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In adequate supplies attributed to shortage of meali meal in Solwezi


Bag of Mealie meal
Bag of Mealie meal

Mealie meal retailers in Solwezi have stated that the alleged shortage of the commodity in the district is as a result of inadequate supplies they have been receiving from the suppliers.

The retailers who meet with Commerce and Trade Minister Robert Sichinga in Solwezi yesterday explained that millers who are mostly based on the Copperbelt and Lusaka have not been supplying enough quantities of mealie meal to Solwezi to meet the demand.

They explained that they are receiving only 400 bags of mealie meal every two weeks from the millers which is not enough to meet the demand.

Solwezi Milling Company proprietor Teta Vundamina said the district require about 2000 bags of mealie meal every week if the demand is to be met.

A check by ZANIS at National Milling, Shoprite, Antelope and Mpongwe Milling outlets revealed that the mealie meal stocks have run out.

Shoprite Branch Manager Bruce Mapika said his shop only received 400 bags this week from National Milling instead of 1000 bags while Mpongwe Milling outlet received 800 by 10 kilogram bags of roller a week ago.

The shortage of mealie meal in Solwezi has resulted in high prices of the commodity on the black market where a K25 kg bag is now being sold at K100 rebased (K100, 000) on average.

And Mr Sichinga urged the retailers to discuss with millers to increase the supplies being supplied to the district considering that there is an increase in mealie meal demand due to increased population.

The minister noted that the shortage has been compounded by the problem of distribution on the part of the millers.



  1. Start teaching the public how to diversify. Relying on maize for daily diet is not healthy for the nation and the economy, if there is a crop failure then you have a crisis. you are at the mercy of rich nations. Zambia is a very rich country. For agriculture to flourish technology has to be persued vigorously. Farming inputs is a cheap and unproductive system.
    Learn from other nations, modify, perfect and be successful

  2. Youths are to blame for the disastrous mealie meal shortages. Surely how do you vote for pipo who were just lying thru their teeth to make mmd work
    Brace yourselves for more hardships.
    PF is a bunch of liars they even recently cheated that loading shedding has ended just to show that they are working. Shame on them

  3. If wholesale price is Kr47 and retail is imposed at Kr50 and one has to transport the bags from Kitwe and luanshya, how much profit can be made for a retailer in solwezi?
    If we answer this question then the problem will be resolved. If not soon we shall die from hunger as the maize business will collapse.

  4. Change in life is inevitable,either good or bad. Yes. We voted for pf bcos we wanted a change of govt,even the current adminstration time wil come for it to go.what is prevailing in the country today wil come to pass.those wishing the pf to fail wil ashmed and simply don’t ve heart for country.why rejoice over mealie meal crisis

  5. let all people get organised especially a people that have to univeristy. it is so stupid and unnecessary that we have to lack our staple meal. we sell maize to national mealing and other mealing comp. like GBMs, same with cotton and yet we lack immediately we sell. we need to think through our problem. we are a proud people who love our country. we can do other countries can. let us hold together in thought of what we can do we can do this for real

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