Long awaited Holograms finally arrive

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga

The long awaited Holograms have arrived in the country.

The Holograms were received today at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Mulupenga who was franked by Zambian artists.

Speaking shortly after inspecting the consignment of Holograms, Mr. Mulupenga said government spent 1 billion kwacha in the procuring of the Holograms.

He explained that when the PF government came into power, it found 50 million kwacha “then” allocated by the previous government in the yellow book for procuring of the Holograms.

“ The 1 billion kwacha spent on Holograms is a clear demonstration of government’s commitment in fighting piracy in the country, “Mr Mulupenga said.

He observed that some people thought government was paddling propaganda when government announced its intention to procuring Holograms.

Mr Mulupenga said government has once again proofed the doubting Thomas wrong with the arrival of Holograms in the Country.

He said it is the desire of the government to see to it that piracy is brought to a dead end through the use of Holograms.

He reviewed that Zambian Musicians have been crying for the Hologram for the last nine years adding that the PF government has managed to procure the Holograms in less than 11 months.

Mr. Mulupenga said government will always stick to what it promise to deliver to the people.

He said more details on how the Holograms will be used will be given out during the launch of the Holograms by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

And a music board has praised government for honoring its promise of procuring the Holograms.

The Zambia Music Copyright Protection Society (ZAMCOPS) Board Chairman Edify Hamukale said the Musicians have been crying for a long time for the introduction of Holograms.

Mr. Hamukale was optimistic that with the coming of Holograms Zambian artists will be able to benefit from there works.

He said the introduction of Holograms will greatly assist in fighting piracy in the music industry.

Mr. Hamukale has since appealed to musicians in the country to rally behind government in the implementation of the Holograms.

And National Arts Council vice chairman Sankwe Kambole described the Holograms as national treasure.

He said the Zambian artists will never be ripped off from thire works with the coming of the Holograms.



    • Holograms are security labels that will be fixed on CDs and DVDs. Anything that will not have a hologram will be deemed fake and police officers will consificate it even if it is genuine.

  1. They you go buddie

    Holography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HolographyOverview and history · How holography works · Physics of holography
    Holography is a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made. It involves the use of a laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and …

  2. To every positive energy there is always negative energy, So Much as we appreciate this efforts by government to fight piracy they should also realize that with modern technology of internet, social media and computers there will always be a link to piracy.Waiting to see how holograms will work.

  3. I am skeptical, while being appreciative of this measure to stamp out piracy. I hope that the cost of these holograms (is it a machine, or do we have to run back to get some more when they are done?) will be correspondingly justified by strict, disciplined implementation. Well done – and all the best with the implementation!!

  4. Daz this ps really has anything to do? Why bring in MMD in the issue? Gosh this people really annoy me! Piracy will continue!!! Create jobs for people then you will be able to improve there well being.

  5. What is this culture of going to the airport ? To receive the President, to receive holograms, to receive such and such. Why not wait for them at your offices like they do it somewhere else. Time is precious

    • That was my thinking too! He had to leave his office to go and receive (or is it welcome )the Technological equipment in the country? Seriously? He could have made that little speech in his office. He could have received those musicians in his office. He could have displayed the equipment to the media at his office. All that time wasted in going to the airport as if he doesn’t have other duties to attend to? Am sure that is the only task he performed on this day.

  6. Why so proud about spending K1 billion on holograms wouldn’t it have been better to spend that money on education? Waste of tax payers money.Besides with the internet who needs to buy cds or dvds anymore?

  7. Zamcops is what you need to focus on making run efficiently. Zambia lies very high on the piracy index and ten years ago this might have helped. I spoke to many writers/composers while in Zambia and even those on heavy radio and tv rotation are not receiving their money so either mechanicals are not being collected or the money if collected is not being distributed. Any record company involved in Zamcops should be tossed out as it is a conflict of interest. It is possible many run on 60’s rip off contracts anyway so writers may be unaware that they have given rights away and someone in Zed is milking it. Lastly older copyright of our musical heroes should be protected as national treasures and extracted from those milking it when the families of writers lose out. You know who you are.

    • In the next five years most Zambian music will be sold in the digital domain so the protection of Cd and tape will become increasingly ineffective. As mobile technology content generators cross continentals will have created an Africa ‘iTunes’ by then I have to ask who does the government consult to come up with odd ideas like the importation of tape without duty will help Zed. If anyone from gov is reading I will list stuff below that could help. Free advice.

  8. 1. The cheapest combination pack for today’s producer/musician consists of computer/laptop, software, audio card, monitors, headphones, microphone, controller keyboard.

    2. More advanced producers will add a more high spec computer, more advanced software mostly activated online and linked to USB key licenses, digital mixers, various monitors, outboard gear

    4. Acoustic padding materials, work desks, cabling, monitors (audio and visual), instrument specific microphones or acoustic shields and more.

    5. Live musicians use various musical instruments, specific amplification and microphones, PA systems but however staging, lighting, effects, mobile staging are areas missed out too.

    6. Target who you are trying to help and stagger the tax free to registered musicians and schools…

  9. I got good news about a hologram this week from one of my suppliers. They were adding holograms for stage use at events to their list of services and telling me it made something I am going to do for Zed easier as it involves less rigging. Zed will improve and quickly too but it is the facing the wrong direction and running fast we need to change. Old school people will enjoy attending a concert from those we lost. New school just need help. Technical, legal and administrative. They will mint the money when they figure out there is a better way but not where it is currently headed.

  10. Poorly written article which does not even explain or define what a Hologram is…too many amateur journalists working in Zambia and the word is “flanked” and and “franked” two things.
    This Amos is full of himself… has been living under a rock…this technology of stickers is outdated as people don’t physically buy CDs and tapes any more as a result the big high-street music retailers are closing shop. The world has moved on time to wake up…invest in internet based security measures that’s the future. Some of us haven’t bought a CD in 6 years.
    Amos wake up and stop patting your own self!

  11. What kind of writing is this ?. The word ‘Hologram’ is repeated almost 20 times in one article. Are we trying to meet the word count minimum ?.

    • Spot on…imagine I have even forgotten what a hologram is – that’s how outdated this is to the consumer. Zambian musicians have to innovate quick if at all the want to survive.

  12. This is a no brainer. I’m sure these so called holograms will soon be manufactured in matero. A sheer waste of Zambian time. And please LT train your “journalists” how to write English properly. This article was very poorly written. One reading this for the first time will hardly make sense of what the hell you are talking about. You get a D- score …

    • LT just news feeds articles from other media organisations or freelancers on their website; their don’t write them…if you check under the article its says ZANIS. Once upon a time the best journalist in the one party era the best journalist used to come from ZANIS not any more!!

  13. Holograms will not work in zambia, because of the excessive heat in dry season, they are used in moderate temperatures like where MUSHOTA is so Govt yagong’ewa or is it some one corrupt?

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