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Mosquito nets turned into goal post nets in Gwembe district


FILE: Community health workers demonstrating how a mosquito net is supposed to be spread when sleeping
FILE: Community health workers demonstrating how a mosquito net is supposed to be spread when sleeping

Lack of sports equipment in Gwembe district is forcing youths to use insecticide treated mosquito nets as goal post nets.

This came to light during the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) stakeholders meeting yesterday.

In the report presented by the social sector under health department, it was heard that freely distributed insecticide treated mosquito nets to Gwembe community as a malaria control measure, are now being used as sports equipment by some sports youth groups in the district.

The health department has described the trend as a health concern as mosquito nets are not serving the core purpose of preventing malarial cases in the district.

It was further heard that in areas along Lake Kariba, mosquito nets are being used as fishing nets.

Presenting the report however, Dr. Mwiinde observed that there has been a reduction in use of mosquito nets for catching fish following the awareness campaign that the health department had been conducting.

Dr. Mwiinde said that there is need for traditional leaders to be brought on board to help sensitise communities on the proper use of insecticide treated mosquito nets.



  1. There is totally nothing wrong to use resources that are available, so someone has learnt that they are using wrong nets, organize yourselves and buy the youths the right sports equipment period.

  2. good message by the gwembians that they want sports equipments jst as they have bn watching good equipment on their tvs.

  3. Imwe, in Luapula they use the mosquito nets to fish catching even eggs or roe as they call them.

  4. Our Chipolopo coach should go to Gwembe District and look up for talented players. The residents there rely love the sport.

  5. This is very shameful. My 6 and 9 years old children raise money for these people so that they may live to see another day, and they would rather abuse the efforts of my children by using the nets for football! If that is not bad enough, the comments from most of the people here shows how selfish and devoid of pride and appreciation some Zambians are. It is NOT funny!

  6. Forgive them there typical villagers just put big screen LCD television for them to be watching football matches and ask Renard to tap talents from Gweembe.

  7. In Luapula and kasama they use the mosuito nets as a toilet to collect amafi as one is in a boat and throw in water later

  8. .. I hauled from Gwembe, Our good fertile land for maize and cotton growing. Malaria might be long gone hence the idea to take the nets from bedrooms to play grounds where there are more mosquitos 🙂

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