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Celebrity Couple Wed


Celebrity couple Salma Dodia and Tivo tied the knot recently in a wonderful ceremony .

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We wish them all the best and Gods blessings in there marriage .

By Kapa187


  1. Pipo

    Salma Dodia I know, but who is Tivo and what makes him a celebrity imwe?? Is he related to the former disgreaced Minister of Information, Rev. Ronnie Shikapwasha? Please inform us!!

  2. Tivo Shikapwasha, with your father’s big nose, you managed to scoop this pretty girl. Awe ulichaume! Congratulations

    • You should know what they say about a man witha big nose on top of that he must have an attractive poket otherwise, he wouldnt have managed to get her, am not saying she’s a gold digger, thats just how it is in the real world, who wants a B………. Man?

  3. Eya ! Ili ilyashi lyawama sana.Awe kwena bane mwabomba.Ala Salma sunga bwino ichi chupo chikashana.Batila ati sunga umukoshi ubulungu tabwashupa.Epashili pakuleka bane.

    • Ningufwa ukutila umulumendo alatolamofye bwino munchito yakulisha ifilimba.I just doubt about Salma`s music career taking off in the united states.I don`t think Americans can spare a minute on that kapilipiri voice.She just have to find another career in the land of the free.

  4. Why do men opt for black as groom suits in hot weather its dated and too conservative…fashion houses should tap into this market they seem to focus more on the braid maids and the braid’s dress. I’m yet to see groom suits in Zambia in Khaki or chino suits its more colourful.

  5. What celebrity when we dont even know them. Nevertheless the bride looks cute but the groom. Awe mwandi love is blind zoona classic case of beauty and the beast.

  6. Hahahaha!!mwe bena Zambia ala mulansekesha mwe!olo mulalanda kwena,bushe kwena tamwaufwa ati TAKWABA umwaume Umubi?

  7. “Tivo matwi” lol…. congrats. Remember the Kabs boys/girls variety show of yester year. MC Hammer’s “can’t touch this”.

  8. no time for noise makers now is time to work. if MCS is mad as alleged bythese under5s while he bring such development then i wana be mad as well

  9. Tivo shikapwasha is a celebrity, how? just coz he is a son to former minister of information ninshi ankala celeb?…….LT plz get us some real news

  10. Tivo is a well respected veteran of Zambian entertainment. He’s an accomplished producer and radio presenter, and probably one of the best mix DJs Zambia has ever produced. He may not exactly be a household name, but he commands massive respect from industry insiders. Don’t insult anyhow!!

    • Just googled this respected producer, presenter, entertainer, cant seem to find anything apart from stories from some Zed online news…please inform us…

    • Guys mwaliba ko serieus, you even have to google, kanshi ni celebrity, naine googuleni! hehehehehehehheehehheheheh kuti wabako celebrity,.

  11. The headline is a bit misleading. It should have been ‘ A couple with wee talent weds’.
    Help them get real jobs! There is no room in the inn for talentless couples!!

    • You seem bitter that its not your name or your wedding in the paper. Being a DJ or musician is a real job my dear, maybe the guy is not really a celebrity but as for Salma she is one, she is well known in the zambian music fratenity and has quite an impressive number of fans.

  12. Am also a celebrity coz am related to Andrew & Nathan Sinkala and am a top scorer in amatuer out.

  13. I live in the United States and I don’t think I have ever heard his name among the notable DJ’s I know here and I am very much involved in music. Ba LT please refrain from misusing celebrity status referencing…..being Shikapwasha’s son doesn’t make you one either……in your dreams!!!!
    Only in Zambia can you be accorded such status……ya bwafya sana. I feel sorry.

    Anyways congrats on your wedding….we need more stable families in society.

  14. How on earth a BLACKMAN marry an Indian? He is cerebrity indeed, cos indian girls cannot marry non indians to make matters worse a BLACKMAN as dark as charcoal

  15. Pa Zed akalijo your have married instead send goodwill messages you ukumumpontela ati chimona ubukulu,bawiso so na so.When are we going to objective and praise where it is due? Remember that beaut lies in the eyes of the beholder.Many guys around with big cash particularly Zambians of Asian originals would have or were trying their luck to have a go at Salma but she opted to go for a man of her heart and now she is receiving scorn from people who were dancing to songs only yesterday some even now.Remember what the bible teaches:”WHAT GOD HAS PUT TOGETHER NO MAN CAN PUT ASUNDER” Mwandini bane congratulations look after one another well,Love nibabili fye no number three.

  16. I sense a lot of jealous . Zedians just congratulate the couple. If you don’t know them then you are just not up to date with Zambian entertainment. Stop with the pull down mentality ba kolwe imwe

  17. Do you know the meaning of celebrity please shup up its like insulting michael jackson from the grave

  18. congratulations Tivo and Salma. a little confused with the celeb status but hey! im not hating. well done to both you and wish you all the best guys.


  20. What Celebrity mwe bantu, just because of b wishi ba Dodia and ba Shikapwasha the cccccchildren are celebrities?/////// Yangu bane, anyway fyabupuba fye, elyo cibe shani?

  21. kwena zambians can hate,this is just black bitterness,congrats salma and wish u guys the best,all those hating,lets see ur boy/girlfriends, please dont hate and for once be happy for others ala!!!!

  22. Congratulations Tivo and Salma and welcome to the beautiful journey of marriage. Remember, it matters not what people say as long as you have each other.
    If we base our happiness on what people, we would never find a moment of peace and happiness.

  23. Actually, it should have been a pink wedding. Remember, big brother finale’s song with Sulu? Salma had a tummy bump! I am told that the father was ex-communicated from the Moslem world becoz of the disowner brought by her daughter. It should be pink wedding not white.

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