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Kalusha Pleased With CAS Verdict


FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya says it was important for Zambia to now settle down to their 2014 qualifiers now that their three points off Sudan are confirmed.

CAS on Monday announced that Zambia were duly awarded the three points by the FIFA disciplinary committee last October after Sudan fielded an ineligible player in their June 2, 2012 qualifier that the latter won 2-0 in Khartoum.

Group D leaders Zambia now on six points face bottom placed Lesotho on March 24 in Maseru in the round of games in the 2014 qualifiers.

Sudan drop to third on one point from four while Ghana are second on three points.

“With 20 days before Zambia match in Lesotho, we need to remain focused at the job at hand,” Kalusha said.

“Yes, we have taken note of the decision by FIFA and CAS, but I know that the World Cup qualifiers are always going to be tough.

“There is still a lot of Football yet to be played. I hope our team can hit an excellent level going into the next matches to consolidate our position on top of the group. Bearing in mind that only one team will go through from each of the 10 groups at this stage. ”

Winner from each of the 10 groups in the Africa Zone qualifiers will advance to the final super 10 qualifying round this November where the teams will be paired on home and away basis.

The five winners from that final round will qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Brazil from June 12 to July 13.


  1. That is the great king for you all….he has been mute on the Sunzu transfer issue, chicken-heartedly avoided the FIFA issue of FAZ registering the banned Zambian based Finish players instead issued a vague statement. The man only shows up for photo opportunities…I don’t see us doing anything at the world cup even if we qualified with these empty suits in Football House.

    • Whats your problem?He is not you and you are not him.As if you can do any better.Let him run things in the best way he thinks,you might also climb to the same and run it the best way you think.

    • My problem is hero worshipping boot-licking gullible blind disciples like YOU…who will NEVER wake up…if you think he can create miracles at the world cup you really need to drink strong coffee!!

    • There is some truth to your statement. However, in a clear and striking manner, your argument has shone light on your lack of logical rudiments. Kalu is simply expressing his joy concerning the outcome of the case at bar in which Zambia has been endowed with 3 points. That is news that should reasonably bring excitement to any Zambian regardles of their affiliation with FAZ. On the flip-side, you are rantling about various flaws that Kalu has comitted or been involved in. Reasonable people acknowlege that he is not perfect by a long-shot just like you and I. So for you to go onto your electronic device and attack a man on issues not related to the subject matter of the article is quite irrational. In part, I agree with you but wrong palce and timing to bring it up. wake your bitter-self up

  2. this man at the healm of our football admin has never been serious with developing our standards.
    how can HE STILL continue running our no.1 sport by remote control up to now?

  3. That perfomance of no goals is not a good record to depend on. Do not leave everything to God alone. Zambian Soccer Team need to do better. God has already given us everything to excel. Just do it.

  4. There he is “hoping” you don’t hope you plan….the man is just saving himself for the top CAF job and a seat at FIFA head office in Zurich….he would never challenge anybody at CAF or FIFA even if our team played land-mined pitch as he wants to be in everyone’s good books including the greedy Player’s agents.
    Samsung recently unveiled 5-year development partnership with FAZ….FAZ can not even state how much the deal is worth (this is common practice everywhere) everything is a secret with these corrupt empty suits…there is still no accountability or transparency.
    Wake up people!!

    • Man, are you “Simata Simata” masquerading as “Jay Jay”! Boy…, don’t you sound bitter and empty yourself!

      The people you are calling “empty suits” are the same fellas who brought AFCON cup home, and yet “the good for nothing” and self-appointed critics like yourself keep barking about non-issues like rabid Chiwahwahs (sp).

      It is common knowledge that there are people out there who thrive on triviality and will never like whatever KB does no matter what! Bwalya can bring the World cup home from Brazil and there will still be disgruntled losers like you, Jay Jay, who will find something else to whine about. God oh God!!!!!

    • I ask again is Mr. Simata and Kamanga the only people in Zambia who have contradicting views? Why don’t you tackle issues instead of shadows…even a blind man knows that you will not go anywhere..
      Wake up!!!

    • NO, Simata and Kamanga are indeed not the only ones with contradicting views. You, Jay Jay, are exhibit ‘A’ for that! But they sure standout as the most talkative FAILURES in the history of running our football affairs in Zambia, and yet they have the audacity to lambast achievers.

      Kalushia was a very successful player and he has, in fairness, brought some semblance of order to FAZ. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the end of the day, he turns out to be the most successful administrator to ever run FAZ. He may have stumbled has a coach, but that does not make him an “empty suit”.

      You may disagree with Kalushia’s style of management, nothing wrong with that. But there is a fine line between being a constructive critic and an empty vitriolic fault finder. And guess where U fall?!

    • If you are going to commend management styles that are not transparent and unaccountable then you are one gullible hero-worshipping fan….Kalu was a great player no one I say no one can take that away from him but as an administrator the man is up to his neck. Please let him tell us where he has invested the winnings from the AFCON 2012.
      Wake up!!

    • You keep tolerating this and we will NEVER EVER move forward…they will always keep getting fatter due your selfsame dociility!!
      WAKE UP!!

    • @Jay Jay, I think you are all over the map on this one. FAZ is not a private Association that can do things in secrete. They fall under the Ministry Kambwili heads. Yes, FIFA insists that football associations make decisions without undue pressure from govt, but that does not mean govt has no say in the financial matters of FAZ.

      Govt being the biggest funder of our national team, FAZ’s finances are subject to the Auditor General’s Report. So, if there are financial irregularities at FAZ, the auditor general’s audits will surely catch up with Kalu. I am sure the FAZ Constitution also dictates that annual financial reports must be issued. So look there to find your answers. But what we can’t allow ourselves is to operate based on rumor and malicious innuendo.

  5. Loud mouthed good for nothing armchair critics who cannot even organise their own birthday function due to incompetance

  6. What kind of devil has entered Zambians to insult every day? Why do you insult your fellow Zambians like this. please leave Kalusha alone.

    Peace and prosperity to mother Zambia.

  7. In the first place, the so called critics did not even know that Sudan featured a player who was not elligible to feature. Kalusha and his team noticed and made a follow up, they still complain. Learn to give praise sometimes were its due. Kalu made Zambian football to be aired on supersport, he brought AFCON cup, now he has patnered with another company, stadias are being developed in Lusaka, what more do people want. Lets suport the guy and give constructive criticism. Keep it up Ba Kalu, lets feature pa Brazil, even if it means coming back mu group stage.

    • In fact it took alert members of the public to cite this and force your FAZ to drag their lazy lucky you beat the FIFA deadline..just!!
      Wake up!!

  8. On this comment I support you jay,jay, there is alot of talking nothing is done at FAZ, Kalu must be challenged alot of zambians are blinded with Kalu’s work, are there any Zambians who can challenge him, this why alwasy say stupid zambians, wake up

    • Spot on ba Mulunzi… people like the Great King are empty suits and busy id!ots, just because you see photos of him on his FAZ Facebook page and on TV it does not mean he are working hard…let them provide us with tangible figures….the man lamentably FAILED to organise proper opponents for friendlies for AFCON 2013…the fans are still bragging about AFCON 2012.
      They have to wake up!!

  9. @Jay Jay:

    Let me ask you a simple question: Since you have this low opinion of Kalushia’s abilities running FAZ, who do you have in mind that can do better than what KB has accomplished so far? And what kind of proven record and experience does this person have which Kalu does not possess?

    Surely, with your kind of “knowledge”, it shouldn’t be very hard to rattle off at least a few names that you feel are more qualified and suitable than Kalushia. And I mean people who can bring value and prestige above and beyond what Kalushia has been able to achieve. You do that; and I will withdraw my criticism of your seeming jaded views of others.

  10. #3 Jay Jay shut up fuu. Whats wrong with you fuus with PHD syndrome? Did he take your wife? You always look for opportunity to destroy him. Mwembushimwe.

  11. I think this jay jay guy is simply simataa simataa or kamanga.You can tell from the irrational thinking and sense the vernom of hate against kalus style of leadership flowing through his veins.Please lets give credit where its due.Kalu has transformed football house and managed to clinch sponsorship deals for the league that the other Faz presidents failed to do in their time including simataa.He has managed to win you the africa cup using the very coach everyone opposed.he has stood firm against all odds and i think these are the marks of a good leader/administrator no imwe ba chimbwi by jay jay

    • You talk of these selfsame sponsorship deals you don’t even know how much they are worth and the terms…this should be public information…this is what I mean by a blind docile fan!!

  12. Am sure jay jay is a non performer or a true failure just like his mentor simataa simataa.Nowander the man just started behaving like HH and eventually retired due to frustration.

    • This is the selfsame reason we will never develop as people like you think some individuals are indispensable for your information every position dispensable!!

  13. For those of us who are Kalumania, no matter what you say against Great Kalu, we will always look at the good and positive aspect of him, and we are entitled to our opinion and those of you who are Kaluphobia, will continue your fort-finder business, it does not bother us. Great Kalu for CAF Presidency in 2016.

  14. @ jay jay… you are my man on this. Some people are just fools who can’t point what good kalusha has done. Its just like PF govt. You keep on supporting people even when they aren’t doing good. What has kalusha done for your praise..

    • Brot AFCON, played the best football, good deals from corporate world, good ranking, women football, etc etc… u cant see anything??? Ure that type and am not surprised at all!!!

    • Your Kalu doesn’t even support that FIFA Ranking table, women football you think FAZ is the only association that has women’s football team, any manager would have won AFCON 2012 with that team in those circumstances…there is nothing your FAZ is doing that is above average most FAs do that exemplary; what deals? do you even know how much they are worth compared to other associations?
      Wake up!!

  15. @Jay, Jay, u criticize with bitterness, tell your Kamanga and Simataa to try and run the Barotse national team so we can see the success. Kalu has done a lot and he has short comings which you can point at in civility. Empty suits, empty suits… ngaimwe bwamba nshi bwaba mu suite yenu that is if u have one??? Sumsung has a deal to sponsor futsal u cant see the difference… Ataaa bane twanaka nenu…. Hero worshiping kwisa? oke he is our hero wat have u done u fool, jealousy and incompetent big mouthed PHD chap. He stays in SA so what, go hang?? ATAASEE!!!!

    • This is an oxymoron statement;if he brought the AFCON why did he fail to do the same with the same team and the same coach? So how much is the Samsung deal really worth? In Europe any deal signed by their Football Associations with the private sector is public information… most of you just blindly praise like villagers without thinking things through.
      WAKE UP!!

    • Its so sad and noticeable that there is an inverse correlation between Jay Jay’s writing and intelligence. You used the word “oxymoron” and miss-applied the term. Learn to look up words in the dictionary and understand there thorough meanings before you use them in public forums such as LT. Winning the AFCON in 2012 and not wining it in 2013, with the same players and coach is not an oxymoron. Those are two successive events with two different outcomes, period. The events are not rhetorical figures in which incongruous terms are combined. Furthermore you stated that “In Europe any deal…” You need to understand that Africa is not Europe. We are a sovereign people with our own procedural postures. we don’t need Europe to lay down the law on how we should present soccer-deal…

  16. Kalu!!! I am very proud of your performance at FAZ. The sky is the limit with the type of professionalism you have displayed. Keep it up!

  17. Well done Jay Jay.. good contribution you know some of the issues in FAZ .. Myself I feel unhappy to see the national team youth/senior camping in SA whenever there is an important match. Alot of monies is spent on those sports grounds that can be used to develop local stadiums if camping is conducted locally 🙂

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