Mpongwe resident upset with PF by-election campaign promises on Free education

President Michael Sata with Vice President Guy Scot and PF candidate for Mpongwe bye-election Gabriel Namulambe
President Michael Sata with Vice President Guy Scot and PF candidate for Mpongwe bye-election Gabriel Namulambe

By C. Chanda

Allow me to air out my view on the question or on this annual alarm of free education. Do you know how many people are illiterate because of the same promise? Do you politicians care how families strive to accommodate their children in schools?

Many people are suffering in order to pay high school fees and you fool them every year that they will be free education and quality education. If you say so, it means you know that people are paying these fees on non quality education.Instead of more money in our pockets but it less money in our pockets. Vice President Guy Scott please don’t take advantage of Zambian people with this government of yours.

we don’t see any progress be it the MMD or PF government.

Implement what you promised in your manifesto.We beg you to abolish these fees and give a chance to a good and quality education to everyone in Zambia. One thing that all have observed is that you people just like uttering words to the public without any serious consideration to what you say. Moreover the same people you are promising free education have already paid high fees for grade nine and they will do the same for other children who will qualify to grade ten. The impression you people we put in government give us is bad, because we don’t see any progress be it the MMD or PF government.

By the way let me emphasize on the importance of education: the importance of education is that, it can have an impact on society, but seldom do we think on how society affects our educational system. We often ignore the fact that social norms, customs and traditions are deeply affected by education. Society and education are tightly bound entities and hence cannot be separated from each other. I think, society in itself, especially in Zambia is an educational institution. Social interactions that give us the ability to read people. Our customs and values shape our upbringing, thus molding our personalities. We learn from our surroundings; we learn from experience.

If you made these promises to the all Zambians it could have been better but you only talked to the voters in Mpongwe constituency as if it does not concern every Zambian

It is so sad that many people have been denied this chance because of schools fees. We would be grateful towards PF government if it had looked in this matter by providing us with a platform to learn, grow and enrich ourselves. Vice president of Zambia, please don’t politicize education as a tool for election campaign, remember it is the future of the every child in Zambia.

We know your children go to better schools in Zambia or abroad and they usually write different exams from the poor Zambian child. I urge people of Zambia lets open our eyes and analyze what comes to our ears. If you made these promises to the all Zambians it could have been better but you only talked to the voters in Mpongwe constituency as if it does not concern every Zambian.Your manifesto is fake! I am a patriotic man but don’t fool us.


  1. You have a very good and well articulated point bwana Chanda.It is just a pity that our economy is too weak to support free education.I`m sure you remember how deplorable schools became during the free education era.I for one remember going with my own chair from home.The introductions of fees and micro project changed that.I believe paying a certain fee is better than free for all.

    • i like your concern Bwana chanda, i just pity some fools who wants to becoming teachers here trying to edit English instead of getting the insight of what the article is all about..

    • Va facculooooooooooooo… you know me but I don’t want to know you.. nomba listen, you sound you are Italianzed but watch out zambia is our land we shall meet there ****… In zambia we speak English waufwa…

  2. Like a fulwe (gradually) it can work but we need implementation Please. Example in Luwingu, now Zesco Power does not exist at all no news coz there is no power

  3. The problem with you people is that you have too much faith and expectations from politicians. The way the systems work in Zambia it is not even possible to implement many of the contentious issues because your decision making process is poor and rotten. Politicians should even talk about such issues as they do not even understand them. The experts in the ministry of education should looking at such issues. This why we have contradictions in the implementation of policies and laws in the country because we let politicians to decide for the people. This is why we say that we need to change the qualifications for those aspiring for political positions, not this current crop of politicians we have. We heading no where!

  4. animal farm in Pf for sure!
    the Bible says you have eye but you can’t see.some pipo i not know mwandi what kind are some do you support some who is full of lies pf and its leadership are ful of lies were is 90 days,were is more money,how much is a bag of mealie meal,how many by-election did they created in 120 days.
    to support such pipo same as telling yourself that i have no brain

  5. it is very clear “campaign Promises”…..can someone define these 2 words for these villagers…..Mpongwe is very fertile, why do they want free education?? till the land, make money & pay school fees for your own children (please do not validate Mushota’s point on birth control ok)….stop being lazy!!

  6. C. CHANDA – what is your educational background? Did you honestly believe PF, with any level of intelligence, that they were going to implement their ‘FREE EDUCATION’ manifesto promise??? If you voted PF on that fact, then you exactly the typical PF supporter: blind support, low analytical capability. When you say FREE EDUCATION, then who is going to pay for it? Let’s be realistic here. There is no0 country in the world wher they give free education for life…free primary education, yes, but after primary education you have to start paying for your own development. The govt cannot look after each and every 14 million Zambians. Are you PF supporters ever going to start thinking intelligently? Even after seeing the same experiments fail under Kaunda, you still insist on going back?

  7. Same goes with the roadway system, its hightime we implemented toll roads that can be modernized and maintained by the money realized from the traveling public. My two cents.

  8. We totally agree with Mr. Chanda’s sentiments. We continually get disappointed with the PF govt of continuously promising people of programs that they deeply know they can not fulfill. They have a laundry of list that they have not full filed from the campaign promises and continue doing so. They should be embarrassed that they can parade themselves, stand in front of people and lie again and again. If PF were able to stick to their manifesto and start delivering the promises,then they shouldn’t be kneeling down and beg for votes. PF gvt and its leader should come out in open and confess that they have miserably failed. We know its a tuff call to make but it will be the honorable thing to do.

  9. The onus is with the people who are voting, this is their only chance to show this corrupt Govt that they have power to dicide on their own destiny.Sata Scot, Winter etc they thrive on lies they duped the Zambian people to vote for them based on lies.Pack of Failures-PF.

  10. My salary per month kr1000.00 .my child needs kr650.00 for school fees to go in grade 8.i pay a house RENT KR700.00 ZESCO UNITS KR100.00 .what about food ,water ,trasport……………….and hell you polititions i will never vote in my life .. thxs

  11. Fellow Zambians how may of us married couples have kept our vows be open and say the truth at times a promise has no time flame wait the Govt is on the right path.

  12. what I know is that there is free education from grade 1 to 7, may be partial from 8 to 9. But from 10 to 12 there is no free education. I think no government under this Zambian economy can make free education from grade 1 to 12. I am doubting if it can happen. However what we can advocate for is reduced school fees.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  13. People, you had children and its your choice, don’t expect anybody to bear the cost for you. Its like a buy a car and i start crying to the government for free fuel. nonsense

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