Anti Corruption Commission clears Kabimba and GBM of any corruption

Board Chairman Justice Timothy Kabalata (rtd) reads his speech while Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director Ireen Lamba listens during the media briefing at Court Yard hotel in Livingstone
Board Chairman Justice Timothy Kabalata (rtd) reads his speech while Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director Ireen Lamba listens during the media briefing at Court Yard hotel in Livingstone
Board Chairman Justice Timothy Kabalata (rtd) reads his speech while Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director Ireen Lamba listens during the media briefing at Court Yard hotel in Livingstone

THE Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has cleared Justice minister Wynter Kabimba and his defence counterpart Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. ACC said that they have found no evidence of corruption against justice minister Wynter Kabimba and his defence counterpart Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, commonly known as GBM.

ACC had launched preliminary inquiries into corruption allegations against Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba and his Defence counterpart, Geoffrey Mwamba following complaints received on the alleged conduct of the two Cabinet ministers.

Mr Kabimba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary-General, was alleged to have influenced the procurement tender process so that Trafigura would be awarded the tender to supply Zambia with petrol and diesel for one year.

Trafigura was awarded the supply deal at a cost of US$500 million for the one year period.

Mr Mwamba was accused of influencing ZESCO to award his company and others where he had interests, a one-year contract for the supply and delivery of wooden poles.

ZESCO intended to award a tender for the supply and delivery of nine, 10 and 12 metre-wooden poles on a year-running-contract basis to several bidders, among them Arizona Marketing and Distribution, which belongs to Mr Mwamba and two of his family members.

Arizona Marketing and Distribution’s bid price on the ZESCO poles contract was about K36.7 billion.

The company, according to the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), was owned by Mr Mwamba, of Plot 10 Roan Road in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area.

Preliminary notification of the contract award for the tender, whose bids were closed and opened on June 8, 2012, indicated that the preliminary award had been issued pursuant to Part VI, Section 53 (1) and (2) of the Zambia Public Procurement Act No. 12 of 2008.

Meanwhile, Civil Society Organisations have expressed mixed feelings on the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)’s resolve to clear Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his defence counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba of alleged
corruption charges.

Open Society Foundation executive director Sunday Chanda, in an interview today said the ACC had made the right decision owing to the fact that commission had no evidence to implicate the two ministers.

“We believe the ACC decision to clear the two ministers of corruption has been made in the interest of justice, they have no evidence connecting the two ministers to corruption and we take that as gospel truth,” he said.

Mr Chanda said the public must understand that the ACC was not liable to operate under public duress to make an in order to make informed decision.

Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director Mcdonald Chipenzi said the outcome of the investigations was expected as the ACC did not handle the matter professionally.

“We feel the ACC did not exhibit professional etiquette when carrying out the investigations involving the two cabinet ministers,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi said the exculpation of the two cabinet ministers would raise public concern about the country’s justice system.

Southern Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) information officer Obby Chibuluma said the organisation would only give their position on the matter once the ACC officially writes to the two ministers, informing them of their exoneration.

Meanwhile, ACC Deputy Director General Irene Lamba said the Commission operates independently and professionally without any intimidation or interference from politicians.

Ms Lamba, who was flanked by ACC board chairperson Timothy Kabalata,was speaking in Livingstone today at Courtyard Hotel during a meeting between ACC board of commissioners and various stakeholders in the tourist capital.

Ms Lamba assured the public that the Commission was not subject to any authority under the ACC Act.

“Under the Act, we are mandated to carry our duties effectively, professionally and diligently without any nterference or intimidation.”

We will investigate even people that are perceived to be political giants as long as there are corrupt allegations and we have not received any intimidation to prevent us from doing our work effectively,” she said.


    • Ahaa!why livingstone?Mwamba is part of the campaign tem there.We expected the results.ACC do you even have teeth,if you are told investigate HH,you will run faster than the wind.To hell with your report.

  1. There is no credibility in the results of the ACC findings especially that the president had interfered.
    Why did they invite Winter for questioning and when did they question him since they were told not to investigate him without permission from the president?

    • Exactly! They failed to interview Wynter,then Ukwa said they cannot investigate any of his ministers without his permission. Now the question is, since they failed to get Wynter’s side of the story during their investigations,how did they arrive at the conclusion that he was clean?!These think we are as dull as them, let them wait for HH to take over with my husband as vice president!!!!

  2. The correct verdict has been reached. For the sake of the ACC and their families. How can you going to pursue a serving minister when he has ammunition (and ability) to extinguish you and your entire family? I would not go there at all. The initial mistake was starting these investigations.

    That is NOT to mean that these rats are NOT corrupt. They are just immune from persecution at the minute – but I am sure that if they have done wrong, they will answer to someone in this life, or the next. There is no running away from judgement day.

    What goes around, comes back around.

    BTW, how much do ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, diplomats earn per year? Is is enough to stop them from topping up these earnings illegally?

    • Hahahahahahahahaha…’ve really made me laugh out my lungs! The truthfulness of your submission is inescapable.

  3. Hahaha ha yaba!! So this is the gospel truth he! This now clears the way for them to pursue RB….we know that there is a certain newspaper editor who controls the operations of ACC and he himself owes over K14 billion which is now not being pursued among the many other crimes…..only time will tell

  4. Somehow, I would have been very surprised if a different outcome had been reached. Our law has just been kicked in the teeth.

  5. Rubbish! Did I miss anything in between Wynter aborting the interview and him and the GBM being cleared? Was he interviewed in camera or what?

    • They were investigating them and found nothing against them. All those allegations were just hearsay and were the work of the HH’s guard dog. Viva Kabimba, Viva GBM.

  6. I am shocked. Maybe I haven’t read correctly. Does the article say Kabimba and GBM have been cleared by the ACC? Cry my beloved country. I think we are watching comedy!


  8. The President warned ACC not to investigate his ministers without his permission. My question is, did the president finally grant permission to have Wynter and GBM interviewed? If he did, were they interviewed? And how come this release has coincided with the visit of the word Bank officials? I smell a rat here, a very big one at that!

  9. he he he he he A govt of jokers. These are worse than RB. Anyway who is surprised by the outcome becuase even the retired father knew the outcome but because he is busy munching the bone that he cant even look up to chase the thieves that have broken in.
    Imagine even kapoko is a free man in the govt of WONAMA

  10. Why waste the readers TIME ba LT, i thot the verdict of this case was known immediately they started investigating. This is your Zambia , but poor people never steal or solicit for any contract, cos. LAWS in zambia are for poor pipo.

  11. Zambians are in the habit of accusing and sentencing people in the press without even a thread of evidence apart from rumours. In Zambia being rich is a sin and this is a sign of the general laziness you find in most of the people. People should stop this PHD mentality and start thinking about what they can do for themselves and the country rather than rumour mongering and hatred for successful people.

  12. bloggers here you should be looking and thinking before commenting. The man announcing was beaten in the face hence annoncing this. jUST LOOK AT HIS FACE.

    • jinx you are a R>A>T why are you people filled with envy and jealousy ,accept the ACC findings that’s why you will have some problems in accepting that your under 5 in 2016 will not make it because of your ugly altitude

  13. Dictator Sata, Evil lustrous greed Kabimba & even GBM should know that their corruption criminal cases wont go away but immediately Sata is voted out or even chased away by a gallant soldier like Lt. Luchembe from State House (Zambians look forward to the day Sata will tremble like the way UNIP Dictator Kaunda trembled when Lt. Mwamba Luchembe announced the coup in 1990).

    The only hope to get lead of these evil corrupt PF sadist leaders who are running Zambia as their personal to holder business, is only to be arrested arrested & put in Chimbokaila prison! That is where Kabimab, Sata, DPP Nchito, Kabimba should be taken when they are arrested

    I remember when Nchito & Kabimba tormented the last ACC Director but the same PF corrupt criminals are involved in the same corruption

    • You rightly said MWAMBA LUCHEMBE; from a fearless tribe tefyo? Ask Hagainde Hijilema if he can equal MCS or even Mwamba Luchembe, he will tell you he cannot.

  14. All the *****si involed in this matter including the corruption commisions chaps will be caged wen we takeover govt from thse vipuba. mwanya bonse, u wl be in hot sure. A commision will be set to investigate

  15. People! Just accept the ACC’s report. I have great respect for the Chairman of the ACC Rtd Justice Timothy Kabalata. I used to read about him in the 70s when I was in secondary school. Many of the writers of the above comments were not yet born. Congatulations ACC.

    • This man is too old he just needs to be put to rest by a bullet.
      Why do they want to leave the country burning? Iwe chi BUSH JUDGE, you not ashamed. Just beef up your security otherwise captain Solo will come for you.

  16. I want to see whether Wynter and GBM will stand proudly and claim that they were cleared by the Corrupt Anti Corruption Commission. This is the biggest joke of the year by the PF government. The fact that the deputy director is justifying the independence of the CACC means that she has something to hide. If indeed the CACC was independent there was going to be no need to emphasise that there has been no interference. The pronouncements show that there is no independence and that the commission receives orders from somewhere. There is no need to braodcast something that is obvious. You only broadcast if you have something to hide and want to send false hopes to cover up the bad things. There is nothing they can tell us. We know what has been happening. They can escape for now.

    • kapokola no wonder the name still thinking in the 60’s accept the findings you quack and learn to live with what our capable commissions are able to do such commendable jobs.

  17. @32.1DIVA she cant believe its happenin. She is closed her eyes to take is as a dream in a way consoling her self. Lets feel sorry for our friends being abused by politicians. Dont forget they have families to look after.

  18. The evils of government are directly proportional to the tolerance of the people:
    Let’s Face it, Zambians have very little capacity to abate the evils of their govt.
    Our country is in the state it is today because of the cowardice of the General public.
    Zambia ubutala bwacipuba ( Zambia, a foolish man’s barn) While the barn is been destroyed by Hyenas and jackal of all kinds, Zambians Dwiiiiiii……
    This country sucks

  19. well done ACC for acting proffesionery .you people insulting don’t evidence .keep on supporting your fake lawyer chi amatacledam

    • He is 100% better than Kabimba who has never won a case in Zambian court for that matter were politicians are now judges.

  20. Nowander each and every new Government reshafles the board and management of certain organisations. i know get the sense.

  21. Even if they were to be innocent, this really looks bad. The timing of the clearance itself… But, we hope they are innocent, because if they are not, we will also hound them when they leave office. For now, let us continue with Francis Kabonde’s former boss…

  22. GBM and Winter have escaped by hook and crook from very solid corruption charges. If the matter had gone to the courts, the courts would have ruled in the interest of the people of Zambia by incarcerating the two. There is sufficient ground for the charges to stick on GBM and WK. The Courts of Zambia you are our only bastion against the tyranny of the PF Government. Please use every ounce before your disposal to defend the integrity of Zambia. We can’t continue in the direction and the pace the PF Govt is taking the nation. Official criminality and caderisation of professional jobs has reversed the marginal gains we had made. Zambia is stuck in reverse gear!

  23. Please if you have fresh and strong evidence over the rummoured corruption of the two ministers, GBM and WK, inform the ACC and be a witness!!!!!! Lets be fair in our comments!

  24. Find your own country where people are guilty before being prosecuted. Its a shame that people re still not wise enough to differentiate facts from false information. Mind you some of th tenders have not been awarded. Go ahead ACC in doing your job and if anyone thinks the verdict is wrong then start your own ACC.

  25. Zambia is been ruled by Demagogues.
    In cases you are wondering who a Demagogue is:
    1. Demagogue: one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be *****s.
    2. A political leader who gains power by appealing to people’s emotions, instincts, and prejudices in a way that is considered manipulative and dangerous.

    The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil and manipulative men.
    Cry my Beloved Country…

  26. I thought His Excellency made it clear to these people that they needed to get permission from him before investigating senior officials. Would it be a crime to show us the request to investiate and the written permission to investigate….just thinking, now that this has been concluded

  27. Mistake after Mistake , Scandal after Scandal this gross incompetency of the PF is alarming and the deeper they enter this pit of corruption the more desperate they will get by 2016 no wonder HH and Friends were intelligent enough to seek for outside help before its too late while Ka Narep chipimo is sun basking.

  28. Sata has nothing to lose that is why he is behaving like this. That is why it is not advisable to vote for people on the bucket list. The people that will suffer are Mmembe, Nchito, Kabimba etc who are just following (or is it pushing) someone on the bucket list.

  29. I thought the POST carried a front page story that ACC clears Kabimba but found GBM wanting. Where does this story put the credibility of the Post?

    • They had already appeared before my investigative wings. Why should we publicise everything? Investigations are not for the public domain, only results are.

  30. Whitewash…….I blame Sata for opening his big mouth….how can they not find anything on either Kabimba or GBM….what constitutes as corruption or abuse of office in Zambia? I think they had cleared these two ministers about 3 months ago about the same time one online website stated that they were all in the clear.
    These are cases that will be revisited again in the future!!

  31. The rule of law has been kicked into the long grass and the rule book set on fire.How can they clear Kabimba when he has refused to cooperate with them and to answer questions?This is travesty to the people of Zambia who voted in this aka ntemba government.They have made a song about violation of the human rights and selective justice and they are now singing it shamelessly.Look at woman in the picture?Her body language is that of someone not comfortable about something .Is this why UKWA appointed that wet look woman.

    • Sata was right when he said our Zambian women are less corrupt than men but one thing he did not say is that they are very easy to manipulate and intimidate.

  32. In an environment fraught with suspicion, I expected the ACC to act more wisely than they have done. It is daft, in the circumstances, for the ACC to expect people to take a meer “no evidence” pronouncement as gospel truth! I would have expected that the ACC would have provided a detailed report of how they investigated each allegation and why they found each allegation unsustainable. Merely stating that they found no evidence sounds very silly and somewhat irresponsible, given the prevailing political circumstances.
    I am disappointed!

  33. Even RB will be cleared before interview yaaa hahahahaha eyaa mwee chawama Mr. Wynter Kabimba and GBM have been cleared. And GBM said he was in government because he wanted to make money eya

  34. The ACC can go to hell! We dont want the police involved in any investigations from now. We will lynch these stoopid politicians who forget that we put them into power. We the employers dont want corrupt employees and we will communicate thru the ballot!

    • Which is which? Are you going to lynch first then vote after or you will vote then lynch because when you lynch first you will be arrested and you wont vote and when you vote then lynch you will still be arrested; imprisoned for life and you won’t enjoy.
      You see how dull you sound…

  35. These guys even went on to start revealing deals which we did not know on their own..ACC anyway it is another GVT branch whose personell is appointed from state house.i expected this,Now ACC i want you to investigate ZANACO for revealing an industrious mans account..THIS BANK BANE IS A TRAITOR OF A BANK…If u r with ZANACO think twice..GBM and Winter cleared?????soo soon…ACC pliz

  36. This is the kind of leadership that desperate youths brought upon us. Suicide.
    “Remember, democracy never lasts long.
    It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
    There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”


  38. Allow dual citizenship so our votes can count. Our remittances are destined for a country run by *****s!!! Ifyabupuba fyachila.

  39. NO NO NO! ACC have got it wrong. Ask any PF supporter and they will tell you that you have denied Wynter and GBM the opportunity to clear their names. In Zambia you only clear your name if you are arrested and taken to Court. Now Wynter and GBM will forever remain guilty as they have not cleared their names.

  40. U will yap & yap & no 1wil hear u.Who cares 2read comments full of serpents vernom?U guys who support Up & Down (UPND) wil wake up 2a rude shock.The ministers were alleged 2hv committed corruptions.Investigations were conducted & have been cleared.2016 z not far off,u will cry again.MMD won’t form gvt in 2016 neither wil Up & Down.The only promising political party is NAREP.Itns president is sober minded not dis Mapatizya HH of yoz with unknown source of wealth.Wait until the source of dat wealth is revealed,u’l gnash yo teeth.HE Sata does not just reveal info.Watch dis space u who r totally wedded 2tribal politics dat wil do u no good.Z GBM & WK da 1st 2b cleared by ACC?

  41. Mr. Nkole as the former ACC chief and a very professional and honest individual, what is your response? I would rather listen to you than people acting under directives.

  42. Even the man reading has the same facial expression look at the mouth area, can you see that, we all do that when we have to do something we aren’t convinced of

  43. UPND has tried all tricks in da political books & it hasn’t worked,done him no good.He formed an alliance in 2006 & called dat hopeless movement comprising 3 parties calling it UDA but came 3rd.In 2011 he secretly formed an alliance with 1RB whom he accused of corruption with his sons but was relegated 2 3rd position with dwindling votes than he marshalled in 2006.Where is yo HH integrity in o dis.Da man is a pathological inconsistent individual.Seriously speaking,sane individuals where wil da support 4dis

  44. ACC have cleared two ministers corruption cases, how ,why after the man went to ACC offices and make a lot of noise. Is it because they are in Govt? Where is the fight against corruption in this country. Oh only God knows. A common man will suffer.

  45. Kabalata and lamba, just looking at their faces you can tell we are dealing with very dull people. And nothing tangible can come out of these people. How they acquired those positions, only God knows- phew!!!!!!

  46. Leave the two ministers alone. They have been cleared, so what? You want them to be prosecuted without preliminary evidence? That is archaic thinking.
    I have just disco0vered a nasty scheme by HH’s kantemba party to discredit the government by tasking a few rabid dogs to post uncouth comments against the government and president Sata. It looks as though many people are posting the comments and yet it’s just a bunch of misguided maggots who are reproducing themselves under different guises. They have been paid by HH. They don’t even have the tact and intelligence to disguise the bitterness of their pay master. You bitter dogs you have started a war which you will never win.

  47. Zambians how slow are You to understand simple issues.The two ministers were reported to ACC by enemies of the state or frustrated Citizens who did not have any supporting documents other wise such documents could have been published by tambe mbwa online.We have Lawyers let them take the matter to court and see the outcome.There is no evedence to warrant any arrest.

    • which enemies of the state? I thought the two ministers reported each other in the media after disagreeing….we all voted for PF lets just agree that things have taken a down turn

  48. Comedy of errors- Winter is got one case to answer and to clear him is an insult. He admitted that that wanted to corrupt him but he never reported the act. Failure to report corruption is what Winter shud answer to. And how did they clear person who has not been interviewed. Dora Siliya should b respected

  49. I have heard enough pondering my next move, KR 500 Renouncing of Citizenship. The strall that breaks a camel’s back has been thrown on. No way out, things look in reverse gear!

  50. with just a preliminary inquiry, what happened to full investigation and questioning the guys involved, this is such a premature clearance, this is not a convincing report
    even the lady’s demeanor says it all,

  51. As it was in 1991 and 2011, so shall it be in 2016. No one will occupy plot one and take the masses for granted. It will not happen as the Lord who is worshiped by the many peoples hears their cries

  52. When RB was warned about letting his children run the country and involved themselves in tender procedures, he never believed that the Zambian people have eyes and ears to vote him out from the leadership of the country.Time came and RB left crest fallen and alone his friends deserted him.My timely warning to Sata, tread your steps carefully yor time is so near don’t be fooled that Zambians are zombies, your chitenge material with yo ugly face there won’t save u. the same goes to Kabimba and GBM eat ,drink and be merry but your days have been counted.

  53. lets hope that the owners are listening and reading the debate that come 2016 or 2021books of investigations will be opened if the people of Zambia decide to vote against the government of the day. its good to be cleared now and suffer in the future or its also good not to be cleared now and cleared in the future. The two ministers have been cleared so what next let us progress… Madam Michael Sata said yesterday that the party has concentrated on petty issues it time to talk about how will over come poverty which has negatively affected many zambians. she is aware that may be her husband has failed in this area and wanted us to join hands and help to contain the scourge…

  54. In Zed am worried with the way people are so convinced by fabricated stories than the actual truth. These lies were fabricated by the same people who vowed to give this new govt a hell of a ride and was taken seriously mostly by people who goes by the wind’s direction. I know there is no smoke without fire but there are innocent people serving time for the things they are not guilt of. If you can not trust the verdict, God knows it all and it will go unpunished. Am non partisan.

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