Thursday, June 20, 2024

RB’s Immunity removed, Wynter Kabimba puts the details on the table


President Rupiah Banda is welcomed by Kapiri Mposhi residents
Former President Rupiah Banda

Parliament has today removed former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity from prosecution because of alleged corrupt activities and misappropriation of public funds. The motion passed with 80 for Yes, 3 for No while 4 were absentees.

Presenting the motion Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba said Mr Banda during his tenure, abused the authority of office, and corruptly acquired public property and misappropriated funds or revenue in respect of crude oil contracts with a Nigerian Petroleum Corporation.

Mr Kabimba said on December 21, 2011, the Government Joint Investigations Team (GJIT) conducted a search on the property of former Energy Minister Kenneth Konga in Lusaka in which the team came into a possession a letter dated November 25, 2008, which letter was personally signed by Mr Banda requesting for supply of 45, 000 barrels per day of Term Crude Oil from the Nigerian firm.

“The GJIT has established that the Zambian government paid the sum of US$2.5 million to the Nigerian company for the said crude oil facility through the Zambian government’s Nigerian Procurement Agent called Sarb Energy Ltd.

“The team also established that Henry Banda, son to Mr Rupiah Banda, was involved in the oil deal with the sole responsibility of deciding where the Nigerian firm assigned to uplift the crude would remit the proceeds for the transaction. Mr Henry Banda opened an off-shore account with Barclays Bank in Singapore into which the proceeds were remitted on behalf of his father,” Mr Kabimba said.

“The diversion of the proceeds Mr Speaker constitutes abuse of authority of office, fraud and misappropriation of public funds on Mr Rupiah Banda’s part for which he must be prosecuted by the GJIT,” He said.

According to Mr Kabimba, further investigations revealed that Mr Rupiah Banda and his family in 2011 spent more than K20 billion on the purchase of election campaign materials and this sum was personally handled and disbursed in cash by Mr Banda and his sons.

He told the House that Mr Banda disbursed the funds through his Senior Private Secretary and the MMD Campaign Centre Manager and that he also disbursed the sum of K60 million paid in three installments to each parliamentary candidate in all the 150 constituencies.

Mr Kabimba said Mr Banda also disbursed K2 million to each local government candidate for the total of 1, 400 wards.

“The GJIT has now established that K21, 907, 847, 170 cash was personally disbursed by Mr Rupiah Banda and his family and that the MMD never had such sums of money in its bank account at any time. During the period, Mr Banda purchased bicycle spares and accessories from Atlas Cycles and printed fabrics from in India at declared value of K371, 908, 000 with duty at K81, 076, 292 while 42 Toyota Hilux Vigo from Western, a United Arab based firm with valued at K1, 869, 840, 000 and K892, 434, 129 as duty.

Similarly, materials including branded candy lollypops, 40 used Bedford Trucks, branded T-shirts, caps, badges, hats, balloons, hand flags and flags were bought from various suppliers in the Emirates, United Kingdom and China.

Others were bought from Japan, Malawi and South Africa that included 77 used light trucks, 2, 407 bales of printed fabric, T-shirts, badges and hats, balloons and various motor vehicle types all valued at K10, 107, 847, 170.

Mr Kabimba said “Mr Banda’s personal handling of such large sums of moneys and his activities constitute acts of money laundering and, or the presumption that the funds in question came from the national treasury as public funds for which he is liable to prosecution.”

He said Mr Banda and his family prepared their own loan agreements to procure a loan of $1, 000, 000 from Hands Industries, a firm listed in Dubai as a dealer in clothing and not a financier, for Mpundu Trust.

The GJIT established Nyiombo Investments procured the said unsecured loan for Mpundu Trust, whose directors were Thandiwe Chilongo Banda, spouse to Mr Banda and two other people who in February 2012, resigned and Mr Bnda also became a director.

The Justice Minister said without any reasonable explanation from Mr Banda, the presumption that the said loan constitutes gratification under the ACC Act was inevitable, hence an offence for prosecution.

Other offences brought to the House included money laundering activities such as the acquisition of a $200, 000 Higer Bus, branded bulbs worth $60, 000, importation of shoes worth $300, 000 from Mauritius and importation of 38 trucks from the UK worth GP100, 000.

“In view of the foregoing, I submit that this House should resolve that criminal proceedings against former President Rupiah Banda would not be contrary to the interests of the State whatsoever and the GJIT must proceed to prosecute Mr Banda,” he said.


    • Those who walked out wanted the motion to pass. If they had stayed and voted either way, fingers would have been pointed at them and history would have judged them harshly whatever they outcome. Walking out was a smart way of passing the motion and avoid any blame.

    • Lets proceed with the cases in the court of law.

      It was shocking to see MMD run the most flamboyant and excessively expensive election campaign ever seen in Zambia when a few months before that MMD declared at its convention that its books were in red.

      Soon after that resounding electoral defeat, all the glamour just dried up in thin air.

      We hand a money launder for a president.

      We are not talking about small figures here. Just imagine what this money would have done to the country if applied for its legitimate purposes.

      How many lives would have been saved and improved through availability of drugs, water, sanitation, housing, roads, school supplies, agriculture.
      Thieves like RB deserve no sympathy from well meaning Zedians
      We are a small economy, we need every ngwee…

    • Imagine if all that money was put in Hospitals,roads and people blame PF for accidents on the roads.What a selfish old man,unsecured loan on Mpundu trust.So Armsterdam is dipping from the offshore account in Singapore? no wonder he is so vocal .RB was indeed a curse to Zambians.

    • Two third majority to form a quorum was not met ,Parliament needed 106 MPS to form the two third majority for a YES vote, out of the 159 MPs in parliament. Now how can the 80MPs that voted yes be a basis for a resolution and decision to lift immunity??? And how does this 80 MPS speak&make such a precedent decision for all Zambians even when the speaker as a lawyer knows this action is a serious contempt of court as the matter is still in court…????
      Is Matibini ,Speaker a genuine lawyer??? Has Matibini got ethical mind ?? Is his Doctorate from matero or its genuine???, surely his Arguments for not respecting the judiciary or our courts leaves much to be desired- was he once a judge? My foot, What a Zambian speaker!!!!!!!!!!…By his utterances his integrity today has been stripped

    • By his utterances his integrity today has been stripped stark naked .
      From now on, he is Matibini the naked, both in intent and in mind……So much for a Dr in Law who can’t respect his own courts with so deep contempt of court and the judicial process….very disappointing useless Matibini!!

      This lawlessness by PF government engineered by Fred Mmembe is putting Zambia at serious crossroads? This impunity being championed my Fred Mmembe must be stopped at all costs!!!

    • I do have one question though! Winter clearly states that RB paid taxes and he even states how much was paid. Why then have the police been holding all the campaign materials and vehicles saying they were not properly cleared?
      It is better to hold them as suspected proceeds of crime!

    • The level of reasoning on this blog is very near to the ground and truncated like that of the sick old man in State House. No wonder you see a saviour in him when the free-thinking see an imminent cataclysm. Before you type anything please think. Learn to reason or ruminate.

      It is a dark horse and unviable proposition to even start talking about RB going to court to exonerate himself as some bloggers are indicating in their comments.

      The debate brainy people are now mulling over is whether the third majority to form a quorum or required number was met in Parliament. M’membe and his dogsbody needed 106 Members of Parliament to form the two third majority for a ‘yes’ vote, out of the 159 Members of Parliament.

      Now comes the real question not the rubbish some bloggers are saying;…

    • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! just woke up to this news , woooooooooooow!, i have been thinking it would take weeks thats why i had been saying ” i wonder what the coming weeks will entell” ! wow, lets play RB, you are the weakest Link ByeBye.

    • @ Sara, if you are really so smart like you can why dont you continue with your biased usless comments of propaganda on your zwd like you usually do ?

    • People should understand. Matibini as very close ties with. Mr m’membe . Just from the law firm he used to work as a partner, MNB legal practioners. M for matibini, N for nchito(the dpp) and B for Bwalya. Understand his bias,even though a corum isn’t formed a motion is passed. This are signs of how bad he is at constitutional law, that’s why during the ncc the voted chifumu Banda to be the leader not him. People need to mature. Sometimes I wonder were we are going. And to think the man Mr Banda was unfair? Didn’t he appoint Mr matibini as a judge!!????with no bias

    • Can any of you talking about the two-thirds majority vote, quote what the law (Constitution) says on this issue of lifting a president’s immunity?

  1. this case aint going anywhere but a real waste of much needed resources.. we spent more money pursuing ftj than he was alleged to have stolen.. the same will happen here

    • Its not a waste of time the people of Zambia have been reaped off for a long time.This time around one must be sent to Jail.You see ,Banda sons are crooks and they need to answer all these charges.We paid for the supply of oil yet it was not supplied.Could this be the reason why Banda did not want his immunity removed?Good move MPS

    • Yu dont understand English? We have been told that Mr Band and his family. FTJ was smarter than RB. He used other people whereas Mr Banda used himself and his son.

    • I don’t agree with your assertion, coz we have never come close nor are we ever going to
      Know exactly how much FTJ and his team amassed from Zambia’s coffers.

    • Hello Wanu Ngwee, from an economic sense point of view you certainly do have a point. We do not have so excess funds as a country to persue cases which will cost us so much and yet may be not even realise a quarter of what is alleged to have been stolen. But the reverse can be argued for the idea. Imagine what it would be like if prosecution was based on the cost of the process versus what is expected to be realised? Do you think justice would be served? The law is none selective. A person accused of having defamed his neigbor cannot be prosecuted less that one who is alleged to have stolen a truck load of copper cathodes.

    • The point I was making is that it’s not even right to insunuate that the state spent more money prosecuting FTJ than the amount he was alleged to have stolen, yet that amount is itself not known! RB, I understand you but am just wondering why you’ve to say so much that will strengthen the prosecution’s case against you!Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Those MPs who walked away should be ashamed, they represent the people of Zambia and as such should have mobilized themselves in order to defeat the motion if they still believed there was no case after the minister had presented the case. These MPs have to understand that parliament is were they should do battle walking away is cowardly.

  3. The opposition was in cahoots with PF! If they stayed they would have had enough numbers to reject the motion but they walked out willingly to pretend as though they are against it.
    This is real politics for you. I mean if all those that walked out stayed the motion wouldn’t have passed at all.

    Anyway lets see where this goes, let the truth finally come out. By the way, does anyone else enjoy the comedy on ZWD as much as I do, they always have great jokes about UPND being popular I sometimes think its a April fools day when I read the comments.

    • I rarely venture that way but my funny bone is tickled when I do. Actually a lot of times it is tickled right here coz if you’re politically non aligned then you notice there is always a happy crowd and a sad crowd and then they take swings at each other for not sharing a viewpoint. Like tonight’s lot are the happy crowd, when the shock wears off (or the blogging elsewhere) the venting will be more entertaining than writing my fictional political thriller of which you are all shareholders as cast members, hehe.

  4. Ichisungu ba LT. “Abstention” not “absentees”. Abstain is to refrain from voting. Absentee is someone not present.

  5. Well well well,I think every leader after Rupiah Bwezani Ndalama will never be caught in graft mischief, you see we told you opposition parties that) must face the law. Who is in the wrong now..? Are you still blaming PF.?

  6. Well well well,I think every leader after Rupiah Bwezani Ndalama will never be caught in graft mischief, you see we told you opposition parties that) must face the law. Who is in the wrong now..? Are you still blaming PF.? Told you

  7. why is it ever so easy to access public funds in Zambia? How does a head of state handle such big monies, cash for that matter…mumangeni!

  8. He who kills by sword will die by sword. Sata will be subjected to the same treatment when time is up for him in State House. I would like to suggest to parliament that we don’t need immunity for our president since this will be removed as soon as the president leaves the seat

    • Iwe @pazed sata will go back to his creator before finishing his term of office so he will not be liable to this immunity business…….ha ha ha ha

  9. Im waiting for those NEGATIVE COMMENTS and support for RB. Hey guys wake up. Why go to bed this early.Post your comments againt your so called Chimbwi. hahahahaa …he is Cobra indeed.

  10. Although I support removing the immunity of former President, I am worried that two third majority was not met during the voting.Then how come the speaker overruled a court injunction file in the high court?Can someone explain to me what this means?

    • Scott its simple math,the speaker is more concerned about the mps who were present at the time WK was presenting the motion,so if those opposition mps really wanted to protect Banda they shouldn’t have left,they knew but it looks like they dribbled him. Again the court can not stop parliament from carrying out its supposedly duty of lifting immunity coz they are not answerable to the courts.


    • According to the law, parliament is supreme. A court of law cannot stop parliament from debating anything. Only the speaker can rule over parliamentary issues. The opposition played a blinder. They did not want to be accused of shielding a thief. But they also did not want to be seen to be supporting the government after all the noises they have been making. Before anyone jumps for joy though remember Kafupi’s case. It went nowhere after 8 years!!

    • The LAW IS SUPREME! Everyone has to obey the LAW . That includes Parliament. If the makers of the law cannot respect it why should you and I respect it?. Stop misleading yourselves. This thing is going to the Supreme Court. Kabimba, Mmembe, Mahtani and Nchito are in a hurry. They seem to be working against some set clock. Like the so called Tribunal before it this $hit is going straight to the High Court and finally to the Supreme Court . In the Supreme Court it will lie in stasis as there is a crisis there of Sata’s own making. Welcome to Gridlock 101!

    • Seperation of powers.Its premature to run to the courts of law in order to prevent parliament from moving a motion.


    • Boyi @scott two thirds majority here concerns those present in parliament…..but u know the zambian constitution has always been ambiguous thats why genuine lawyers say we should really revew it……great King Muwelewele I mean Mwanawasa genuinely started the process before becoming drank with power and putting his foot in his own mouth and that was the end of the process, I hope the cobra has matured enough to frankly pursue and complete the process of constitution amendment, otherwise here they have just also manipulated the weakness of the constitution just as Banda himself did on numerous occassions.

    • I dont think there is any country in the commonwealth which has a law that allows a court to issue any injuction to parliament to restrain parliament from debating any motion. If any injuction was obtained by RB restraining parliament from debating the removal of immunity, I wonder what precedent the court based that decision on. But for any lawyer to urgue that because the matter has been submitted to court and there fore parliament should not debate the said matter! I can only assume the lawyer used the argument because parliament has been reluctant to expel members who have been expelled by their parties but the said members’ cases are before courts of law.

  11. This is the price of ignorance. Anything that comes and you are against, you walk out. Now the opposition is shocked at the turn of events. Viva Sata. Viva Given.

  12. Good opportunity for mundal to prove his claimed innocence. The point is that given a chance to lead people, serve and not…………


    • You are definitely not good at simple arithmetic! Do you know the number of MPs in parliament? Are you aware that some opposition MPs are currently in Addis Ababa attending the Pan African Parliamentary Forum.? Mmembe and co are using your ignorance to abuse the institutions of governance. When someone says you are been used as Useful Id.iots you claim you are been insulted….. Go figure!

  14. Zwangendaba, now you realize when many of say say the opposition in Zambia acts and reacts without thinking. Like the Republican oparty in the US, UPND and MMD knows only one course of action: If it has Sata and PF on it, oppose! By walking out they thought they were showing their distates for Sata, PF and Kabimba when in fact they were unwittingly enabling the PF to actually pass the same thing they were trying to prevent. Shame!!!

    • No @ Sara Palin I disagree with u, the opposition MPs seem to know what they were doing……they just offered a free service to the people of Zambia to make RB face the law, I thank the opposition, if they had been in parliament whoever voted against RB could have been marked and punished by their superiors in the opposition… thanks to the opposition MPs who walked out for the heroic act.

  15. Hmmm, not sure whether the removal of immunity is to take sue RB or facilitate investigations. Most of itemised points appear circumstantial .

    The Speaker recently told UPND that he was unable to deal with that….low life, because the matter was in court. I think this is why opposition walked. Double speak really!,,

    • The matter between UPND and its MP was a civil matter and Parliament is a third party.
      The imjuction brought against Parliament was a non starter even to grade 7 failure! What more a failed lawyer Sakwiba?

  16. I like the fact that PF has done it while those commonwealth chaps are still in zed,they must be shaking for now they know Sata doesn’t play.. MPs walking away I strongly feel they did it on purpose…all those who were close to Bwezani Ndalama will be on the run now

  17. Another thing; in their mistaken belief, UPND and MMD think international bodies such as the COmmonwealth, the UN and Human Rights Council will side with them when they cry their human rights are abused! They fail to realize that international organizations’ distaste for corruption is even greater than their dislike for perceived dictators, especially those that have been put into office via “democratic” elections. In this regard, HH and Nevers have shown an incredible lack of understanding of interntional politics. Witness the silence of ALL, and I repeat, ALL diplomatic missions in Lusaka on how the PF is governing the country!! Reason? They have their ways of gathering information besides what the Zambian Watchdog spews.

  18. What about the court injunction Rupiah’s attoneys obtained? This is as hard as trying to snatch a cheese burger from Sata!
    We gave you the messiah (HH) and you chose Barnabas (Sata). Poor Zambians, you only have yourselves to blame. You made the bed, so lie on it! You are back at it again with another clown. Go ahead.

    • How can the tribalist HH be the messiah…..this is blasphemy, HH can never rule zambia even Nervous Mumba knows that he only want to use HH for political purposes.

    • The injunction was not granted. The lawyers went to get an injunction but the courts did not rule on it. Bola yabipa.

    ZWD BOSA!!!!
    AMSTUM BOSA!!!!!

  20. very weak case, it will go nowhere, companies were donating money to mmd, pf had few chitenge material when they were in opposition,but now they are flooded,where are they getting the money to purchase the chiteges,you will also be proscuted, but sadfor kabimba you will be alone since we are soon having a state funeral.

    • Iwe, do you know anything about accountability, If you read the passage would have this again “The GJIT has now established that K21, 907, 847, 170 cash was personally disbursed by Mr Rupiah Banda and his family and that the MMD never had such sums of money in its bank account at any time. During the period, Mr Banda purchased bicycle spares and accessories from Atlas Cycles and printed fabrics from in India at declared value of K371, 908, 000 with duty at K81, 076, 292 while 42 Toyota Hilux Vigo from Western, a United Arab based firm with valued at K1, 869, 840, 000 and K892, 434, 129 as duty” If these were donations let the mmd prove it in court. Ndiwe zoona chimbwi no plan

    • @Thomas Phiri, so what if RB personally disbursed the money? Your Kabimba will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that these were Public funds. These are company funds that were given by corporate bodies to RB. Some of the donations were from the Chinese. And the Chinese donated heavily for the simple reason that promised cadres like you that he was going to chase them away. Dear Zambians why can’t you be a bit intelligent?

    • Please learn to read the entire article and understand before commenting, we want very much to read your comments, so please show some intelligence and understanding in your debate. Not ukula bwatabwata fye!

  21. This is rubbish you call this a case and you are excited.To be honesty you have a very dull Chief Justice in the name wynter.A waste of tax payers money,you want to accuse RB pa fitenge atase.Yangu upuba muchalo.

  22. The fact of the matter is that by the time Rupiah Banda’s case enters the court, it will be election time in 2016. This is a waste of time and resources. We know that, again, Kabimba, Nchito and Mmembe are the guys to make money from this whole process. But at the rate things are going in Zambia, it will not surprise me if the country erupted into civil war any time. What is going on in Zambia has never been seen before and the situation is now tense. Where is GBM? where is Membe and Nchito and the K14billion loan? What about all these by-elections caused by PF deliberately distabilising the opposition? Sata personally intervened when ACC wanted to question Kabimba. All these things will come to haunt them when they leave power. Some of these guys will die like dogs.

    • civil war beween who? the tongas and the rest of the country.The country is in general agreement that RB immunity must be lifted.No one is above the law

    • Very dull rantings indeed. When Chilubas Immunity was removed there was no civil war, but when Banda’s are removed then there will be civil war? Mmm guys…..very dull chap you are really. Shame on you…shaaaaaa. Atase bane.

    • But zoona iwe niwe Chimbwi. Infact you are also FOX MUMBWE. How can you even think, let alone talk about civil war? Do you know what that means? Let us not open our mouths carelessly. Ukafilwa no kunyaa mumbwe inkodo nga yalibukile. Don’t take the peace we enjoy for granted no one is worth that trouble. And why think we can go to war because an unpupular thief like you Graand Father Rupiah Banda is gonna be prosecuted? No ways. FTJ was one of the popular presidents, if not not the most popular. At least for most of us he only became unpopular when
      Levy stripped him of his immunity. But no one went to war for that iwe mumbwe> wake up, we only have one Zambia not two! there is of-course, another country that begins with Z, but its not Zambia…… its Zimbabwe!!!

  23. Scott good question. You don’t need two third majority to remove immunity. Go and read the law. Parliament is not amenable to another arm of the government but has its own constitution called the general orders. Next question please?

    • @ Ba Boss – stop lying. The General Orders are regulations that govern the civil service system. If you have no defense against something wrong and ill-advised, just shut up instead of propagating your ignorance as if the world is as ignorant as yourself. Parliament is accountable to its Members who constitute it. Parliament is not just buildings and the Speaker. In proper democracies, this motion should have been stopped. But you know what, I’m not here to make any arguments, just to point at your ignorance and your immature courage to lie to people who know more than yourself. As for PF, their time will come when they will be running like rats. Chiluba faced it, now Rupiah is facing it…for PF it will be worse. Luckily for Sata, he will not live long enough to experience it.

  24. Ifi mulechita fyabupuba sana fye!!! There are much more important issues to pursue than starting to chase RB. How many countries do you see such nonsense happening? Sata and Kabimba you guys should not think that you will be in power forever, Nothing beats time….it will catch up with you.

    • it happens in france and Berlusconi in italy has been sentenced to prison and LULA of brazil has cases coming up in court.

    • Another example mune is Thaksin Shinawatra, former Thai PM. He was sentenced to 2 yrs in prison in absentia. This is not new my friend.

  25. Y are most African leaders so selfish? They talk about natural resources being abudant but they themselves plunder their own nation and plunge the country into chaos. Rupiah, had no regard for the poor Zambian. No wonder his son doesnt want to own up. Infact, there’s much to it than meets the ordinary eye. 47ys, we have been struggling puting up the Kalabo road. Rupiah, u r not fair to the pipo of Zambia. Can u really enjoy yo retirement like this? No ways. Shame on u Chimudala!!
    And u PF, no kids gloves here like MMD did to Chiluba. We want those monies back as soon as possible.

  26. Trying to read across multiple news sources. If indeed this was all done live and the votes were split before the ‘uproar’ and walkout, followed by police presence to deter protestors from entering the grounds, there are many gaps to be filled by beloved LT. I’m sure Amsterduck is not done yet. Gotta keep the billable hours up while ducking court and courting media. More reality tv moments to come, I’m sure. Cue Jerry Springer type show with a headline Oily Suckers Cycle Singapore or maybe MP Walkabout Idle Idol where we see where opposition MP’s walked to. Prez has his work cut out for him. Speaking of work hope everyone in govt does some while the circus is in town. Back to work people. Nothing to see here. Got a country to develop. We might need a coliseum for the masses.

  27. Political dribbling by the opposition MPs at its best. The MPs didn’t just walk out they had instructions from Hyena Hyena and Nevers Mumbwe to abandon RB. The moment they walked out of Parliament RB was a sitting duck for the PF to take aim. The opposition MPS needed to be in parliament to vote and save their God father but they missed that opportunity. Now RB might go down like FJT did and will need more knee massage in RSA.

  28. Last time it was the Vatican blowing up some smoke with benovolent intent.Now its zambian parliament’s turn to also blow up smoke but with very malovolent intentions.Its all a political lynching of RB without any clean motives whatsoever.

  29. Parakalo poli e kora mas kai o kosmos prepi na perimeni. Erine, erine erine parakalo poli tipota alo mono erine!

  30. Zed cop, as u were!! Y r jails there? Dont u think its for such pipo? Learn to count figures properly. The monies involed are collossal sums of money. Limbi mwalelyako yama. Time has come. Start donating and c yo boss out of this quagmire. Its time to c the conclusion of those tears he brirfly shed after losing the 2011 elections. If u steal, expect interrogations. U steal u go jail my man. Fullstop!!!

    • My apologies for the language. I was just taken by surprise. The translations are that I just hope that our country will continue enjoying the peace and I pray to God for my country because only God knows what will happen tomorrow and the day after.

    • This is the problem I have with these accusations. So if RB spend K20 billion during his campaign whereas the evidence that this is public money? Wasnt this money from the Chinese? Wasnt and isnt the PF funded by wellwishers? Is it wrong to get a $1m personal loan from the middle east? Honestly this is just silly.The case is not going anywhere. It will be more of persecution than prosecution!

    • @Wendy Love: the law is clear, you just cant spend K20 Billion without a trace of where you got it from. That’s what every state in the world calls money laundering. The law found RB wanting on this one, but he had a chance to clear the air. All he did was give immunity as an excuse. If you were in Zambia you should have seen suspiciously extravagant his campaign was. I honestly failed to understand the link between a RB labelled lollipop an my vote but I brought one home for my kid any way (Dont Kubeba style)

  31. Man alive! Our former president stole alot! Watch our prosecutors mess this up yet again.I think govt should just sieze his accounts & assets and forget about prosecution.They’ve never convicted anyone on corruption (well maybe 2 or 3 but lower level).It will save us another FTJ type of embarrassment where we lose a case despite overwhelming evidence.Our prosecutors are simply Inept!

    • What evidence is there? Which account of the state has any money missing? This is all just nonsense.

  32. Or put anither way, In their mistaken belief, UPND and MMD think international bodies such as the Commonwealth, the UN and Human Rights Council will side with them when they cry their human rights are abused! They fail to realize that international organizations’ distaste for corruption is even greater than their dislike for perceived dictators, especially those that have been put into office via “democratic” elections. In this regard, HH and Nevers have shown an incredible lack of understanding of international politics. Have you wondered why ALL, repeat, ALL diplomatic missions in Lusaka do not have the same reaction to how the PF is governing the country as you find on the Zambian Watchdog? Simple: The Zambian Watchdog is not their only source of information on what is going on…

  33. 1) US$2.5 million for oil—money goes into an off-shore account—crude never delivered!

    2) K20 billion on campaign materials—money personally handled and disbursed in cash by Mr. Banda and sons.

    3) K60 million paid to parliamentary candidates in 150 constituencies.

    4) K2 million to each local government candidate in 1, 400 wards.

    5) ~K21, 907, 847, 170 cash which MMD didn’t have in their accounts—personally disbursed by Rupiah & family Inc.

    6) Bicycle spares, accessories, and printed fabrics valued at K371, 908, 000 and K81, 076, 292 as duty.

    7) 42 Toyota Hilux Vigo valued at K1, 869, 840, 000 and K892, 434, 129 as duty.

    8) 77 used trucks, 2407 bales of fabric, T-shirts, badges, hats, balloons and various motor vehicle types valued at K10, 107, 847, 170.

    • @Nubian Princess, it aint me telling, it is Winter Kabimba! Aparently the Parliament agrees with him and Rupiah has no immunity as we speak. We now await for his defense in court!

    • But how much has PF already ammassed on byelections? Spending public money on byelections is missappropriation which amounts to corruption. They will also be prosecuted for the same. The oil deal that kabimba is talking about is just like what he did not long ago. He even refused to be questioned by ACC because there is corruption involved. They will be prosecuted too. Nothing stays the same.

  34. continue from 45….

    9) Self-prepared loan agreement to procure a loan of $1,000,000 from a Dubai firm which is NOT even a financier.

    Damn, this is some serious sh!t indeed! Clarification is needed for sure. Trying to hide behind immunity and loud mouthed lawyers will not do here. If all these were simply gifts from well-wishers, “Rhupia and family Inc.” must be the most blessed people on planet earth!

    • This is just bull$$hit! It is the same amount PF is using to bribe opposition MPs. Let’s not forget Sata’s illegal donation of oil that was never approved by parliament. Midland oil which was formed within one week of Sata becoming President. The $4m paid to Chiklwanda’s Apollo for a single sourced tender to do dubious renovations at State House. Both Levy and RB never treated themselves to such comforts. Chikopa’s stay at taxpayers expense. Nchito and Mmembes K14 bn saga. We dont want to come and hear that “Bembas are been targetted” for you are making your own beds and you should be prepared to come and sleep in them!

    • @Wendy.., if Sata and anybody else in his administration are committing crimes, when their time to account comes, I will be among the first to support stripping him of his immunity. But what we cannot allow or tolerate as a country is to let our leaders walk away scot-free from dealings which our laws clearly classify as crimes.

      It is not just murder or rape which should be looked at with disdain; white collar-crimes are just as devastating. Victims in these crimes are usually children who go without proper schools, our women/mothers who die unnecessarily due to poorly equipped maternity rooms, citizens dying in traffic accidents due to poor roads, poorly equipped military and police, etc.!

      And since when did “the other guy is committing similar offenses” become a legal defense?

  35. Since when did getting a $1m dollar loan become a crime? And is it a crime to spend K20billion on your own Presidential campaign? The MMD may not have had money in the account just like the PF but they were people and institutions supporting sata’s Presidential campaign. The silly season has started. Come 2016 some people will start explaining how a week into power they had become owners of an OMC called Midland Oil!

    • you go where the evidence takes you, There must be a paper trail as it is difficult to move large amouns of money intenainally so who ever funded them will pop up in the trail -if not it wll have RB finger prints all over

    • Yeah, and all the money and well-wishers dried up right after the elections? Should we then conclude that these “gifts” were given as INDUNCEMENT IN ANTICIPATION OF FUTURE FAVORS FROM THE PRESIDENT (which is a crime in itself) in the hope that MMD/Rupiah wins the elections again?! And you wonder why MMD was turned into such a corrupt political institution?

    • How can you prove that they were inducements? You can say the same about PF donors. Why did Sata leave $27 000 at OR Tambo? Didnt PF spend money campaigning? Wasnt GBM one of the funders? Isnt his Portfolio of Defence Minister a favour for the campaign cash? It is the silly season. You are wasting time on nonsense instead of fixing Zambia’s problems!

    • @Wendy Love, those are legitimate questions you asking, and that’s why we have courts to sieve through such matters! If GBM, PF, and whoever are committing crimes, please get them indicted, or their time will sure arrive to account for their crimes. But you cannot just dismiss suspected crimes by Rupiah and his cronies just because you feel others are doing the same things Rupiah is being accused of. That is cheap politicking!

      We should not allow ourselves to operate based on the personalities involved. Our guide should always be “WERE OUR LAWS BROKEN OR NOT?!” And we should proceed from there regardless of who is involved—and our country will be a much better place for everybody. THAT’s MY STANDARD!!!

    • Don’t this Wendy you chaps think getting a loan is like buying scones at Soweto market, too many dullards in Zambia.

    • Maxwell, So what is so difficult about getting a loan? What law did RB break for getting a loan? Honestly is this the rubbish you want to waste time? You’re the people who should be questioning your own intelligence if not sanity?

  36. All thieves must be jailed period. If RB and family stole from Zambians let them be jailed. The same, if PF and Sata are steaing we shall jail them as well. Well done MPs who voted. Leave the dull and finished opposition to rot in their dirt. They are always against the people of Zambia, no wonder they are losing elections .

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother zambia.

  37. Itching to hear what Amsterdam is going to say. Here is a good chance for Amsterdam to take his arguments to a court of law rather than issuing wild PR statements to launder RB in the eyes of the international community.

  38. Just worried that while RB is being indicted for corruption, I fear that the next victim may not just be indicted for corruption and abuse of authority, but much more for crimes against humanity in the Hague.

  39. IMMUNITY REMOVED Season 2. It was plain for Bwezani to walk straight into the same trap FTJ fell into. Let the lawyers battle it out. It will be nice to follow the legal jargon, “your worship”.

  40. Today we have heard one side of the story and it looks bad for RB. But lets not rush to judgement. I personally do not trust Winter Kabimba and Fred Mumembe, so we need to wait for Banda to respond. I suspect though, that the campaign money Banda was using was actually from the chines government and other investors who did not want to change government too suddenly. This is a very complicated situation with a lot of players in it. Actually I believe Sata and his gang are also already involved in corruption with the investors. The media has failed us by failing to give us the details of many loans that are borrowed in the name of Zambia through arm twisting of politicians and the giving of kickbacks.

  41. The amounts mentioned is TOO LITTLE for removing immunity. That is just petty cash for chinese president, so why not zambian president. This PF is a shame crying over petty cash?????

  42. One wonders how the courts injunction can be easily thrown away forgeting that the same cases will be taken to the same courts which issued the injunction.The language of nolle will soon resurface

    • Lol!They want the same institution they have disrespected to hear their concorted lies! I think Saki will be in court tomorrow to seek a ruling on the constitutionality the Matibini tool’s intepretation of his powers.

    • no my dear @Humphrey, no nolle this time around for a simple reason that we have a corrupt judiciary thats why sata has never changed it, he knows he will use it just as much as Banda used it to clear Chiluba…….its like they say “u reap what you sow”, the only way out for us here is to stop trusting politicians and concentrate on the survival of our God-given families at home and watch politicians fight, so please do not be involved in this tribalism non-sense after all we are all zambians, thats all my dear.

  43. I don’t condone corruption or abuse of state funds but I believe this sets a bad precedence. We seem to be going through the same thing with every new government. A lot of public resources are pumped into these witch hunts without yielding any monetary results to put back into the public fund repository. What a responsible government should do is put in place checks and balances that will make it difficult for an individual in power to have such access to public funds. Parliament should create committees that deal with various government involved spending where they vote on but are not signatories on the release of funds. Another agency independent of parliament releases the funds while another independent agency audits and reports back to parliament on expenses and balances.

  44. Very very. Clever fools in PF will never get what they from RB. If anything , they will make him prominent and rich.

  45. Thank you, cage that hyena RB. Remember how he fired all those healthcare workers for asking for better conditions of services.

  46. The so-called educated president, stealing like a common criminal from the slums. What quality is this?

  47. We may not be a poor country after all. Anyway, don’t forget to let him tell us how he engineered the disappearance of diamonds.

    • we cant be a poor country if people like Kapoko and Mmembe/Nchito can get away with so much money, and on top of it are labelled innocent.

  48. instead of concentrating on national development there busy witch hunting,this process will be a waste taxpayers money that man will be aquited of all charges
    and the malawian who was waiting for this his time has come,he will make money
    instead of using our own pipo does it mean that zambian lawyers and judges are

  49. And then, of course, we the people of Zambia, ought to hear pieces of evidence from two illutrious sons of the soil, one former minister of finance ,Situmbeko Musokotwane, and ,one Caleb Fundanga, former Bank of Zambia governor, regarding how such large sums of money came to be in the possession of former president Banda. Very juicy!


  51. I have today been vindicted by presented motion in parliament when I was saying RB is a THIEF, and a PLUNDERER. The man was thriving on corruption. The entire nuclear family has SOILED HANDS WITH ACTS OF CORRUPTION.
    My worry is that the man may be a fugitive in a named country.
    I pity this old man because his retirement may be spent in CHIMBOKAILA PRISON.

    • RB has not stolen a cent. BOZ will confirm no money went to Nigeria. I wish the minister of justice will be the prosecutor in court. Another case this winless lawyer will lose.

  52. May I suggest to President Jimmy Carter to quickly commission a forensic audit of funds at the Carter Elections Monitoring Center regarding any elections at which Rupiah Banda may have been involved?

  53. This is what happens when you have a headline grabbing opposition which cannot think or analyse their action. Walking out of parliament was a big mistake, it is immature and a let down to the people who voted for them. Checks and balances is not about walking away from a confrontation, it is cowardly! Instead of looking out for the interests of the people, they are intersted only in their selfish defence for a corrupt individual. Now that the immunity has been lifted they should not complain that they did not take part in the voting process, thats how democracy works. Mediocre opposition is letting the people down.

    • You do not realuse that the opposition did not want to legitimuse a flawed process. Even if they stayed to vote the numbers were skewed against them. Use deeper analytical skills and do not be too simistic.

  54. I have always advocated for transparency in Public Affairs and at least some degree of decency and honesty from people who aspire to lead us . So if indeed there has been theft and corruption let the LAW TAKE IT’S COURSE . Yet this same demand for decency and honesty also places a duty and an obligation on our institutions and the people elected to run them to FOLLOW THE LAW. I have grave reservations whether the LAW is being followed when you can make up a quorum with only 80 members of PARLIAMENT present and than pass and LAW with 75% of the vote of a quorum so formed.If this is right than I fear for Mother Zambia.This would mean one can make changes to the CONSTITUTION at will .Chiluba could have made changes to make it possible for him to run for a third term so easily. I TRULY FEAR.

  55. Herd mentality where the lead animal leads the flock into precarious situation and the rest of the herd blindly follows.Zambian politics is all about vendetta.

  56. Where is that stinking swine called International Lawyer? We shall see if he will come to Zambia to defend his alleged criminal friend! Im pretty sure he will just be barking from a distance and when we freeze RBs accounts, no Zambian will hear from that damned lawyer! It seems the idiet enjoys dirty money!

    • He is a learned Man. You will definitely hear from him. His response will be sane and considered. He will not have to bark like you. Besides its your government of little scared men which has stopped him from entering Zambia. I wish we could also get the K14 billion from Messrs Mmembe and Co. This money, Chikopa’s per diem , RB money, bye election money, bloated govt money can all help in buying drugs and oxygen for our hospitals!

    • Amsterdam has been stopped from Zambia by the government otherwise he would run rings round DPP Nchito in the courts. All the same there is Prof. Mvunga, Saki, Eric and other who will show Wynter and Nchito how to be lawyers. Nchito will be using hate and not brains.

    • We have enough brains in Zambia that are leady to fight for justice and you will see what will happen in the court room. These cases even me a lay person can clearly see that there is nothing to talk about but trying to raise poeple’s emotions of hatred against RB, diverting people’s attention from observing the poor performance of the PF gvt. Sikota Wina or Eric Silwamba, just two of them… will see how prosecutes will dance. Tchito brothers have names but not on real grounds, they lost Chiluba’s cases, and I am told winter Kabimba has never won a single case.

  57. Well done Parliament. What a thief we had for a president. No wonder he went on and on about being immune from prosecution. Now you have been stripped naked and you will be prosecuted. How can a president be so currupt? These chaps are supposed to protect us and our resources but we put them in state house and they turn around and take the bread out of our mouths! it is disgusting. God help us!
    People whoever supports this kind of behaviour is not worthy to be a leader in our beloved country. Opposition MPs could not even wait to hear the alleged case against RB before walking out. They were bent on supporting RB no matter what. I hope their so called international supporters now know who they really are and what their brand of politics is.

  58. “Courts have no jurisdiction over how we run our parliamentary business, we won’t respect the injunction”. ” However, they have Jurisdiction over the parliamentary business on expelled UPND member Monde, we have to wait for the conclusion of this case by court before we declare the seat vacant”. “Oh, now that the immunity has been lifted, the courts of law will commence trial, never mind whether we disrespected their injunction, they must respect our resolve to have this matter brought before them”. Paradox of logic.

    • The Courts will have to try these cases. We are Parliament and we are supreme! We make laws and these laws don’t apply to us! Honestly, my gut feeling is that this case is now a constitutional question. Sakwiba is going to work this through the High and Supreme Courts. This is where it is going to get stuck like the Chikopa case. Remember the PF has been working to game the Judiciary by having a compromised Judiciary. But there’s resistance from both Parliament and Judiciary.

  59. Of Barrels of oil, Bicycle spare parts and second hand motor vehicles. Of chitenge materials and off shore accounts. Of Mpundu trust accounts and Kwachas given to MPs and ward chairmen. Keeping on appearances, the Zambian way!

  60. Attention fellow Zambians as PF our secret policy was to divert the attention from real economic and social problems by pursuing corruption against individuals particularly the opposition because we know we can always play with the minds of Zambians.

    Regular ZECO problems
    Food shortages
    Social injustice – guilty even when there is no evidence b/c the president has no respect the laws of the country
    Costly bye-elections
    Building our president a retirement house even as he serves
    100% pay increase for the president when poverty levels are extreme high, university students not paid, pensioner still waiting for their money

    This how we care for the Zambian people, bring them problems and pretend to be working and blame HH for everything. That is how we win our questionable votes


  62. If these figures mentioned in this investigative report are true then RB deserves his immunity removed indalama shafulisha, let him now tell us where he was getting that money from. Yalikosafye pa zed mwe bonse nibakabwalala. RB should blame late Mwanawasa for bringing him back into politics.

    • Most of the MMD campaign stuff was paid for by the Chinese and Mining companies. Did Sata promise his followers that he was going to expel the Chinese? Did he promise to introduce Windfall Tax? So naturally these guys put their money on RB. Kabimba and Mmembe are shallow. It would have been convincing if they could identify the public accounts from which this money came. Without this they cannot prove that this money was stolen.

    • calm down dear calm down-if they were paid for by the people you suggest there will be an electronic paper trail-all will be reealed in the courts of law

  63. Parliament was not cited in the injunction passed by R.B lawyers.The injunction cited the Attorney General who is not a member of Parliament
    According to a ruling passed by the Supreme Court in the FJT case the court can not block the removal of immunity of a President for this is the sole responsibility of Parliament which is the voice of the people!

  64. RB’s immunity removal was so necessary as we people of zambia deserve the truth over unexplained deals he cut with his sons. For the oppostion MPs, they have themselves to blame, had they wanted to defend Mr Banda they should have stayed..Yambayamba well said bro!

  65. If the move was legal and not just political then there has to be a full disclosure of the budget of the commission or task force that will be set up to determine the cost benefit analysis, the wisest thing to do if this move is legal is for the ACC to carry out the investigation with no allowances because it is part of their job and they get salaries. Lastly as others have already indicated a clause should be amended in the new constitution that states that Presidents will lose immunity after their term that will ensure accountability and remove all unnecessary drama. Systems and processes must be clearly defined and enforced.

  66. The level of reasoning on this blog is very near to the ground and truncated like that of the sick old man in State House. No wonder you see a saviour in him when the free-thinking see an imminent cataclysm. Before you type anything please think. Learn to reason or ruminate.

    It is a dark horse and unviable proposition to even start talking about RB going to court to exonerate himself as some bloggers are indicating in their comments.

    The debate brainy people are now mulling over is whether the third majority to form a quorum or required number was met in Parliament. M’membe and his dogsbody needed 106 Members of Parliament to form the two third majority for a ‘yes’ vote, out of the 159 Members of Parliament.

    Now comes the real question not the rubbish some bloggers are saying;…

  67. It is good that the immunity is removed. President Banda has to prove that he never abused the authority. How can we trust MMD Government when it removed abuse of power.

    • What ever happened to the presumption of innocence? That is why many have said this is persecution.

    • @MERZAF WONAMA UKWA, no one is presuming RB guilty. These are simply allegation which the State is raising. This move by Parliament simply means that now RB cannot hide behind Presidential immunity to prevent investigations into his dealings during his presidency.

      By the way, I am not a lawyer, but my understanding of presumption of innocence lies with LAWS; the fact that we can’t have laws that presume people guilty before they are tried. I doubt it prevents people or prosecutors to presume someone committed a crime. But of course this is miles away from proving someone is guilty, and this is where evidence comes in. And it is exactly what investigators are trying to do here—to gather evidence unimpeded by presidential immunity legalize!

  68. A tip of the iceberg. What about other wrong doings as clearly stated (with supporting evidence) in the Report of The Commission of Enquiry in to ZRA?

    • Suprisingly that is not one of the charges against RB. Why has it been left out? This is just rubbish! Isnt Mpombo in $hit over his $100m defence contract he lied about with Mumembe in the Post? These scoundrels lost to James Banda in the defamation case. James is going to be paid damages. Thandiwe Banda is also going to be compensated over the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail lies about her bogus flats and Hotels in Kenya! Can anyone take the accusations from these maggots seriously? These are liars who have framed innocent people over a murder they didnt commit, honestly how can a decent person regard these people’s accusation as credible?. We are dealing with a very sick government!

  69. Sounds good…now, lets produce the evidence to backs all we are saying ba Kabimba…hope you win this one. Otherwise, you’ll be a complete looser bwana lawyer or is it liar?

  70. Maybe Rupiya can organise through a trick door, lots of “donors” who funded in cash his lavish campaign. It will be difficult to prove he stole the money he used to buy those branded items for campaigns. But I want to know more about the Singapore account and the oil. Where is the oil? Just this one problem is enough to get him caged in one of our jails. Why do most Zambians eager and in a hurry to write off heinous crimes committed by the head of state? Let him face the courts and prove to all of us he didn’t steal. Is this too much to ask? He definitely thought Zambians are docile? He removed the clause and literally ran amok ransacking our assets assured he would get away with it. WOW! This is just insane and daft!

    • This is the problem, you want RB to proove his innocence when it should be the other way round that you should prove his guilt. Stpp to think for a while.

    • Kabimba and Mumembe want RB to donate the campaign Bicycles and trucks to PF so that Mumembe and Nchito can be helped to settle their debts to Zambian taxpayers!

  71. Before coming to State House RB had only 4 cows and a small portion where he grew some rape and cabbages in a remote part of Eastern Province. Thandiwe, a primary school teacher, fell into his charm as she went to buy some fresh veggies from the old mans garden, its a well known story. He actually had one well tendered bed reserved just for her. Soon after getting into plot one we saw trucks clearly labelled ‘POLICE’ make several fully loaded trips to the old man’s farm. Soon the farm had over 200 cattle foraging its loans. State House also saw a fully loaded 10-ton Zambia Breweries truck deliver the old man’s favorite pass-time beverage Castle Lager every other day . The man was simply extravagantly intoxicated. State House was simply a party for three years. Who paid for all that?

  72. Why should Sata fear what happens after his presidence?lf he is like RB he must. What a good presidence to all and not only politicians but also to 0 in this country. Why should we live in a country that looks like a war tone one? Shame on u RB!


  74. The cases are far from being clear, there seem to be resulting from jealous. We will see the evidence in court. The case of fuel deal, for sure I don’t understand; I think more information could have helped. $1000, 0000 loan as gratification? For which transaction? The sources of the money’s spent on the campaign, it’s not for RB to prove its sources, it’s the duty of prosecutors to prove to the courts the money was obtained through illicit means but it’s clear from the Kabimba’s statements that gvt doesnt know where the money came from. RB to declare the source of funding for campaigns, then all political parties should do the same because they were spending small or large. Sata was using a chopper including HH but for HH we know he is capable, the president has shown us the records

  75. When is the court procession?
    When is RB landing and is he coming with his loud speaker Rotterdam?
    What about his young bride, is she coming along?
    Where is that black sheep of the family, is it Henry, will they share a cell one day?
    Will that criminal lawyer New york visit them in chimbos or will he look for new prey?
    What about the only reasonable diplomat son what will happen to him?
    What will happen to the innocent young off springs of the family?
    What will be RB’s plea?

  76. @YAMI VISION2030+: the issue of a quorum is considered at the beginning of a meeting, not at a point of making a decision. These chaps were technically present because they did ‘log in’ for the day but chose to ‘dodge’. Besides, their presence wouldn’t make much of a difference because 80 of the 158 MPs is already a simple majority. MC is the man. He would have loved this to be done soon after coming to power but the cops told him to hold on until they had gathered enough evidence. In the background he formulated and executed a plan for a simple majority while HH & Nevers were being used by RB.

  77. You see Zambian and the PF should actualy understand what they are doing.You see Justice Minister is a lawyer by profession and he knows that a case needs to be beyond resonable doubt for it to take off.Now on the materials for MMD(Bicycles,chitenge,vehicles etc) the justice Minister clearly said and i state that the money was being dished out by the former president’s special assistance to the President RB and he clearly admitted that RB’s signature was no where near the said funds but such a case is presented to paliament.Honestly where these chitenge materials being taken to RB’s home or the people of Zambia and do we have a case with RB.Then the oil deal which the minister presented whose account was being credited when the money was being paid.It was Henry Banda and not RB but yet…

  78. we are saying he stole and we want to create another task force on corruption which we know that will not win.Because it is clear that RB is not even near to the statement which was being presented.The people who can be found with a case by Law and i mean the law of Zambia which says someone should be proven guilty beyond resonable doubt are the following people.
    1 Special Secreatary to the President because the president had no authority to refuse anyone from funding the party just like PF has no authoity from allowing anyone to fund the party
    2 Henry banda The money was not going in RB’s account hence we cant build a case on the basis of Henry Banda being the son of RB because even the current president his execellency Micheal Sata has no obligation to interfere with his children

  79. 3 On the funds being used for fundraing the president was by no chance oblighed to question whoseover wants to contribute as there is no law which limits how much funds a party can be funded.

    In my view this case is not going anywhere and will just spend allowances and another Zambia Airways will be built fromt

  80. Ala mwebantu muleumfwako nganalanda. I have always said to you that is always years ahead of everyone. Is this the case you wanted to sweep under the carpet sure?

    Wait HH’s case, you will see what this under five did to the poor miners in the copperbelt.


  82. @ Yamba Yamba you are not only objective, level headed but na mano fye mwalikwata. If most bloggrs debated like you we would certainly move forward.

  83. National leaders are always found wanting with accountability and this will haunt every head of state yesterday, today and tommorow. Its good that leaders must account for their actions. National plunders must never hide behind immunity for national accountability. However, the correct procedures of the law to remove the immunity must be foolowed. We await tria to begin and let the government claw back the stolen funds. This will equally be applicable to Sata as evidence exists on national theft by him self in person and others.

  84. Lord have mercy!
    We toast with munkoyo to this one!
    “T.A.I.L” is the game:

    Immunity removed
    Law is for all!

    Let the legal process take its course.

  85. Please do not leave out the collosal sums of money given to the lozi chiefs for no apparent reason other than bribing them to bow down to RB and his MMD.




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