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Zambia to export Energy bulbs


The Zambia Electrometer Limited Marketing and Sales Manager Joo Chunga has said the company expects to export over 750,000 Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs) commonly known as energy saving bulbs to Malawi and Zimbabwe this year.

Mr Chunga said about one (1) million bulbs will also be sold to ZESCO with an even further 450, 000 bulbs being sold on the Zambian market as compared to the 30, 000 bulbs that were sold on the local market last year.

Mr Chunga was speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

He explained that 360, 000 bulbs will be sold to Malawi and 400,000 to Zimbabwe in a bid to explore the company’s export potential adding that Zambia Electrometer did not record any export last year apart from the sale of about 3000 pre paid water meters to Malawi.

Mr Chunga stressed that Zambia Electrometer was seeking to position itself as among the top producers of energy bulbs in the region adding that the energy bulbs would go a long way in addressing the electricity deficiency currently being faced locally and the region.

Zambia Electrometer Limited is an Egyptian majority-owned company that has partnered with ZESCO who have a 40 percent share in the company to be manufacturing energy saving bulbs locally.

In June 2011, ZESCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the contract to supply two (2) million CFLs for distribution to customers without charge.

The MoU entailed that bulbs were to be manufactured locally by Electrometer Zambia at a total cost of US$4.6 million over two years.



    • If you have nothing to say, it’s better to “ndeloleshafye” than pour out your ignorance to the masses. You ask why export? really? This is not mealie meal we muntu, it’s bulbs!!

    • How old are you? Who let you use the internet? U shud have checked the word “export” in the dictionary before undressing you naked ignorance to the public mass.n Nikupusa uko, u always see nagativity konse…. kwati u wearing black glasses at night. mtsss (nigeria fyola)

    • Bane uwa kanwa taluba. Edgar posed a question. He never Insulted any one. Just help the bro understand. I see sense in his question. I think what my bro meant was, why export if there is ready (local) market. If the bulbs are not exported, we as a country will have to Import less or no such bulbs since we’ll have them easily accessed locally – in simple terms , less Imports on such commodities. On the other hand, it will benefit the company producing the same Items in that Market will be near. No need for transport, storage and excess personel and some other costs involved in exporting – In short it will be cheaper. It’s like killing two birds with one stone – Less Imports ( Answering your forex question) and less costs on the company.

    • Economists please do not shoot me, concerning my comment above, I’m a lay man in the field. I’m an Engineer and thats just my thinking. Your comment from with your professional background would enlighten us who are in the dark.

  1. Maybe the guy who asked “why export” has in mind that the destinations are full of loadshedding too and so the bulbs may be red elephants

  2. Apart from the ones zesco distributed for free i have not seen such bulbs in our shops. so indeed why export before satisfying local market ? but i support the idea because it will reduce the cost of energy savers

    • Iwe, osazinyoza. Nkala chabe chete if you can’t do analysis, refer to the replies of that first ignoramous commentor.

  3. At least they are locally produced.We need more producing companies in Zambia and producers should go beyond just production and consider disposal of products which outlive their usefulness.I would not know much about energy saving bulbs but most bulbs are toxic and are unhealthily disposed of,Environmental consciousness is key to human survival especially in this time and era.I have always said and will say Africa while it still has the chance can better map a healthier environmental approach to development.Learning from the mistakes of the west,we can design better alternative solutions.The current generation just need to be ready to sacrifice for a better future.

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