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Zambia makes a preliminary bid to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations


Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili at the Soccer Match
Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili at the Soccer Match

Zambia has joined Uganda in making a preliminary bid to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has said that the initiative is subject to approval by government.

Kambwili has told that Zambia will by 2015 have the four stadia of international standards required for a country to host the tournament.

He says that new stadia are scheduled to be constructed in Livingstone and Mongu.

A new 60-thousand Seater Capacity Independence Stadium in Lusaka will be completed this year.

Zambia currently has one tournament certified stadium Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola, which has a seating capacity of 42 42 000 people.

Uganda has made preliminary indications of their bid that they hope to co-host with Kenya.

Should Zambia’s bid be approved, it will be the second time Zambia will attempt a shot at hosting the Africa Cup after failing to host the 1988 edition.



  1. Awesome ! Qatar did the same before their stadiums were even complete.I just hope it won`t end the dag hammarskjold stadiums way.Lets go Zambia we can do it !!

    • In 2019 that may happen, because Zambia will be under another president, if not me. But not Sata, you can cut my middle finger.

    • Uncle Nostradamus.Still in denial ka ? You will be in for a shock.Sata will finish his two terms.The earlier you accept the better.

    • @Mo taim! Qatar did the same?hahahahah,, do you know what you are taking about mwaiche?… mo taim poor boy,, what do you do in europe? bakaboi mwafula mu europe

  2. “Zambia currently has one tournament certified stadium Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola, which has a seating capacity of 42 people”.Ha ha ha…Nifwaka nshi mupepa ?

  3. Ndola stadium has the capacity of 42 pipo?? just bigger than my lounge imwe ba LT?? Anyway its good if we can have all the stadia completed then why not?? A big footballing nation in Africa which has never hosted this prestigious tournament. Lets do it Kambwili mwandi even if your goats are the lawn mowers in Luanshya’s sports infrastructure… lol

  4. Just hoping that Fordson Kabole ,Patrick Phiri or Keegan Mumba will be alive to coach Chipolopolo and not this our current coach who doesnt know how read the game!

  5. i hope this can really happen……we have started early enough and i see no reason to fail…a football crazy country like ours deserves to host this tourney.we owe it to ourselves

  6. You can buid a stadium in mongu but their is not enough supporting infrustracture to host an event like africa cup games, particularly lodges and hotels.

    I remember when we played Ghana in Ndola we only managed to find a lodge as far as Kalulushi coz Ndola, Kitwe, Luanshya lodges where all full. Chishimba should reconsider taking the stadium from Mongu to Copperbelt if they are serious with this.

    • The stadium in Mongu and the hosting of the ACN will act as a catalyst for other investments like hotels. Besides the Sesheke ….Mongu road is been completed in April this year. So the area will be opened up to tourism . The Sioma and Liuwa National Parks are already popular with South Africans, Germans and the Dutch. There’s already a lot of investment in lodges along this route! Lusaka and Copperbelt are NOT Zambia!

    • Very true! Wonder what they where thinking when deciding to put an ultra-modern stadium in Mongu when there are barely any proper lodges that side! Talking abt talent identification,why cant they build a youth development centre like oydc that will cover all sports and will be used regularly than a stadium that will be for most times be simply locked! Poor planning!

  7. Good move but towns like Mongu are too small to support such a big investment. The populations are also small. Better to built the others stadiums in Lusaka and Copperbelt. A Second international stadium can be built in Lusaka, so that there are two of them. Hosting AFCON is long overdue and would promote tourism

    • Better still, move the proposed stadium to Kabwe. It is central and people would not have to move very long distances. It would also serve as a kick-start mechanism for investment in Kabwe.

    • Hosting AFCON is not just about stadiums. transport systems, accomodation, media coverage,,, and alots others factors… you have just lost 53 peopleon the road, BBC blames the roads, to an extent its true..the transport system is very bad in zambia, generally one is forceably limited or cannot choose

    • @TC. Presumably only Kabwe deserves those investments and not Mongu! Do some of you maggots ‘hear’ yourselves think? Mongu is just fine. It is part of Zambia and so it is not far away from “Zambia”!

    • @Observer. If you think that your Zambia is only Lusaka and Copperbelt, then please stop standing in the way of people who want nothing to do with your Zambia. First it is roads, schools , hospitals which are been built only in your warped idea of Zambia. Now it is Stadiums! Please just allow the foresaken regions to go their own way! Zambia is a failed project because for 50 years scum like you still believe that only Lusaka and Copperbelt are the only deserving regions for infrastructure! When will the other provinces be worthy of these goodies? Isn’t it time to breakup the country so that people develop their own regions?

    • Goncalves gov’t can build you a small stadium like Nkoloma if you really want a stadium and a development centre like oydc that will actually save a purpose than a stadium that will be locked up majority of the time and I don’t think FAZ will even be thinking of bringing alot of senior national team games that side. For Mongu to reach all the requirements of a host city,billions of Kwacha’s will be used because currently it does not have alot of the support infrustracture. Moreover C.belt has given us alot of football stars,they deserve it.

    • @Wasanga, there’s already Levy Mwanawasa Stadium on the Copperbelt. Lusaka will have two. Let all the provinces have a modern stadium! What’s wrong with you people? Why are you getting overly exercised over the issue of building a Stadium in Western Province? Isn’t part of Zambia? Or this is just the nonsense you sprout out when it suits you? Mongu is part of Zambia and it needs to be treated equally , Period! It seems it is One Zambia One Nation UNTIL the Govt decides to put up a piece of infrastructure in Western Province then the discrimination starts! Kwena mwalitemwa ba if colour!

    • imwe bantu, what is so special about cashless copperbelt and dirty lusaka,,,, spread the development systematic, thats why zambia is like this today, everyday was focused on copper on the copperbelt,, when ZCCM fell hunger struck

  8. WE shall make sure you don’t go via!! You successfully hosted the Zone Six games with the partnership of us the suppliers but up to now you have not paid us!!! You’re even boosting at we success success PF PF when you can’t even pay us the people who fed Southern Africa,shame on you Kambwili & team. Mutupele indalama shesu bamumbwe imwe!!

  9. Kitwe is the mother and father of good Zambian football, why taking what Kitwe has been waiting for since football receiption in Zambia to a football ignorat place.

    • What he means is a host city needs more than 6 good hotels/lodges for teams(4 diff acc. Facilities),for the media(incl. those in live broadcasts nd reporters),officials,fans. Now tell me whether Mongu has that?

    • @ wasanga,,, ok maybe mongu would not make a good host but tell what good hotel-lodge of descent standard do you have in CB (am talking sun international standard… i mean zambezi waterfront,southern sun,, standard) not those brothels you have on the copperbelt? sometimes you people from CB overate yourselves….to tell you the truth,,,also CB is still backward in alot of areas

  10. That’s possible only if we get things in order on the ground and rid off the utterly corrupt empty suits in Football House. International football tournaments like AFCON also need you to have more than 10 five star training facilities in place….its not only about having 4 stadia in 4 cities. Imagine that In this day and age FAZ still camps the national team in RSA only when they wake up or are replaced and are transparent will we move forward.

  11. Kabwe town here comes the new Stadium. RDA boys, speed up building the Lusaka to Kapiri dual carriage highway for our safe passage..!!!

  12. Good idea, we need to cohost with Malawi , thn one stadium should be built in Chipata to thank RB soccer fan number after KK

  13. Nostradamus better you cut your tail now because by 2019 Sata will still be in power if not it will be another PF man.Stop building castles in the air,dreamer!!

    • Exactly! Why Mongu. Who is going to maintain the stadium in Mongu? It would have made more sense to have two stadiums in Lusaka.

    • Mukame, why Mongu? Because it is also part of Zambia !diot! Who would maintain the Stadium? The same people who have kept Mongu clean compared to dirty Lusaka and Kitwe. Cholera and dysentry have been to breakout in Lusaka and Kitwe during the rainy season, the same time the ACN is held! Mongu doesn’t have those diseases of dirtness!

  14. Mongu is a nonstarter for now. Kitwe makes sense. Its like the centre of other copperbelt towns and this makes it easier for copperbelt soccer fans to converge in kitwe without travelling great distances e.g Chingola – Kitwe, Mufulira – Kitwe, Kalulushi – Kitwe, Ndola – Kitwe etc as opposed travelling from Chingola through Kitwe to watch a match in Ndola. You are assured of a full stadium in Kitwe. You may built a stadium in Mongu for future use but it will be underutilised for afconn 2019.

    • Blah blah you chaps couldn’t fill up Levy stadium when Norway played last month. Typical CB loud mouths you are, in fact it fans from Lusaka who were mostly there.

    • One Zambia One Nation? Mongu is okay! It is also in Zambia! Why should stuff always be built in the same areas? Be it roads, schools , hospitals etc. Now it is even stadiums! Linyundambo must be correct! One Zambia One Nation is only invoked for discriminatory and selfish purposes!

  15. Simba simba, read the above comment again. Levy stadium is in ndola not Kitwe. Ndola may to too far for other copperbelt fans, hence my preference for Kitwe. Your comprehension is not good. I am in the diaspora and not on the copperbelt, just trying to make a contribution for the country I are the big mouth (lion’s mouth) with possibly a small brain. Read the comment again!

  16. Kitwe should be considered for stadia construction for a number of reasons:

    1. Kitwe is the second largest city in terms of size and population in Zambia after Lusaka with a population of 547,700. Ndola is the third largest city with a population of 495,000. This large population size represents a huge market for football in the event AFCON is awarded to us. In contrast, Livingstone which is being considered for a new stadium only has a population of 97,000.

  17. 2. Kitwe has the advantage of centrality. It is more central to the Copperbelt than Ndola where the new Chinese stadium is being constructed. Almost all the towns on the Copperbelt are equidistant to Kitwe. The average distance to Kitwe from any part of the Copperbelt is 49.6 kilometers compared to 74.9 kilometers to Ndola. It would thus be cheaper in terms of transportation costs for fans to travel from any part of the Copperbelt to Kitwe rather than Ndola.

  18. 3. Kitwe also has the advantage of proximity to broadcasting facilities which would facilitate communication in the event that Zambia hosted the Africa or any other major cup. Apart from this, there are plans for construction of hotels in the city by private investors in the near future.

  19. 4. To cap it all, Kitwe has a very solid pedigree in the football history of this country. This is a city that produced the 11 times league champion, Nkana (the oldest club in Zambia founded in 1935), and Power Dynamos, the only team to have won a continental cup – the Mandela Cup.

    What more can you ask for?

  20. 5. It should also be borne in mind that to host AFCON, you ideally need more than four stadia. For instance, Morocco which is bidding for AFCON 2015 has on offer 7 stadia spread over 6 cities:

    • And Kitwe will also have training fields/stadiums for teams during the competition unlike other towns. Some people don’t understand all these things and are busy blowing their horns.

  21. In the recent history of the Africa and indeed the World Cup, I would like to know just one country that hosted the event and left out its second largest city in the hosting. Even Angola, next door, did not do this. Neither did South Africa in last year’s World Cup. Zambia will be first country in Africa Cup to host the event without involving the second largest city in the country.

    • Well spoken MaxMbizo, clear facts which only a retard would dispute. Now ‘bwaima’, an embodiment of vulgarity is trying to take cover behind the 51 accident victims. We can not all go to parliament but can express our view through such fora. Be helpful like MaxMbizo and post sensible comments. This is not ‘wanu ngiya’.

    • There were no games hosted in Huambo, Angola. Birmingham , England did not host any football matches during the Olympics. Cape Town had no Afcon games. Small Rustenburg had!

    • Goncalves, when you speak of Huambo and Cape town, rememnber Savimbi and company thrived in Huambo. The city was a battle field and was shelled to rouble and is still bullet-riddled. It has not fully recovered and looks like the remains of an ancient town. As for Cape town, the Capetonians were yearning for the tournament but disagreement between the western cape government (DA) and the ANC led to the exclusion of the city. And you can not compare Rustenburg to Mongu. As for England,. The cities in europe are almost at the same level and have the capacity to host events.

    • @Vantage points, please refer to 28 MaxMbizo only then will you understand what I am talking about. By the way, the ANC had nothing to do with which city hosted AFCON matches. This was the work of the Local Afcon organizing committee. Cities which have stadiums were asked to bid to host the matches. Western Cape never submitted a bid. When the Provincial govt was asked why? They said they didnt have the money. Second the trend with hosting sports tournaments is for the games to leave a legacy. That is why the 2012 London Olympics were hosted in a depraved area of East London. The idea is for the games to kickstart development in a poor area. The IOC insisted on this .

  22. Nkana Stadium should be another stadium that must be reconstructed to international standards. It has a rich history in Zambian footbal and I think it is just right to honour Kitwe with such a venture.

  23. Now I ve nothing against “kwa haye”. Its just that facts speak for themselves. If we tendered mongu as a host “city”, be rest assured Uganda will win the hosting and not us. Just to balance up things and be fair to facts on the ground, build a stadium in Mongu and another in Kitwe, funds being available. Ya?

    • No my dear you are wrong. In 1998 Burkina Fasso hosted Afcon in the village of Bobo Dialasso. The AFCON involves 32 games . It will be to host all these games in 2 or 4 stadiums. You can have a least a quarter final each in Mansa, Chipata, Mongu, Kasama, Solwezi or Mongu. It is a pity that almost 50 years after independence people are still insisting on the colonial development pattern of putting everything in the so called Capital city and the Copperbelt! Kitwe and Lusaka are not even cities. They are mostly shanty towns. And with everything that is going on everybody in Zambia will start congregating in these Bamba Zonke zones because these are the only places were ‘development’ is taking place!

  24. This is a good move, can we start preparing something to show before we put in an offer so that we even have a greater and chance? I would like to urge all football loving men and women like me to start pledging some monies towards this venture? Depending on the government alone is not enough, even a 2ngwee is good enough, for those in Europe i surrender myself to be your finance manager, i will ensure that an account is opened were all the funds shall be deposited and at the right time i can leave for Zambia to give the check as the chairpeson/financial manager. Trust me am serious!

  25. You can definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart. “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” by Napoleon.

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