Nchelenge records five cholera deaths


Five people in Nchelenge District in Luapula Province have died of cholera since the first case was recorded in December last year.

Confirming the development, Nchelenge District Director of Health, Davies Mwewa, said a total of 120 cases have since been recorded in the area.

Dr Mwewa explained that the five recorded deaths includes one each from Kapambwe Clinic, Kafutuma Clinic, St Paul’s Mission Hospital and two from Chisenga Island Clinic which is located on Lake Mweru.

Dr Mwewa made the revelation during a rescheduled 2012 Fourth Quarter Nchelenge District Development Co-ordinating Committee Meeting (DDCC) held in the Council Chambers yesterday.

He named the most affected villages by the outbreak as Shinjoni, Chandwe and villages around Chisenga Island.

The Director of Health attributed the outbreak to residents drawing drinking water from shallow wells and poor sanitation conditions.

Dr Mwewa said a total of KR60,000 has so far been spent in an effort to combat the outbreak.

He said the Ministry of Health in Nchelenge has since embarked on continuous village inspections and publicity campaigns on cholera prevention and liming of pit latrines.

The Doctor of Health named other activities being undertaken as enforcement of the Public Health Act, chlorination of water points as well as contact tracing.

Dr Mwewa informed the meeting that the past week has since seen a reduction in admissions, adding that no admission has been recorded in the past two days.

Meanwhile, a planner at the Nchelenge District Health Office has said the cases of cholera outbreaks usually recorded in the area can only come to an end if the water and sanitation situation is improved.

Gift Hajongola says there is urgent need to come up with the solution to the problem in order to save lives in the district.




  1. Eastern, Western, Southern, Northwestern provinces have always been Cholera free. Why do Cholera outbreaks occur in the remaining provinces? Filth, unhygienic environs or what?


  2. there is need for a water treatment plant in nchelenge, pipo jst drink raw water frm the lake as the water is jst pumped and supplied direct to the community without doin anythin to it. kuti yapwa shani cholera. pipo drink water with worms inside. leteracy levels of the pipo is very low and poverty level vry high as they cnt evn mange to buy a bottle of chlorin . the Govnt shld do sumthng about this.


  3. Sata once said if any person dies of chorela when he becomes president then he is NOT fit to president of zambia. Now I see why the bible says we shall be judged by each word we alter. Thanks


    • Mwanamayola,

      You’re spot on. Yes I remember too. It’s unfortunate. In these developed worlds we live in politicians are always made accountable for the words they uttered and promises they made. Sata has turned out to be the biggest dissapointment that Zambia has and will ever see. Mark my words people will want to vomit if they hear the name Sata in future. I hope all his children have plans for name changes or immigration to the north pole. Its a shame.

      Its truly sad. So much hope lost. What a shame!!



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