Presidential candidate should have degree qualification and be subjected to a thorough medical examinations

DELEGATES to the just ended Provincial Constitution Convention for Southern Province in Livingstone
DELEGATES to the Provincial Constitution Convention for Southern Province in Livingstone
DELEGATES to the just ended Provincial Constitution Convention for Southern Province in Livingstone
DELEGATES to the just ended Provincial Constitution Convention for Southern Province in Livingstone

DELEGATES attending the southern province constitution convention have demanded that a candidate vying for the office of the president should have a minimum University degree qualifications alongside being subjected to a thorough medical examinations.

During thematic group presentation during the deliberations at the convention which winds up its business today, the delegates called for the amendment of clause (e) that put a minimum grade twelve or its equivalent for the presidential aspirant with delegates overwhelmingly settling for a minimum degree qualifications as a requirement.

The delegates also demanded for an inclusion of a clause subjecting such as an aspirant to a medical test just like of any person who intent to join the public service.

The convention has also upheld the Article that requires a presidential candidate to have been duly elected if that candidate receives not less than fifty per cent plus one vote of the valid votes cast, doing away with the first-past-the post, majoritarian electoral system.

Meanwhile, it was felt that Article 201 (2)which enshrines presidential powers for the president to either create, alter, provide for the merger or divide of one or two provinces should be amended with an inclusion of the words of ‘ in consultation of the traditional leaders of such particular locales’. Chief Chikanta of Kalomo stressed that there was need for traditional stakeholders to be consulted in such provisions of legislation to avoid any unforeseen tensions among would be affected territories.

And the delegates have maintained that Judges may retire at attaining the age of 75, contrary to some district submissions that demanded that they (Judges) should also retire after serving for a maximum service of that like of other public service office bearers.

The convention has drawn all stakeholders from a wide cross section of society in the province to deliberate on district resolutions both in English and vernacular versions to be consolidated and later be submitted to the national and sector groups for the country to come up with a constitution that would stand the test of time.

And in Lusaka, a Parliamentarian has expressed fear that the amendment of Article 149 of the Draft Constitution to allow for any question proposed for decision in the National Assembly to be determined by a two thirds instead of the mere majority of MPs present would create a constitution crisis.

Kabwata MP, Given Lubinda, said the decision to amend both clauses 1 and 2 of Article 149 has potential to create a constitution crisis as most MP are charged with various responsibilities and are sometimes not present in Parliament to form the required two thirds which may cause important bill such as the budget to suffer if introduced on such a day.

The Lusaka Provincial Constitution Consultative Convention has resolved to amend the clause by replacing the majority with two thirds so that the clause can state that except otherwise provided in the constitution, any question proposed for decision in the national assembly shall be determined by two thirds of the MPs present and voting.

Clause 2 has been amended to allow a question proposed for decision in the nation assembly so that the speaker shall have no vote and in the case of a tie, the speaker will break the tie contrary.

Mr Lubinda stated that parliamentary committees and other responsibilities arise in the middle of the national assembly sitting which require them to attend which he said will make some decisions to fall off because of the two thirds majority which has been introduced.

The House was divided and the chairperson called for voting twice before settling for the amendment while others were left wondering how the decision was arrived at.

After voting, the rapporteurs were requested to remind the delegates as most of them were in a confused state as to what the house had resolved concerning the matter.

And Mr Lubinda proposed an amendment on Article 142 to provide for the President to appoint a Member of Parliament amongst the MPs in the House to be leader of government business in the National Assembly.

The amendments were adopted and the whole Article was retained as stated in the draft constitution.

Meanwhile, the convention has retained Article 136 which talks about the composition of the National Assembly with amendments.

The House has resolved that the National Assembly shall consist of 200 representatives holding seats from the multi-member constituencies.

The convention, which opened on Monday this week is expected to close this afternoon after considering all articles of the draft constitution and four delegates are expected to be elected to represent the province at the national convention which is expected to be held in the country’s capital, Lusaka.



  1. This is just not fair. How do you deal with our president who claims to have degrees that only Winter has seen?

    • Rupiah Banda and Chiluba where best presidents Zambia has ever had, and had no degrees. Their qualifications was christianity.
      KK, Mwanawasa and now Sata are about arresting people and set them free. And these 3 have more in common.

    • Some of you should be doing their research instead of coming here laughing ignorantly about a serious issue as if you are amusing anybody. It is really s.t.u.p.i.d to vomment on things you don’t know about. RUPIAH BANDA attanded UNZA and graduated with a degree in Economics. FREDERICK CHILUBA graduated with a Masters Degree from Warwick University in 1994 and his graduation was even televised on ZNBC on a popular weekly television documentary called The Zambian Challenge in those days. Where did Sata graduate? It is exactly because of illiteracy and ignorance why he thinks running Zambia is like a joke and the only thing you do is practice tribalism and stealing. Even among the tribes in Zambia the tribalism seems to be practiced a lot among the least educated tribes.

    • Stop lying iwe chitapi RB has never been at unza.pls take yo fake data to watchdog.he has a degree in economic history but it’s not from unza.

    • Boss ama degrees this time and era ni mbwe. Yu can get a degree from your house online. Am sure our president did the same and you shouldint worry. Only GB won’t like this clause but he can also start quietly coz 2016 is far away enough for him to attain one

    • @Chitapi_meno, you sound to be some very frustrated guy working as a namazai in the diaspora. I would have you to show some statisics to back yours claims of least educated tribes. When i was doing my economics and statistics degree at unza the only pipo who graduated that time were from eastern and northern part of zambia. But if you went to School of Education, thats where you would find a lot of our tonga and lozi brothers. Even wen you go to Lilayi college you will find them no wonder a lot of our tonga and lozi brothers are policemen and soldiers coz these requires you to be more physical than mental. So waumfwa namazai. If you have failed to make it where you are just come back brother.

  2. You Tongas in Southern Province, just becuase your tonga newsaper owned by tongas lied to you that the president has prostate cancer and a heart condition , recieving treatment in who knows where, and you think now it is a good idea to put it in the constitution ..dalo dalo dalo dalo can you be so easily influenced by lies and now you want to constitutionalise lies from that useless HH funded online paper

  3. The degree and thorough medical exams for an aspiring presidential candidate are long overdue. Currently we have a president who may not have attained a grade 9 coupled with poor health and advanced age. How can he be expected to make the right decisions in the challenges of the 21st century? It has to be national interests first.

  4. yes we shouldn’t have a president who disappears periodically for secret medical check ups using taxpayers monies.PS any news about where our President is?

  5. ok i have 7 online degrees. that is simple. but medical exam must accompan physical fitness. aspirants must jog from woodland stadium to state house

  6. this is a load of rubbish and cowdung. Tongas ve warped brains just coz your midget bitter HH is allegedly to ve one which differs so much from kaponya public outbursts, you think that should be in constitution. The constitution is an important document that go beyond the whims of one midget bitter HH.
    How any human beings can come up with dung, defies logic and rules of natural wisdom. Sickness or education are personal matters. Please excuse us and restrict your filth thinking to upnd sinking polical fortune.

  7. When you hear such ejaculations from a cohort of ill informed, semi-literate people, you just wonder how many Constitutions this third world country will have. You will spend, God knows how many years revising, re drafting, rewriting the constitution while the masses are wallowing in grinding poverty. A degree President will not solve the problems this impoverished country is experiencing.
    You do not change the Constitution because the current President has got no degree. Look at the Powers of the President in the current constitution. Curb the powers of the President and strengthen PARLIAMENT. Even a degree President, with the current powers is going to behave like the current one. You have no HOPE. How about those with Honorary Degrees like Nevers Mumba?

  8. Well said banene we need a degree as qualification for the position of presidency. Imagine the current president Serpent Cobra Ukwa Sata CNP, no education background if not standard one to leading me, Volcanologist, shame. Let us all speak one voice and demand a constitution we would like to have to avoid ma rubbish of leadership we seeing today were president Sata CNP can not express himself in english and fail to read reports unless simplified by Secretary to the Cabinet. Chibiliti must be resting while Msisika is in the job simplifying for Mr. Simplify Sata CNP.

  9. I thought we are beyond this degree rubbish.hope those proposing this nonsense can tell us what type of degree.i knew southern prov will come up with what suits HH.

  10. good submission infact this submission should extend to MPs. those of you who think this is a load of crap show me one great country that was not founded on education. though i have my reservation about a medical test. with the BOMA ni BOMA mentality of governance. i can imagine running for presidency and being a threat to the sitting head and silly enough we have a policy to such tests to be done from a government hospital. i wonder how easy it would be a sitting head to use government machinery to declare me unfit. the medical test thingy is subject to interpretation thats where the problem is. we saw this happening happening during mabenga’s daughter’s postmotem imagine if results can be manipulated where a family member is present how much more ……

  11. its not suprising that this kind of thinking is coming from Southern province, this degree thing was talked about during Rupia’s reign and people didnt want it, so why should we bring it back now………….in a country where going to university is a prevallege people should be ashamed of making such suggestions. Not to mention the fact the there is no evidence whatsoever that a president with a degree w’d rule a country better than the one with none……..examples are everywhere, educated presidents have been some of the worst dictators, mugabe is one of the most educated presidents in the world and yet you cannot compare him to Zuma who is among the least educated presidents. honestly, this is HH at work or his Supporters who think they should use any means necessary to have HH as…

    • Lula of Brazil was a shoe cobbler, but he transformed the economy of that country into a model among the countries of the developing world.

    • Ma! alimwi ne. Wakutyani buya HH? He was not there in the convention neither did he influence the people in the meeting. You hate him because he is rich.Too bad you can not change matters basa. He worked for his wealthy like many other Southerners.

  12. Lula of Brazil was a shoe cobbler, but he transformed the economy of that country into a model among the countries of the developing world.

    • You are lying through your ugly big teeth. You are prone to falsehoods just like your kinds from your regime. You are lacing facts with your prescribed choice assorted imaginations. Get a life boy.
      Help your warlord(Sata) to sort out his registration at a nearest tertiary institution before his grandchildren straight from university kick him aside. Aside from your usual collection of hog wash, repent from your sins. We have alot of educated Tongas more than your your kind. Realistically let us look at statistics between your educated kind and educated Tongas. Your kind is the majority tribe and the Tongas are the minority. However, the number of educated Tongas is more than all educated Bembas and this is an undisputed fact. See, shame.
      I carried out a proper doctorate thesis about…

    • Its an insult to compare Lula with Sata. Look at the picture holistically and you will see that the ingredients of success by Lula lay not in tribal appointments of the kind Sata has made. One surrounds one with mediocre appointments, you get what is obtaining in Zambia. While I agree that a degree is no gurantee of success, the assumption is that a quality degree will have given someone some more than average analytical tools. For arguments sake if a check on current leaders, I bet a majority are degree holders.

  13. We propose that no predidential candidate be allowed to stand if such individual failed to win presidential election for three consecutive election period.We want to give chance to others no self imposed candidates


  15. With due respect to what delegates are insisting on, the degree issue is a non starter. What degree? A degree in what? And of course we now have a number of one class universities offering degrees in our country. i think its best to let sleeping dogs lie. We can have such rubbish for lack of a better term being introduced in the constitution. Even the issue of medical tests will be a non starter..who determines the hospital to do the tests? Which ailments will qualify to bar a presidential candidate – Is its HIV AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Cerebral malaria? Lets be serious guys

    • Chitalu i love your great thinking, u think out side the box, keep up your good work i alaways scrow down to read your coments please keep it up and shed sense to these friends of mine from poor families (PF).

    • You supposedly intellectuals ,let us debate on what Prof Chirwe has put on the platform (i.e ZRL renovation) it is a vision so let us suport his project Zedians:

      VT wants wara co respoce :Jah bless.

    • Any University Degree equivalent to a degree confered by the University of Zambia. Why should we allow *****s without vision to rule us in this era? Nothing personl, just ask your warlord to register at the nearest night school.

    • I wonder how many delegates at this convention have degree qualifications. I think it would be unconstitutional to have such a clause because it discriminates those who have a degree and the ones that dont have a degree.

      The people of Zambia should vote who whoever they they to vote for regardless of wether that person has a degree qualification or not.

    • Godfrey Chitalu that’s so poor coming from you. Entering a university as a first year student you are required to do medicals, when you are employed you are also required to do medicals even footballers do medicals before they join a new team. Its standard practice to do medicals. As for which degree, it doe not matter whether its mechanical,electrical, psychological,political or education so long its a degree or equivalent

  16. I agree with Tony Blair, load of rubbish. A good number of degree holders can’t even run their lives. They squander their salary within 72 hours and then go ‘a borrowing and a sorrowing’. How many have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar? As for medical exams, some diseases come with age. Every one has a right to earn a living. May be we should start off by kicking all the diabetics and hypertensives out of employment because they are chronically unwell. I wonder how many of your relatives will remain in employment.

    • Fellow Zambians the race is open and if you are popular you carry the day.Wisdom is paramount .Not mere academic achievement.

  17. Health discrimination….There is no country in the world that subjects presidential candidates to a public health examination. On that premises alone this demand from bantustan followers should be ignored forthwith.
    University degree in WHAT??? The nation doesn’t have to look any further than UPND’s own Hakainde Hichilema who is supposed to have an MBA degree. Looking at his behaviour in politics HH has so far provided the proof that having a degree is iirelevant as far as politics in Zambia are concerned.

  18. I am sure Southern Province delegates would not have resolved to have Presidential Candidates undergo medical examinations when Anderson Mazoka was aspiring to be President. What has changed now?

    • Youre right. If Mazoka was alive, there would not have been such calls for meds pantu umufyashi kaliyaka bad kind !

  19. Please, take the warload(Sata) for registration at a nearest university. In fact he can register as a P.T. student not as a full time student. He will be able to attend to his usual plans of dividing Zambians into strange tribal enclaves and studying at the same time.
    What a coincidence for the warlord, he will tutor his fellow undergraduate students in shady political science. I wonder how he will be able to teach his classes because university teaching requires thinking out of the box and constructing plausible conclusions which culminate from valid arguments. He is too rude and unthoughtful and his discourse is not a liberating one. He is always politically, socially and legally wrong. God damn it.

    • just to remind you in case you forgot he got one, remember last year? if your target is Sata then you got it all wrong, not to mention that this is not a southern province constitution but a consititution of the republic of Zambia and since only southern province has submited this lunacy it wont go anywhere………you can have it though as your law in southern province for chiefs i guess.

      Hey, you p.u.n.k.y ass b.i.t.c.h I aint talking about your f.u.c.k.e.n. p.u.s.s.y. ass, you dig it, you d.i.c.k s.u.c.k.e.r
      Aint worried about your crew and f.u.c.k. you all with them people, you understand me b.i.t.c.h.
      Suck my d.i.c.k.
      I hate you and all your kind.

    • Hey b.i.t.c.h. I don’t hang around with your kind and I cannot put my f.u.c.k.e.n. d.i.c.k. in your p.u.s.s.y. ass. I am too damn smart for that s.h.i.t., you understand me, you p.u.n.k ass b.i.t.c.h.
      We are too smart to believe your damn lies.
      Sata is not educated and I will tell you why I argue as such. First and foremost, Sata makes alot of mistakes in his grammar. For example, he said and I quote, “Hichelema is giving money to unemployment youths” This quotation is record and are so many others.
      Lastly write a detailed long essay as part of your university degree about the above trash, to be specific a doctorate thesis not a Masters Dissertation. Please do not use the above phrases interchangeably.It does not work that way. Which university conferred a university degree…

    • @BOOM & WHATEVER#26.3 An omission in the second paragraph and, note that a word has been left out in the last sentence of the mentioned paragraph. The omitted word is ‘on’. The whole sentence is as follows below.
      ‘This quotation is on record and are so many others.’

    • you are funny man, so, can you tell the difference between yourself and I, read what you have written then do yourself a favor ask your neighbor which one of us they would allow their kids to be around them…..your insults betray you, you think are being cool, no my friend, u being ignorant and showing what a low life you are, you want to sound like gangstar, kikikik, shame shame, and do you really feel good about yourself and your insults? and do you know why you can’t hang aroung with my kind? cos we dont speak that filthy language of yours, now go run along smoking that pipe……oh, one thing, levy made mistakes too, many of them but he was very educated.

  20. Some tongas think that the death of Sata would usher in HH. Even now HH cannot beat any presidential candidate in an election period.

  21. Zambia’s copper resources have not made the country rich. Virtually all Zambia’s copper mines are owned by corporations. In the last ten years, they’ve extracted copper worth $29 billion but Zambia is still ranked one of the twenty poorest countries in the world.

    So why hasn’t copper wealth reduced poverty in Zambia? Once again it comes down to the issue of tax, or in Zambia’s case, tax avoidance and the use of tax havens.

    Tax avoidance by corporations costs poor countries and estimated $160 billion a year, almost double what they receive in international aid. That’s enough to save the lives of 350,000 children aged five or under every year.

    For every $1 given in aid to a poor country, $10 drains out. Vital money that could help a poor country pay for…

    • We had graduates ,the late Mwanawasa and Banda
      yet the economy never improved degreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss

  22. Discrimination of individuals at its highest level. All human being are created equal and have universal rights and constitutional rights to take part in national issues when it comes to elected public offices such presidency it should not matter wether you have degree or not every one has a right to stand and participate in issues of national interest. This submition is a waste ever and it won’t pass.

  23. Mwebena Southern Province mwatusebanya.Your President HH will not qualify for there is no person who is 100% well.Ask any Doctor.Which ailments then if i may ask will qualify to bar a Presidential candidate.Is it:
    Sight problem or


  25. Enshrining ELITISM into such an important document as a CONSTITUTION will never make it STAND THE TEST OF TIME!

    Until such a time when Zambia on her own can churn out thousands of college graduates with DEGREES, the degree requirement will remain an OXYMORON to this whole exercise. No sooner is the Constitution passed will the DEGREE CLAUSE be deemed unfair and discriminatory to the majority of Zambians. It shouldn’t be a surprised to anyone then that in a few years we will be back holding more constitutional conventions again and gobbling up more billions of our financial resources when we could be building more and improving our existing Universities.

  26. It is very myopic in a country with more than two thirds of its population who are completely illiterate or semi-illiterate to start introducing ELITISTIC clauses in the Constitution. Kaunda did us all a favor; he built Secondary schools everywhere and these schools have produced thousands of Secondary School Graduates, so pegging minimum Presidential qualifications at grade twelve makes sense!

  27. Not even countries with abundant college capacity and where anyone and everyone who is determined and wants to go to college have these sorts of SUPERFICIAL clauses in their Constitutions. Zambia has very limited University and college capacity for the country to start going down this route. Let us not write important National documents to satisfy very narrow SPECIAL INTEREST PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDANTES while making the majority of our people feeling left out—the Constitution ‘ain’t gonna survive’ for very long!

    This is a good idea at a wrong time and wrong generation!

  28. Yambayamba, I concur with you.
    These people are introducing superficial clauses which have nothing to do with good governance or democracy. A few greed individuals have been pushing this agenda to introduce ELITIST POLITICS in the country and this could be dangerous because many people will feel alienated from the affairs of the country. This obsession with the degree qualification is something I fell to understand in Zambian politics, does it mean even someone with a degree in art will know more about economics when he is a president? Zambia as a country, we are not moving forward because of useless decisions which are not adding value to the well being of the country.This assumption that the President is Mr- know-it- all is wrong and we need to explain it the people why he has…

  29. Zambia just wasted time and money debating on whether the presidential candidate should have degree qualification and be subjected to medical examinations. Where were the opposition parties and degree holders who attended provincial constitution convention to stop debating on useless topic. Should have been discussing how to end poverty in Southern province and the entire Zambia, allowing dual citizenship etc. which have positive impact upon the economy of Zambia. Academic qualifications have nothing to do with leadership – presidential qualifications. We have seen presidents and preachers with degrees or no degrees perform very well or very bad. Degree brings fruit if used properly, but is not a qualification to become a president, but depends on the ability of a person. Period.

  30. If the UPND stronghold can propose is garbage now when they are in opposition.what kind of constitution can they produce once they get in 2 power.

  31. You can have a degree but if you don’t have wisdom you can not lead a country, a home or indeed a company. It takes more than a degree to be a good leader. Apparently degrees are all over these days and what makes you think a person can not get a degree in six months or one year. Its happening these days. The problem that we have is that; we are so personal and we come up with clauses targeting one person instead of being objective. There are people with diplomas who are better managers and leaders alike. Wisdom is the overriding factor ( Chipimo has it) that we need not fake degrees, Msc, Phds, like we are seeing nowadays. Thanks.

  32. What if HH is found 2 b mentaly unstable?lets take a leaf 4rm Mbingu wamutarika.The guy was very very educated but he hit the country in2 a iceberg.

  33. A constitution is not supposed to be discriminatory. A constitution is not supposed to promote interests of certain sectors of society. A constitution is supposed to be fair to all, it ought to promote fundamental or universal rights of every citizen. NO ELITISM, NO FAVOUR. It must be an embodiment of the desires and aspirations of all, of a society on how they shall govern themselves. A basic qualification such as grade 12 or its equivalent is fair enough for the Zambian society. If your take is that a clause like that would encourage people to study, then let’s have unis in all provinces first. We can amend the current one in 2051.

    • @Goncalves: At least it is assumed that everybody who is born alive have an equal chance to reach the age of 35 and beyond. That is a natural phenomenon that every human being is equally subjected to. DEGREES/EDUCATION is a human construct which is not universally and equally available to every citizen no matter what the circumstances. Age is an “equal opportunity employer”— it does not discriminate!

      Other than death, there is nothing that prevents any man-child or girl-child from attaining the age of 35, but there is plenty that can hinder a young person from getting a college degree. And most of the impediments are caused by people who already have college degrees and are now in positions of power—the constitution will not last!

  34. All delegates should have been subjected to thorough medical check up to determine their sanity. These delegates seem to be day dreaming.

  35. Zambians will never again make a mistake of electing an illiterate president who has made Lusaka city dirtiest! malabish caabe. Education is key for all human developments. Tribalism that we c 2day of cos is dangerous weapon to gud governance.

    • Like what you have already alluded above in your statement, education is tied to so many facets in society. Hygiene is one of the standards which is compromised when the likes of Kaponyas are running wild both in air conditioned govt. offices and our streets.
      These entities have no time to carry out proper city planning and their behaviours have far reaching tripple effects on ordinary citizens.
      Tell these supporters of the Kaponyas and the Kaponyas too, to support high standards of education. I am luck in that I earned my degrees at one of the imperialists’ universities and I am still pursuing my post doctoral studies here in this place.
      I am able to use my highly sought after knowledge in destroying arguments of imperialists. They taught me how it is done, great my dear.

    • @BOOM & WHATEVER#47 An omission in the first paragraph above
      ……. the likes of Kaponyas ‘who’ are running wild both in air conditioned govt. offices and our streets.
      The omitted word is ‘who’

  36. This is good, it will motivate young people to work hard knowing that if they want to rule Zambia, they need education.

    • That is the way to go, homie. You are able to seperate mambo jambo talk from a liberating discourse of great substance. Keep us posted, mate.

    • No its not a good proporsal. I personally hold a university degree and I have a friend who had better points at grade 12 but could not get a university degree because he had no one to support him and ended up at a trades school. Why should he be discriminated if he wishes to stand as President. You may be aware that these days those who have money can easily attain degrees even through leakages and crooks law. A degree does not give you leadership qualities neither does it makes one wise. Therefore laws should not be make in isolation, take all variables into consideration.

    • @mojo#47.2
      Listen b.i.t.c.h. sit your p.u.n.k.y. ass down and open your ears on f.u.c.k.e.n. steroids. Do not f.u.c.k.e.n. tell us what should have happened and did not happen. We aint interested in all that s.h.i.t. None of that p.u.s.s.y. ass business makes sense to anyone whose ass is not on damn steroids. Just shut the f.u.c.k. up b.i.t.c.h.

  37. We tried giving power to Sata the uneducated and what did we get, kaponyas everywhere in town, 80% of top positions given to bembas, a bigger government, undiplomatic behaviors…… This is very good, in future we will need someone with Masters or PhD

    • This is one of the best comments. In fact in my view, it is the best.
      Keep it up Mwale
      Another blogger who can probably fit Mwale’s caliber is ‘TRUTH PAINS.’ However, there is a long inventory of bloggers with fair and honest comments the list is too long to mention, hence I opted the above two.

  38. Degree ni degree especially with a “The” twalichula sana pakukwata degree elo chikala belittling isukulu go there n meet Prof Tailoka elyo ukeshiba university afyo yaba

  39. Kkaponyas please just go back to school! Kenya has the same degree requirement in their new constitution. Over 90% of Kenyans voted YES in the Constitutional Referendum. Kenyans are progessive and they know the value of education! Why are PF kaponyas so retrogressive?

    • Very good response. The thing is, it is the reason why Kabimba and his clique want to take the country back into the dark ages by removing the English language and impose bemba and Kabimba’s sala on all. Very retrogressive indeed!

    • I think the only thing which normally spoils any good arguments on this blog is the blatant tribalism of most bloggers. Even a good discussion descends into the usual senseless calling of names.

      In my view, a good University education is a good starting point for selecting presidential candidates. However, we also need a way of getting fresh candidates to come forward at every election somehow. The way things are at the moment, we get the same candidates at every election. Sata kept coming back until he won. No doubt HH will keep standing until he wins. The same applies to Mumba.

    • Did you know that corruption is very high in Kenya were 90% of people want a president to be a degree holder. Does a degree rule people or people for a degree.
      Remember Professor Lule of Uganda ruled less than 9 months. Take note, many degree holders in Zambia have stolen money or involved in corruption in comparison with less educated people. So we have to protect the interest of the majority. The degree holders have lead us into poverty. The stage we have reached anyone can contest for the presidency position.

  40. This is being narrow mindedness.You dimwits are proposing an elitist constitution that will maginalise yourelves and posterity, because I know most of you your children and grand children dot have the capacity to go to university.You want to entrench descrimination?Stop it before you plung the country into crisis.How many presidents the world over have degrees?The president only needs a goog vision for the country’s developement.The world is replet with degree holder presidents who brought misery and strife to their citizens.Look at Mugabe, Wa mutarikha Obasanjo,Charles etc.H.H has a degree but never won an election because of poor leadership qualities.So goog leadership qualities AND vision are the cornerstone to rid this country from grinding poverty.

  41. short sighted southerners! it is not the paper that does the work. it is the individual. you may have a dozen of degrees but fail to manege you own life, especially the quality of degrees were seeing now. if leadership of the country was to be based on degree qualification then we shouldn’t have gotten “political” independence in 1964.

    • One wonders how the f.u.c.k. you got to the US. How do you communicate with Americans anywhere, son? I have a green card and I know that Americans do not swallow s.h.i.t for a long time. Your English is damn bad, fool.
      Aside from your poor s.h.i.t. damn language, the contents of your s.h.i.t. are lower then average intelligence.
      I take that Americans do not talk to you but they talk at you. You damn ass.
      Tongas shine everywhere especially around the globe because they are educated that is why they sit at their computers for real issues. You are a piece of s.h.i.t. with flies and guardflies.

    • From above
      @BOOM & WHATEVER#54.1 An error and one omission
      In the second paragraph, …. are lower than average intelligence. The word is ‘than’ not ‘then’
      In the third paragraph,… I take it that Americans do not talk to you but they talk at you. The omitted word is ‘it’

  42. Very discrimatory in thinking. I hope this is not in the Tonga blood to think so myopic and narrow minded like this. Where in the world have you ever heard of such a proposal?

    Why should we force someone to have a degrees if they feel diploma education is enough. If they can read and write and are able to prove that they can achieve and deliver, they are welcome!!!

    • Hey, loser check your facts and, set them straight and to the point. My people are not biased against anyone. In fact their argument has always been and it still is that a presidential candidate must at least meet prerequisite requirements such as being in possession of a university degree preferably a Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable university.This does not rule out other personal attribute.
      I am not worried because alot of/many Tonga folks have second higher degrees such Honours, Masters, PhDs, Post Doctoral Certificates, Post Doctoral Masters in Science
      This is a good move but a problem for the Kaponyas and it is clear that they want it to be a problem and we can help them turn it into a problem. Listen,all the damn Kaponyas I do not give it a f.u.c.k. Go tell your m.a.m.a.s.

    • From above @BOOM & WHATEVER#55.1
      It should be as follows; …..second higher degrees such as Honours, Masters, PhDs, Post Doctoral Certificates and Post Doctoral Masters in Science in various specialised disciplines.

    • @BOOM THE MOTHER55.3
      You are a bad b.i.c.t.h. ask your son to do you because I do not want to do you right. Whatever s.h.i.t. you have you c.o.k.e s.u.c.k.e.r. I have bigger s.h.i.t.s. and I blow my s.h.i.t.s within a week whereas you spend the same amount of s.h.i.t. in one year.
      I have too many them b.i.c.t.h.e.s. following me around. White holes, pink holes, yellow holes and chocolate holes all these want me, you feel me, BOOM THE MOTHER?
      I do not want no more b.i.t.c.h.e.s. you understand me? And I feel you and all the s.h.i.t you wrote above.

  43. It’s wisdom that we want in a leader not a degree. The immediate past president was educated but his actions were unwise. For instance he removed the abuse of office clause. It didn’t cross his educated brain that people would perceive that to be legalising corruption. Also 48 years of plunder and getting Zambia nowhere has indicated that a degree isn’t what you need to perform better as president. Again which degree and university? Some universities are at the bottom of the rung and are not worth graduating from.

  44. Coming up with clauses that targets at a specific person deaft the whole purpose of drafing a constitution that stands the test of time.
    During Chiluba regime they introduced a parentage clause in a presidential aspirant just to bar KK and his family from standing as a president this inclusion of the clause has been condemned as a discriminatory and in the draft its been dropped,
    Lets not put things which later on or after that particular person is gone we shall think of relaxing by way of amending the article.
    The drafted constitution should go beyond personalities.

    • Hey fool, it is overshine not ‘over shine’ or you would have written outshine. See, who is has outshined the other? Judge for yourself

    • Hey, it is written as overshine, note that there is no a space in between the two words. It is not written as ‘over shine’ or you would have written outshine because the two words can be used interchangeably. Now judge for yourselves who has outshined the other. Is it the former the former blogger or the latter blogger?

  45. Be careful with your comments , dont think that you cat not be traced. it is simple they will just your computer IP address and find you.

    • Who cares anywhere? I do not give it a p.u.s.s.y. ass s.h.i.t, dick boy.
      I gat them lawyers on my side
      Besides, a crime in one country is not necessarily a crime in another country. Wake up, p.u.s.s.y boy.

    • Where are you now, you ass hole? Atlanta, Jersey city, Long Island (New York), LA, Michigan or Dallas Texas? See you around son and aint gat damn time for mickey mouse f.u.c.k.e.n trash, you feel me?

    • Take a long good look at yourself and honestly put one question to yourself. I will prescribe the following question to you and do not read it casually but digest its’ contents overly.
      Are you a practising psychiatrist or clinical psychologist with a Post Doctoral Masters in Science in Psychopharmacology? If you are any of the above two, then I recommend that based on rules of conduct of highly renowed specialists in behavioural advanced sciences and diagnosing serious maladies, you must lose your license issued by concerned medical bodies or Psychology Association, on account of treating a normal person. On the other hand, if you are making ill informed casual utterances then, you are playing a victim of your circumstances, an i.d.i.o.t. or a lunatic patient of lower animals.

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