The Commonwealth Secretariat constitutes team to review the Opposition petition

Commonwealth Secretariat Director of Communications & Public Affairs Richard Uku
Commonwealth Secretariat Director of Communications & Public Affairs Richard Uku
Commonwealth Secretariat Director of Communications & Public Affairs Richard Uku
Commonwealth Secretariat Director of Communications & Public Affairs Richard Uku

The Commonwealth Secretariat has confirmed receiving a petition from Zambia’s leading opposition leaders over the alleged worsening human rights situation in Zambia.

The Commonwealth Secretariat said a petition from the opposition leaders in Zambia was received in London this week.

Commonwealth Secretariat Director of Communications & Public Affairs Richard Uku said in response to a news query that a team at the Secretariat has since been constituted to review the petition.

He said the secretariat has received the submission from the ‘Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights on behalf of the opposition leaders adding that the process of examining the submission has commenced.

Mr. Uku assured that the Commonwealth will respond to the petition once the submission has been examined.

On Tuesday, Zambia’s opposition leaders called for a suspension of Zambia from the Commonwealth, accusing President Michael Sata of stifling democracy.

The leaders of several opposition parties and civil society groups gathered in Johannesburg to make the call, claiming it was now impossible for them to operate normally in Zambia.

They called “for the provisional suspension of Zambia from the Commonwealth pending investigation” into rights abuses.
Nigeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Fiji have previously been expelled from the 54-nation bloc.


    • So what has happened to your previous argument that the Commomwealth has important business to attend to rather entertain the rubbish from the under 5 and the failed pastor? You must be finding it hard to swallow your food today! I do feel for you…honestly! This is like a sucker punch to your nuts! I told you that you will be quaking and quacking!

    • I agree with Goncalves. What are they now saying after the Commonwealth has taken a step further? They said it will just be thrown but alas!!!

    • Ask Mugabe my friend. This is how it these opposition leaders will take the same petition to SADC & the AU. Commonwealth will lobby their brothers at the UN and the EU. Then sanctions and travel bans will follow. And next we’ll have K500,000 bills like Zim did! And Nima yapa maliket will cost K5million!

  1. OK, lets all welkom this development with open hands, i hope the Government is prepared from this pandora box which has been opened, i hope something good come out of this, opposition being what it should be, defending the rights of the people and government the work it was ellected for.
    I hope all are honest in their pertitions.

  2. Good one, please come and see how the opposition are being harassed. It is now time for the opposition to start conducting meetings at the markets also to visit chiefs. PF the bully is being caged.

    • Don’t be think.
      TB Joshua is not a messiah.
      Enlisting outsider will not bring about democracy.
      Of the five petitioners, how many of them have had free and fair selection of
      leaders in their own organisations?

    • @Simms,i think your memory is too short or maybe you have no forsight.Of the PF nec member,who was elected at the conversion starting from the presido?

  3. Human rights abuses were worse under RB, were people were killed tortured etc. Where were these guy? Is it honestly genuine? Did they have to do in secret and in a foreign country?

    • Dongo, it’s common sense, there’s no way they could have been allowed to make the petition while addressing the media in Zambia. your PF could have arrested them for unlawful assembly

    • No liar jst like ukwa indeed! Under RB this dictator used to addres rallies he was never denied and peace reigned. Today we c tension, in the country pf wud not allow opposition to hold rallies even seeing chiefs is a crime under this useless lying and divisive rouge. Democracy is here to stay until one drops dead. Very combative n beligerent always. Rubbish!

    • This is not going anywhere.It good dat the commonwealth has constituted a team to investigate.Im sure the team will find out the truth & will not recommmend suspention of Zambia,especially when they find out that HH has been issuing insults and falsehoods and that Nevers and RB are facing corruption charges!

  4. This is a fantastic development. I would like to urge the opposition to apply for permits to hold rallies so that they have additional evidence to indicate the degeneration of the freedom of expression in Zambia. We should dare this government to issue permits if they are denying the abuse of people’s freedoms. We shall see whether the police will act professionally. If they fail, give this as evidence to the Commonwelath as they carry out the verification exercise. Here, the opposition has scored a first. We love you for standing up for us your people. Lets together kick out this oppressive regime. BRAVO MUMBA, HH, SIKOTA, SAKALA, and others who were brave enough to challenge Sata and his goons. There days are numbered. Keep on the pressure; we the people will join you in the streets.

  5. COWARDS always crying foul like stupid kids at school who have being denied not to break off until the work is done.wait for your time to come ask votes from the people instead of running to the queen who is busy sorting out HORSE MEAT scandal.Grow up HH, NM, SAKI.

    • I think my minions and I need to change how we are ruling the country. Someone told me that we should start Governing and not ruling!

  6. This is good because we are dealing with civilized and unbiased Club delegates. I know how much international diplomacy values sovereignity. Both sides will be probed fairly to how much they have contributed to the present problem. Govt has become stubborn while Opposition has become rude, disrespectful to the electorate who voted wisely, and impatient to wait for 2016. What a christian nation, we are telling the world we are failing to live as one united nation, we are only peaceful by faith not among political contenders. Let us pray that God blesses the Club investigators with wisdom, humility, honest and true justice. When Opposition leaders form Govt in future and err similarly, which is likely., we will take them before the UN.

    • Be warned. Innocent Chimfutumba is a charlatan and a mole. Like a deranged vulture “Zimbwi” preys on people’s character. He is all over the Internet sniffing out stories and writing gibberish about people and issues he hardly understands. Google his name and you’ll see what I mean. I have compiled his texts in both the “LT and ZWD. At times he wears the hat of a skunk, spraying his terrible malodorous smell. He claims to be learned. Read all his comments (How I wish I could display them). He’s a moron who writes in colloquial English—semi-literate style. Learned bloggers write well even in haste. His writing is best described by one blogger: “so many words with no sense.” His punctuation is terrible and typos aplenty.

    • Innocent Chimfutumba claims to have been in class with me. It is not true. He might have been in the same 1973 stream and not 1972 as he claims in some of his comments. He’s so damn he does not know when he graduated. I never met him in 1967 because I went to Chingola Primary School in 1968. At Chikola I was not taught by Cheeseman. I associated with him in the Young Farmer’s Club. Yes, the late Patrick Chibwe was in my class, but not Lazarus Chota. In Form Five, I and Patrick were in “A” and Lazarus in “S.” Ask him what form he was in. He claims to have been with me in the same class for five years. There was no Innocent Chimfutumba in my class. If there was, he must have been one of those dumb students with nothing to offer. What was Innocent Chimfutumba famous for? Anyone?

  7. Where permits are concerned, I have to agree with the opposition. I do not understand why it is okay for ruling party cadres to demonstrate without permits while the opposition are always denied them. Let’s have this review. May be the Common Wealth will make some sensible recommendations.

  8. not a PF fan neither am i a fan of upnd or mmd…but what i really want to know is..what are the benefits of being a member of commonwealth ee other than their tuma scholarships? kuti baba na ka commonwealth..we are nolonger colonized by the UK we have no common treasury neither do we owe fealty to their kama queen!!so goodbye commonwealth..but the guy in the picture is kind of foine yayaya aged nicely nicely nicely like soz

  9. This is the best course of action that could ever be taken given the current state of political intolerance. In his smoke-clouded head, CNP thought he had firmly held opposition by the scruff of its neck to sail through in 2016 elections. How wrong could you be thug! The world is watching, anger and frustration are simmering below the surface across the country. And in recent times we have seen Kaunda trotting all over the place in the company of this dictator, apparently sending signals of approval for his heavy-handed rule. Now lets see if he is man enough to stay put with this investaigation coming, I bet he will scumper into the woods and abandon those photo opportunities.I applaud all opposition for keeping tight-lipped prior to the SA conference.

  10. So there is no parliament in Zambia to ensure that laws are upheld, and courts are also non-existent to enforce the same?

    I am waiting for the day when the opposition in the UK will report the UK government to the Commonwealth for issues they feel are unfair to them.

    The opposition in Zambia should not use Zambians for their own ends. Have they carried out a scientific research to determine that there are human rights abuses in Zambia? For example, have they conducted a nationwide opinion poll?

    • You are in the UK so you do not know what is happening on the ground in Zambia. I should think the opposition had to take that painful decision because they had no other alternative.




    • What do we actually benefit as a nation from the commonwealth? What does the ordinary Zambian benefit from Zambia being a part of this club? Does it mean that if you are not part of the commonwealth then you will suffer? I bet the commonwealth is the largest grouping of the poorest nations on earth. If you think the same commonwealth that was toothless to expel Kenya after the political violence there will come to your aid when there is nothing of that in Zambia then you have another thing coming. In fact as they admit the likes Sudan, South Sudan, Algeria and Somalia Zambia should be leaving

  12. What do we actually benefit as a nation from the commonwealth? What does the ordinary Zambian benefit from Zambia being a part of this club? Does it mean that if you are not part of the commonwealth then you will suffer? I bet the commonwealth is the largest grouping of the poorest nations on earth. If you think the same commonwealth that was toothless to expel Kenya after the political violence there will come to your aid when there is nothing of that in Zambia then you have another thing coming. In fact as they admit the likes Sudan, South Sudan, Algeria and Somalia Zambia should be leaving

    • Your question about what Zambia benefits from being a member of the commonwealth is irrelevant, the issue here is human rights abuses by the PF government.
      For your own info Zambia would be worse of outside the commonwealth.

    • “bet the commonwealth is the largest grouping of the poorest nations on earth.” I beg to AGREE with you! Moreover, this move by the opposition does not benefit Zambians at all… I wonder the intentions of this move.

    • When you sick your boss flies there to hide especially if UTH has no oxygen. The Chinese don’t like you and the Americans is worse. Now the only place where the boss man worked as an expatriate will squeeze our balls; oh sorry it is an insult to say balls when others have non!

    • You will realise the value of being a member of the commonwealth should Zambia be suspended or expelled from that club. Aid freeze, travel ban, visa requirements etc will all kick in.

  13. Lets try again: What do we actually benefit as a nation from the commonwealth? What does the ordinary Zambian benefit from Zambia being a part of this club? Does it mean that if you are not part of the commonwealth then you will suffer? I bet the commonwealth is the largest grouping of the poorest nations on earth. If you think the same commonwealth that was toothless to expel Kenya after the political violence there will come to your aid when there is nothing of that in Zambia then you have another thing coming. In fact as they admit the likes Sudan, South Sudan, Algeria and Somalia Zambia should be leaving

  14. @GUNDiUXY

    What do you mean when you say and ask, “The opposition in Zambia should not use Zambians for their own ends. Have they carried out a scientific research to determine that there are human rights abuses in Zambia? For example, have they conducted a nationwide opinion poll?”

    We have no time for opinion polls…who will do it for us anyway. I am told that government will censor such polls… HH

  15. Hurray! The Common Wealth has been availed opportunity unwittingly by the shallow opposition political party leaders to see their worth or lack of it. To the primitive bloggers who are trying to raise their feeble spines to praise HH, Mumba, Sakwiba and RB, for their treacherous acts, I say you are shameless.

    The first thing the Common Wealth will learn from this petition is the fact that the petitioners are either being investigated for criminal conduct or they are facing criminal charges in courts of law.

    The Common Wealth is a highly dignified organization of most former British colonies, Britain itself and interested allied states like Mozambique. Cases of human rights violations presented to the Common Wealth before which received justified response and action were not…

    • So let them do what they have to do. Why complain and call people names? If there is nothing they will find nothing and then all will be put to rest.

  16. If Sata thinks he can turn Zambia into Bembastan full of stinking corruption nepotism and tribalism, he had better brace himself for a tough battle with spirited Zambians. And with his dodggy heart and rotten bollocks, there can only be one loser, Zondwe!

  17. so what if we are suspended?……Nigeria was once suspended, are we any better than Nigeria? what do we benefit from this membership if I may ask? I would be worried if we were being suspended from COMESA, SADC or AU. in the meantime, life goes on…

  18. @lameck

    Please do not be misinformed.

    There are no corruption cases against me or comrade GBM. Some people just insinuated or made allegations of corruption against us.

    We are still waiting for fresh summons which we are still waiting to attend.

    I regret very sincerely for refusing to attend last time. Not again.

  19. LT ‘trivial’ should be added to the last sentence in my previous posting. Don’t behave like the Zambian Watchdog.

  20. When police in south Africa killed the miners where was HH,Nevers,and Rupiah to remind the COMMONWEALTH about the human rights abuses.Zambia will NOT be suspended because of not granting UPND or MMD a rally permit.In Zambia we have every freedom you need,this position leaders are trying to be above the law and rude to the laws.


    • That is what we are waiting for. If he is vindicated the whole world will know. If not the whole world will know too.

  22. They will come, they will investigate, they will make recommendations but Zambia will decide the course of action. We can decide to ignore or throw the recommendations back t the commonwealth. The we will write a 1000 page submission on how HH has insulted and abused his freedom of expression. Then write a 1000 page report on how Mumba used his thugs to “clean” MMD. Then list in 5000 pages Banda abused office and what let led to the withdrawal of donor aid under his time. Then add only one paragraph of how Mumba abused office in Canada. Then 100000 pages of how HH left the Luanshya people without payment after privatisation and made himself rich. Then add a page of the 30 declarations of human rights. Then ask one question: which among these does the opposition choose to suite them?

    • ZPA is the agency that carries out the privatization of parastatals! You do not sue an estate surveyor for valuing your house when you want to sell it. The decision to accept or not to accept a valuers advice is entirely yours. Equally the decision to either sale or not sale your house is entirely yours! Hope it is clear! You and Satana have been on this issue for years! Question is: who has stopped you from suing HH for his criminality? Your Satana is President……take HH to court for criminally ‘privatising’ Luanshya Mine! What are you waiting for? The reason why you are not doing anything about it is because it is a pile if piffle!

  23. the comettee members will come to zed to spend their allowances and pay our women at eastpoint and cockpit .lol even the browningfrog.

  24. @ED walasa.lf de c/wealth z driven by imperialists altitude dey will agree with dese traitors,Nevers ,HH,Sakwiba and Rb- de chief suspected criminal.let dese criminals know commonwealth will vote 4 dem.ldiots ,have u ever head that Mugaba’s staving?

    • Zambia will be worse than Zimbabwe. At least Zimbabwe has a strong production base and is used to handling sanctions from the UDI days. Zambia will be a novice with a very weak production base. Zambia is just a market (retailer) country. One hopes it does not come to the level of sanctions.

  25. What’s interesting is that all these opposition leaders forget that some of them may have cases that will end them up not credible people once the information is released to the public and in the end government will be vindicated. Government will be seen fighting corruption etc with a good will, It’s bad if when this was happening Mr.Rupiah Banda was with them in South Africa. It will look as though he is trying to cover himself as he has lots of allegation against him. If the opposition looses this Mr.Mumba risks being booted out by members of his political party.HH will loose popularity and giving the PF advantage and making it even more popular.Hope they thought about all these consequences and how to deal with them in the case that such events happen.

  26. Have any complaints from Somalia, Nigeria or Sierra Leone reached the defunct Commonwealth too? What have they done about them? Ba Zambia opposition utulo!

  27. Political under 5s , it is true!Are we really at that stage where u run to the int .community ?fun enough all these petitioners except this unprincipled lawyers are facing allegations which we know for sure will catch up with them.Jail birds!

  28. Sad state of affairs foolish fools of the opposition running to the former colonial master embarrassing themselves. Who cares about the silly commonwealth games…

  29. Shameless cry babies. How can you call yourselves opposition leaders and then to a foreign land to campaign against your own people for sanction from a worthless organisation like the common wealth, yet you want the same Zambians you are advocating for sanctions for, to for you? Crazy bastards. I feel sorry for these cry babies. Crying to the colonial master. Shame on you. Let Common poverty vote for you in 2016. You are a disgrace to Zambia. Where in the world have you seen such a thing happening where opposition leaders go to another country to call for sanctions on their own people? At this rate, Mumba or mumbwe, H.H, Sakala and Sikota, even if the elections were 2moro, u cant win and u will never win even in2016 and beyond coz you have become so useless.

    • Just what has gone wrong with hh, nevers and saki? They have failed to organise their parties domestically and want to rely on the commonwealth to help them stop pf from being popular. Every level minded Zambian knows that this Joburg meeting was organised by RB and to do this he introduced them to his lawer – Armstrong so that the pf govt gets distracted from pursuing RB’s sins. HH wants govt to fall so that he takes the presidency. This will never work. We all know that even their respective members of their parties are not in support of what their opposition leaders are trying to do. Shame on these failures. Long live Michael

  30. This is Sata’s own made problem. He is hyper active in doing wrong things. He has no regard for the laws and constitution of Zambia. He has been instructing the police to abuse the rights of our fellow citizens. The man is just as useless as a used condom.

  31. lets not celebrate pre-maturely, all they have said is that they are looking into this matter, this could go either way, if their findings shows that there are no such abuses in Zambia the opposition will look bad and it wont be easy to recover from this but if the findings proove otherwise the PF government will suffer the consequences too. one thing worth noting is that the organization that presented the pettition is run by armsterdan, whatever his name is, RB’s foreign lawyer. this does not hold much water because he has personal interest in this matter so is HH and Mumba and sadly Saki too, he represents RB as his attorney. armsterdan seems to be trying too hard to stop RB from going to court because their is big chance that he wont survive prosecution.

    • Do not forget that the Commonwealth has its own ways of gathering information. It does not conduct its business like those useless SADC election observers.

  32. How about UPND brutality on police hs HH reported himself and the Nevers beating of Kachingwe has he reported himself? Foolish boys. HH and NEVERS-will never rule mature Zambian. I will fight them to the bone. What happened to nevers prayer and fasting sessions and has HH recruited Nevers to the fraternity? SAD AFFAIRS

  33. i will be surprised if commonwealth will support people with theft cases. So you can steal and run commonwealth for cover.

  34. There were no humanright abuses under RB. Ukwa was allowed to hold rallies without police harrassment. Today beatings n harrassing opposition n poaching to distabilise UPND n MMD. No amount of political machination will deter the opposition to expose pf dictatorship.

    • how about chansa kabwela case, Sata being tear gased at DEC offices, how about bogus news coverage on ZNBC which med almost 90% of Zambians lose interest in it, Mongu riots where people killed by police….the list goes on

    • Nothing and no one stopped the opposition then from taking their case to the Commonwealth or any other international body. These bodies investigate if there is basis for the complaint they will throw it out. Simple. Why are people jumping up and down?

  35. Congrats to HH, Nevers Mumba, Sakala and Sakwiba Sikota for their braverly that may lead to the rescue of Zambians. Sooner or later the PF leaders may start growing cameion skins and switch to PRETENCE MODE as the Commonwealth probes them ,

  36. This is an exercise in futility and i can assure all bloggers on this site that the opposition’s petition will be thrown out for lack of merit! The government of Zambia under St Micheal has never acted Ultra viresly and all their actions are based on legal statutes that exist here in zambia particularly the Public order Act and the Penal code. The only reasonable course of action that the so called opposition leaders can take is to challenge the constitutionality of certain legal provisions in the courts of competent jurisdiction here in Zambia!
    In this vein the government’s action is justifiable especially that the behavior of the opposition leaves much to be desired! I bet that someone should come and chop off my precious manhood if commonwealth intertains such a useless petition.

  37. Childish opposition. Are these the chaps who hope
    to rule Zambia one day?
    Zambia truly lacks a good crop of leaders.

  38. What do we benefit from the British commonwealth? Are u joking? There are so many economic programmes & protocols that Zambia would hardly survive without the commonwealth. That certain members of the club are also members of the European Union, Paris Club, G7 etc means there can also be ripple effects in regard to these affiliations, that would seriously impact negatively on Zambia. Do your research Mister. My prayer is that it shoudnt go that way.

  39. Zambia today hasn’t got anyone to takeover the mantle to lead among the opposition.thers too much selfishness, HH and Dr Mumba wil soon be against each other


  41. Many have rediculed Commonwealth and lamented about haste of opposition to report to the World body on human right abuse to Zambians by PF govt of Mr Sata. Let it be known that for the first time in the history of Zambia, a shameful record has been entered in the Commonwealth data and classfied Zambia as such. World bodies share information on democratic governance of countries and to be naive that its just a mere report is being in denial of abuses taking place in the nation. The next government will be made to explain these abuses if Zambians are really free in their own country. So when we say we are 30 years back evidence has been obtained to be found with world institutions. Zambia is not an island.

  42. To Pastor Mumba :kindly organise a Christian crusade and see whether you will be denied a permit and also if you will talk of human right abuse.Do not show hypocrisy the Lord is watching you.We will submit also to the common wealth asking them to interview the common Zambians like my mother whether there is human right abuse.These guys wants to bring confusion in Zambia.We have organised our selves here in UK to give support to the Leadeship of Zambia

  43. Ccongiribg receipt and constituting am to review arecdtandard procefure and nothing to jlow trumpet about. Opposition hss betrayed country and lost more votes for alloeibg Amsterdam to mislea them in tjis foolish action! !

  44. the opposition should have first tried lobbying parliament before going out of their homes to undress, the govt on the other hand should lets opposition hold meetings is that all or its also RB’s plan to avoid questioning? PF please concentrate on developmental projects we want to see results not beckering.

  45. It is not going anywhere, do not fool yourselves, it not easly said than done, and if it does not hold any grounds, what are you going to do, move to south africa?

    • Which law ? It is your relative Satana who is an outlaw! I dont think that you PF chaps are normal! It is scary that most of you posting here are the so called Zambian diplomats in foreign missions! Sad!

  46. When it suits them,they will quote civilised countries,…’Even in America they don’t….! When it doesnot suit them,they will say ‘we are not America…!
    This is the language for oppressors!

  47. The cruelest people on earth are wemen.
    The kindest people on earth are women.
    Hell hath no fury as a woman seeking to prove a point. Where else in the world is a woman the chief of police?

  48. This is a horribly terible undertaking. Embarassing if you ask me. It is a process driven by one desperate RB with advice from crooked Amsterdam. To give it some semblance of credibility, they had to co-opt feeble and directionless HH, Mumba and Saki. Hey, the British themselves designed the public order act! What incongruency by these chancers. Have the spine and muscle to wrestle power from PF in a respectable, people driven process and not the Amsterdam *****.

  49. I think people need to understand that you cannot have have political rallies everyday, no country in the world can tolerate what the opposition is seeking. The police resources should be used to fight crime not wasted on policing political meetings. There are many ways in which political messages can be carried, we have community radios which the opposition should take advantage like PF did and reach people in the rural areas. The Commonwealth is a toothless club, we are better off in SADC or COMESA. Their is nothing special about a club formed to remind the members that we used to colonise you, at least in SADC we have economic benefits due to expanded markets in member states.

    • I dont blame you understanding of issues. You still need to wash away your ignorance. What level of education did you reach?

  50. Up & Down party z not going any where.I agree with the blogger who said these r the last kick of a dying horse.Where in Zambia z HH going 2get support frm apart frm Southern.Hv we forgoten 2soon dat HH z simply not presidential material.He tried in 2006 with da help of 2parties:UNIP & FDD but stil 3rd & lost.Those dat support dis party shud surely b waitng on some miracle but frm whom:Not God certainly!

  51. There may not be contractual obligations for members of the Commonwealth, but it constitutes the coming together of countries that endeavour to share common values (mainly former British colonies) One of the major qualifications of continuing to be a member is the requirement that a country is a functioning democracy and respects human rights and the rule of law. There is a ministerial action group that monitors abuses of human rights by member govts. Of course the group does not have the enforcement mechanisms such as those of the UN (which are on paper at least) but expulsion for failure to abide by the common values (e.g. serious breaches of human rights and governance in relation to the opposition) have their consequences; e.g. in relation to losing the funds for technical cooperation

  52. … trade withn the group, learning scholarships, sports cooperation… e.t.c Stats show that commonwealth countries trade a little more amongst themselves than with other non-members (with added concessions) Those from the commonwealth countries, but in a country that they do not have representation in (no embassy) can, also, for example avail themselves to the British consulate when in need.
    I am just trying to draw attention to the fact that there are some significant losses associated with being expelled from the commonwealth. I am not, for a minute, (not yet anyway) syggesting that the experiences of the oppostion in Zambia at the moment, have reached the threshhold that necessitates expulsion. I am of the view, preliminary, that they HAVE been denied due process of the rule of law

    • Many thanks for this invaluable information. Hopefully, many dunderheads on this blog will be educated about the value of being a member of the Commonwealth.

  53. Commonwealth will soon issue sanctions and TRAVEL BAN TO GOVT OFFICIALS in zambia, once that takes effect,SATA being a cancer patient and in his evenings will have treatment problems- I see a grave soon . Politics of stone age in a 21 century won’t work…Sata should accept tolerance,freedoms and democracy to thrive. Ask yo friend in Libya and Iraqi how they were reduced to grave mash!!

    • Naiwe, can you compare Zambian democracy to Libya and Iraq? You have forgotten that Sata was voted in by the people and it is them who will boot him out. HH is just carrying out his vow to make Zambian ungovernable under Sata. HH’s stance is putting off even some of his sympathizers. He should instead concentrate on selling himself to the electorate.

  54. This issue is now having a very bad effect on my hubby’s fragile heart.Fred Mmembe nao awe mwe,he’s pushing his agenda far too much on this issue.Ala ba Commonwealth please napatata do not even consider any travel ban for my hubby and his paya farmer government ninshi chapwa kwena,ni state funeral kaili what else?Ala things are bad mwandi .

  55. Editor, I posted my comment at 7. 29 pm yesterday and up to now, 5.58 am 17th February there s “your comments await moderation”. I find it strange.

  56. Editor. Thanks for your “rapid response” to my complaint over late moderation of my comments. Please keep it up.

  57. what annoys me about this whole issue is the fact that it has been initiated by a colonialist lawyer who is being fed with our state secrets by RB for him to protect his plunder….ka HH na Nevers nabeve bali busy following blindly…..what a waste of time. QUESTION: how many of you bloggers have been butchered by police or arrested for condemning the govt in the bar? take a walk across Zim & witness first class oppression which warrants the excitement being exhibited on this site. from day 1 of Sata’s governance, HH has never smiled – why should that be my problem??? come on guys

  58. I get worried when i hear Zambians asking if it is important to belong to commonwealth. Why is Zambia still a member if its not important. Ask Ukwa to let Zambia out. If you are still members, you have to abide to the terms of membership among them have good governance in your country. Allow democracy to prevail. let opposition hold rallies and express their views which are different from yours. Let opposition meet chiefs, marketeers and everybody they feel like meeting. If you can not then withdraw so that you behave as proper dictator. You can live a life of a dictator and still insist to remain in a club of democrats. SO LET THE C/WEALTH COME AND EMBARRASS YOU TO THE CLUB MEMBERS.

  59. MMD you are a let down. You protected top leaders who were corrupt and you still want to shield corrupt past top leaders. You said you had nothing to do with protecting corrupt leaders, but God in His power made the top leader to speak the truth. SEE Balaam and Balak in Numbers Chapter 22 and 23. The abuse of office clause was removed from Anti Corruption Commission, by some greed MMD. Few members of MMD who opposed the move were treated like foes. For 20 years MMD failed to reduce poverty. So what is MMD fighting for. MMD go to S.A. to petition for selfishness and greed purpose. When MMD was abusing the power some of the prominant lawyers sided with MMD. What a shame because of greed. Dr. N Mumba you have failed to keep your words in politics. Back to Zambia shall be saved, your calling.

  60. let them come, we will meet them and explain, we hve nothing to hide, the queen gave us the public order act to gorvon us. The oppostion condemns the act saying its babaric but instead of lobbying that it be changed they go and lie to the same person who they insult as a colonial master. I see contradition here.

    • Why such wish; do you want to die early? Who knew MC Sata would be President when he was busy hacking Chawama resident and demolishing Kanyama Houses or when he was championing third term for FTJ or fighting Mwanawasa with FTJ as his ally in the 2006 elections or was involved in the Mersaf scandal, Sindamisale gate or fall out with the Post who were supporting LP Mwanawasa?

  61. These opposition leaders are not thinking about an ordinary Zambian…. Look at what happened in zimbabwe….. Mugabe is still the president and zi
    Zimbabwe is in debt…..

  62. This is an exercise in futility, aftion only congitjs why HH anf Nevers are not the altetnayive keaders we have. They are not just politically naive but also dull, thry aee onoy plauing into RBs hahds ajd will share his poliyical baggafe once fully exposef!!!

  63. how will a common zambian benefit from this you politicians are you not fighting for your own populalities and crash the common man into abject poverty i wonder who will vote for you

  64. Commonwealth countries have a responsibility to condemn the callousness of the opposition in the country. It is unacceptable for some opposition leaders to approach Commonwealth in the manner they did it. First, some opposition leaders held a strange press conference on foreign territory as if press conferences were forbidden in the country. Next, some opposition leaders made statements that are highly subjective and controversial using foreign media in order to achieve the greatest damage to the nascent democracy in the country. Lastly, these opposition leaders are not neither apologetic nor repentant about their actions. My suggestion is that government ought to bring these opposition leaders to court within the foreign country that was used to embarrass and discredit a popular govt.

  65. ”Childish, Selfish, Sheepish this is how best I can describe some opposition parties in Zambia. If Zambia had to be suspended from the Commonwealth, it will be the ordinary Zambian (Poor) who will suffer and non of the so called ‘Opposition Party’. If you want to be respected and be a free Zambian citizen, respect the law as ‘No one is above the law’.

  66. Some people are fools and dont think, how do you say there is no freedom of expression and human rights abuse yet you insult the Government all the timeon LT, ZWD, TUMFWEKO etc and no is arrested. HH and MUMBA are fight there own battles. I go anywhere,I do what I want anytimeso whtas the issue.

  67. no matter how much they will fight this govt they will never hijack the people of this nation with thier deadly diesease called stealing, already they are finished politicians (natubasula) even if zambia was to be suspended we will still go back again to the polls in 2016 and we will vote again for PF come 2021 we will vote for a sober minded, young, intelliegient and has self respect Elias Chipimo and i believe Chipimo will rule this nation after Sata

  68. Any leader with the inability to sort out problems intarnally, lacks leadership qualities. These guys are not different from spouses who run to their parents once they differ in a home. Some of us do not even know what they are crying about. It sounds so childish. A leader should have the ability to influence things internally. Even in Power I can see these guys running out of the country to consult on decision making. They are so inept.

  69. The CommonWealth should also look at the position of these complainant, their background and their current status within their parties. E.g. UPND was formed way back before formation of PF Party and enjoyed great popularity to form the next govt. Unfortunately, the party lost the vision carrier Anderson Mazoka and so on board an egocentric leader HH whose reign chased notable leaders like Sakwiba Sikota, Patrick Chisanga and Robert Sichinga. It is as a result of this selfish tendency that saw a newly formed PF earn popularity over UPND which they cannot believe it happened hence their unrealist fight against PF.

  70. Why didn’t you just sit and discuss as independent nationals? Why gather in a foreign land and start discrediting your own country? Those are the same people who wash dirty linen in public. Even in their homes, their spouses can not puff in the sheets! They will publicize everything to their colleagues the following day! What do you gain by the end of the day? If Zambia is suspended on the Common Wealth, then what next? It is my sincere prayer that Government will confiscate your passports ( That is opposition leaders and some civil societies) It is your children who will be affected. Kucenjeletsa monga kamulinso!! Even where you are seated, how do you feel?Ati mwaipesha government!! Forget! I m neither a politican nor a civil society cader! But am a Zambian just watching things…..

  71. Morgan was badly beaten in Zimbabwe at one time. Naifwe twalabaponona first ba opposition and see what the Common Nonsence will do.

  72. Chipimo will be a president. he has qualities. not these who doesn’t know how to campaign,they want the commonwealth to campaign for them.

  73. Dont compare commonwealth to SADC OR COMESA. The last two are made of corrupt leaders like sata,mugabe,zuma,joyce,kikwete etc they will always support each other coz their dreams are same, to steal from their citizens. They cant give sanction each other no mata commonwealth is headed by intellectuals their countries are developed and wen all yo SADC Presidents fall sick esp yo cancer patient Satan has to rush there and leave u wit yo UTH without oxygen.therefore Satan must realise dat democracy has to grow.never get zambians for granted. Kk knows us well,even RB U can ask them.this is nt Zimbabwe.

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