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PF-Consistently Inconsistent on Barotseland

Columns PF-Consistently Inconsistent on Barotseland


By Shaudi Mungandi wa Muwina Mungandi
The Statement made by Mutompehi Wynter Kabimba who is PF Secretary General as well as Minister of Justice in the in the PF Government is amusing and quite laughable to say the least. I am sure he makes this statement responding to the pressure that the whole PF, from the so called ‘Man of Action’ Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata to the last man in the PF hierarchy, has been made to bare by the brilliant and down to earth Pastoral Letter issued by the Episcopal council in which they have raised very critical issues over the PF governance of the Nation or luck of it thereof.

Among the things raised by the men of God in their well-meaning Pastoral letter was the issue of Barotseland on which they say:


We are greatly disturbed about events surrounding the Barotseland situation in the Western Province.
We are aware of a climate of intimidation and serious human rights violations currently prevailing in the Western Province: abductions of citizens; arbitrary arrests and individuals being subjected to long periods of interrogations, even torture. These acts are totally unacceptable. They must stop forthwith. This country is not in a state of emergency. We are not convinced that a de facto state of emergency should therefore exist in the Western Province.

The Barotse Issue will not go away or die a Natural Death.That is tantamount to playing Ostrich and burying their heads in the sand.

We reiterate the call we made in our Pastoral Statement (That they may have abundant life, 29 January 2012) for the current administration to work with all stakeholders towards creating a more conducive environment that would lead to the amicable resolution of all matters surrounding the Barotseland situation.

We further urge all our leaders to especially avoid making unsubstantiated alarming statements and threats as these only serve to block opportunities for dialogue.”

The PF response

Mr Kabimba in his attempt to try and diffuse the impact of that well-articulated and well-meaning statement over the Barotse Question and situation on how the PF Government has so far mishandled the matter, he made a statement which has been widely publicised by the PF vuvuzela Media houses including ZNBC TV as well as some online publications, the gist of which was to say that the PF Government has been ‘Consistent’ on the Barotseland issue. What a big joke! If they have been any consistence at all on the part of the PF Government concerning the Barotseland issue it is in its Inconsistency on the same. The PF Government including its top men i.e. Mr. Chilufya Sata and Wynter Kabimba have been ‘Consistently Inconsistent over Barotseland’.

Among other things said by Wynter to substantiate his claim was that Mr. Chilufya Sata’s PF released the Barotse detainees as soon as they came to power according to their campaign promises and ever since no one has been harassed over Barotseland. Can anyone with a sane mind honestly believe what Wynter is saying? The crux of the problem is that in Wynter and his boss we are dealing with men that can tell blatant lies without a wink or mincing any word, without even ‘swallowing saliva’ as we say back home.

Let me just make a few points as pointers to this ‘consistent inconsistence’:

  • The jewel in the crown of the PF campaign in Barotseland was the loud proclamation that once in power they will restore the Barotseland Agreement 1964 within 90 days. I do remember that on one occasion Mr. Sata even declared himself a member of Linyungandambo.
  • Of course Mr. Sata released the Barotse detainees a little after he got to power thanks to his loud mouth promising things that he has not the slightest inclination to fulfil. He also set up the Rodger Chongwe Commission of inquiry into the Mongu Riots (by the Police) and the surrounding Barotse Issues. Of course it is common knowledge that Mr. Sata and gang wanted to use the Commission of Inquiry to get at the Litunga and get the people implicate their own King as a conspirator in the crimes committed against the Barotse People on and around the 14th of January, 2011. That expectation was not met because the people of Barotseland will not implicate their own King and are so loyal to him that they would actually defend him with their own lives.
  • Rather the people of Barotseland used the Commission of Inquiry to articulate more than ever before in the history of the Kingdom, with so much unanimity that they are fade up with Zambian Forced dominion and want the whole world to know that they want out.
  • The Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry which was overwhelmed by submission for Barotseland to be separated from the rest of Zambia. Made the mild recommendation that the Barotseland Agreement 1964 should be restored immediately and the name Barotseland should be reinstated. Mr Sata immediately dismissed the report without tabling it before Cabinet. He stated that he will be reluctant to restore the BA ’64.
  • Throughout the campaign Sata and his cronies referred to Barotseland as such; Barotseland. But since they got into power the name Barotseland has almost become a forbidden word in their vocabulary even after Rodger Chongwe recommended that the name be reinstated.
  • The Commission also recommended that the released detainees be sufficiently compensated for the ordeal that they went through. Mr. Sata’s Government have remained mute over that issue well as it has about everything that the Rodger Chongwe Commission recommended. The whole report is just gathering dust at State House.
  • Among the detainees was a Police Superintended a Mr. Maybin Mubita Sikwa who lost his job in the Zambian Police force for no reason at all. Mr Sata promised Mr. Sikwa in the hearing of the delegation of Barotse Activists who were called for talks with the President at State House that he has his job back but to this day to the best of my knowledge Mr Sikwa is still languishing.

Due to the announcement made by Mr Sata about a mysterious Barotse Army which supposedly recruited over 600 ex- police and army officers and due to the declaration of a war that reeks of genocide which the head of state declared when he said: “‘When you go there, just fire, when they say ‘fa’ just fire, when they say ‘enisha’ just fire at them, do not hesitate.’

The Zambia security forces have been carrying out a crackdown on Barotse Nationals all over Barotseland from Lukulu to Sesheke and every place in between. These people are picked secretively and subjected to long hours of interrogation and torture and kept for long without charge. This is in addition to the 17 that were arrested for allegedly tearing copies of the Zambian draft constitution in demonstration of the fact they are not interested in the Zambian Constitution but rather in the establishment of a free state of Barotseland.

How can Wynter have the audacity to say that they are no more people being harassed on account of Barotseland?
This trick of the enemy will not work. Let Mr Wynter Kabimba be well advised that he will achieve nothing by going to the press and say sweet nothings, thinking that the world and Barotseland will buy his story. They should not think that by pretending that all is well in Barotseland and announcing all those developmental plans and programs the people of Barotseland and the World at large will lose sight of the real issues. That is tantamount to playing Ostrich and burying their heads in the sand. The Barotse Issue will not go away or die a Natural Death. Let this Government be ‘Man enough’ and get the bull by its horns by engaging the Barotse Authorities and people amicably and in a civilized way.

Well I am just thinking aloud!


    • When they say “FA” fire at them.And when they say “ENISHA” just fire at them without hesitation.This is Michael Chilufya Sata for you.Very soon PF will be in Lukulu campaigning in the Parliamentary bye-election and will give you more promises.Can you trust them?

  1. As much as I see inconsistency I would not use the word enemy even in passing. The matter comes down to honourable and dishonourable intent. The agreement was made with honourable intent, abrogated with dishonourable intent. PF made an honourable promise and have dishonourably buried their heads in the sand since. As for the JM statement on consistency, He is consistently springing up all over the place.

  2. This barotse thing will never work. like or not.. because even the Lozis themselves want to rule a united Zambia some day and not a small province of Western… By the way can Shaudi Mungandi wa Muwina Mungandi,ot LT, publish the map of Barotseland so that our debate can bring out issues that would add value….


  4. zambia is not united. fake united. what one zambia one nation. that was just meant to fool the litunnga and his people. easterners and northerners failed please. they just make foreigners rich. leaving zambians poor. bembas are smart. bembas are smart in crooking that never get you to wealthy future. animal style live the moment. on building the future very stupid just like grasshoppers. just go to where bemba villages , they dont do any farming. they just want quick money. these kind of people cant be leaders that can think for the future. this BA64 why KK is just so quiet on this issue. the one who signed it with his hand. he knows what he lied. then teaching the nation one zambia one nation. even zambia name is from brotseland, zambezi is not in easten.

    • Go to UNZA and go and research on Barotse,there is alot of data,stop showing your ilitracy here. Barotse is simply Western Province kwasila!

  5. PF is the worst govt we shall ever have..BRE should not entertain them at all..come Lukulu by election give it to opposition..

  6. Shut you bas.tard lozis. you shouted mwamukolo the louded and now you are making noise. sata adbuct and torture more of them they are a threat to your rule

  7. Barotse agreement is not about Lozis. Its about free state of baroseland. Give scissor what belong to scissor. Give baroseland to the Litunga and its Pple. Satas rule is on the ten commandments, I wonder if he Knows them or was just advised by Mmembe. The man has taken over the presidency by cheating cycle mata on a number of issues.

  8. Sata has never set foot in Barotseland since he came into power.
    Why is that?If he really is head of state then what does he fear in entering the province to see his so-called people.
    Its only Winter Maize Kabimba that has been galloping in and out the province with no much of an agenda.

    • Shaa!His given you an ultra-modern stadium,his given you the development you wanted over-looking all your needs for a hospital maybe from his analysis you have no recreation facilities to help u get back to reality lol!

  9. In fact the Litunga should be careful these days with peope going to Limulunga to pay a caortecy on him. There is no need if they want they can just see the Indunas or the Ngambela but the Litunga.Well promises have to be fulfiled.One of the commandments say Thou shall not cheat.Barotseland was a country before 1964.People should know that Northern Rhodesia bacame independence in 1963 when keneth kaunda became Prime Minister.on 24th october 1964 it was Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia coming together as Zambia after BA 64.so plz know your history other this problem will not go away unless the two discuss the matter.

  10. Keep on thinking and why not add a dream on top! The commission of inquiry was set up to implicate the king….?? How do you expect people to trust you with this kind of mentality, you cannot go around finding faults in other people as long they do not belong to your tribe. You need to synchronise with the rest of the country and move on as Zambians. The commission was hijacked by a few greedy individuals with hidden agendas and the victims of the riots have been denied justice.

  11. This is a dead issue bwana writer.The Lozi people themselves want to be part of Zambia,why are you,a Congole,trying to talk for them?Talk about Congo and leave Zambia for Zambians.Ati by Shaudi Mungandi wa Muwina Mungandi,why hiding your real name when everybody know you?You always pretend to be Zambian when you know that you’re not.Some people create their own storms and when it starts raining,they begin to complain.

  12. At times i blame on-line papers for allowing space to such foolishness……right minds think forward,am not going back to barotse,i have a nice job and investments here.

  13. One thing remains critical in human behaviour. Human psyche develops mental representations(schemas) or templates.Memory cells store data which can be used either instantly or reserved for later use.Depending on the prevailing and consistency of environmental conditions,a human being can behave in unexpected way because they act according to what is programmed in their brain.The above brief psychological perspective entails that no Zambian can thus claim to know the ultimate result of the Barotseland Agreement dissonance. Only God knows.

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  16. 18th April, 2013
    The Litungu Lubosi 11 of the Kingdom of Barotseland,
    Barotseland – Mongu.

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Sinyinda Behind Fights Against Litunga Said Michael Sata, Zambian President.
    In response to the Post Newspaper of Monday Apirl 15, 2013, we the Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA) wish to ask the Kuta and Litungu of Barotseland to immediately response to Mr. Michael Sata, the Zambian President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for stating that Former Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda is behind fights against the Litunga and , we expected Michael Sata to show leadership and apology if he had failed to honor or restore the 1964 Barotseland Agreement has he done promised and the former first Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kunda for abrogated…

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