Severe food shortages looming this year – Kakoma

Customers form a long queue to buy mealie meal at Katri Brothers shop in Chipata on Monday, following the mealie meal shortage
Customers form a long queue to buy mealie meal at Katri Brothers shop in Chipata on Monday, following the mealie meal shortage
Customers form a long queue to buy mealie meal at Katri Brothers shop
in Chipata on Monday, following the mealie meal shortage in the District

Zambezi West UPND Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma says the writings on the wall are clear that the country will experience severe food shortage this year.Mr. Kakoma said what the PF government should be looking at now, is for the importation of maize because it is too late to set records straight this farming season.

Speaking to QFM News, Mr. Kakoma said the looming hunger in the country can mainly be attributed to the poor management of the agriculture sector by government.He stated that the other factor that will contribute to poor maize yields is the heavy rain that hit most parts of the country, including his constituency.Mr. Kakoma said the only solution to addressing the situation is by putting in place good agriculture policies.

As Government we are treating the mealie-meal shortage as artificial because local milling does not have adequate power to produce enough because of the power outages

A critical shortage of mealie meal hit most districts of Eastern Province last week.Chipata, Petuake and Lundazi Districts, are some of the districts that have been hit by the shortage of the commodity.A checkby ZANIS in Petauke found that most of the shops did not have the commodity while the only shop that was selling mealie meal was selling a 25kilogram bag of breakfast meal at KR58.IN Lundazi only one shop, Nayonayo investment had the commodity selling at KR65.

Meanwhile government has described the shortage of mealie-meal in Eastern Province as artificial.Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone said yesterday that the mealie-meal shortage was artificial because the local milling did not have adequate electricity power to produce mealie at full capacity.

“As Government we are treating the mealie-meal shortage as artificial because local milling does not have adequate power to produce enough because of the power outages,” he said.

Mr Sichone attributed the shortage due to some buyers taking advantage of the situation by buying the commodity in bulk which was later resold at higher prices.He said some people bought the mealie-meal in bulk and stored in readiness for the shortage so that they could hike prices.

Mr Sichone also challenged local millers to be producing enough mealie meal to meet demand especially in the more populated of Chipata
district.The minister also urged investors to take advantage of the liberalisation of economy by setting up milling plants in the

Earlier this week Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga apologized to the farming community and the entire nation for the late delivery of inputs in the 2012/2013 farming season.


    • Kakoma is not entirely putting the blame on pf but attributes it to heavy rains in part too. I can add to that, the dry spell that is currently prevailing is also negatively affecting the 2013 potential maize yields.

      However, proper policies and their effective implementation is critical to the success of the agriculture sector. Apologies like the one from Sichinga are morally alright, but a party and government with clear plans could not have faced such unwarranted problems in the sector. This is the failure we are talking about. Stop seeing things from the pf lens all the time.

    • There you have it…make plans for importation now, be proactive and not reactive. No one want to experience hunger in our country…good advice Kakoma, lets hope they don’t take this as a political attack like some useful 1diot bloggers.

  1. How possibly can a shortage of mealie meal be artificial? The commodity is not available due to failure of the supply chain which includes Zesco.

  2. Kakoma when were you in Zambezi? You are busy moving aimlessly with HH your constituency is walloping in poverty. You have nothing to show for in those years you have been MP.

    • just as ministers should visit their constituencies rather then just nodding at whatever the president says!!!!!

    • Good observation……Kakoma,what are you doing abt the shortage?Dont everytime blame government as yourself as an MP wat contributions u have done.

  3. Use alternatives; potatoes, cassava and the like. And be self sufficient, grow some basic stuff yourselves. Ofcoure I dont mean those who live in cities. If you ever want to suffer rely on mealie-meal. Many people in rural liverpool realised this a long time ago; so we grow cassava, millet and sorghum, soya beans and maize (without using fertilizer); mix them and take the mix to alocal miller for processing. You will never go hungry again. The only charge is for the cost for the local miller.

    • Yours is hollow. Do you understand what it ‘staple food’ means? The issue of mealie meal which you want to underplay has brought down governments, even in Zambia, before.


    • Kibinda is right. We should consider alternatives, like millet, sorghum… etc… Infact, maize was not even our staple. We got it from the Americas.

    • Very true,thats why we are very lazy.If there is mealie meal shartage,go and buy maize from the local market,take it to the local breakfast hammer mill.There is a solution to the shortage of M/Meal.
      let us complain if their is a shortage of fuel as there is nothing we can do on that shortage.We cannot do anything to the shaortage of tha commodity.

    • 7.1:Bob: I understand “Staple food”; in fact I can safely say my mom has never bought a bag of mealie meal from 1991. We have been working the farm all along, we take the mixure of maize, millet, sorghum and soya beans to the hammer miller. During dry season we always keep our grannaries well stocked. Mom is now in her late 60s, she doesnt even have the “power to grow”; but the cassava stocks are used to batter with labourers; all I do is supplement for “ndiyo” and basics; Believe you me it works. If i ever lived in Zed again, no ways i can be buying mealie meal, no ways. For any problem a solution has to be found, wait for your government for everything no bwali kumo? Good luck

    • The last time I used to hear about alternative foods was during Chiluba’s reign. The moment Mwanawasa came, the story of bumper harvests and grain silos started. These days no one is talking about grain silos or bumper harvests. It used to be nice seeing the president at his Teka farm. Under RB there was talk of a reduced inputs pack from 8 bags to 4, but bumper harvests and grain silos were still on the agenda. Oh, and the president also used to visit is green maize at his farm in Chipata. Well, the times are a-changing as they say.


    • Cleo: You are right, thats the problem we have in Zambia, Advice is always taken as being against them. if only the can listen. we would do much better. Other issue is that all our leaders put their personal interests first. Nothing else.

    • Are you saying he should not advise the government on a serious situation before he tells the people in his constituency what he has done for them? You completely off the mark because that is not the topic at hand. In any case if a constituency is not developed it should be the government to blame. MPs are lawmakers and not developers. In Zambia you have this wrong concept that MPs are responsible for developing their constituencies.

  5. Why is this news
    Africans are born poor in my eyes unless those that go to Europe like some of us to rub shoulders with whites
    No sympathy from me


    • I wonder what goes on in some people’s minds when they make these comments! Please be constructive in your comments! The looming shortage of our stapple food is not something that should be trivialised, comment to give solutions and not negatives. The effect of shortage of stapple food will affect all of us whether you are in “Z” or outside, you have your grandmother in that kasmall village! One way or the other you will be affected please comment wisely, we should be moving forward as a country not backwards, politics will not feed you you need brains to plan for your future unborn children, bring ideas from thediaspora where you are and no need to brag & criticise those that have not been out, its just chance and anyone can have that chance. What happened to the winter maize?

    • @mushota… you need bananas, alot of them. your monkey mind needs them more so that swig from tree to tree praising bazungu much more actively…
      I will send you, your brothers and sisters who are `holed up` in the zoo here in sweden

    • u are an *****…grow up…anyone with pubic hair is expected to think like an adult unlike when yo pubic was bold…fool

  6. I hope your esteemed office will do something to save our lives and that of our children. We are lamenting !

  7. Good and timely advice, he has given the solution which the govt always asks for. Not bitter at all like thoz bitter of RB’s international recognition… IMPORT MAIZE early coz it maybe too late..

    • They have enough Maize, issue is logistics and planning. No one wants to take initiatives, its matter of waiting to be told what to do? Poor management is the word.

  8. Maize was introduced to Africa in the 16th -17th century before that the main staple foods were millet and sorghum.Millet has a higher protein,fat and mineral content than maize.I believe these foods would grow well in our soils as its what our soils are suitable for.Because we ‘imported’ we are heavily dependant on fertilizers also.Its time Zambians moved away from Nshima as a staple food.Even those roots people eat in villages are more nutritious than maize.Its time to do away with the food colonialists imposed on us.

  9. All the surplus money in Zambia is spent on non priorities and when sensible people speak up the rest of you ****** cry foul and start calling us names.

    What kind of a people are you who cant defend public interests and community property? You accept crumbs all the time and are even grateful for them so shut up and take it!!

  10. FRA Bought most of the previous year’s maize, most of it still in holding sheds and may rot, why not resell locally to the affected and nearby areas, if tpt is a problem. Completely stop smuggling, illegal exports en too much reliance on maize. Lets encourage our farmers not to sell evry mz but store.

  11. Kakoma is correct in identifying the shortscomings on the part of the PF tribalist regime and urging it to change its policies on the agricultural sector. The Bemba oriented PF regime has failed to turn poverty on its head. They have no policies for alleviating food shortages or poverty and, all the above are clear off-shoots of their quasi-policies.
    The government must stop defining food shortages as either man made happenings or natural events. Hungry mouths are not interested in hide and seek games, or inter-fights with the opposition parties.
    Sata has already over stayed his uselessness and he must pack his bags full of stolen state resources. We cannot wait indefinitely because we want to try him and his lieutenants on alot of criminal charges. He is a criminal who concocts cases.

  12. Heavy rains, dry spell and army worms have negatively affected this year’s farming season.Its good that these problems are being discussed even before the harvest period so that planning can be done to solve the looming maize shortage.
    I really want to confess that me and nshima are inseparable, the day has to wind up with naka nshima.

  13. From the comments above, one can tell that Kolwestans are just consumers and can’t plan. Wait until there is no Millie meal, you will be the first to revolt as hunger will hit you people the most. How do you support nonsense like this when your tribesman is busy donating the same food his country depends on. Very disgusting thinking.

  14. Only yesterday Bob the smooth-talking under performer was apologising for PFs inefficiencies in fertiliser distributions. A month ago HH said Chenda must be fired as he was a failure even in his own life and can not be entrusted with such a sensitive ministry. Hate them or not, these UPND guys are speaking the truth, objective Zambians will listen. Some fools above are busy supporting their tribes mates saying there was too much rain, what kind of foolishness is this? How can you grow maize without inputs? It shows that most Zambians are consumers and don’t understand the means of producing ‘ubwali’ which they enjoy so much. I am getting convinced that Zambians, on average are collective failures.

  15. Food security is guaranteed under PF government. There is no basis for alarm. For the sake of argument, the complainant could face trial for cheating if by the end of next year food security is intact. Come on, let us build build food security in integrity.

  16. Better learn from Botswana where people do not entirely depend on Maize meal. They eat rice, potatoes, pasta,sorghum, magwinya(vitumbuwa) and yet people are very healthy.

  17. I think “Ubuchushi bwalitwingila sana”,is there nothing to eat?people lets be serious,thats why we are laughed at by neibouring countries that we always depend on nshima.Am sure there are bloggers here who go to neibouirng countries “Which we think are very poor” like Tanzania to get their vehicles etc……and look at how much hard work those people are.
    Not only nshima or m/meal do they produce bt Rice,cassava ,banana’s,millet soghum,etc and its not nshima 24/7, 1 to 1, 365 and when you eat rice you say i havent eaten anything but i had only rice.This shows how lazy we are.

  18. @Paolo Di Canio s Kakoma has done his part. He has advised the Government to import and put in good policies. That is his job. If you think he is supposed to provide the mealie meal then you dont know the job of an MP

  19. Please people stop this nonsense. You can’t expect people to
    Change their life style just because the PF is in power. We have been
    eating Nshima and Nshima we shall eat. If your beloved government
    can’t provide for its people we shouldn’t encourage them. The government hould work day and night to provide for it’s people not giving excuses and spending all thir energy arresting
    The opposition.

  20. mwabantu bangu munamatu ngako. lomba njala ingatipaye so mukanya natuvi osataya
    mungoikako spirit na vodka basi owelela ku chakulya chamwalya mukulyasoti ndiye mwatuchitila kuno ku feni

  21. Child spacing is an issue here. The Ministry of health must help out quickly. The entire PF is still lost about the current national population. I can guarantee u, we are more than 60million in Zambia at the moment. CSO, are u also sleeping? We need a quick headcount. Remember, the recent intergration of Angolan ex refugees into our society, the investors who at times smuugle their relatives in shipping containers, the PIs from Congo who masquerade as Bembas, the Zim Zim situation. Oh! My goodness! The list is inexaustible. The miilers are trying, day and night. Knowing the population is the way to go. Thanks Charles Kakoma. U r a Father.

  22. Nshima is cheap in Zed iwe!! Most Zambian pipo are poor Mushota. Including your relatives back here in Zambia. Any other food in Zambia is very expensive. We can bet. Potatoes, dont even try. For how long. Coz they will just end up rotten. Government must start sending meallie meal to those shops in Eastern province. Let the sell and pay back later. Mulubwa and GBM have enough trucks to flood the whole Zambian provinces with supply. The millers are producing enough. Zesco also must watch out. U r heavily contribution to non production. Ba Sata, wake up shikulu and take my timely advice. Pipo will be comapring u with Kaunda. Ques for meallie meal? Shame!!! Make a plan bamudala. Politics is no sleep game. HH will buy all the maize off the shelves and give it to his animals in order to…

  23. fo.olish Zambians. After 50 years of independence you are still facing food problems. It says a lot about the majority tribe in the population. Those who claim that they are street smart, yet they can not run a country. How smart I they? I wonder

  24. I HATE pretence, we must learn to be real. Out staple food is Nshima, full stop.
    My Indian teachers at school told me that whatever food stuff they might be served with, in the absence of rice, they feel the meal for the day is not complete.

  25. Ati PF govt of ndochi kubeba, bunch of failers,I have never seen a govt that doesn’t know priotise issues, food comes first for God’s sake, even the people who are still supporting the stupidity of this govt will only realise when it will be to late.i agree with someone who said bamundala ba-sata wake up, things are getting out of hand, if zambians start dieing of hunger, God will punish you big time.if you want to be respected by citizens start working now, not puting your mbululu s in better govt positions. Shame.

  26. Much of the comments on this website ARE DEMON OPINION.
    DEMONS call other demon workers of lawessness from other countries to help them in their course. Zambian demons know it is end game for them and are soliciting for help from demons in other countries.
    DEMONS all over the world it is game over.
    What you have been doing for the last 6000 years is over now.
    Demons show yourselves on these websites you have sent up and continual your senseless comments. And you know what will be coming your way. True to the word.

  27. and naturally all those who believe this isnt a ‘big deal’ and everyone is exaggerating…well in the adapted famous words of Marie Antoinette of France (and perhaps our favourite blogger Mushota)…WHAT IS THE FUSS ABOUT Na’shima, if they dont have enough of it, why cant they just eat cake?!

  28. donchi kubeba on 5 fingers…this man wants to kill us with hunger so that he would remain with MPS and ministers enjoying our resources…afta 5 years no opposition,no cadres from any political party,no elections,no voting……sata wants to be wamuyayaya……

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