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HH is on record to have encouraged cadres to react when they saw PF truck near UPND camp-Police

Headlines HH is on record to have encouraged cadres to react when...

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

Police in Livingstone are looking for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to help with investigations in the suspected murder of a PF cadre in Livingstone yesterday.

Mrs. Katanga has urged Mr. Hichilema to present himself to the police to help with investigations in the matter.

Mrs. Katanga said police believe Mr. Hichilema was no exception in the case and was waiting for him to turn up to help police in their investigations.

“We have reason to believe that Mr. Hichilema is no exception in this case because he is on record to have encouraged his cadres to react when they saw the PF truck passing near the UPND camp,” Mrs Katanga said.

She said police have footage where Mr. Hichilema allegedly urged his members to react to any external forces after receiving information that some UPND members were being attacked.

She said Mr. Hichilema said this when he appeared on Zambezi FM Radio Station last evening adding that his statement could have incited violence.

Police in Livingstone have arrested five more United Party for National Development (UPND) members in connection with the suspected murder of a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre last night.

Among UPND senior officials that were arrested yesterday are campaign manager for Livingstone parliamentary by-election, Garry Nkombo, Kalomo Member of Parliament, Request Muntanga, Livingstone UPND spokesperson Neto Halwabala and party election chairman Ackson Sejani.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said the total number of UPND members that have been arrested in connection with the murder of Henry Chanda, a Monze PF districts secretary is 17.

She said police have footage where Mr. Hichilema allegedly urged his members to react to any external forces after receiving information that some UPND members were being attacked.This was when he appeared on Zambezi FM Radio Station last evening adding that his statement could have incited violence.

Last night, 12 UPND cadres were picked up in connection with the same case.

Ms. Katanga said Chanda was allegedly murdered by suspected UPND cadres in Elaine Brittell near the UPND campaign camp between 19:00 hours and 20:00 hours yesterday.

“I can confirm that we have arrested five more people apart from the 12 we arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of a PF official by the name of Mr. Henry Chanda,” she said.

Mrs. Katanga said information so far gathered by the police indicate that the man met his fate when a truck which PF cadres were using passed near the UPND camp where an unknown man emerged and allegedly hacked the deceased with a suspected machete.

The Southern Province Police Commissioner said investigations have since been instituted to ensure that all culprits are brought to book.

She explained that after searching the UPND camp, police found bricks, sticks, a knife and two machetes which were believed to have been used in the act.

She said it was unfortunate that such incidences were happening in the city and urged all political leaders to preach peace to avoid such sad occurrences.

Meanwhile, police have appealed to people of Livingstone to remain calm and vote peacefully despite what happened yesterday.

She said police would guarantee security to all the electorates.

And the Human Rights Commission has condemned the murder of Chanda saying the incident was a negation of democratic tenets which the multiparty system has adopted.

Human Rights Commission Chief Information, Education and Training Officer, Samuel Kasankha, said violence during election time must be ended.

Mr. Kasankha said political parties and other stakeholders must sensitise their members against using violence during elections.

Campaigns for Thursday’s parliamentary by-election in Livingstone and Mpongwe ended at 06:00 hours today.

The Livingstone seat fell vacant after incumbent MP, Howard Sikwela resigned from the UPND citing hostility in the party.

Lawrence Evans is contesting the seat on the PF ticket, Regina Musokotwane is standing on the UPND ticket while Fred Siasuntwe and Green Mwanang’ombe are for MMD and UNIP respectively.



  1. Unless you can prove this, you are lying PF

    I despise PF but stop insinuating the situation. A comment by an ‘unknown’ on the situation is no comment at all


    • Few questions to ask. Why did PF cadres decide to go pay a visit at UPND camp. Even in kabwata why did those pf thugs follow UPND.i have no sympathy for *****ss who chose to end their life this way. Am now really sick of PF and Sata. Why should we be losing innocent lives like that. Any way all the way from monze to go and die in Livingstone nice job

    • You are 100% correct madam Mushota.
      Enjoy your day.
      You must go there and give expert evidence during the court hearing . Please, well researched evidence is highly admissible because researched evidence is credible more than questionable eye witness evidence.
      See you in court. Someone will send you a subpoena.
      Do not miss the court date or else a warrant of arrest will be issued against you for contempt of court.

    • good point mushota for once, i see some good reason in you my decent girl.,,, now to katanga and the crew, HH was simply telling his `children´ to fight back if attack, defend themselves nothing wrong with that, besides pf thugs invaded their camp.

  2. Woow!!! seriously this is still happening, am not sure if our Country is ready for democracy, not even holding elections, am not sure if we are ready. This makes sad reading

    • As long as pf in power bloodshed assured pf leadership is well known as brutal selfish. Viva HH BE STRONG MR PRESIDENT!

  3. what was the PF truck doing near the UPND camp? am one of the founders of PF but i now regret . if MMD had treated us the way we are treating the opposition we were not going to win the 2011 elections

  4. UPND be very careful of the traps being set before you, retaliation in the name of self defense is not the solution they will implicate you with a tag of violence. No one will know the difference between who is violent between PF and UPND. An example is Uhuru and Ruto of Kenya facing trial at the Hague .Uhuru is accused of retaliation. It seems you are being provoked by strategy and they may use this as one of the defenses for the commonwealth.

  5. Be smart UPND this self defense or retaliation is not working. Use mature peaceful methods and Zambians will empathize with you.

    • How can you honestly say that?They were attacked and you blame them for defending themselves?How warped can your reasoning be?

    • Opposition parties can put pressure on the international bodies to act out of urgency to prevent violence and intimidations in Zambia by producing documentation of evidence such as videos and photos.

  6. Why should the PF truck be near UPND camp? so what should they do when attacked by useless PF cadres apart from reacting?SATA the butcher of chawama and his clowns are driving this country backwards.

    • For What? So you expect UPND to sit back and be attacked? Now that you have failed with a tribal tag, you have switched to violence tag. It will still not work. You can coin as many tags as you want and nothing will still work. PF is uncivilised and so shall it remain. Wait until Lusaka changes its mind. This is not Copperbelt. People here have no blind loyalty.

  7. Am very happy for that cadre who died. If you are attacked at your resident at nite what do you do? To defend yourself. Am very very very happy.

  8. This is the problem of having leaders who are operating at 25% mental capacity. Why is Katanga wasting time arresting the wrong people when she is admitting that PF cadres are the ones who had gone to the UPND camp? This long winded statement of trying to implicate HH and his MPs wont wash. Talk of a useful !diot. Seems the shelf life of the entire Police command will last as long as Sata’s last political breath. Isnt there a decent soul in these institutions like the ACC or Police who has the courage to say ENOUGH is ENOUG?. How much power does Sata want? And what exactly does he want to use for? Is there a normal politician alive today in the World who has 100% support from the electorate? Honestly Africans should be careful with the kind of people they usher into power!

  9. Prio to september 2011 general elections,mr wynter kabimba issued a statement in lusaka…let me quot…i dont want to see pf members going to police or coming to me to complain ati batimenya,bwanji na bwanji…ninshi imwe mulibe manja?Mukamvela ati chairman wa mmd amenya wa pf imwe mupayeni…and what did bene rupia do…nothing because the man was exercising the freedom of expression.It pains me to see people or puppets like madam katanga issuing such statements,where was she when pf cadres wr seen with matchets,pangas,knock belliz etcmmd just looked at them and no arrest was made.It also hurts to see people like solomon jere a degree holder being reduced to a cardre.By reading her statement,it explains to me that the police is biase,useless and puppets at the same time.

  10. My Fellow Zambians, there is nothing wrong with UPND camping. Also there is nothing wrong with a PF truck passing near the UPND camp. It is on record that Zambia National team watched Nigeria vs Burkina Fasso game and Nigeria watched Zambia vs Ethiopia game. The point is when you are in competition it is allowed to spy on each other but not fight each other. Even giants like IBM and Apple and others they spy on each other but do not kill each other. Violence is regrettable regardless of who caused or executed it. Let us all condemn violence first and our political leaders will join us in condemning it or else if supported, we are misleading our leaders deliberately.

    • Not when the situation is already tense and volatile, those that sent these poor cadres must also shoulder some blame. Nevertheless this goes to show how emotionally charged the political climate in the country is, time for some mature leadership to resort some sanity (remember the inter-party indabas in Levy’s time- God rest the man’s soul). Plus these avoidable by-elections are not helping much.

    • You iddiot,they cheat you that the PF truck was passing near UPND camp and you buy it.they were sparring for a fight and they got it.may the soul of that fool rest in misery

  11. Madam Katanga was very careful not to mention that the truck caring PF cadres went to provoke, only stating that they were passing by. In any case, the loss of a life is very unfortunate, all for the sake of the selfish politicians.

  12. So the opposition should just watch and not react when attacked? They just want to rig the results we know already. But go is greater.

  13. Katanga holds a high rank and in her position I would imagine she is a law graduate or something equivalent but reading through her careless statement I doubt her qualifications and suitability to command a big police divisional headquarters.
    In her outbursts she seems to have already played the role of a law enforcer, jury and judge even before the alleged offenders appear before the courts.
    In other countries she would be in deep trouble over her excitement but fortunately for her she is in Zambia. Isn’t this the same police woman who was moved fro Lusaka to Livingstone for mishandling the fracas between the PF and UPND?

  14. Oh for that one seat, someone has to die. There is no reverse – Chanda is dead, what is his gain? His family has lost out. Are consciences of the killers and those who sponsored him at peace? What about the cadres who are out in Mpongwe and Livingstone away from their usual places of residences. Are they at peace that they are out to kill? Did Chanda die for a just cause? What carelessness to life. Zulu died in Rufunsa during a ward bye election! There is no leadership in this nation, no not at all. Let us all turn to God in prayer for salvation.

    • @Wale, you’re right my brother(maybe sister ), but God helps those that help themselves. Apartheid wouldn’t have ended had black South Africans given up. The only difference in this instance is that the victim was an agent of the oppressor!

  15. if i can remember very sumer kabimba told his pf thugs tht wen atacked dont wet for the police but react he evn distributed caterputs and machets and he was nt arested so evn if HH told his supoters to react wats wrong with that.evn me i tel my childrens to react wen ever they are atackd and nt rush to me to report.

  16. Passing by and attacking are two different things. The track carrying PF Supporters was just passing meaning they never attacked anyone. This Mapatizya Fomular at work. Cage the Tonga bulls, I hope commonwealth have read this sad development.

    • We are all Zambians and may be opponents in this case of belonging to different political parties but NOT enemies. We are still brothers and sisters and we should not be fighting but articulating issues diligently. A good example is the Late Baldwin Nkumbula and his brother Biggie. Baldwin was MMD and Biggie was UNIP but never fought at any time over politics because of belonging to two different ideologies.

  17. Bloggers here have lost sense of reasoning or is it wickedness? How do you become happy because some one has died? whoever you are beware of the law of natural justice. It is on record since the time HH assumed leadership of UPND that this particular part has been the most violent party in Zambia. Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, to name but a few have been culprit of violence. Wherever UPND has contested for elections violence has been the order of the day, why? Cant we Zambians reason? Why should a leader incite violence who believes in human rights? He petitions the Commonwealth for human rights violation but meanwhile he is in the forefront of inciting his members to kill? what kind of hypocrisy is this? God sees and lets see if the God of Zambia will condone your hatred and violence.

    • Which God are you refering to?All reports on this sad development indicate that the UPND camp was attacked by PF cadres and it is only Katanga that has now said that the PF truck was just passing by.This foolish woman and her Libongani boss will find themselves at the Hague.This is 2013 and we cant have such issues to deal with.

  18. UPND has turned into a killer party. So far they have killed 3 people. 1 in Rufunsa and 2 in Livingstne. They celebrate when they kill. They have no remorse at all…thats what is called the MAIPATIZYA FORMULA. But what they dont know is the fact that they are distancing themselves farther from Zambians. Come 2016, UPND will be last coz no one can vote for a killer party. Because when they are ruling, they will kill many people.

    • No matter how you want to twist facts,it wont work ulya chikkalah nafwa and it because of his stupidity the zambians,we zambians infact have realised and resolved to say we need a mentally stable person in state house hence 2016 viva HH

  19. Zambia is a failed project. Hopefully this bloodletting will lead to the birth of new countries. Bembas cannot live with Tongas and vice versa. It is time to dismantle this joke called Zambia!

  20. Honestly things are detoriating politically in our motherland by the day. Its seems the police are just following one lead…how about the possibility of a paid PF cadre killing his/her fellow so that voters would think its UPND.

    THERE WAS absolutely nothing wrong for HH to his cadres. We have to look at:
    1. Distance PF cadres covered to reach camping place for UPND
    2. The weapons they carried
    3. The hour they went to the camping site
    4. The means of transport they used to reach there

  22. The following leader are currently appearing at the International Criminal Court ICC in the Hague in Netherlands for the actions of their followers but they have been held responsible: Uhuru Kenyata and William Ruto-Kenya, Laurent Gbabo-Ivory Coast, and Charles Taylor-Liberia are at the Hague!!! So if it is proved that the PF cadre was killed by UPND cadres, then, HH as a leader and one who preached Mapatizya formular is culpable and liable to face consequences, this should teach politicians to stop propagating hatred and incite their senseless cadres to do inhuman things to the point of killing someone, murder has no self-defence !!!

  23. the pf poluice are coming out very dull on this..this katanga woman should move form Livingstone..she’s an anarchist..HH will come out clean on this..what good is that good for nothing pf cadre who was sweetly killed..?

  24. Just divide the country along tribal lines! Let Bembas live alone, Lozis alone, Ngonis alone, and so on. You have failed to embrace democracy. Instead one tribe wants to subjugate others. Some Zambians think they are better than other tribes. Shameful. There will be more problems in Zambia as long as a tribalist and liar is in charge. The best thing would be to start the impeachement process now before Zambia becomes another failed state


  26. Katanga announced many months ago that she was closing in on Tonga On Oath. Up to now she has not arrested anyone. Was she telling us the truth? Why should we beleive her this time?

  27. how can a truck load of PF cadres fail to arrest one person who killed their colleague? Was this killer man on the ground and hacked someone on the moving truck? This story is suspect? One strike can not be so accurate to hit someone many meters high and on a moving vehicle.

  28. Mrs Katanga we all know you are scores to settle with Mr. Hichilema from Lusaka at least try to maintain some professionalism….why can you not leave at; wanting him for questioning and leave whatever evidence you have out of it until you have questioned him.

  29. In democracy no one kills any one you should’t learn to co exist that is democracy you are all zambians you are not enemies you only differ in idiologies that is democracy but I don’t know how UPND is going to survive if their manifesto is to kill those who don’t agree with them when in power hey will kill all opposition is that the way to go!

  30. This Is The More Reason We As Peacefull Zambians Cannot Allow UPND Under The Leadership Of HH to Rule”
    Inhouse the Boy is Intimidating Well Meaning MPs by expelling them when they want to achieve that which they where voted for.
    To Attain Power He Has resorted to Killing.What Worst Can He Resort to If Allowed to Rule?
    I Personally Can never give my Right to Such A Killer,I will Try Peacefull Chipimo After PF!!!!

  31. I dont like the energy going around in Zambia . It takes one rotten peanut to spoil the good ones ya this man has bad energy which will destroy us if not checked. Mr you need to improve on how you handle yo self yo bad energy is ruining us slowly. To the carders both PF and UNDP. Please handle yo selfs with intergrity dont be used by the so called big fish in yo parties. Be wise its not worth it lose yo life over one at the end of day you kids, a wife and family to go please remember that . Mr Chanda is dead but some one will be elected and life will go on. What does it profit a man gain the world and lose his soul.

  32. zambians are easily deceived. how can one beleive such a story from Khatanga. Remember Mwaliteta’s cook story. how did it end?

  33. Of quote: She said police have footage where Mr. Hichilema allegedly urged his members to react to any external forces after receiving information that some UPND members were being attacked.
    I was wondering what type of FOOTAGE this is as if it is a video at a radio station! A voice footage! They are lying.

  34. I think if the police start acting professionally by being impartial in treatment of cases of this nature, it may help reduce the incidences. This unfortunate loss of life is probably an indication of severe undercurrents among the oppressed masses. Why is it that when a ruling party cadre is victim of violence the police act swiftly, while in the converse they do not. We still have not heard the outcome of the matter involving the PF cadres, who were arrested in Kabwata. Chris Chalwe (as MMD) assaulted journalist while police watched. It had to take a national wide protest by Journalists for them to act. We are all Zambians and need to be protected by the law and not just ruling party cadres. Such breeds anarchy and the unprotected react violently when they feel vulnerable.

  35. Nothing justifies the taking of another life. So now we are guaranteed that whenever there is a bye-election there is bound to be at least a death? This is so shameful, whatever the circumstances, and whatever the reasons.

  36. So how did this UPND cadre reach out to murder the PF cadre from a moving truck. Come on Katanga, this doesent add up. This was a pure raid by PF cadres after disembarking from a truck that had halted. The occupants of the truck had a motive, but it backfired resulting in a loss of life. Another PF cock up and cooked up story. Its likely going to have reversal consequences. UPND will win Livingstone through a protest vote. How do u vote against a leader that is locked up in prison by his opponents. Easy victory!

  37. How is Charity Katanga going to prove that the Unknown assailant was incited by HH? Honestly it is embarrassing to be Zambian? There’s just too much dullness from Plot One down to the Police Commissioner in Libingi. And you wonder why Zambia still remains dirty and stinking poor!



  40. Zambia needs serious prayers. Christians it is time to pray for our nation without ceasing, everything happening in the nation is a reflection of the state of the Church .

  41. Oh! Police its a case to retaliate, what of the people who start the fight? PF is destroying this country while docile Zambians look on, at the end they are the people who suffer the brunt of a failed nation. How on earth does people charge someone from a rumour because they were not there to hear HH encourage violence. What of charging the PF for ferrying cadres from other provinces “attempt to destabilise or cause harmful injury”.

  42. One sick Useless ***** was waiting anxiously for further information about the deceased so that he can contact the commonwealth secretariat about “human rights abuses” in Zambia only to realise that it was his camp that had taken away a soul of a human being. They are crying of hman rights while they are taking away lives of people. 3 down and we are watching.

  43. This is a senior Zambia Police Officer exhibiting high levels of incompetence!!! You expect people to clap whilst being attacked? I still insist that for the sake of credibility of our Police service, Jere and Katanga should be fired! Jere is behaving like the IG and spokesperson, while Katanga has definately no clue whatsoever, about what is going on around her.

  44. UPND should be very careful, according to my analysis of things it looks like there is more to this incident that happened in livingstone,how cud someone on foot manage to machet the other on a truck several times and where were his friends when he was being killed,the police is saying an unknown person killed the victim,how did they conclude that he UPND cadre ,to say the least this must be a set up. So that others can have a point of reference either to electrolates or internationally. My question is,who gave these pf cadres the truck they used and what were the police doing when they saw pf cadre going to confront UPND cadres. God sees even that which is deeply hiden so let those who know what really happened know that they may hide da truth from us but not with GOD and he will bring…

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