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Muvi TV station manager Costa Mwansa “sold off” gay rights activist Kasonkomona

Headlines Muvi TV station manager Costa Mwansa “sold off” gay rights activist ...

Muvi TV station manager Costa Mwansa
Muvi TV station manager Costa Mwansa

Muvi TV station manager Costa Mwansa has been accused of facilitating the arrest of gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona when he featured on a live TV show Sunday night.

Mwansa is the host of the Assignment, a current affairs talk show on Muvi TV on which Kasonkomona featured and strongly advocated for the respect of gay rights in Zambia.

Human Rights campaigners investigating the arrest of Kasonkomona have now revealed that Mwansa was constantly in touch with Police officers from Woodlands Police before and after Kasonkomona’s arrest.

The campaigners now plan to officially complain to Muvi TV management over the conduct of Mwansa following Kasonkomona’s arrest.

“We have conducted independent investigations into this matter and we are disappointed with Costa. We have information that he phoned the CIO at Woodlands Police hours before Paul arrived at Muvi TV and assured the officer that he will have Paul ready for them (arrest) after the interview,” the campaigners who opted to remain unidentified said.

“Even after the programme, Costa again phoned the CIO and assured him that even if Muvi TV security was tight, he will ensure that Paul is apprehended. It is very unfortunate and unprofessional for Costa to behave in such a manner,” they said.

They said Kasonkomona had demanded a verbal guarantee for his security from Mwansa before agreeing to feature on the Assignment.

“He phoned Woodlands Police and informed them of the vehicle Paul had attempted to use to flee the TV station which was sealed at the time. Costa told the officer to target the backseat of a green RAV 4, of all the vehicles that exited Muvi TV that evening, the officers just came straight to the backseat of the Rav 4 and picked Paul up.”

“It is very sad that after guaranteeing security, Costa decided to go back on his word, the campaigners said.”

Meanwhile, Kasonkomona has sued the state through the Attorney General for alleged unlawful detention.

Through his lawyers, SNB legal practitioners, Kasonkomona is claiming damages saying he is suffering false imprisonment.
He is also demanding damages for mental distress and injury.

In his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court dated 10 April 2013, Kasonkomona claims police have been delaying to give him his tuberculosis and anti-retro viral drugs ARVs.

He says this puts his life at risk as it is against his medication timetable.

And Kasonkomona was this afternoon due to appear before the Lusaka Magistrate Court to take plea and make bail application.


  1. Stu-pid Costa ! I know this chap all the way from college.As a journalist he is supposed to be neutral and not take a personal stand.This issue is quite sensitive and requires to be debated in a logical manner without bringing in religion.High time people with a view that is not supported by the majority were given a platform to be heard.We have had too many incidents in history where the suppression of the minority by the majority was the rule.High time we moved from that.

    • I really don’t understand why human beings are such hypocrites. Why shouldn’t two adults love each other? First of all, why would you care when two adults have consensual sex? I think there is millions of things in the world that need to be dealt with other than wasting time criticising and hating others for who they are. For instance, fight child and woman sexaul and physical abuse. Fight poverty. Fight climate change. Fight terrorisim …..the list is endless. Let’s stop wasting our time on things that are not important. Gay people are not criminals, they are people like you, only with a different sexuality. If you reckon what they are is a sin, then let God Himself judge them, not you. Remember, there is No sin that’s too big or too small

  2. Thumbs up Costa donkeys like paul infact deseve to be burnt alive,not even a dog has ever slept with its fellow male dog
    ,why should we entertain such stupidty,nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thumbs up Costa donkeys like paul infact deseve to be burnt alive,not even a dog has ever slept with its fellow male dog ,why should we entertain such stupidty,nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. stop judging people without knowing the truth about being gay ,no wonder africans are very ignorants that there are gays and lesbians living in africa even animal practice homosexuality check it on google

  5. Costa should be appreciated for all he did…this gay nonsense shud not be allowed in our beloved nation.job well done

  6. @7 i would rather gladly be ignorant than entertain satanism,who in the bible married their fellow man or woman?mr too educated to follow Christ’s teachings

  7. Why hide if you believe that what you are doing is morally upright. Let the chap rot in jail! He is a fool because even himself is not a product of gay stuff. malabish!

  8. Well done Costa if at all you tipped the cops.Such sick humans and their supporter are wrong elements that deserve to be uprooted from the normal beings.Maybe even the ailments he has right now where contracted via the same sick visas on Hormo he is trying to promote………. Oh My God!

  9. Great work costa, we dont need demons like kasonkomona, let him take his rotten appendix to dog, those supporting hime are stinking dogs.

  10. If its true weldone Costa, you did very well. Thumbs up. I dont care wether it was professional or unprofessional. You only did the right thing. THUMBS UP ONCE MORE!

  11. This chap is now playing to the gallery to please the ignorant and bible misinterpreting Zambians.He sucks.


  13. Its so sad when I look at fellow zambian’s ignorance, the issue being discused is about each individual’s Human rights. The question am asking to those who bate gays is why is ok for you to enjoy all the figure as a zambian but gays denied. If your answer is god told you gays are nothumans ,the Same god said love your neigbor. As for me am a real rasta Man who will always practice ( one love,one heart) just the way jah commands. I differ with with bigots who preach hate,majority should not decide what rights minorities Get.

  14. Such hatred spewing from some of these commentators – so sad. You know what they say? When we hate something a lot we are secretly intrigued by it! As for the journalist, what ethical code allows for such behaviour? When journalists start taking sides they betray their profession and make a mockery of objectivity and ethics.

  15. i have never seen stupid people like Africans, thde only progressive people are South Africans. No wonder they are porr always going round with a bowl begging for alms from the same gays they are perscuting in their country. Stinking *****s

  16. Rasta man go smoke dont get too high least you start kissing ur fellow rasta man,try opening ur mouth in the Muslim country to talk abut gay rights,hope you ll live long enough to tell ur story

  17. So what?. Mwansa is a patriot. I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes.No homos in Zambia full stop. They can go abroad and enjoy their dirty form of enjoyment. Sheet realy if you think about it.What do they use afterwards tissue/s ??? so disgusting really.God forbid.Zambia is not joining the morally decayed nations of the west.Never.

  18. The truth of the matter is that the young man Costa was so unprofessional. is it ethical for journalists to betray others? as a journalist you remain neutral and not to act as a detective. your job is to dig for information and bring it to light for people to debate and the law to take it roll. acting like costar will lead to information been hidden, mwalibilima ba coster.

  19. Isn’t it ironic or contradictory per say that pipo are using christianity as an excuse…at no point did christ say hate pipo that don’t believe in wat u believe in!in fact Jesus said love your enemies…I think the pipo that God will deal with are the pipo calling God’s products as dogs..no human is worse than a dog…will never happen.we might not be gay as a whole bt in a democracy pipo shud respect diversity..enough with hiding hiding behind the bible.God does not condone hate

  20. Okay the gay issue aside, if it is true that Costa promised security for this man and then directed the police to arrest him, then Costa is guilty of committing the sin of lying. He should have told the guy upfront that if you come on my show, I will have the police arrest you because you are breaking the law.

    I think that is the issue here. Costa shouldn’t be seen to be poping up his show ratings on the back of what he perceives as evil. If he is as moral as he claims, he should even have allowed the guy on his show.

    Sorry I have issues with people who break their word even if you have to defend God. Besides I don’t think God needs defending , he has done it pretty well from the time Eve made a salad recipe for Adam from the Devil

  21. let them provide the evidence to show that costa did what they are accusing him of. coz it was public knowledge from the advert running prior to the interview that discussion was going to centered on gay rights and the police were also privy to this fact.

  22. Costa is desperately hoping for a job in Government. Very biased in his commentary and quite rude in his shows.

    Anyway I wish him well.

  23. So then What is this chap being held for then? Anyone? The all thing is a circus. Are they going to imprison him? And if so on what grounds. This is the difficulty with these social issues know one seems to know what to do about them. Too much contradictions and hypocrisy pa zed as to how one should conduct ones life.

  24. It’s a purely mendacious accusation against Costa.Why are people now sympathetic of the gay beast? in fact they should not bail him out until he is found guilty and sent to a maximum prison.

  25. Thank you Mwansa for being a patriotic and law abiding citizen. Why do we have to condone lawlessness in the country?

    Our laws do not provide for gay relationships period!

    Besides our country has more serious and pressing issues to attend to than waste time on gays.

  26. this is christian nation indeed… Pastors extort money from their poor flock, born again women grab other women husbands, pastors commit adultery with their flock, conmen of all hue and shape are in pentecostal churches,if u want to know who the devil is ask for assistance or go into a deal with a born again you ll come face to face with lucifer… So whats the difference in sin between what paul kasonkomona does with those above?

  27. Homosexuality in zambia has been there since,I don’t see nothing to argue as for costa he will definitely pay for all he has cost to paul..#Proudly zambiabian gay

  28. @36 in fact they should not bail him out until he is found guilty and sent to a maximum prison.

    What his he being accused of. No one seems to be answering this question. If the accusation being brought forward is that of him being homosexual. How do we prove this in a court of law. Any evidence??

  29. @ Davy Chiyambu hell is waiting for you also. Christ taught us to love our enemies and not to hurt them. GOD saves individuals and Not nations. There is no such a thing as a Christian Nation. There are only Christians. It doesnt matter where you are if you follow and obey Christ’s ways you are saved otherwise the route to hell is for all sinners regardless of your sin. Your fornication, theft, drunkenness, adultery, insults, stinginess etc will take you there. Both you and a Gay will face the same brimstone fire. So dont hide in Zambia being declared a Christian Nation by Humans. It wont save you. I can assure you unless you repent and go the way of the cross, you will suffer the same fate as a gay.

  30. What Costa has done is so unproffessional and against journlism ethics. Such can even sell the valued information about the our country to the enemies outside. How can he so betray the guest on the pannel coming to the station for feature on the programme??????? MUVI tv should fire Costa immediately because such are disgrace and let down to the Station. Ba COSTA what have you gained. Have you been given a lot of dollars???????????????

  31. @ Rev Brotherman what morality are you talking about? Pastors extorting money from gullible poor followers? Church members committing adultery during overnight prayers? Politicians lying through their teeth about creating invisible jobs? Fathers sleeping with their daughters? Church elders and pastors consulting witchdoctors? rigging elections? Scheming to destroy other parties in the name of being inclusive? Stealing Government money to build mansions? To you these are better morals than having sex with the same sex compatriot in privacy? What a joke! You are even glued to your TVs shouting praises to your so called football teams where some of the players are gays and then you want to preach morality to us. Get a life and stop being a hypocrite.

  32. ignorant fools what crime has he committed.Gays have been in zambia for years.Theres nothing Christian about Zambia.Freedom must be for everyone,Gays ,fake christians and thieving politicians.where is watch imbwa and UPNd?

  33. If that is what Costa did was good he a citizen arrest. Thumbs up my dear let the ***** rot in cells no ARVES.

  34. I never thought such stupidity as homosexuality was as rampant as i can observe now. How I wish I were the president and we had a pencil constitution, I would have just declared DEATH for anyone advocating or practising homosexuality.

    Debate is not even necessary.

  35. Thumbs up Costa.. You did well. That Chap is Bringing Confusion, Infact you Should have had Him arrested even Before the Show.. What Nonsesnse is this.. No One was Born to be Gay.. Thats Foolishness…….. Bane Jesus is coming soon.. wake up from your Slumber.. Dont Think Hell is a Ferry Tale.. Lwenu Mukapya Mweka…

  36. What is with this Christian nation nonsense being used wrongly? Even Lotti struggled to defend sinful Sodom and Gomorrah! Vengeance is the Lord’s! Ours is to do unto each other as we would have anyone do unto us. If you did catch Paul committing sodomy on Mwansa, our laws explicitly provide for prosecution. The law does not provide for persecution of DECLARATIONS. I cannot see this as a criminal offense. The very declaration you are upholding is turning you into genocidal, Old Testament hooligans. Good luck when vengeance actually visits all of you…

  37. Its amazing how homophobic we are thinking that being christian gives us the rights to judge other human beings. I wonder who said that being heterosexual is the only way of having sex. We are so bored that we end up concentrating on other people’s sexual lives. We are all human beings and we should be treated with dignity and respect. No one’s rights supersedes the other person’s rights and there is no need to call other’s donkeys or dogs but it also shows how matured we are if we are able to respect other people and I wish that all this homophobes could also die as they are *****s who ails to understand issues and hide behind the bible or culture and by the way who defines culture? who defines who is right or wrong? This journalist should be fired he failed to uphold press ethics…

  38. All blacks are inferior to whites, no wonder they cannot even rule themselves and continue to be leeches on other races. The Ku-Klux Clan are right to say that all blacks should be exterminated, just like gays and lesbians – all of them belong to the underclass who are undermining the quality of the world population.

  39. Paul was just exercising his right. Being an activist doesn’t mean he’s actually Homo. He was speaking for those that are!

  40. Costa is last person I would ever give praise for whatever he does. Most people who are praising here do not know him as a person. Costa is an opportunist, a womaniser and a corrupt fellow. most of those great men and women who have left Muvi TV did so due due Costa’s bootlicking and lies. Today Muvi TV, once a vibrant TV station is a shell of its former self because of Costa. Sometimes I wonder how pepole in Zambia enjoy mob thinking, what is patriotic by asking Police to come and arrest a peson you invited for an interview? Journalists the world over are required by their profession to protect their sources. Costa lacks professonalism. The Police would still have arrested Paul even without Costa’s assistance because the fellow is known. This rubbish in my view.

  41. Very job well done Coster infact this tells me you are so much more than a man, iwe kuti na kupa cos i know you will always be a man. All of you pointing fingers stop, he did a great job, these are the people we need so that this sin is rooted out, kuti waluka mwe! make sure efuma iyo, take him to Chimbos so he can be on honey moon forever away from polluting innocent young boys, Please Zambian government dont do anything crazy just to please Obama and Hillary, they just want votes like you, the difference is, in their world, they cant win elections without these outcasts, in our world you also cant win elections with these people, but umunzungu anikonde mwalichilamo, thats my worry , again Costa, well done!

    • I wish you can have gay or lesbian child and you will see that sometime lets not point fingers at other people while we forget to look at ourselves first. The fact is being a traitor is not being a true man but is being a senseless coward who cant even follow press ethics. Is unprogressive, discriminatory, useless *****s like you guys we don’t need in a democratic society where people should be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of who they are. I wonder how you enjoy seeing other africans being killed based on the bible which also came with a ship that colonised most of african countries. stop faking and smell the coffee beans Costa must be fired period and you should learn to be an african not a confused coward.

  42. If Costa is bad then LT is worse…..how do u conclude this story without getting a comment from Costa…..? Am waiting to hear wat Costa responds to the accussations …..

  43. Costa keep up with you good work that is why you are a report. That gay activist has no one to blem for his stupid action. Say no to gay.

  44. Yes it is wrong to advocate for gay rights, if it is true that Costa “sold off” Paul Kasonkomona, then that’s unfortunate. People in him profession should learn to be professionals. That behaviour is tantamount to killing. He is capable of organising thugs to take one’s life away. This is the same chap who is allegedly to have impregnated Sindaza at ZNBC.

  45. Please people lets be level added. We were all watching muvi tv and i was disgusted by what paul was saying i almost stoned my tv set. My wish by then was to have the police pick him up there and then. Even the police were watching. Lets not put the blame on costa. Such people should be removed from society.

  46. Good work Costa,
    Homosexuality has no place in our zambian society! Why should we throw our values and start engaging in satanic vices when got a sh..pan of beautiful zambian ladies up for grabs. This vice should be condemned in the strongest terms and opposed to the fullest.
    Our Law enforcement should be
    Law enforcement should not tolerate such unzambian behaviour from this part not of our society.

  47. #2 have you slept with a dog (apart from your wife who is rumoured to have both male plus female genitals)? Mamamama

  48. Can you imagine Master Chimbala inviting Police to go and arrest Prostitutes who went to confess that they were hardcore prostitutes on Muvi TV! What nonsense?

  49. This homosexual “thing” iz abominable to say the least. Thoze in the vice need a lot of help and probably understanding since they human like anybody else and live in our midst.
    BUT, if indeed Costa Mwansa “tricked” this Kasonkomona, then he haz put the journalizm name in desrepute.

  50. kings,joblessma,martin,gayactivist,barakobam,eddie,kunda,bootlicker,mushotaisaphoney,lee,crazysexcool,js,muluto,buleecha r all gays. what i dont know is if ba tate bawo babanyenga or beve banyenga ba tate bawo. But dont turn our Zambia in2 a sodom n gomorah. Hell is surely waiting for u. As for Costa i dont care who he is n what he believes in but if he did it, HE DESERVES A BELLS. tHUMBS UP COSTA

  51. Costa lit ole sana.Where are his ethics ? Thousands of journalists world over have had stood up to protect people with unpopular opinions before but this kaponya thinks this the best approach.I’m not gay myself but I just don’t find it in me to blame people with a lifestyle different from mine.

  52. I commend Costa. Perverts like Paul don’t deserve room in society. Such chaps belong in jail. Let him have his ass whopped every night by some ka gay brother. He’ll stop talking nonsense. Gays are natural born sinners.

  53. I hope this issue calls attention to the fact that prisoners and arrested persons in Zambian prisons and holding centers are often denied their medicines, making them more sick, and more likely to have drug-resistant strains of diseases, which are dangerous to everyone. Don’t just think that because someone is in prison his health doesn’t matter; on the contrary, it does as he has the right to be free from disease, but also because more untreatable illnesses is a risk to the general population. Please, let us advocate that this man (and others being held in detention) be given access to medicines and food.

  54. Some of these comments are strange. Unless i dont have my ducks in a roll. My impression was that the programme is live and so police among other citizens would also be watching? If so the why try and hang it on Costa? In any case the law does give authority to the police to arrest Paul. I would say perhaps they seems to be an abrogation in that he has been kept for over 24hrs without charge and very important is to ensure he gets his meds. Lets not be theatrical or dramatic about this. Zambia is a non-permissive society. Gayism is not something subject to discussion at all levels. I would focus on helping people abide by the law and perhaps seek higher intervention help them realign their sexual orientation back to original plan. God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

  55. its called internalized homophobia people hurting the very thing that subconsciously you are aware you are exactly the same thing that you hurt and COSTA, sexual orientation is not a choice, u are gay COSTA and u know it, u outed Paul in the hope that the attention will be shifted towards paul but we know u, and so through your tricks, I dare u to deny u are not gay as we both know otherwise……………

  56. It would have been interesting to ask this gay activist how he contracted HIV, when he was on the show. I recently read an article which stated that homosexuals are 75% more likely to contract HIV than heterosexuals and I wonder why he is trying to promote his careless behaviour when he is already a casualty?
    Promoting homosexuality on TV is bad enough, we have to draw a line on what we expose our children to and the a responsible TV station should do that.

  57. First and foremost,i would like to salute for costa for what he did though his conduct would scare alot of people from attending assignment programmes. The best thing he could have done was not to give kasokomona platform were to air his views on gay rights unlike being betrayed by costa. Ba costa, as a professinal man, you ought to have consulted your superiors over this matter before giving him the platform.


  59. “Now that uve come to America, u must understand that if you miss your college for a period of 2 wks without reasonable explanation, I will alert immigration and have u arrested. If u don’t agree to this, then this college cannot admit you”. That’s how my International Student advisor advised me upon my arrival in Texas. Something in that line should have been Costa’s strategy. I for one stopped watching Muvi TV long time ago. I think reporters there don’t respect their viewers by the way they handle programs. They seem to be a know it all and egocentric bunch of folks and attempt to push their agenda down people’s throats. They lack professionalism to say the least.

  60. Its like most of you like the sewer pipe, You want to hide in costa’s name. Shallow minded chaps, how do you believe in such a story.Just follow the sequence of events, it was the president directive to arrest anyone with toilet issues

  61. That i dont know what ever name Costa/ Constance Mwale Reporter person should be fired without notice thank you.By the way that is unprofessional-ism and to say the Chap is Manager,Shame.

  62. Why Copy all idiocy from mostly Western, let Polygamy also be a human rights issue in western world. There are issues of culture and as such those of us who call ourselves Humans should know where our limits are (even wen UN dims it fit cause of funding). Just last year there was a state in america that gave go ahead to Soldiers Bonking Animals this is a taboo to us.
    Being Learned is about distinguishing sense from nosense not because it is a Western idea then it’s right.
    Ba Shichupiti imwe

  63. Costa you promised protection in exchange for him to be arrested.You betrayed the man who is preaching evil in the country.The one who conspires with a lie is also a lair.So if this story is true Costa did breach the ethical value of journalism.See he could not have his ARVs, TB drugs and you Police give the homo medicine.

  64. Kasonkomona is a campaigner. We are supposed to have freedom of speech in our country. All he did was speak out. He was not even advocating violence, neither was he advocating law breaking. He was calling on the government and Zambians to amend the law. That cannot be an offence. In Zambian politicians are increasingly using violence to achieve their goals and yet they get away with it. This is the country where Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be arrested for simply daring to preach door to door. All because UNIP made it illegal. I thought those days were behind us. Anyway, I am sure he will be released as soon as the police realise that he has not broken any law. Snitches like this man in this picture soon get distrusted. Bu journalist bwa pa Evelyn Hone!! Poor standards.

  65. Costa ali-tumpa.He is a big chilende himself sleeping with young trainee journalists en other quickies from equally confused multiple women too glad to like his cigarette smoke tainted lips.What makes him to think his sins are unique ? Hypocrites !

  66. Costa did nothing wrong. Those fake Human rights activist are Kasonkomona’s sponsors. Someone even says we are poor because we are not homes, how about the Chines? Their economy is ok but they dont allow homos. Sure you want to copy anything because of money? You are poor because you do anything you are told to do. Kasonkomona, listen! Do something that can help you earn money in a right way not bringing that rabish in Zambia. Shame on you. Every one say homos NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  67. Why are those Human rights activists hiding? You are fake Human rights activists. Kasonkomona those so called Human rights activists have put you in problems and they have run away. I doubt if they will even pay you for you rotten campaign. You were even cheating about research which has never been done. Which bible were you talking about that allows that rubbish? If you were fighting for somethong good you were going to have a lot of followers by now. But see, you are alone because you are fighting for rubbish because of money.

  68. And when i say that Zambians are ignorant you want to blame me ? Release Paul Kasonkomona and stop persecuting Lupiya Banda.The world is a global village now. People with diverse views deserves to be respected too.What is wrong or right is relative so don`t tell me what is wrong.

  69. I am not known for vulgar language, but if this is true, then f.uck you Costa for insulting the profession!!!

  70. Lusaka times, when you are attacked, be honourable to publish everything. Dont hide behind moderation. Kasonkomona is threatening a well meaning Zambian for carrying out or promoting ilegal activites and this should be condemened bu all Zambians especially the media profession. Your friend is being threatened and the best you can do is to publish the threat instead of condenming the threats by the gay animals.

  71. We are aware about the EU activities. they are paying you media houses to promote the propaganda about gay madness. Gayism has been refused by Zambians and someone at EU, just because where they come from they are used to go for each other, they want the same to happen to Zambians. We say no to this madness of gay. As far as we are concerned, a gay person needs rehabilitation because his or her actions are abnormaal, hence the urgent need for rahab. I would appreciate if the Life of Costa is protected as opposed to be condemened for soing something good. What example are we pushing in the soceity? when someone steals and you report, then you will be victimised? Shame on the gay EU.

  72. TO ALL HOMOSEXUALS! we humans neva made ourselve bt by de Almighty JEHOVAH. so if u want respect and recognition, u must first get it from him. if he approves of yo homosexual conduct then we shall easilly follow. AS THE ALMIGHTY GOD APPROVED OF HOMOSEXUALS? stop seekin approval and recognition from us humans. SEEK IT FIRST FROM OUR CREATOR who created all of us in his image.

    • Daaah! Really thats the most stupid argument I heard, Gays don’t seek your approval or Gods approval because they where born by me and you Heterosexual. All they need is their safe space as you will require your safe space. God says we should not judge because he is the only one who judge. We christians we think we are holly than thou although forgetting that we are as guilty as everyone for judging others. We also talk about the law..The law is made by people and law does not make people. others talk bout culture. Culture is defined by majority and Majority can lie. What I see in this discussion is illiterate and confused people trying to talk about being Zambian sometimes we need to use our minds not being Zambians and by the way Zambia is a democratic country and all should be…

  73. Mr no 7 you are probably the weakest mind on earth easily misled by any supposed intelligent being articulating why gay rights must be respected.This gays are a minority perverts .They need to be confined in an institution for healing the same way addicts are confined.It has been proven that same sex attraction does exist but it is more of a psychological issue than a life style.Genuine people who usually fall prey to it seek help to down play those feelings and not accept a life absolutely unnatural.In the West, gay ism started emerging during the world wars.Men where away from their wifes for a long time such that others wondered if they will ever see their wifes again.To satisfy their sexual fantasies, they had to sleep among each other.It was more of sexual survival than a lifestyle.

    • I think you are the weak narrow minded individual I came across with. Being heterosexual does not mean u have to discriminate. *****

  74. Iwe Kasonkomona: Mukulambulu uilange namaka! You are in the fore front advocating for something that is unnatural and also that is against any form of Bible teaching! Are you married? How does your family feel to learn of such shameful conduct that has even landed you into problems? Do mean you don’t have better things to talk about? If you go back to the Bible have you ever read where people of same sex were marrying each other? Are you aware of the many innocent souls that you were going to contaminate with your dirty preaching? Come back to your normal state and think over all that is behind you.

  75. Mr no 7 for your own information this sick people face discrimination even in civilized countries.Just goggle murdered gays in USA.Just sit and watch south park you will how this sick people are mocked day and night.If you are a gay sick teenage in a high school in US, never ever disclose your sickness or you will be bullied to suicide.Just goggle gay student commits suicide after being bullied.It was in Francisco in US where AIDS was first noticed among gays and it became known as the gay disease.This people are just in a sexual identity crisis such that they just need help.In SA, they are called MOFI.In Jamaica, they are called butt people.In UK, they are called dykes.e.t.c.So if you think we are ignorant,try traveling a little in the civilized world and get normal people’s opinions.

  76. They say people who lose a debate always start with the word stupid.No 103, you are right about you not seeking approval to act queer.Alas we have the free will to make individual choices.You are absolutely missing the point here.Society is regulated by laws.Any society left at will, we will culminate into anarchy.If there where no regulation, everybody will have a right to commit the most abominable acts.In our case, our inherent traditions and culture could not absorb such Western conceived practices.Of course, we do practice polygamy but not sodomy.This is because it is unheard of in our social set up.By throwing the ignorant card, you are just ranting cliches which have been used by prowest people who promote such vile acts.Good day need to go back to work.

  77. Who care! As a Zambian, I for one who don’t like even to hear the word “gay” mentioned, I, don’t even feel sorry that gay, Costa is a really good country man, as a Zambian we need many more of his kind. Thumps to the police officer for a quick respond.

  78. Iwe Kasonkomona: Mukulambulu uilange namaka! You are in the fore front advocating for something that is unnatural and against any form of Bible teaching! Are you married? How does your family feel to learn of such shameful conduct that has even landed you into problems? Do you mean you don’t have better things to talk about? If you go back to the Bible have you ever read where people of same sex were marrying each other? Are you aware of the many innocent souls that you were going to contaminate with your dirty preaching? Come back to your normal senses and think over all that is behind you. Bushe ekupanga ishina in useless materials!!!

  79. Next we will hear somebody advocating paedophylia rights. Kasonkomona is not only sick physically, he has a mental illness as well. He need to be in a mental institution. When a journalist exposes a corrupt government official we applaud them, but when he blows a whistle on such a disgusting vice like homosexuality you want to crucfy him. All those condemning Costa *****S who do not deserve a place in our society. Are you products of Adam and Steve.

  80. Wgat is wrong with Costa blowing the whistle, if he actually did. Hint to me that you are gay and, my God!, next stop chimbokaila. Take Kasonokmona to Mukobeko or Kamfinsa, his ”husbands” are waiting for him. Why even challenge the state?

  81. We need more Costas in Zambia. Bravo!!!!!!!!!! We want to know the Kasonkomona dog too, paste his photo so we can burn him alive!

  82. This sunday costa invite a big group of gays and then call the police so that we finish them on time. Well done costa!

  83. infact the kasonko Nose wa supposed to be arrested during the interview in full view of all viewers on muvitv.

  84. Mr smart lol! You really got them bro!I hope you not that guy I saw giggling in the library computer section today at NYU!I showed the article to some chicks,one of them said, so my country is ready gay bars where you see men kissing that is really gross, yak!

  85. I am disappointed in Costa! If it is true that he sold out that guy, it is very unfortunate and
    very shameful to the journalism profession.

  86. According to research, the people who are loudest against gays, are infact latently gay themselves, the speaking out loud is a form of suppression of who they are. Going by the loudest voices here, this country has more gays per capita.

    Moreover God is God and requires no one to defend him. If he is really angry about gays i am sure he can kill them without your help.

  87. Thumbs up Costa, God knew why he created a man & a woman,being gay is like being mad even a male dog can not have have sexual relation with another male dog,being gay is a sin.

Comments are closed.

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