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Siavonga district hospital targets 280 males for circumcision

Health Siavonga district hospital targets 280 males for circumcision

Boys waiting to be circumcised
Boys waiting to be circumcised

Siavonga district hospital targets to circumcise about 280 males during this male circumcision campaign period running through the month of April.

Acting Siavonga District Medical Officer Phallon Mwaba said that the hospital has received overwhelming response from both young men and older men.Dr Mwaba told ZANIS in an interview today that a good number of males have come forth for the exercise and that more are expected to be circumcised before the end of this month.

He attributed the increased numbers of people seeking the service to increased awareness among communities on the benefits of circumcision.Dr Mwaba said that the hospital is putting up measures to put up more male circumcision outlets in the district.He stated that the challenge that the institution is faced with is lack of resources to conduct the services to same parts of the district.

The Acting Medical Officer stated that Male circumcision (MC) is recommended for all Zambian males as it reduces risks of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).He said Male circumcision should be encouraged because it also protects women from cervical cancer.
Dr Mwaba stated that the institution hopes to partner with NGOs like Jhpiego, among others to carry out the exercise.He also urged women to encourage their husbands to go for male circumcision because it is also for their benefit.

Dr Mwaba also urged Siavonga residents to go for male circumcision regardless of their culture because Siavonga is known to be culturally oriented.

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  1. Funny how this whole circumcision thing in developing countries is sponsored by the western world(developed nations) themselves have failed to implement the same thing in their own backyards.I have never heard of circumcision being promoted here in the western world.

  2. Please tell the men the disadvantegs of MC as well, alot of our men are loosing there erections after this but they are so embarrased to talk about it!!! yes i agree with comment # 2, western countries are not talking about it, why the third world countries. MEN PLEASE COME OUT IF THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU, it works when you do it when you are a baby or young boy!!! Sorry kwena mwebaume!!!

  3. What is most important is to train the mind and heart of a person so that he or she can develop a balanced approach to life. Cutting of fore-skin is not a lasting solution..mind you, this is an irreversible condition. Let’s hope you will not regret in future. Why are the western countries not imposing this exercise on their people? Blind obedience..new forms of colonialism..

  4. @ Mo taim – almost 99% of men in the USA are circumcised, in fact it is ‘strange’ if you are not circumcised in America – un-circumcised boys are a laughing stock muma changing rooms. So don’t show yuor ignorance in public.

  5. NANSENSE, they are telling lies to these sleepy chaps in Siavonga, the foreign donor ***** behind this exercise never get chopped in their own countries, never have these useless silly campaigns, you won’t find a single pamphlet lying around in their clinics stating what is in the article.

    PS. Mark Storella stop this nansense now…

  6. Not only circumcising them but castrate them so that they don’t venture into Bemba territory. It’s health and safe to have Tonga oxen, the only way to stop them speaking Bemba.

  7. # 7-jersey shore i think it is you who is showing ignorance here.99 % is way too much.Go back to school mwana.I have traveled around this side of the hemisphere and not once have i heard about this crap being promoted.Please i you want to support something do it in a rational manner not what you are saying.If you are talking about the Jewish community in the states then i can agree with you.

  8. These boys are being coerced (forced) into having parts of their genitals cut off (MUTILATED) and there is no benefit and there is great harm.

    It has become evident that in the actual populations men that have parts of their genitals cut off are getting HIV at the same or higher rate than men that have their natural genitals.

    The nerves are real. The dynamic action of the NATURAL genitals is real. Of course the cutting affects sexual pleasure and function. Will these boys be given VIAGRA when they reach 35???

  9. These guys never tell the truth when it comes to circumcsion. This exercise reduces the chances of being infected not by the meanings mostly talked about NO.The truth is when you are cut the dick it will not easily be getting high.Even if you see a naked woman nothing will be happening thus abstaining in un indirect way. I regret doing it.

  10. Only in the USA is still common, and then only 55% of babies are being cut. The rest of the English-speaking world tried it, found it did no good, and has given it up. But it is Americans who are pushing circumcision on Africa, and the case that it has any effect on HIV is not good. In 10 out of 18 countries for which USAID has figures, more of the circumcised men have HIV than the non-circumcised. They did the survey twice in Zimbabwe, before and after a circumcision campaign, and the ratio did not change.

    If men want to have the best part cut off, that’s their choice, but they won’t be safer if they don’t also use condoms, and it should not be pushed on non-consenting boys.

  11. African women beware! You are being put at greater risk for disease by this trickery. Forced genital mutilation to prevent disease is a hoax being perpetrated on an ignorant and trusting African population by a few depraved Americans and Brits and their corrupt sycophants. If a man still has to wear a condom to protect himself after cutting off the most neurologically sensitive part of his penis, what is the point!? And if he thinks mutilating his penis magically makes him immune to disease, won’t that increase the risk for his sexual partners? This is insanely evil.

  12. It is important to remember that circumcision is not widely practiced in most European countries. The practice is however very prevalent in the USA. Apart from the USA, Muslim countries and Israel, the only other countries where circumcision is very common is South Korea probably because of its very strong links with the USA. In Germany last year a court in the state of Cologne had actually banned the circumcision of children on the basis that they are not yet able to choose for themselves. ***************8888

  13. When I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment
    is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a means you can remove me
    from that service? Thanks a lot!

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