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74 year old Mkushi farmer charged for causing the POST Bus accident

Headlines 74 year old Mkushi farmer charged for causing the POST Bus accident

Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani

Police have charged the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser involved in yesterday’s accident involving a Post bus and a truck with 51 counts of causing death by dangerous driving contrary to section 161 of the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002 of the laws of Zambia.

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has told QFM News in a statement that the driver of the Land Cruiser registration No. ABH 2214 Van eeden Abraham aged 74 of farm number 1468 Mkushi farm will appear in court soon.

Ms Libongani says Police investigations have established that Mr Vandeem Abraham was the cause of the accident which claimed dozens of lives, after he misjudged the distance and attempted to overtake the bus, in the process hit into the on-coming truck which in turn lost control and hit into the Post Bus that was coming from the opposite direction.

And Ms Libongani has expressed concern with the varying media statistics being reported of the number people that died in the accident along the Great North road at John Chinena in Chibombo district.

She has since clarified that the actual number of people who died in the accident stands at fifty one (51).

The Inspector General explains that 47 people who were aboard the bus died on the spot while two others died on the way to Liteta hospital and UTH bringing the number of those from the bus to 49, while two bodies were retrieved from the truck, bringing the total number of victims to 51.

She says thirty bodies have since been identified, and has appealed to members of the public that have relatives and friends travelling from Ndola, Kapiri, Kabwe to Lusaka and have not reached to report to the nearest Police.

Ms Libongani says sixteen passengers were injured in the accident and admitted to UTH, Kabwe general hospital and Liteta hospital.

She says of the 12 admitted to the UTH, two have been discharged together with the other two who were admitted to Liteta hospital, with ten still admitted to UTH and two to Kabwe General hospital.

And Ms Libongani has identified the driver of the Post Bus registration No.ABV 4020 as Chiluba and the driver of the truck registration No. 1792 AB 05 horse and 1793 AB 05 trailer as Joseph Kasongo.

The bus left Ndola with 73 people including the driver and his assistant.


    • LT can you please block me from commenting? it will be easier on most readers, they can’t handle my thoughts.

    • A Farmer chased by Mugabe, and now he causes unthinkable. It is easier for him to take his life before he gets to court.
      Awe naleka mwe, kuti bakulowa abantu bakali.

    • We need to exam senior citizens and settlers over the age of 68 concerning eyesight if they drive…this done all over the world-i stand to be corrected if this done with full control in Zambia…

    • EYou see, common mind discuss grammar, they don’t discuss philosophy of language.
      I stop there. You will not understand anyway. “Ati mwalosha mwisa.. what do you mean”, such a question will keep coming up now and then.
      I am getting tired of teaching you how to think. Come to my lectures and listen to my motivational speeches and not my grammar classes.
      Definitely, my English grammar maybe better than your democratically elected Sata. What a sad weekend, don’t drink in honor of the dparted souls.

    • Nostradamus, it will be easier if you stopped writing I doubt you will be missed much.

      Mwana you stil haven’t apologised to the bereaved families for your foolish coments on the bus crash, anyway i hope your your conscious kills you while on your sabbatical

    • Nostradamus, when do you come back?2020? Enjoy your sabbatical mate please reflect on your foolishness while on leave. You need prayers.
      Take care
      God bless

    • In uk and else where senior citizens and people with poor sight and epileptic are not permitted to drive. I suggest this man be banned from driving and also RATSA to introduce point system and be more strict in issuing licences

    • ….I dont think they should charge the white man for dangerous driving but the govt should be blamed for allowing heavy loaded vehicles to move in narrow roads with passenger buses. Secondly, the police officers are too corrupt that even if new rules were to be in place, poverty levels will make it easy to be corrupt. Thirdly, the families should blame the government for letting down its own people. To make matters worse, even Sata was sorning in his relatives just after the accident which was shocking- stages managed appearance. The families should blame the government. The poor white man only happened to be a victim of circumstances- may the dead rest in peace at least they will be able to now live in the spiritual world without poverty…

    • @Ola. The law is the law my friend,… but i agree with you on the government part….

      They are too blame as well,…. and no, im talking about the Political party, !

      A dual Carriage way is needed ASAP!

      Imagine,…. Swearing in even after knowing that there’s a national issue.

    • In South Africa, you do an eye test before applying for your leaners driving licence. When the licence expires after 5 years, before they can issue a new licence, your sight I will have to be tested again. In Zambia, I dont remember my eye sight being tested when I applied for my leaners in 1985 or 20 years later when I went to collect my SADC licence. Incidentally in South Africa, to obtain your leaners, you have to sit for an exam.

    • In the mean time people should desist from overtaking on a curve. You surely cant see what is coming. What was he thinking!!!!!

    • It’s sad that life is lost in this way and GRZ police is trying to find excuses in the old man. Life lost will not be compensated in any way, not even by slapping charges on this old man. The Man may have no case to answer. Build dual carriage ways between cities, PERIOD! If anything, the old man needs to be compensated for his damaged vehicle and the shock he’s undergoing right now. I know it’s hard to accept loss of life in such circumstances but I bet most drivers do these things and get away with it. If anything the driver of the truck may have been in a similar situation as Captain Whip Whitaker in the movie Flight!

  1. Landcruiser overtaking those fast Mecedes Benz buses? Was is a pick up or prado? iF IT WAS A PRDO IT PROBABLY STOOD A CHANCE but if it was was a pick up then that is downright careless driving. If found guity he must be imprisoned in Mukobeko with hard labour.

  2. This man should be charged with murder!He deserves to die!He has taken da lives of 51 innocent people and he does not deserve any mercy!!

  3. I think it is a good idea to charge the driver who has caused an accident. that way people will take care while driving. just like they do it in the US. There should be a very heavy penalty for reckless driving.

  4. I cant believe how the police are lying. us witnesses who were ther knows the truth and told them this old farmer is just a victim of the truck driver as well. he was driving behind the truck not the bus and didnt overtake. what are the police doing?

    • That’s not true at all!! I was there when the old man admitted to driving towards Lusaka, not behind the truck which was driving from Lusaka. His Land Cruiser was damaged on the front driver’s side which is consistent with what the police investigations have concluded.

    • he was clipped on the front right side, not big damage, by the same truck as it collided with the bus. even if you just looked at the vehicles after the fact you could see what happened. the only newspaper there wer da times and they reported the truth. that the truck was at fault. so what are police up to? who are they covering for?

    • iwe pablo ur from the police heh? ask yourself a logical question. if he was overtaking he would have had damage to the left side not so? and how only small damages to him if he hit the truck first?? awe!

    • so if the land cruiser was overtaking the bus and was clipped on the right wouldn’t the truck have had to swerve to the left? so then, could it be that the truck came into the path of the bus and the old man clipped his vehicle avoiding the collision in front of him?

    • @ Theoritician that thinking is why these accidents are so horrific. the law says 100km/hour for a very good reason. regardless of the build of a bus it should keep that speed. have you seen what those busses are made of? fibreglass. theres bugger all between you and the tarmac if it overturns.

  5. Give him a jail sentence for causing death by dangerous driving, in developed countries causing an accident like this one you go to jail. Government and RTA please put proper road signs and warning on all major roads in Zambia, besides expand the roads to dual carriage way, we cant wait for more people to die on this poorly maintained roads time to act is now.

    • Give ur self a death sentence ! I lost my friend in the crash because of a drunked driver . The truck was over 120 km when it over took my aunts car! He was driving like a mAd man and yes my aunty told the cops and will tell the truth .so please shut your ass and don’t tell as what you think and what you saw because you only came after the accident happened .

  6. If some one cant afford to pay………. then yhey should be jailed. come up with some sort of punishment eg. revoke the liecence. people should know that when you are driving you dont put any one’s life at risk.

  7. The whole nation is very disturbed with the Chibombo accident which claimed 51 lives.As the nation let us keep on praying to Our Heavenly Father to grant comfort to the believed families during this painful moment. M.T.S.R.I.P

  8. It is good they got the driver and charged him, but knowing how the Zambian courts handle of murder cases involving Foreign nationals, sorry to say that muzungu will soon be walking the streets freely, acquitted! No convincing evidence, case closed!

    • I have photographs of the scene of the accident before a lot of motor vehicles and people showed up, which show that the front tyre for his vehicle came off the car and rolled about forty meters away from where the bus and the truck finally stopped. Further, I was there and will testify that the Landcruiser was found more than 200 meters away from where the bus and the truck stopped, which means that he was driving at such a high speed that the vehicle was able to move for such a long distance without one tyre. He actually admitted to me that his motor vehicle also collided with the truck when I asked for his name and phone number, and I am the one who advised the police to interview him. Of course he didnt admit that he caused the collision, but the scene was indicative of that.

    • Y hate the white man ? He was a victim Zambia is for all colors ! My aunts so what happened , the truck driver was wrong !!! So if any jack and Jill causes an accident and you are a victim , the police must put you in prison . Shame on you . MAy they rest in peace .

  9. CooL jack Saysj _God never he sees our tears as zambians May there souls rest in etenal peace.May God Bless Our motharland.

  10. Shame did he think he was driving on the N1? Its a tragic situation to be in.Not wise of the police to release his name because he will not get a fair trial since emotions are running high -no sympathy from anyone. What a way to retire.imagine if he lead a decent quiet life for all the 74yrs and then to ruin it with a bad misjudgement of the road.But then again hope he is not being a scapegoat since the other people involved are dead.

    • You are wasting your time my dear. Zambia is not a civilized country! Come to think about it: the one barking out the name and the supposed evidence and charges is no other than the Inspector General of the police! Zambia needs to be sanitised!

  11. The roads are too narrow Dual carriage way is the way forward.Its very frustrating driving on Zambian roads.Why do people drive even faster when they notice an oncoming vehicle in same lane instead of slowing cos the impact couldn’t have been so bad.The truck, the bus and the culprit should have slowed realizing the mistake but when such happens everybody drives even at a higher speed.Work of the devil.


  13. How did the landcruiser colide with a truck and the truck went on to colide with a bus at high speed and cause such an impact and the land cruiser driver not injured?The landcruiser might just happen to be at the scene but not the root cause.

  14. kwashala ku nchanga constituency roads are very bad,simusa you have brought contractors who are have packed equipments.we are watching and also counting the days.may their souls rest in peace.

  15. Some of you are always on this site blogging during day and night. Do you work and sleep???? Commenting on every story no ku talikana typical Zambian

    • And if you try to compete you will surfer my brother, and you not be able to feed your relatives. Tabwakeme no kwima. Stay away from Facebook, twitter, LT, ZWDogs…

    • I don’t see what that has to do with anything. Whether they are “blogging’ which is the WRONG TERM so often used here:
      blog |bläg|
      a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.
      verb ( blogs, blogging, blogged ) [ no obj. ]
      add new material to or regularly update a blog: it’s about a week since I last blogged (Merriam Webster) The Correct term is ‘comments’ from ‘netizens’.
      That said, refrain from heresy and vitriol. If you have beef with someone because of one reason or the other best ignore it or tactfully explain your POV (point of view), it reflects a mature thought process. Or you could carry on with your infantile behaviour, your choice.

  16. The accident happened when the driver misjudged the distance and attempted to over take the bus that was coming from Ndola. In the process the LandCruiser hit into the on-coming truck which in turn lost control and hit into the Post Bus that was coming from the opposite direction.
    47 people from the bus died on the spot while two others died on the way to Liteta and U.T.H bringing the number to 49 people from the bus while two bodies were retrieved from the truck hence the total number of all those that have died in the accident comes to 51.
    Among the 12 refered to U.T.H two of them have been discharged while 10 are still receiving treatment. Two casualties are in Kabwe Hospital while two that were in Liteta have been discharged.

    • By your sumnation it would mean that the Landcruiser should have sustained worse damage than the bus as it got the first impact at the initial high speed.

    • What you have written so far displays your limited writing skills. When someone embarks on your choice of writing it means he/she is attempting to mislead those who might read what he/she has written.
      Be creative or enroll for creative writing courses there in the UK.

    • @Goner – you can cause an accident and still come out without a single dent on your vehicle. This is why I copied and pasted this article it is more descriptive.

  17. The total number of casualties that are still receiving treatment therefore comes to 12.
    According to Post Bus officials, the bus left its initial starting point Ndola with 73 people on board that is 71 passengers, the driver and his assistant.
    From our investigations the driver of the Land Cruiser Mr. Vandeem Abraham is the cause of the accident and has since been charged with 51 counts of causing death by dangerous driving contrary to section 161 of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002 of the laws of Zambia.
    He will appear in court soon.
    Thirty bodies have since been identified. We therefore appeal to members of the public that might have a relative/friends travelling from Ndola, Kapiri, Kabwe to Lusaka and have not reached to report to the nearest police.

  18. Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and the nation at large.

    Stella M. Libongani

  19. Our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and the nation at large.

    Stella M. Libongani

    • @Maxwell#28
      What is your reasoning beyond this repetition. Write your work in your own words and stop plagiarising. Be creatitive.

    • Be creative and indicate to us why you are repeating what LT wrote above. Do not limit yourself but explore everything and transfer your thoughts from your head to the laptop.

    • Ungraceful chaps, this is the full story and the LT article is not descriptive and does not give the full account of what happened.

    • Ungrateful chaps, this is the full story and the LT article is not descriptive and does not give the full account of what happened.

    • It’s purely ZP approach, to fool the public and reduce anger during this moment. Just wait, in the next few days that man will be walking freely, acquitted, no convincing evidence!

    • The accident is a national tragedy and I hope, truly truly hope, that ZP start to enforce existing laws and that new rules are put in place to prevent such tragedy. Several things raging from speed limit mechanisms required for all commercial vehicles, stricter licensing requirements for ALL drivers and even more so for those over 55 years of age and those under 25 years as well. However, with all the corruption and lack of proper training as well as other obstacles, It’s highly unlikely that ZP / Road traffic can achieve this in a short order. One can only hope. It will be interesting to see what changes are put in place moving forward of it’s going to revert to the usual BS we have.

  20. Whilst we are blaming the farmer, lets not ignore the tendancy by drivers of ‘Big Buses’ of accelerating more when being overtaken by a ‘small machine’. A passenger said the bus was overspeeding and, yes, I agree with him coz I have used Post Bus several times, those Post Bus drivers tend to drive faster than other buses etc thats why most people prefer using it
    We must also not ignore the fact that these drivers are no different from our iliterate minibus drivers coz thats where they hail from ! Kulima & KMB Bustops etc. This farmer failed to join in coz the bus must have accelerated more than he anticipated !!!

    • Then why overtake it if its moving at a high speed?

      Yes, you have a point in the fact that defensive driving is almost nil in our country, but the first issue here is the Muzungu made a blunder and to make things worse while it was raining…..

    • Black thought , the muzungu is a victim ! Y don’t you find out the owner of the post bus and the truck then you will know what I am talking about ! The bus owner and truck owner have to pay a lot of $$$$ to the victims families so the are
      Playing with our brains.

  21. Look at it this way :
    -There are no eye witnesses (alive that is) that saw him overtaking the bus dangerously.
    -The only witnesses alive were seated at the back besides most of them said they were sleeping
    -None of the 2 dead drivers will state what speed the farmer or their buses were doing etc
    The man will be acquitted as this is a case of death by misadventure. The arrest is just a formality. even without bribing anyone, they guy will be free soon to go and attend to his pigs

    • One guy in the truck survived…

      He was interviewed by his bed side …it was on the news yesterday

      He said the truck driver slammed the brakes when he saw the Land Cruiser coming…..!

      That caused the trailer to swerve which in turn dragged the Horse to the other lane and thats when the Post Bus was fast approaching the curve,….!!

    • With an average Lawyer, this guy can easily get a fine of KR1,000 (K1m)
      Its a well-known fact that bus drivers always increase speed when small vehicles are overtaking them. Why, coz all of them are former Callboys-Conductors-Taxi Drivers-Minibus and have the same silly Kulima Tower attitude !

    • Spot on this what i tell my Ukwa every night but he’s so thick headed only interested in by erections ,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,mulimuchibe sana!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sata is busy chasing HH at the time the nation is mourning..SAD. Now i understand why some people bank their money ofshore

  23. I dont think they should charge the white man for dangerous driving but the govt should be blamed for allowing heavy loaded vehicles to move in narrow roads with passenger buses. Secondly, the police officers are too corrupt that even if new rules were to be in place, poverty levels will make it easy to be corrupt. Thirdly, the families should blame the government for letting down its own people. To make matters worse, even Sata was sorning in his relatives just after the accident which was shocking- stages managed appearance. The families should blame the government. The poor white man only happened to be a victim of circumstances- may the dead rest in peace at least they will be able to now live in the spiritual world without poverty.

  24. This old man didn’t make the accident intentionally so it will just be fare enough to give him a penult, bann him from driving and give him a suspended sentence since he is a first offender . Why jail a 74 yr old man he will die in prison, he has Zambian workers at the farm to feed no matter the jail our beloved departed wont come back.

    • What about the people who have died? Don’t they have families to feed,school fees to pay,children to take care of and so on?

    • Your reasoning is shocking.

      as a driver, he has the responsibility to ensure safety on the road by NOT OVERTAKING AT DANGEROUS SPOTS!

  25. The account of the accident varies a lot. In South african media the story is that van Eerden, driving a truck, tried to overtake a truck when he saw the bus approaching. He tried to get back to his lane but in the process hit the truck which went out of control and crashed into the oncoming bus. Very different from lusaka times’s account. The above account actually doesn’t make sense so which is which?

  26. Such incidents don’t escape the ears and eyes of CAF especially that AFCON is going on a few hundred kilometers away. ” AFCON fans from such and such country were traveling from point A to point C and this and this happened to their bus as a result of poor road network in Zambia”. I m not trying to be a prophet of doom by trying to take a advantage of a very tragic situation. Government, work on the roads now! Save the people now! You want recognition by CAF and other investors? Work on the road network now! No money? Stop unnecessary by election now! Ok government?

  27. Jail the bastard for life, Meanwhile think of constructing a dual carriage way of three lanes on each side. fyakale with two lanes, we had very few people with vehicles some thirty years ago now we are a very big population with almost half of the people who are driving. Upgrade the road to international standards with visible signs. Dual carriage ways and of three lanes each side and single with six lanes, especially in town centers we need a road with at least four lanes. Ninshi twa solver, nomba ifyakulaikata fye abanenu elyo uku abantu bale fwa, awe mwe! Development bane eyo tule fwaya, First thing is safety everywhere, peace everywhere, food and shelter everywhere, clothes followed by ifyashala.Iyee.

  28. Our roads are built for accidents. Look around you and you might find that you know at least one person who has been involved in an accident. Are we all bad drivers? speaking as a victim of a road accident myself, something should definitely be done about the roads in Zambia. The statistics are way too high. MTSRIP

    • A combination of both….

      Bad roads and bad drivers…..

      What were all three drivers doing driving at high speeds in the rain?

  29. Lives have to be lost for the Government to realise that a DC-way is needed in that area and many similar areas around the country. Where have the priorities been mwebantu? Such accidents could be minimised and if anything avoided! Ati…don’t blame the government. Trucks, buses and heavy goods vehicles on the same roads….!!!

  30. Speaking from personal previous experience, if Kabwe Traffic police were involved, I would be VERY reluctant to believe a word of their findings.

  31. @Neo Patriot, so you have watched the movie Flight as well, found it to be very inspiring despite the drug abuse being depicted. You mean its already showing in Zambia? I watched it from Australia. Probably one of the drivers involved was high on some drug.


  33. is it true that zicta can trace any blog message to the sender and capture their details even If’d they created a bogus blog name?

  34. sad accident.

    @kapuli…yes a blogger can be traced to the phone or computer he used to send a blog. for smart phone even his picture can be captured

  35. Lets not point fingers at each other, we all know the solutions to this problem and these are;
    1. We ourselves as drivers we need to go through the right channel to get drivers licences
    2. Lets put pressure on the government to build dual carriageways between towns
    3. Police not to accept any bribes- i remember one time i was travelling on a minibus from Kitwe to Chingola and at Sabina our minibus was stopped and the police officer rightly pointed out to the driver that the tyres were not safe and suprisingly he was given a few kwachas and the driver was allowed to continue on his journey. Just when we were approaching chambeshi one of the front tyres burst and there was a heavy duty truck coming behind, luckly the driver safely brought the minibus to a stop.

  36. Another tragic loss of life. All to often, I read about the loss of life on Zambian roads in unacceptable circumstances. “Loot causing?”, is the pure and utter incompetence of the transportation authorities and the police. This is due to their reactionary attitude rather than being proactive in addressing the issues as in prevention first. I mention the ministry of transportation because, it is their duty and responsibility to improve (up grade) the current road system by increasing the number of lanes and have clear signage (no excuses). The police are responsible for enforcing the law and they have failed, and no one can stand and declare hand on heart the effectiveness of the ZP as a law enforcement agencey! Just consider the faillings of the police in this article… sad indeed.

  37. Why is it that no official enquiry has been launched into the speed at which the Postbus was travelling? A survivor had mentioned he was over speeding. Would lives not have been saved had he adhered to the speed limit of a 100km/hour? Even from the damage on the bus you can easily see that bus was going at far beyond the speed limit. Further more, we the public who use these busses also have to start taking responsibility for our own safety. How many times have I travelled on a bus that was over speeding, driving dangerously, and I had been the only person to complain. Everyone else was happy to be making good time. We have to take charge of our own lives on public transport. We have the right to a safe trip. In this case regardless of the root cause, speed played a big role.

    • Its a time bus and is designed for speed. Actually 12okm/hr on average and more (160) when overtaking. It was senseless for a l farm landcruiser pick up driver/imbecile to try FORMULA1 driving antics againist such a bus on road that is not dual carriage

    • @ Theoritician that thinking is why these accidents are so horrific. the law says 100km/hour for a very good reason. regardless of the build of a bus it should keep that speed. have you seen what those busses are made of? fibreglass. theres bugger all between you and the tarmac if it overturns.

    • For the rickety farm landcruiser to attempt to overtake a the post bus miving at say 120km/hr how much speed do you think the farmer was driving? Obviously above 120km/hr and that thing is not designed for speed and is old so it probaly only achieved 130- 140km/hr and hence failed to overtake the bus in good time.. So who is reckless someone driving a sound vehicle at 100-120km/hr or a farmer driving his rickety old land cruiser at 140km/hr on a public road and trying to overtatake probably at a curve. True speed kills but it will always be there. You cannot eliminate it. Driver just ought to be sensible.

  38. dual cariage way will help or else we shall keep on talking about the same issues over and over even in the next years tocome

  39. truckers drive bumper to bumper sometimes even 4 trucks how the hell do they expect faster cars to over take them without causing a risk, traveling on Great North road is a suicide mission.

    Guy Scott’s convey killed a woman in Mpongwe so why has the police kept quiet on this one.

  40. Please change the name of the accident place. Why in all the normal sense should a place called John Chinena. MTSRIP. period

  41. Where are our leaders in this tragedy? Did any leader or govt. representative visit to the accident scene, or visit the survivors in hospital or visit the funeral houses? I expected the Veep to suspend his campaign for a day or two not blaming the police and RATSA from Livingstone. And where is the President. Its not right to be just issuing statements from his arm

  42. #60 kalubi, am currently out of Zambia ,bt from all i read and hear the cruser was over taking the bus bt misjudged th distance, cruser still managed to squeez thru th little space btn th bus and the on coming truck he got hit on the driver door and carriered off th road while the truck was applying emergency breaks to avoid hiting the cruser the loaded trailers failed and swaved pushing the horse to the other lane onto the on coming bus,while all this was happening what defensive driving was the bus driver acting on?none yet he is the one with most lives of the three vehicles,he should have immediatly slowed down when the cruser was struggling to over take instead of trying to punish the cruser by accelarating, typical of most bus drivers.SOLUTION b4 dual rds speed reductions.its sad…

    • Good points Chinyama. Here in the UK the most dangerous drivers are bus drivers. Yes they have the right of way but are not the most cautious of drivers. Check how many cyclists have been killed by bus drivers.They even make old people run across the crossing with walking sticks! As soon as it is amber they zoom off. I personally feel the driver of the post bus should be equally be charged with the reckless overtaking land cruiser driver.

  43. yakuu kanshi musungu uwa lengele fyonse!awe mwe…anyway let me control my fingers before i sin!buti styumofye..

  44. That road is too narrow, needs expansion with some overtaking lanes. Remember driving from Lusaka to Kitwe, took me hours as you cannot overtake. Government is to blame as there has been no plan to upgrade the main road linking Lusaka and the Copperbelt. We should have a proper motorway not that path you call a Road. MTSRIP.

  45. I dont want to blame the farmer coz how else can you fail to overtake a speeding bus and later fail to join in…..Answer : The bus driver must have accelerated more to avoid ‘competition’. We have all travelled on these big buses and know how these drivers behave, no different from their cousins, minibus drivers !

    • just a reminder ni pa zed pano.what sims to be is not usually what it is,ma witnesses know the whole truth.they are the only ones who wil do justice for the dead.

  46. From the various media reports, it seems the truck driver swerved to avoid hitting the Land Cruiser but instead hit the bus. The truck driver could be the immediate cause of the fatalities on the bus and the Land Cruiser driver the root cause of the whole accident. Had the the truck driver just hit the Land Cruiser, may be the fatalities could just have been those of the truck and the Land Cruiser. However, we might never know the whole truth as two of the drivers departed! RIP!

  47. Sad development indeed. How i wish people could take care of their speeds on these zambian roads. Just one person’s mistake has caused the death of a multitude. And the person who caused the accident is himself alive. I wonder what is going thru his mind right now

  48. Dual- carriage way has not reduced accidents between Ndola and Kitwe. Our roads are too narrow. Most of our Public Service Vehicles and Truck drivers are too young and inexperienced. Driving is the easiest skill to learn for one to get a job even without academic education. Driving involves lots of decision making responsibities we take for granted. Too many Drivers show-off in speeding and are reckless. Most bad Drivers have bad married and family lives that they do not care how they drive could leave their spouses widowed and children orphaned. If we were a truly christian nation we would fear careless driving as a sin. Most of us drive without genuinely praying for safety. All of us are corrupt in the way we drive too selfish in sharing the narrow roads to avoid road carnage.

  49. The kamunzugu caused this accident probably because he is old, of poor sight and judgement.He was also rushing to feed his pigs.There is no way tow big vehicles can just collide head on.The culprit was the ka boer farmer in a hurry to tend to his pigs.Sad that the truck driver did not take a bold decision in taking out that ka frail old man who has already enjoyed his 74 years and only remaining with few years on [email protected]#%ck the old muzungu RIP the victims

  50. RTSA is quick to blame drivers whenever there is a road accident. ladies and Gentlemen, the fact remain that our road safety is substandard. How may pipo have died due to poor signage, potholes to mention a few, and who takes the blame? No one! The number of vehicles keep on increasing whilst our roads gets more more congested. The function of RTSA is primarily to punish offenders and not enforcing road safety. This department should be changed to Motor Vehicle Levy collection Department (MVLD). They no nothing about road safety, their specialisation is levy collection. Road safety is not just about inspecting motor vehicles, the roadworthiness must be inspected. How many potholes are there on our roads today, missing signage, abnormal humps,etc? RTSA, roads department should be one depart

  51. yes we all sympathyse with the familys of the deceased it is truely a sad time for us as a nation.
    yes the driver of the land cruiser should be punished. I have lined out of sambia for the past 25 years , since being back since 2010, i have noticed that there is absolutley no road law in zambia. Police vehicles totally unroad worthy driving on the roads, no fitness certificates not evan a road tax (licence). The police themselves constantly break the traffic laws.
    why should the ordnary citizen follow the law if the enforcers do not???
    Coming back to the unfortunate accident, on numerous ocations i myself have overtaken one of these busses or evan a vehicle. The driver upon seeing someone overtaking him then puts his pedel to the metal!
    The drivers of the bus and truck could have…

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