UK based Zambian singer performs for former american idol judge Simon Cowell



Zambian singer Katongo performs in front of former american idol judge Simon Cowell

By kapa187


  1. Haha. Nice one. At least Simon holds no hard feelings considering his last encounter with a Zambian woman was headline news of the wrong type! Great voice. Use the opportunity and don’t get sucked in to the machine… Best of luck!

  2. She can’t be Zambian that girl. I don’t think she ever said that she was Zambian, you just want to make her a Zambian. She calls herself Kat, not Katongo.

    • I don’t think anybody forces Emeli to be Zambian….if you read all her articles in the papers and magazines she is proud of father and her Zambian roots.

    • Her folks are likely Zambian; she calls herself ‘Kat’ for short and that does not essentially mean anything other than that’s what she and the people around her hyphenated her name, “Katongo” to. To say otherwise is to speculate and that often leads to rumours and confusion, evidently.

    • you are stupid for saying that. you dont even have facts to back you up. or is it the British accent that has you confused?

  3. Emeli Sande is Zambian,father proper Zambian Sande (Sunday) then mother Scottish but she considers herself Scottish kaya mayo .Abanensu bafyalilwa mu fyalo fyaba sungu they think to be associated with a third country mulandu ,ala temulandu bane .

    • Let her be what she wants people you might not understand these children of colour(coloured) have alot of identification problems,for example: in Zambia they are foreigners, in the country of the other parent too so where do they belong,at one point you just decide for the country you feel home it has nothing to do with denying their roots. Am not a colour born black but I don’t feel like I belong to Zambia because I was bron here been in Zambia twice so I can’t speak any local language I just don’t feel Zambian point out.

    • So if you moved to a foreign country, had a kid and raised it in say Britain, would that child be Zambian or British? Zambia does not currently have dual citizenship – blame the *****s in power- so the obvious choice is Britain in this instance because it’s more advantageous for several reasons. But you peddle in pettiness it would seem to you don’t think beyound one step.

  4. Nostradamus, you suffer from inferior complex. Zambia has produced the finest professionals in different fields. But Zambians are cool, level headed and they are proud of who they are and any achievement is not for personal but for humanity. When I hear such crap it makes me sick to my bones. Anyone whose father is a Zambian they are Zambian/s just like the British do.
    Nostradamus you need self reflection.

    • @PAFWEMWINE – stop lying. Why do you people keep changing goals to satisfy your selfish egos!! Isn’t it Zambians who dead against dual citizenship? Why do they forget the benefits of dual citizenship when someone of Zambian origin succeeds outside Zambia? So stop lying: Zambians ARE NOT COOL, they ARE NOT LEVEL HEADED. All these people you are talking about, Sande, Katongo, including Samantha Mumba, we only ran after them and begged them to be Zambians when they achieved something in the countries they live in. But immediately after begging them and even fighting over them to be Zambian we turn back and say all diasporans should not be allowed to hold dual citizenship. How selfish can you be! Zambians are not cool, they are a self-serving, clueless, daft bunch. Leave Katongo alone!!

    • Accourding to the Brit HO- If you were born in the UK on or after 1 January 1983
      If you were born in the UK on or after 1 January 1983, you are a British citizen if at the time of your birth one of your parents was:
      A British citizen; or
      legally settled in the UK.
      Emile Sand√© was born in Sunderland, essentiially making her a Brit… so unless you are privy to some other facts, Kat, if she was born there or has at least one parent who has resided in the Britain for the specified time is MOST LIKELY BRIT tefyo?

  5. Reality shows are a waste of precious time…our people (black people) should concentrate on more productive things. I cringe every time these shows are aired on TV.

    • Ba Jay Jay you are more than right. I even tell these Zambians not to compete with us on this LT, use your computer wisely. Those 5 hours you use on PF politics you can make a $50, in 2 days a $100 and send to your parents.
      Some of you even pay for internet service, and worst that money insulting us. Be wise.

  6. Am very proud of mother Zambia, even if am burried here, in my next life, i think when they ask about my roots, Zambia will pop up first, no place like home, I bet home is where your heart is, on the other hand we can never run away from who we are, i can understand if she doesnt like to be associated with Zambia, maybe cos of bussiness, it’s ok in this day and age, especially in this commercial world. Any one know Queen, he was called freddy Mecury, but when he died, on his tomb stone they put his real name, Some moslim name, the guy was born in Zanzimbar from indian parents and guess what? some die hard funs dont know that upto today, the so called George Micheal? the dude is Greek, i only came to know that Emeli has zedian roots on Dutch news, so it is a known fact!No fuss about it…

  7. Who gives a damn about a country that could elect a damn Chimbwi No Plan (CNP) for president where endless primitive tribally inclined appointments have become the order of the day! By the end of this year, if Sata is still in power you will have a cabinet of 100 ministers gobbling half of your GDP and still you will be busy “ndwiiii” claiming this and that is Zambian! Kupusa ngako, litoto mang!

  8. Give credit were it is due ,by the way British is an empire,Briton is a person of britain origin,


  10. i remember watching her music video here, really nice song with a video that made the song boring . oh Good luck to her, she may just get it right in the end….. At least i remember her.

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