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The Madness of Zambian Politicians: Gangnam Style


Police officers (right) try to control suspected riotous UPND cadres at Woodlands police station in Lusaka
File: Police officers (right) try to control suspected riotous UPND cadres
at Woodlands police station in Lusaka

By Rev. Canon Dr. Kapya John Kaoma
My fellow priest, Fr. Jackson Katete asked me as to why I stopped contributing to Lusaka Times at the time when Zambian politicians are losing it. I really wanted to remember 2013 as the sad year when Zambia crashed out of the Africa Cup of Nations without winning a single match – sadly not. 2013 will be remembered as the year when our politicians lost their minds and acted like utwaiche tulebuta (kids playing in the mud).

2013 the year politicians lost their minds

The increasing culture of violence and insults among politicians is an affront to those who sacrificed their lives for Mother Zambia. Sadly, it is ordinary people who are maimed and die while Micheal Sata, Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba are living in luxury. My friends, we have lost many lives at the hands of these politicians–men without an iota of decency.

Honestly, we Zambians are the solution to this madness – acting as a single and undivided nation. We must demand that politicians respect and value each and every Zambian life. Sadly, we seem to value the rights of politicians over Zambians. Our politicians are now acting like vultures feeding on our blood to win elections.

It is regrettable that President Sata, Mumba and Hichilema have become “Supreme Leaders,” who govern by decrees. As party presidents, these vicious dictators silence opposition in their own parties–so much for multi-party democracy. Today, MPs no longer represent our interests but those of these blood and power hungry leaders. To be MP means selling all your senses, and becoming a stooge of the party president.

[pullquote]In Zambia, politics is like watching mentally challenged individuals arguing – you can hardly tell the difference.[/pullquote]

Be it PF, MMD and UPND, opposing the “Supreme Leader” warrants expulsion from the party and ultimately to losing one’s seat–unless one is joining PF. Has Zambia become North Korea–where public office means worshiping the Supreme Leader? Ethically, it does not make sense for Mumba and HH to denounce Sata to the Commonwealth and the international community, while denying the same fundamental rights to their MPs.

PF gangnam style

Let me be frank about this political madness. Our PF governnment is too arrogant to accept that something is wrong in the nation. The nonsense of by elections’ driven development is a misuse of national resources. It is time President Sata realized that the people of Southern province are full citizens with full rights and benefits entitled to all Zambians.

Nobody can deny that PF has become too complacent with the rule of law. Its cadres are becoming too violent and the party leadership is too stubborn to accept that its policies are detrimental to the well-being of our nation. Shielding corrupt individuals like GBM and Kabimba is immoral and it won’t lead to more money in our pockets. I am not opposed to the socialist policies of PF but I am opposed to how things are being done. We are a democracy and our policies ought to be debated before implementation. The state media and the Post Newspaper cannot continue to mislead the nation into believing that everything is ok. Things are going from bad to worse. By the way, why did Sata’s PF drop Given Lubinda for associating with HH’s Party but continues to appoint opposition MPs into the PF government? So much for democracy – PF gangnam style!

Nevers Mumba’s lack direction

My fellow Pastor Nevers Mumba seems to be everywhere without any sense of democracy or direction. He acts as if he has a God given right to the presidency but not so fast. I know that some pastors still believe that Mumba is destined to rule Zambia. I am not a prophet or apostle but a priest, so I won’t dispute this prophesy. However, one thing I know is that God does not vote, but people do. Within the short time he has been at the helm of MMD, Mumba has made more enemies than friends – sadly alienating longtime MMD members. The establishment of the “Real Blue” movement suggests that MMD is not likely to win any by elections – later on general elections.

Mumba acts like MMD’s “Supreme Leader” when dealing with his opponents. All those opposing his moves are beaten up. Mumba wants to win sympathy from Zambians over his harassment by PF but forgets how he instigated the beating of Major Kachingwe. Under no condition will MMD survive in its current state – like UNIP, it is headed to the graveyard of Zambian politics. People will remember Chiluba, Mwanawasa, and of course, Rupiya Banda and that’s it. To be frank, Mumba has never been popular in MMD – he is an outsider and cancer driving MMD to its grave. By the way, Mumba tried contesting elections under various Christian political parties – and lost badly. I can go on and on but I stop here – after all it is MMD politics gangnam style.

HH the capitalist

I consider HH the “Mitt Romney” of Zambian politics. The man made his fortune from liquidating companies – creating misery for many miners while pocketing millions of dollars. That is how capitalism works and I fully agree. But being a successful businessman does not always qualify one for the Presidency. I know some people see his business background as essential to leadership. I contend, however, that politics and business are two different things. One can build a business alone but nobody builds a political career without people. Like Romney, HH’s political career was destroyed by his own followers. I have met HH and he is not a bad guy. However, Mazoka’s wife and her people destroyed HH’s political future when they defined his leadership on tribal lines. I believe HH understands this problem but like Romney–failed to rebuke extremists in the Republican party–HH has found it dreadful to shed off the tribal fringes of his party for fear of losing tribal support. It is this aspect that his opponents exploit and it works.

That aside, UPND under HH has the record of untold violence which we never saw with Mazoka. When it comes to violence, his cadres are not better than MMD or PF. Like Sata, HH is another dictator whose bidding is final. His continuous harassment of his MPs who want to serve in the PF government says much about his credentials. His insults against Nawakwi and the women of Zambia places him in the company of Sata and Mumba. By the way, why is UPND–the party that prides in democracy stuck with HH as if he is a president for life? Another democracy, UPND Gangnam style.

This makes me wonder as to who is the adult in Zambian politics. In Zambia, politics is like watching mentally challenged individuals arguing – you can hardly tell the difference. Come 2016, I don’t see any of these power hungry dictators doing any good for Zambia. So let us start looking somewhere else and bring decency back in Zambian politics. Remember, we are one Zambia, One nation – regardless of our tribal and party identifications.


    • Finally a true bloodied priest has spoken…smoothing to the mind, a great article positioning our misfortune at the very best…

    • I don`t agree with your article reverend especially where you claim that PF is failing to admit that something is wrong.When were things ever right ? Talking about Kabimba and GBM…is it PF or the investigative wings which found them not wanting ? Reverend try to be more analytical next time.It is quite dangerous to spread falsehoods especially when the very same falsehoods have a foundation built from emotions.I however respect your opinion because you are entitled to one.

    • Rev Kaoma ,with due respect, this is a clear display of poor political analysis, (poor political analyst skills- concentrate on what u know best…leadership theories writing) without in- depth FACTS or evidence as a scholar to support yo contentions….3/4 of yo article content is based of newspaper opinions not fundamental facts (tribal parties, MMD like UNIP grave awaits, and the glossing over PF ). I would have loved yo article to be ideologically centered with regard to the political parties and policy underpinned in displaying the roles each party is doing or failing to do which might be a consequence for their extinction….not this wash washy writing without merits and fundamental evidence with critical truths and minds demand. Its therefore dismissed , misleading..

  1. The source of all these problems is because of Poverty, ignorance, cultural background (victim of own environment) ,just imagine all that comes with all this? what i if these issues could be overcome, then Zambia would be home and dry, but in as far as this world goes, only in my dreams can Zambia come out clean!

    • Ati “victim of own environment” ?? VERY WRONG bcoz thats a low achievers worldview and it explains zeds low dev’t.

      Low achievers its you to meet the conditions that success demands and not for success to meet your conditionalities.Low achievers always pray for tasks equal to their powers,high achievers pray for powers equal to their task.

    • sorry excuse mo taim…. i just want to make a point here, you people who are accusing others who are expressing themselves to be insulting… do you know that calling 76year man like sata a dictator by a young or younger priest in chibemba is insulting?

    • I’m afraid this article contains little substance. The analysis is shallow and too basic to be of any help. I wish the author could give us the strengths and weakness of each party. Your analysis seems to be guided by the POST Newspaper analysis. Please do more research and stop disguising your hatred for some people by pretending to be neutral. It is very easy to see which side you belong to.

    • @ Heya, I agree with you 100%. Reverend, for as long as you write about what you think, and not what “it” really is (with evidence to merit “it”), “it” is just but your opinion, which you are very well entitled to, just as I am to mine of dismissing your article as massively and gravely misleading, and like heya said, we can see past all this rhetoric and know which side you are on.

  2. Source of all the problems the country is facing is the Bemba chap in state house. Why bring in the other opposition leaders who are victims of Ukwa’s directionless and vindictive regime. But then again Zambians deserve Ukwa and his mealie meal shortages for believing in 90 days despite knowing what kind of thug Ukwa was. But hey for Bembas as long as baleteka, the country can rot as long as one of them is the president.

    • I would rather be a son of a businessman like HH rather than your mad father in statehouse (I assume you must one of the hordes of Ukwa’s illegimate offspring currently infecting and polluting Zambian air from all the whores he has been tombaling over the years). Have you heard the latest from the swearing in of 14 diplomats this morning? Koma you people and your Ukwa are something else!

  3. Mushota you are in the same group in terms of behaviour. you are the only full who expect the whole zambia to uk just becoz u are there. kanyo kobe, learn respect zambia and you will be accorded the same respect

  4. Non of them has impressively articulated the development agenda to see the country forward. but they are very good at insulting and engineering fights amid male meal shortages, road traffic accidents from poor safety, falling kwacha. Key issue never get addressed by these “gangs”. kwena chachine ni PF gan;gnam iyi.
    Mushota, you are a mentally retarded g=ang who insults Zambians on a wholesale on LT.

  5. Wow, well written, its time Zambians woke up, we are truly sleeping and making these politicians benefit, while we suffer. They feel so powerful because of their money to Bribe people. Worse of it all they just buy foolish cadres beer to kill ONE ANOTHER WHILE ENJOYING IN THEIR HOMES. ZAMBIANS WAKEUP.

  6. Kaoma you are just a small minded tribalist. I will never forget the article you wrote on Kapwepwe’s loss to Reuben Kamanga on the Vice Presidency of UNIP in 1968. You blamed it on a tribe that wasn’t even taking part in the elections. Your rant against HH surely comes from the same place. Kaoma it is the Zambian Government that took the decision to liquidate companies such as ZCBC, Zambian Airways etc. It was not the decision of the Auditing companies. You cannot blame an Estate Agent for selling your house after giving him permission to do so. Romney bought failing companies and resold them for profit. So your comparison is way off the mark.

  7. Unfortunately, as Zambians we will just comment on this article and forget. But these politicians are inflicting deep wounds on mother Zambia that our children’s children will to nurse for many years. An illiterate electorate will continue giving us fake leaders. Civil society should also focus on educating the electorate on politics and its direct impact on their communities.

  8. the analysis from this kaoma guy is tool shallow. he fails to differentiate between the oppressor and the opressed. This is a clear sign that he can as well stop writting. poor analysis of issues and no solutions

  9. Nowonder you stopped commenting on LT. You are out of touch with reality pastor. Actual;ly you are PF but just truying to condemn it in a very minimal way to try and act objective. I can only refer you to Chanda Chisala’s article on Zambia online and you will understand the whole problem in zambia.

  10. whatever you are called..Reverend or missed it are not calling the spade a spade..why did you choose to attack the opposition leaders and praise the man who is bringing about all this chaos in the country..he has promoted ethnic violence..and right now I would never live in that part of the country where there are only trees and rivers without development..I would kill them all..rewrite your article sir..!

  11. a s.tupid article by a s.tupid priest………………but who told u th@ h.h is a tribalist kanshi???are u such a dander head that u cant see sata’s naked tribalism yet u accuse others falsely.useless priest iwe.u have already forgotten the 10 commandments,among them,thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour……………… continue wallowing in your hate for h.h but come what may,2016 the man from bwengwa is matching into state house as president

  12. The comparison between Romney and HH is way off the mark. Romney is a vulture capitalist. He specializes in buying companies that are struggling. He either improves them for later sale or strips the assets for sale. As for the allegations against HH, they are a pile of nonsense. First the decision to privatize or liquidate parastatals was made by the Zambian Cabinet of which Mr Sata was a part between 1991 and 2001. HH never sat in these cabinet meetings in which the decisions to liquid Zambia Airways or to privatize ZCCM were made. HH was merely a Managing Partner of Grant Thornton a Managemnent Consultancy firm and was not part of govt decisions. So please lets stop this nonsense blaming someone for decisions taken by Sata and his friends!

  13. The only sensible thing you have written in your article is the following;
    “et me be frank about this political madness. Our PF governnment is too arrogant to accept that something is wrong in the nation. The nonsense of by elections’ driven development is a misuse of national resources. It is time President Sata realized that the people of Southern province are full citizens with full rights and benefits entitled to all Zambians.”

  14. I wish it was written by that patriot son of the soil Mbozi. What he write carries sense and is always factual. This article is very shallow with no substance and unresearched. You can do well to continue in your retirement man of God. Prepare sermons for the flocks leave such for Austin Mbozi.

    It is shocking to me that you have failed to appreciate the fact that Nevers and HH are victims of Sata’s dictatorship. You are the only grown up I have heard admitting that with you as a commandar of the army you have no problem with your solders turning their guns on their own battalion. What kind of a leader are you sir even in your church? You mean you can’t see that Sata wants to kill the opposition? Why does he not appoint independent member. Be useful to Zambia man of God.

  15. These politicians are the same. This article is a well balanced view from a vantage point that a cadre cannot get to be. I repeat the ‘repeated’ statement, the current crop of politicians are all the same. They’re all KK’s legacy, and it’s known very well how KK developed his cadres and delt with opposing views. This legacy shall remain in Zed, ever. I’ll never waste my time again to vote. Never!

  16. This Reverend Kaoma is a diehard bigot. In his previous article he blamed Lozi ‘tribalism’ for Simon Kapwepwe’s loss to Reuben Kamanga for UNIP the Vice Presidency in 1968. Just how he reached this warped conclusion just boggles the mind. To start with Reuben Kamanga was from the East. And the eastern campaign slogan for Kamanga was the infamous ‘wako ni wako’. He carried the day. And according Mr Collarman Kaoma all this happened because Lozis did not vote for Kapwepwe. So Lozis are ‘tribalists’! Unfortunately this is the kind of muppet this Kaoma is!

  17. The writer of this article is a pure pf cadre. With the brutality of the cobra on his political opponents which analyst can have soft words on a regime whose sole purpose is to cripple the oppositio in order to hide the failures.

  18. Actually, the Reverends articles are stepped in a sheeps clothing! Have always suspected his articles are disguised as balanced bur I awalys read through the lines that he is a pf cardre like Bishop Chomba on radio phoenix on 1st march 2013. Rev just declare that you a pf member than a political researcher! Any how I respect your opinion and keep writing and we will judge whether it is trash or objective.

  19. This Kaoma sees wrong in everyone, he is fake! In the first place, how can a mortal man who eats nshima and goes to the toilet everyday call himself a revelent? That title belongs to God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Going by the way he has condemed all the presidents of our three major political parties, Mr Kaoma is just short of telling us that he alone is the right man to lead Zambia. He is fake and can only deceive fools!

  20. So it has to take a priest to tell you Zambians to wake up? You, the Zambian people have the power not the politicians. You, Zambians need to take the power back and let the politicians know what time it is. Enough is enough!

  21. Yes, I agree that unpalatable behaviour has been potrayed by most of the political players. I think it should take a neutral body like the church to sensitize their flock to demand some decency of the political leader. If anything organise some peaceful protests on the subject, Priest, and I will be more than happy to join you.

  22. Those that think the coming elections will go to ichilema, then you have something to do with your heads. If this man was humble enough, he would have first learned how the politics goes otherwise he is going to die with idears. He can not be better than a councellor, beccause the later knows how to mobilise the people and win them with no money or cattles, now this man his weapon is, “i’m a businessman, i’m a farmer” what will all this got to do with elections.
    For those that love this man the advise that you can give him is just to tell him that he just have to stop, Kuvileka thats all. So that he can govern his cattles and if he think we shall suffer without him let us suffer. Who is he to be feeling sory for us. Zhwakoko.

  23. This article is disjointed, I expected the priest to analyse SATA, but because of his obvious bias, he decides to attack nevers and HH. This priest justice like Fr Bwalya are so ashamed that the person they supported has failed to live up to expectation. Anyway its a hollow article, he can’t see that sata is sliding us into an abyss of dictatorship.

  24. Let known ,Rev Kaoma ,with due respect, this is a clear display of poor political analysis, (poor political analyst skills- concentrate on what u know best…leadership theories writing) without in- depth FACTS or evidence as a scholar to support yo contentions….3/4 of yo article content is based of newspaper opinions not fundamental facts (tribal parties, MMD like UNIP grave awaits, and the glossing over PF ). I would have loved yo article to be ideologically centered with regard to the political parties and policy underpinned in displaying the roles each party is doing or failing to do which might be a consequence for their extinction….not this wash washy writing without merits and fundamental evidence with critical truths and minds demand. Its therefore dismissed , misleading…

    • Please note that this is my personal perception of the events. You may present your own analysis to the same. Thanks for spending time reading this article.

    • Thanks for the Feedback Rev Kaoma, much appreciated! It,s not in dispute that u are entitled to yo perception but sharing it with the public demands educative responsibility of researched evidence and facts. I’m a bit critical with u coz being a Dr..Critical thinking is at the fore of yo work and academic integrity demands no mere perceptions but well researched and evidenced perceptive writing. As Dr ,at yo level you can serve the public better ,don’t be lazy in political research and the need to uphold the pinnacles of offering an enlightened work in which many at scholary level can buy in (going by yo titled). We have had enough of cadre writing from newspapers, we expected a different approach based on fundamental facts,evidence and analysis. It’s not about me writing another ba…

  25. Rev, you miss a point and typical Zambian analysis of issues. Are you sure there is nothing positive in Mumba, HH and Sata. This has been superficially done based on newspaper opinions. Nevers Mumba overwhelmingly won party elections – if one or two people work against him – it does not mean he is rotten. HH has demonstrated ability to create wealth, he is well educated, and you mention all these in the negative! Wow!. Sata has demonstrated the perseverance in times of trouble. He lost elections three times and never lost steam – until he won. For you all this accounts for nothing? I know you can do better, take your time Rev and remove emotions when you analyze national issues

  26. This article is sport on. The headline and the content are marrying perfectly. By madness, the author has gone for the negatives for the 3 main political party leaders.
    They are all dictators, violent and self centered.

  27. What sort of Reverend lies so blatantly. The government liquidated companies not HH. if a nurse helps your woman to give birth does that mean the nurse is the one who has given birth. Please give us a break with these cheap anti HH points.

    • I am sorry, I did not intend to offend. We should agree to disagree. Perception in politics is crucial – how people perceive affects how they vote. Thanks for reading this article.

  28. The article lacks substance. ……its all common sense and offers no direction, typical of pastors.”pastor u forgot to ask for offering this time around”

  29. i know this kamushota girl. she went to the UK to baby sit with a certificate in hotel mgt from fairview. dont believe her on PhD stuff. she is a joker, now workking in an old people’s home, cleaning pupu and stuff like that.

  30. After reading the article, I have come to a conclusion that Rev Canon Dr Kapaya is not helpful when it comes to analysing the political situation in this country. I disagree with him that Nevers Mumba was to blame for what happened to Major Kachingwe. It is very clear that Kachingwe and Namugala are on the PF payroll to destroy the former ruling party. I cannot believe that the man of the pulpit has not seen that the appointment of opposition MPs to deputy ministerial position is being done with a hidden agenda. For reasons best known to himself, Kapaya has failed to see that the only politician who wants to curve for himself an image of a supreme leader is Sata. That is the more reason why he is in a hurry to obliterate the opposition parties.

  31. What a useless analysis of political events by this priest. I can assure you your analysis is that of the devil. PF are the instigators of all our present problems. It is actually evil against good. The opposition want something good for zambia while PF the ruling government is afraid of fair pilitics are resolting to violence. UPND has never been a violent party but the MMD when they lost the Mufumbwe bye-election using violence which was met by UPND using violence, MMD cried foul after being beaten to their game. If Mazoka’s wife did not chose HH who is financially stable, UPND could have been history by now. PF in the opposition obtained a lot of financial support from fellow tribes men but no one is talking about that. These are days of evil events and angels of death like this writer

    • Well, you said the truth – you chose HH because of his money not political standing. Thanks for the reading this article nonetheless.

  32. Stupid article by the fatherless FATHER. Just be like ‘fatherless’ father Bwalya. You may land yourself a Board Chairman Position at Zamtel

    • I have no intention of doing that. We may agree to disagree. However, the culture of insults is not progressive at all. Please learn to argue without insulting those who disagree with you.

  33. 2013 is a year zambians experienced loack of leadership. coinstitution broken at will. Lawlessness everywhere,. corruption, nepotism, bribery of MPs its free for all pa Zed and the dangerous thing is that those who are in gvt are the main culprits

  34. What do you expect from theology? Even my grade 7 drop out son can be admitted to study theology. No analysis!

  35. There are attempts by the writer to balance up this article by apportioning a fair share of blame on each leader, i.e. Sata, HH & Nevers. But he does a bad job and becomes unfair to the article in that process and entangles himself in the paradox of logic. He apparently wants to appear neutral without being neutral. His failure to recognize that among the 3, Sata holds the instruments of power which he’s literally throwing around, and that his poaching of opposition MPs is detrimental to Democracy, is fatal to the article. Its not very good writing I’m afraid.

  36. i think the writer has not articulated the lack of leadership being displayed by the current president. kindly reflect on sata’s appointmnets( Majority are bembas),lack of steam to drive the economy forward, how he is handling the mealie meal shotages, type of employemnt being created, poaching of opposition MPs(is this objective), costly bye elections,violence being mostly caused by PF cadres, killing of two PF Cadres during bye elections & blaming UPND for the deaths,he has not given a proper policy direction for the country, bloated cabinet, and the 90 days campaign promises, i would appreciate if the author can analyse our president based on the facts i have raised above.
    otherwise thank you reverand for bringing out some of these issues.

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