fading started with the corrupt and rotten Chiluba regime. Please Mr Mayondi just work to rectify the problem. You don’t have to wait to get hold of a faded note from the public to do so. You can even try to soil one yourself! The BOZ should simply be pro-active cases like this. It’s pretty embarrassing for a country’s paper money to be fading. Can’t they see?

  13. BoZ why did you print fake money in the first, why were you rushing? That’s what happens nga mwatemwa ukulyamo , it will now be costly for u and the country at large coz we will have to do it again and at a cost. What was wrong to use our usual Thomas de la rule, u went on and gave fong kong printers and they have shown you.

  14. This is funny to say the least. not even a month and fading surely. Are these plastic notes again. BOZ be serious and the procurement managers or whomever was involved with sourcing the vendor needs to be held accountable. If they cant explain Fire them and get a qualified person. Silly corrupt *****s.

  15. Bring back the economic team of Musokotwane, Fundanga , Lioko, Mutati and Kapwepwe! To hell with the PF nepotistic and tribal economic team!

  16. Handle with care simple,all currencies are made of papaer,they all fade when mishandled.Learn to use wallets and handbags iinstead of hiding money in bambas and socks

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