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Statement by the Catholic diocese of Livingstone

Headlines Statement by the Catholic diocese of Livingstone

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God”- 1 John 4:7

Following the cruel death of Mr. Harison Chanda, the Patriotic Front Monze district chairperson, on the evening of 25th February 2013, in Livingstone, we as the Catholic church in Livingstone, have the following to say:

1. We are greatly saddened and shocked by the brutal killing of Mr. Harison Chanda. Henceforth, we condemn in strongest terms the brutal act of violence that led to the loss of life of Mr. Harison Chanda.

2. As a church we are non-partisan.

3. Human life in all its forms should be protected at all times.No person has the right to take away the life of another person, for whatever reason.

4. It is unfortunate that as a result of campaigns in this by-elections, we have lost human life.

5. We call upon the people of livingstone, known for peace, to reject all forms of violence.

6. We call upon all political players, to remain calm and peaceful, today, tomorrow, (the voting day), and after the elections.

7. Aware that tomorrow, 28th February 2013, is a polling day, we call upon all registered voters, to turn up in numbers and cast their ballot paper, to elect a member of parliarment of their choice, without and fear of intimidation.

8. Finally, we reapet: let us love one another. Let us not allow political differences to lead us to hatred and the taking away human life.

By Fr. Clifford Mulasikwanda,
Diocesan Secretary, Catholic Diocese of Livingstone


    • What freedom of movement? Infact, I expected police to arrest PF leaders in Livingstone for proposing violence. Had they restrained their cadres from going to the UPND command centre, all this would not have happened. Why is the blaim on one camp who were only defending themselves, yet the provockers have gone scort free? Hasnt it occured to you that more lives could have been lost from both political parties due to poor leadership from both camps? What was the purpose of attempting to raid the UPND campaign centre? It would have been a different story if UPND had gone to PF command centre and killed from there. Both PF and UPND must be blaimed. Heaping the problem on UPND alone wont solve matters. For me, the ‘ boma ni boma’ kind of thinking in our supporters and some leaders must stop

    • You keep asking the same question that’s besides the point.. Human life was lost period. Great to hear the message of reconciliation from the church. One love

    • 90% including the Zambia Police FORCE are running away and even trying hard to answer or ask and even to mention WHY the PF CADRES imported from Lusaka and Monze went raid the UPND Camp which they wanted to burn down as what happened in Mpongwe. By the way have you heard of any PF cadre picked up by Police in Mpongwe? The answer is NO. That is why these PF cadres think that they are above the Law and untouchable as we are witnessing now.

      If they are not termed now, in future it will now be fire arms involved.

  1. Dear Church, You are not addressing the real root cause, as such your statement, though well intentioned amounts to nothing much. The problem in that by election is corruption, abuse of instruments of power by government, lack of respect for fundamental freedoms such as assembly, association, expression and movement. The entire government machinery has moved to Livingstone and key public officers in the Executive like Home affairs and Defense are leading the campaign in the city. Your statement whilst respecting it has come “too little, too late”. God mightly bless you.

  2. Very sad indeed ,fellow Zambans Let us not force matters.What is your message br Mumba as a Christian im sure this time kindly hold a press conference and denounce your co associate HH

    • Denouce the charlattan in State House and hid mirule including his PF militia aka the Police. We are not going to allow you to form a Bemba Republic by defaming every none Bemba politician. Otherewise we will call for the break up of the joke called Zambia. You want a situation were only Bembas like Mumba, Sata and Chipimo should be the Presidential candidates…..and to that we say BIG NO!

  3. Thank you Catholics for your statement. However, I feel that you, and most other well meaning Zambians are not addressing the real problem in the country – the PF is destroying this country. UPND is also not helping by falling into the PF’s trap. Take this particular incident for example. The PF sent its thugs to attack UPND (unprovoked), PF ‘conveniently made cops busy’ somewhere in the city so that UPND should be attacked. PF thugs know that someone will protect them, they have nothing to fear. Infact they gain – because some1 in PF is paying them to commit these crimes! UPND should have probably not responded in the way they did, though one would say UPND have a right to protect themselves.
    Many well meaning Zambians are afraid, they cant speak out.They are afraid of the Snake in…

  4. c’td
    This snake has the power to call to order his thugs – but he wont do it. His plan is to make Zambia a 1 party state. So that he can unleash his dictactorial powers on the general citizenry in this country (Chawama times, third term, comes to mind). Just like those days when – the Kaunda days. My heart bleeds for my country. Isn’t there enough just-people left in this country!!!

    • I hear your cry fellow compatriot. Unfortunately, the road to enlightenment is not smooth. As long as the majority of Zambians remain sober and peaceful, the likes of Sata and HH will remain but a foot note in the history of the republic. The ‘Snake’ is an antiquated relic from the past. He can drop dead anytime. Look at Malawi. Bingu Wamutarika thought he could do as he pleased. He even lined up his brother to succeed him. The man was found dead! Even in our very own country, Kaunda thought he could continue to feed us his lies forever. People had enough and got rid of him! What Zambia needs is a new politics. Political parties are nothing but organised crime gangs in this country.

  5. Sorry, the call to turn up in huge numbers is rather too late because the best call, in addition to all others would have been to call for postponement of polls.

    The ECZ have made a good decision to call off the polls for two weeks. We should thank them for stamping their legal authority on the electoral process.

  6. Father, you don’t have to be partisan to call a spade a spade. Since the Choma declaration we have not seen such violence in southern province or indeed Livingstone, so Father ask yourself the question “why now?”

  7. Please politicians, stop inciting your cadres because you think you can defend them in the courts of law. That lost life can never be brought back

  8. To say the Catholic Church in Zambia is non partisan is not only a lie. But a big joke and a mockery to the people of Zambia. From 2008 the Catholic Church in Zambia, atleast the leadership, abandoned their non partisan position and took up residence in one camp. That is why the ZEC cannot react to such things nor can TIZ and many other organisation that abandoned the people of Zambia.

    • Sobenecho, the Catholic Church is non-partisan because it has members in all Parties, even among Party Leaders most of them are Catholics or former Catholics like Dr. Mumba. The Church is always neutral in speech, belief and actions and does not support one Party because its flock comprises all parties. This is why this Church has vehemently opposed Zambia’s declaration as a christian nation, because christian faith has no impact on our beliefs and practices, worst of all does not influence our politics. This applies to Zambians and members of political parties. Do not insult the church at your own peril for any reason.

  9. Father whatever i find you Catholics to be USEFUL *****S where PF is concerned you put this imbecile in plot 1 knowing too well that he’s a father of violence in Zambia,remember the Chawama massacre who was the proposer of violence?Is he dead or still alive?Where does he live?Answer me useful *****.

    • My moderation includes appreciation of the Catholic Church encourages its flock to participate in politics for the common good. This is why when the Opposition means well the Church empathises with them, when the Govt does wrong it counsels, regarding all as its children. But for one so young and human to just start insulting the Church for playing its role is wrong and could bring curse upon oneself. Within the Church there are right and wrong doers among the flock who also comprise the political parties, that is why the Church ought to timely counsel without deserving scorn and insults for doing its mission. If we were a trully christian nation we not be insulting and killing each other. Govt would also be there to ensure social justice and good governance at all times to maintain peac

    • Be warned. Innocent Chimfutumba is a charlatan and a planted mole called Zimbwi. Like a deranged vulture he uses other aliases to prey on people’s character. He is all over the Internet sniffing out stories and writing gibberish about people and issues he hardly understands. Google his name and you’ll see what I mean. I have compiled his texts in both the “LT and ZWD. At times he wears the hat of a skunk, spraying his terrible malodorous smell. He claims to be learned. Read all his comments (How I wish I could display them). He’s a moron who writes in colloquial English—semi-literate style. Learned bloggers write well even in haste. His writing is best described by one blogger: “so many words with no sense.” His punctuation is terrible and typos aplenty.

  10. Bo Mulasikwanda, hau fumana Sitongwani yena munguli tuna wa likulunga a tukufalezwi ku lutulula mulaka wa likomu kuli a punye, weza cwani? Chanda neli siloswe, lifu lahae kila ku ipatiseza, u lukehile namunungu!

  11. Yes it was freedom of movement Mr. Harison Chanda and all other Zambians are entitled to that he was exercising. Now, it’s a given because he used his right to venture, deliberately, into a lion’s den when he met his violent waterloo! Now, if someone wants to use this right of movement of his in such a stupidous manner and he is in the process crushed by the Mapatizya fomular, he only has himself to blame. I will not shed a single tear for a Chimbwi No Plan like that one, never. Ki kozi ya kamunda yaku ipizeza yena ming’i, u lukehile!



  14. I only hope there will be no medal on the 24/10/13 for that departed anarchist,serves him right,freedom of movement kwisa! some people are plain useful idy.ots

  15. Evil Dictator Sata & his PF are just using you as Hitler & NAZI used the Roman Catholic Organization in Germany & as the Hutu used Roman Catholics priest to kill innocent Hutus in Rwanda who sort refugee in their Parish buildings.

    Let Lusaka Archbishop (devil) Telesford Mpundu apologise to Zambians for all the evil support he has given to PF & Sata, then Zambians will respect you as they did before the 2011 elections.

    Let father Bwalya repent & apologize to Zambians for the support they gave PF & Sata & the innocent CHICKENS HE SLAUGHTERED during his evil rallies.

    Your are murderers just as Sata is doing to Zambians.

  16. This catholic statement is so diluted that it qualifies to have come from the ZESCO board chairman “Fr” Frank Bwalya. It lacks firmness and is apologetic in nature, unlike what we know of the “hard hitting” pastoral letters. In the USA when Billy Graham speaks, the White house, State department,the Pentagon and Congress receive an almost instant “shake up”. In yester years when Bishop De jong and Bishop Duffy spoke, State house would catch a cold. Not any more.

  17. I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely liked reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the stories coming. I loved it!

  18. Any resonable person adduces the death to pf plice the plice dangerously watched as the pf thugs went to UPND camp to burn it.plice are the ones who caused chanda’s death regrettably why didnt they move in to stop pf thugs led by the deceased frm stoning UPND Members. Kabwata example pf thugs dangerously occupied the ground frm 8hrs where pf thugs attacked UPND n sily libongani asked Gary Nkombo to cancel the rally! He refused. More bloodshed coming under pf dictatorship regrettably.

  19. HH campaigned peacefuly but read wat Masebo vomited during campaigns she said pf thugs wud be tolerated the opposition wud not!such are the demagogues who caused the death of the pf thug frm Monze , Masebo useless utterances were put into practice by pf thugs n the plice sadly life lost.

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