Believing that you can


By Mazala Zulu
I have often heard people talking about how difficult it is to achieve a simple goal or task. This could be from getting to work early, to switching off the phone when they go to bed. We need to learn to start believing in our judgments.

Believing is the one thing that separates failure from success.

And those who believe always succeed. Those who don’t believe always fail. The equation is really that simple.

If you want to get to work in time or you want quality time with your partner, or maybe you just want to simply enjoy life. You have to believe that you can and will get what you want. The biggest challenge when you don’t believe you can is that you simply give up.

Giving up is an automatic failure.

Over the years you’ve formed beliefs that say you can’t do certain things or that you can’t achieve your goals. These are the beliefs that need to change, and you can change them by taking control of your thoughts and creating new beliefs.

Beliefs that don’t allow you to succeed or don’t help you achieve your goals should be removed and replaced

What you believe is what you get. If you believe that life is difficult then you’ll always have difficulty and hardships in life. If you believe there are no good ways to make more money then you’ll never find a great way to make money. This will also result in you making poor money choices.

Your life is a mirror of your beliefs. So if you’re having difficulty in a particular area of your life, take a look at your beliefs in that area. You’ll discover a number of beliefs that are holding you back and preventing you from succeeding. This is the first step to your road to recovery. These beliefs need to be changed. The sooner you take control the better.

The longer the beliefs stay in place the stronger they get and the harder they become to change or remove. Keep in mind that you are the only one person over the year that has developed your beliefs which have shaped your life. These beliefs were formed based on your experiences and how you saw things.

Taking responsibility “The ability to respond” is really up to you.

These negative beliefs continue to shape your life. Your subconscious keeps creating your life based on your beliefs. You get to decide if you want to keep these beliefs.

Beliefs that don’t allow you to succeed or don’t help you achieve your goals should be removed and replaced.

The challenging obstacle that you will meet along this path is that, you just can’t simply dig into your mind and remove all the beliefs that don’t work for you. Instead, change your thought patterns, and remove and replace the negative beliefs. This is an on-going process.

Life is a journey of learning.

You need to start learning to find out who you are


  1. That’s certainly true, we need to be smart thinkers to change the course of our destiny. Of course experience shows that if we change our thoughts, then we can change our feelings, which in turn changes our actions and therefore giving us the required outcome in this case which is success the result. Success is well vested in our thoughts, if we can see a favourable outcome and visualise it, then it will finally come to fruition.

  2. Terrible article, terrible.. believe me it won’t attract more that 50 comments.
    It is good to accept failure, and not force yourself to dream success. Living example is SATA. He has been failing in last 20 years of his political life… A cobra did all worse just to be a “Republican President”, and you call that “success”!? The result of that is total destruction and barrier to people who wants to succeed.
    – Sata is a barrier to HH’s success = and he believes that he continue blocking others
    – Kabimba is a barrier to Lubinda’s success = and he believes that he continue blocking others.

    • #5 You are not much of a thinker are you? You keep whinging about president Sata.
      Learn something here, yes the man failed but picked himself up and tried again and again till he succeed.
      It’s your resentment of others that is hindering your own progress.
      Direct your comments on the merits of the article and not your personal hatred.

  3. Im believing in my goals and what i ve just read triggers me with an aura of being a champion.

    Im deleting those negative thoughts and reinstalling a new software to change a reflection of my mirror.

  4. The article should be applied relative to the prevailing situation and circumstances. If u can’t make it, it would be a share waste of time and resources believing that one day u will make it.
    A friend of mine regretted for insisting on doing Maths when he new that he couldn’t make it. His friend who quickly realised that he couldn’t make it in Maths avoided it from onset and graduated on schedule.

  5. Very good article, LT keep on publishing such articles because life is not always about politics. @# 5 if the two people you refer to as being blocked by the other two, then they dont believe in themselves, because if something was meant for you then you will have it, it matters less who is against, it may take long but eventualy you get it. Sata is a good example on the positive side. HH will do just fine to learn from such people.

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