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We’ll de-campaign parties that won’t give equal opportunities to women in 2016 -NGOCC


The Non Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council- NGOCC- has vowed to de-campaign political parties in the country that are not giving equal opportunities for women to take up leadership positions in politics prior to the 2016 general elections.

NGOCC vice chairperson Mary Mulenga says her organization has observed with displeasure that despite massive advocacy for the women%u2019s fifty percent participation in leadership position in the country, political parties are still not adopting the women.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm, Ms. Mulenga said the percentage for women participation in vying for leadership positions among political parties has dropped to eleven percent since the 2011 general elections.

Ms. Mulenga affirmed that women’s participation in holding leadership position in the government as per the SADC protocol consent to by Zambia, women’s involvement should start with political parties.

And he government has been asked to give 50 per cent of jobs that are being created in the country to women in order to accelerate the gender agenda.

Kabompo District Gender Chairperson Phoebe Kilele made the call when she addressed a crowd of women during the international women’s day commemoration at Kabompo secondary school yesterday.

Mrs Kilele said that in the UNIP and MMD regimes women were sidelined in all angles of life.

She said that the appointment of women in key positions in government by the PF government was not a mistake and must be supported by all development and peace loving women and men.

She said that women were considered subordinate socially, economically, spiritually, and physically and had no say.

Mrs Kilele noted that Zambian women were naturally hard workers, effective and efficient managers at all levels and the appointment of a female Inspector General of police, Stella Libongani was a commendable appointment and women in Zambia were happy.

And speaking at the same function Kabompo central ward councillor Janet Kaputula (UPND) bemoaned the small number of female elected ward counsellors in district councillors and female members of parliament in the North-Western province.

Ms Kaputula said that she was saddened that since independence North-Western province can have only three elected Counsellors, two in Kasempa and herself in Kabompo while there is only a single female member of parliament in the whole province.

She appealed to women who have attained 18 years and 21 years to aspire for election to the positions of Councillors and members of parliament respectively in order to enhance the voice of women in the province.

Ms Kaputula however, assured the government that women in Kabompo were rallying behind President Michael Sata and the first lady and able government to promote the welfare of women in the country.



  1. The NGOCC have failed to support women candidates since it has been launched since the usual problems that affect our national politics such as tribalism and trivia permeate the organisation. Come election time you will find that they will be either partisan or almost silent and secretly campaigning for a few we know!

  2. I am a woman and I ave little aspirations to be a civil servant , so where is this NGO coming from?

    Go and get your education people, I am doing my PhD working my tail off and I am hearing this?


    • Mushota am beginning to think you mentally ill no sane person can be changing every minute,you say this and then that BS the next minute, if truly you are that educated then I would rather have my daughters schooled in Zed so that they don’t grow wings afterwards like you have. Some how my gut tells me you are a fraud… Change little lady

  3. Its not just every woman that qualifies for leadership positions. Its those that merit it through education and integrity. Certain women have been a disappointment as they have been vehicles to rights abuses of not only men but women as well. Such women have no integrity. But women like that Judge who halted the Executive in their tracks, over the sacking of the high court judges in attempt by Government to pave way for the now infamous Chikopa tribunal, is a woman of substance. She went further and dressed down Sebastian Zulu the then Justice Minister for interfering in a case before her court. Another woman of virtue is at the Electoral commission, not ACC or ZP! No no.

  4. These Bembas are going to far. Being a woman is not a passport to get things be it positions based on gender. The point is that woman or not people should be looked at in terms of ability period. Even the so called de campaign, who will listen to them?

    Woman are doing themselves a disservice by issuing such messages because they are not using wisdom but emotions. Man was created first and God in the book of Ephesians chapter 5 says a man is the head not the woman. Also in genesis a woman was relegated to being subject to man because she caused the entry of sin. So the message is that and should be that men start helping women to excell than this negative attitude.

  5. my foot stella libongani is a useful fool to pf she represnts sata and pf cadres and all women in satas govt belong to his family either by blood or marital relationships. stop generalizing that all women in zambia were happy at the appointment of stella libongani.this is a lie.stella is not a woman of intergrity and substance period. she works for sata and her tummy period.

  6. These NGO FAT cats sitting on donor money with bloated stomachs think they can affect an election? This is laughable.

  7. Well said madam. But encourage women not only to aspire but work hard in homes, at school, work and all levels of human endaevour but not using bottom power as a means of success. Also encourage them to form their own parties but not inheriting dead peoples parties like Nawaki, H H, Nevers Mumba because sooner or later you miss the vision of the person who formed it and start persuing different ends just like what is happening in the mentioned leaders’ parties. RB is also a big lesson. He inherited the party of dead man and he only ruled for three years. Emulate Sata and Chipimo to start from the scratch and remain focused on your vision and goals. I pity Kabompo central ward councillor Janet Kaputula (UPND) because she will be expelled by the end of next week for working with Govt.

  8. Talk talk, no action! These groups do not understand Zambian women, they think holding seminars in five star hotels and giving press reports from these exotic places will lure Zambian women to their cause which ordinary women do not understand. Jobs should be gained on merit not gender, qualifications should dictate who gets the jobs. They should be talking about young women who are dropping out schools and colleges because of pregnacies and find solutions to help them get back in schools and finish their studies. 50 per cent will remain a dream if there are few women with good qualifications . Women rights should not be politicised otherwise no concrete solutions will come out.

  9. @Mushota. You re one hell of person who would never answer to my description, even in my wildest imaginations. To me u are a phantom, a mirage and a wanna be, and I believe you re self centered, egocentric and “me, myself & I” That’s if you exist at all. Further, I think u would make cannon fodder for scholars of psychiatric & psychology. You would be a heap of good study material for them. Like Kabimba, u are a paradox of logic. Grow up!

  10. It’s about time this country realised that women are more interligent than men but because are side lined, everyone think we belong in the kitchen. Otherwise, women can do what a man can do, i can foresee a future with a woman president!Viva mother Zambia Viva to our mothers who have strived for decades and help that nation be a nation, otherwise, no rise!

    • WOMEN of Zambia and beyond, there is absolutely nothing wrong with men supporting you. BUT there is definately everything wrong in supporting women who ONLY earn and solisitate for funds from donnors on the TRUMP CARD of being politically right positioned or seek sympathy ,funding and recognition from party in govt by condemning everything the opposition voices or does which the NGOCC is shying away from doing so in fear of being silenced by the govt systems.

      If anything,the NGOCC and other pro-govt parties,churches MUST THANK men and opposition parties, who criticise the govt BECAUSE by so doing pro pf/govt sympathisers are made to work hard for funding fromm pf/govt for sinnfully condemning God fearing MEN AND OPPOSITION PARTIES WHO STAND FOR THE TRUTH, DEMOCRACY ,UNITY AND…

    1.Why is it that NGOCC only sides with the party in govt? 2.Why is it that mainly divorcees or disgruntled in marriages are holding key positions in NGOCC? 3.Why is it that negative comments and opinions against opposition parties are only from mouths from one particular tribe and region? 4.Why is it that NGOCC has not condemned the asault of Hon.MP Garry Nkombo at Livingstone police when he went to report of law-lessness by PF. 5.Why is it that any violence or abusive of women by PF is never condemned by NGOCC?(I DON’T MEAN DAMAGE CONTROL CONDEMNATION)

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