600 prisoners from Mukobeko Prison moved to Mwembeshi Maximum prison


The Zambia Prison Service has transferred 600 Prisoners from the famous Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe to the newly constructed Mwembeshi Maximum prison situated in Mumbwa district in Central province.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs Kaizer Zulu told Journalists at Mukobeko State Prison in Kabwe that Government is determined to improve the living standards of prisoners in the country.

The 600 Prisoners were transferred to Mwembeshi Maximum prison under heavy and tight security by the Zambia Police Service, Zambia Army, Zambia Air force and the Prison Service respectively.

Mr Zulu said the Patriotic Front administration wants to fulfil what it promised the Zambian people during their campaigns prior to 2011 general elections adding that improving the welfare of those incarcerated is one agenda of government.

He said those who have been taken to Mwembeshi Maximum prison are those prisoners who are serving jail sentences ranging from seven to nine years imprisonment.

And Mr Zulu has cautioned the private media in the country to with immediate effect stop misinforming Zambians by peddling lies against the Prison Service and the Zambia Police Service.

The Home Affairs Permanent Secretary said the Zambia Police and Prison Service are vital security wings of government which should be allowed to discharge their duties in a professional manner.

Mr Zulu said some media houses in the nation, especially those from the private media and some online publication have continued to misinform citizens who expect to be feed with the true information of what is obtaining on the ground.

He said government is determined to continue improving the well fare of prisoners not only at Mwembeshi Maximum prison but the rest of prisons in the country.

Mr Zulu lamented that Mukobeko State prisons which was built in 1978 no longer accommodate large number of inmates hence the reason by government to build more prisons which would accommodate required number of prisoners as opposed to the current status quo.



    • King how do you buy the post newspaper when you are living in the diaspora?Unless you are in Zambia I dont see you buying the post!The only reason why you dont like the post is because it has facts and hits hard on your tribal party which has declared the post public enermy no.1.Take it easy or else your bitterness wil choke suffocate you!!

    • Yes the Zambia watchdo-g is saying the transfer is because of the pf government killing of prisoners.I wonder what that online publication wants to achieve by always trying to portray the government in a negative sense.

    • It’s possible to buy the Post newspaper from anywhere in the world you don’t necessarily have to be physicality in Zambia
      One can buy a hard copy of the Post newspaper through subscription It’s sent to you through the post
      May be King has stopped subscribing who knows?

  1. I am not surprized that this news story completely ignores the related fact that eight prisoners recently died in custody at Mwembeshi Maximum prison, as acknowledged by the Minister of Home Affairs! This renders the story unprofessional. Sadly, this is is the state of our government-controlled media – trained to report only what the state official said, leaving the facts begging for attention, and failing to digest events for the public.

  2. Work done = 0 starving is the same as Mukobeko maximum prison so why dont you first deal with meal mealie which is a Necessity and not the prison something after all even in a new prison inmates can still die of hunger.

  3. It is good to hear that new prisons are opening up to properly accommodate the bloated prison population. Being sent to prison shouldn’t entail a spiritual or physical death sentence. Prisons are meant to reform as well as punish law breakers. Those who deserve death for their crimes let them get death! But let us not turn prisons into stop-overs to an early grave. And prison conditions have a lot to do with this.

    We shouldn’t allow a situation where individuals are sent to prison and never to be seen alive again. Or come out completely ruined either by contracting incurable health conditions in prison due to poor conditions or, being tortured/beaten to death. It is inhumane and should never be tolerated, especially by a Country that has enshrined Christianity in the Constitution.

  4. @beckytek. so in your little understanding of governance you want all organs of government including prison services, army, police, and airforce to abandon there duties and go to your small village to sort out your shortage of food there right? nkalani che

  5. oposition watch out imwe amambala, prisons are expanding ka. muchione uno mwaka. you are very silly actualy

    • I hope you are NOT a Christian because if you are you will be cursed for your careless utterances.


    • What you say sounds logical, but thankfully the Lord Jesus does not see them that way. Many inmates have turned to the Lord in genuine repentance & faith. Their whole hearts are transformed, some have even said (in letters) that they are glad they were caught & imprisoned, or they may never have met Jesus.” (Taken time to seek for HIm.) To say such things when one is starving, sick and without hope of anything changing, proves they have true conversions in prison. Indeed, such inmates would make far better & more useful citizens than many who have not broken any law. But I agree the death penalty should exist for murderers, however, they should have time to hear the Gospel & be led to Christ before they die, perhaps a couple of months. Others should be treated like human beings-not dogs.

  6. Is there a figure about the number of Zambians in prison? How is watch over this just imagine your last relative dies outside in the village who informs the person in prison? Or if a prisoner is serious sick who informs the relatives? Who watch over this please

  7. That prison was constructed by MMD ,what erection promises are you fulfilling.Yes the PF post is lying day and night so that Mumembe avoids paying back K30 Billion un rebased kwacha.

  8. PF has not built even a pit latrine toilet at any police post, but claims to have constructed a new priosn inline with it manifesto which can only be read and understood in Bemba

  9. Lusaka times,keep it up.This is professional. zwd ati pf is killing 600 prisoners in kabwe. Introduce them to your reliable sources.

  10. Lusaka Times keep it with your work indeed u are professionals if u read what was reported on ZWD u can believe that the ZWD wants to put our country into flames shame on them!

  11. It is surprising to see how compromised LT has become. News should raise intelligent questions clearly are lacking here. The issue of mukobeko was raised in parliament and despite the figures in deaths not tallying, the ZW story was reasonably true and the truth lies between 8 deaths according to Edgar Lungu and 18 by ZW. An intelligent objective report or news on this matter should have acknowledged these issues as a minimum and probably asked more questions than simply being Zulu’s mouth piece. Is Zulu for example suggesting that his minister lied in someway? Get off this path LT or will be an online version of the PF post

  12. the construction of new prisons were brainchild of Levy,not Banda nor Sata,It’s pity for the PF perm sec to credit it on PF.Pf and Sata have not done anything to deserve a praise apart from promoting nepotism and expanding the cabinet and posts of deputy ministers.at the end of five years we will have nothing in the reserve bank,the little money which Banda and Musokotwani left would have been used to pay his relatives and bembas at large.

  13. The root of the overcrowding problem is that the courts are playing a queue jump system. Some prisoners cases are LONG overdue to be heard but the courts deal with the newest cases, thus those who have been waiting for a hearing will keep on being pushed to the back. I wonder if they even have a list of the prisoners names. They have open dockets ready and waiting for political prisoners. So this new prison may create a slightly more habitable environment for the inmates but before you know it, it will be flooded because the cases of those to be released would have been pushed back yet again. This situation will continue to exist until some judges bet of their backsides and do some REAL work!!

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