Mealie meal shortage hits Eastern province


A critical shortage of mealie meal has hit most districts of Eastern Province.

Chipata, Petuake and Lundazi Districts, respectively are some of the districts that have been hit by the shortage of the commodity,

ZANIS reports that in the provincial capital of Chipata, the two main supermarkets of Shoprite and Spar have run out of the essential commodity.

However, in the second class area of the District only one named wholesaler had the commodity by 10:00 hours.

A number of traders and consumers were found struggled to procure the commodity from the truck even before it could be offloaded into the shop.

At Kharti Brothers , the commodity however ran out by 11: 00 hours as the commodity was bought by small retailers who later resold it at KR65 from the recommended KR53.

And when spoken to James Phiri who trades in the second class trading area said he decided to increase the price of mealie meal alleging that the supplier had increased the order price of the commodity.

“I had to increase because I need to make a profit from my business,” he said.

A few other traders at Kapata market who managed to procure the commodity from Khatri Brothers were also found selling mealie meal at KR65.

And a check in Petauke found that most of the shops did not have the commodity while the only shop that was selling mealie meal was selling a 25kilogram bag of breakfast meal at KR58.

People were queuing up at Petauke Fashions at the Central Business district.

Meanwhile in Lundazi only one shop, Nayonayo investment had the commodity selling at KR65.


  1. I am not showing off but this is irritating promoting nshima when people prefer rice and potatoes
    Nshima is one of the reasons why people don’t even reach 40 together when mosi and castle beer which Nick thought taste awful compared to the beer in the UK


    • No cure for dullness
      I was born in the EU and am above 30 but I don’t have your arrogance. I would like to know on what that arrogance is based people who are in Africa you can brag on them been in UK some of us we know the true UK how blacks are struggling to make it so please don’t show more of you ignorance because we know how people who wish to do great behave 🙂 just like you make others look foolish 🙂

    • Even Emeli Sande who was born and bred in UK said her favourite is Nshima in one of the articles .Mutosha give us a break.

  2. Mushota who says ppl prefer rice and potatoes? What basis do u have to say there is a correlation between Nshima consumption and life expectancy. You have spent to much time in the UK being re-colonized. PS: warm UK beer has nothing on any African brew! As for the article this situation is very sad considering the harvests of years past in these very areas.

  3. mealie meal shortages? kaunda days are back. sata is too old to plan well. he is exporting maize to Tanzania as he did with fuel to malawi when we had critical shortage in zambia. what kind of dullness is this? i take the blame as well as i helped to put this old man in state house. today am a laughing stock in house hold including my own children because i highly praised this mad man before elections in 2011. is he normal? truly he has no brains. ministers should take responsibility of guiding this man. otherwise we are headed for doom

  4. Mushota which school did you go to,nsima is our staple food and has nothing to do with life span.I eat nsima everyday and am proud to be Zambian

    • No as Government we do not deal with such issues. Our main task between now and the next elections is to see that we obliterate the opposition. We shall pursue these rascals by any means necessary. We shall set our all our vuvuzela agents against them. The Post, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia so far havent disappointed. We will force their MPs to join us. We will give the MPs official, Houses, Offices and cars with Zambian flags. These are the things that the useless and corrupt opposition cannot give them. We have a big budget for the bye elections, so money is not a problem. Those opposition MPs who wont join us will spend the rest of their terms in police cells and courts for the various crimes they have committed and will continue to commit as long as they remain in opposition .

  5. Is it not shameful and appalling to have shortfalls of the only thing we are more than capable of not only supplying it for gratis to our populace, but to export the surplus to the region and further afield for revenue.

    Whatever caused this should not be allowed to repeat itself.

  6. Whatever u call mealie meal, why should it be news because its not even important to our lives. People are eating rice, cassava,bananas,nkhondonkhondo, achelembushe etc mealie meal is fed to chickens,pigs and cattle

  7. aa aa pepani!! Paya Farmer at it again-bantu bazafa na njala..elo how many ministers and deputies are there mwamene umo mu ministry of agriculture,food and fisheries? uku temwa ifi fulo,buti ninshi tabakwete iskulu! heeee yet it seems to be the most inneffiecient ministry- hmmm vyakulolavye

  8. Umfweni! FRA must be seriously realigned and restructutured. At every stage of their operations, it is simply nothing, but losses, and losses, where, even an ***** can see that they have failed. Despite smuggling, the Govt, thru da CSO must know how many households are on porridge, musoya or nshima. Now they allow the maize to go to waste and later export it for a song? My God! Something is wrong with national management. Honestly somebody must explain the mealie meal shortage the country is facing. Now Mushota, leave Zambia to us. Unataba njala, so give us peace by staying quiet….

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