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The day I’ll be sick even an ant will know-President Sata


President Michael Sata walking to the rally arena upon arrival at meembe basic school grounds to drum up suport for the patriotic front candidate for the kapiri mposhi bye election Eddie Musonda , with his is (PF) general secretary Wynter Kabimba in lukanga swamps chipepo ward
President Michael Sata walking to the rally arena upon arrival at meembe basic school grounds to drum up suport for the patriotic front candidate for the kapiri mposhi bye election Eddie Musonda , with him is (PF) general secretary Wynter Kabimba in lukanga swamps chipepo ward

President Michael Sata has dispelled assertions that he was sick saying he had decided to visit the province to let people see for themselves that he was not sick as suggested by the opposition political parties.

Mr Sata was speaking today in Kapiri Mposhi where he went to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Eddie Musonda for the forthcoming Kapiri Mposhi by elections.

The Kapiri Mposhi Seat is being contested by Mr Musonda of the PF, Mr Francis Mwape of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and Mr Lawrence Zimba for the United Party for National Development (UPND).

“People say I’m sick but im here to prove them wrong. The day I’ll be sick even an ant will know” he said.

And Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has described as liars the presidents of MMD Nevers Mumba and the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for saying President Sata’s health was not good and urged the people of Kapiri to tell off the opposition for lying to them.

[pullquote]“People say I’m sick but im here to prove them wrong. The day I’ll be sick even an ant will know” he said.[/pullquote]

Mr Kabimba told the people that if they voted for the opposition they would be refusing development in the area because the opposition are liars.

And at a second rally, President Sata urged electorates in Kapiri Mposhi not to make a mistake again by voting for UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba in the 23rd April Kapiri Mposhi Constituency by-elections.

Mr. Sata said the people of Kapiri Mposhi should vote for PF candidate Eddie Musonda because UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba failed to bring any development to the area when he served as MP before his election was nullified by the Supreme Court.

Addressing a campaign rally to drum-up support for Mr Musonda at Kapiri Mposhi Town Center ground , President Sata assured the people of Kapiri Mposhi of development if they vote for the PF candidate in the fourth coming elections.


  1. His health usually deteriorates when he starts engaging in activities meant to advance his dictatorship like persuing the electorate in unnecessary bye-elections, when he does things that have some good like going to beg in China he looks better.

  2. normally, it pays not to tempt fate. like this driver from foreign affairs keeping a GRZ vehicle at a bar up to 21 hours near weluzani car park. CGT do something cos this gentleman plays around with a GRZ vehicle in acqward places and time. Vehicle details are: Prado black in colour,number plate GRZ 798 CB. Looks like the Transport Officer tolerates this behavior.

  3. My president. long live,There is no other party apart from Pf.The party that cares,The party that looks forward to the future of children of Zambia.One Zambia ,One Nation,One Nation One leader,And That leader is Michael Chilufya Sata,come 23 April Vote Yes…….hahahah

  4. The President does not look help Truth be told Sata you are not active like always any ways we are watching!

    • For crying out lound the man is old, so don’t expect him to be energetic as he was 5 years ago. Think …Think…

  5. Not in a hurry I say…..Zambian Watchdog have been reporting that the president is sick…he is only putting the record straight


  7. What kind of politics is opposition, constantly calling Sata a sick man! Something is trully wrong with these guys. They believe in telling big lies! Sata is healthy and most times on drawing board mapping how to develop Zambia. He is many steps ahead of you. Come 2016he will still lead. Forget about another one else winning. Just wait and see.

  8. The opposition leaders and their boot lickers are blind, The president looks as fit as fiddle, surely a person who is travelling around the globe can not be a sick person .The president has just returned back after a successfull week in China .The oppositions are only just wishing the president ill health as they think its the only option left for them to get into state house. The president is fit enough to run for a 2nd term.

  9. Our dear president is very very very fit he would put to shame most young lazy bloggers on this forum; this is a man who has just come back from China where he had been walking all over nanestop to woo investors for our beautiful country Zambia.

  10. All of u wishing my president ill health are nothin bt evil schemers and devil advocates,i know it hurts 2b on de losin side

  11. An ant doesn’t need to know bcoz some things happen in a flash,all of a sudden with no warnin signs….like Bingu wa Mutharika…like Thatcher…its just a whiff of truth.

  12. This is very sad, Zambian politics, what have we become, insteady of development, busy acusing each other of someone getting sick its by election i know but where are the motivation speakers that do not use personal matters to win. Then I ask myself is this for the Zambian people, for development or just again to money …and threateing development when a province does not votes for the ruling party…I thought when one is elected president he belongs to the nation despite which party he comes from.

  13. Only God ascertains health. No one knows the day, hour or minute when they will go. Sata should stop defending or talking about his health so much. Concentrate on building on legacy Mr presido, so far you have achieved none.

  14. Are you blind not to have seen what PF govt has done?PF govt. has created new districts bringing development (service )closer to people which RB failed.Change of currency again RB did not.So far no one has accused Our President to be corrupt but majority ofZambians including HH accused RB to be corrupt.What about the Euro bond the 8000 km road net work construction of a new University in Chinsali and stadium in Mongu,

  15. It is shameful that Kabimba and PF supporters have continued lying just to get votes. When did HH talk or spread information about Sata’s illness. If this happened the Post newspaper will have put this as a headline followed by a winding and incoherent long commentary. It looks like PF will never learn from past mistakes such as promising voters of developing the country within 90 days and money into their pockets. It pays to be truthful and honest to gain confidence from people.

  16. But I’ve never heard HH or Nevers politicizing the sickness of the President. Its Kabimba himself and deep down his heart he imagines the sickness of Sata may benefit him. So he has to pre empty his evil wishes by lumping it on others that are usually innocent. This has been his common strategy that he’s used even on GBM and Lubinda. Mr. President,unless your handlers haven’t told you,the most unpopular person in PF and outside PF right now is Kabimba. The mere sight of him walking with you instantly makes you unpopular. I’m stating a fact here.

  17. The ant indeed is the right thing to know. After all its so tiny it can penetrate where cameras can’t.

  18. Ba Kabimba y ave u changed so suddenly from a prominent lawyer to a mere cheap cadre and a bootlicker! How do your wife,children ,relatives and clients look at yu? SURELY sinking so low just bcoz of politics and u bcome a product of insults u even luk into the camera what legacy r u leaving to yr children?


  20. Our president is healthy & the good Lord will continue to bless him coz he means well for mother Zambia. Alot has indeed been achieved within a short time & I can imagin what Zambia will look like by 2021 when his excellency steps down after serving his two 5year terms. Long live Michael Chilufya Sata our beloved President! Long live P.F.
    Abash childish, tribal, regional, bitter & envious politics… abash!

  21. Oh dear! HH and Nevers have never been quoted talking about Sata’s health. Dear Mr President it’s you and your sycophants who are on a mission to prove that you’re in good health. Why? Anyway its not like you’re an innocent person. Besides you hounded Levy about his health to the grave. One has to wonder why a parliamentary by -election was turned into a discussion of your health. Did you prove to anyone that you’re in good health? Or did the turn of events prove the contrary? Don’t be like Bingu Wa Mutharika who also made it a habit of proclaiming his good health at public fora. Some things are best no commented on moreso when you’re President.

  22. I can’t wait for that day…… we shall dance like the British are dancing over Maggie’ death .Youtube ding dong the witch is dead ,the song is currently number three on the charts.We shall soon celebrate.

  23. Pictures don’t tell lies, l did mention recently that he will come back a strong looking “made in China” man, but can someone explain what is around his waist and in the suit pockets? Something unusual about this jacket maybe it’s my eyes.

  24. Only a medical board compromised by compromised specialist doctors not your miserable wife can certify you fit bwana!That waist line is looking terrible,ni dombasa?Kwena Ukwa just accept so that you can be a free man.

  25. Just look at the jacket. You will see that there is something unusual trying to force its way out, is not the urine bag?

  26. Most items “made in China” do not last long,I can only hope the Chinese medicine will last longer than the Indian medicine! Last kicks of a dying horse, the by-election victory is yours, you can fool some of the people all the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

  27. Such belligerence in his quest to tempt fate will only make him look like a fool when he kickes the bucket at an engineered bye election rally. Only time will tell but from all indications, Sata is hearded for 6 feet underground this year.

  28. This is what Sata said; ubushiku nkalwala nakanyelele kakeshiba. This is campaign language which is hard to replicate by an average politician.. rural pipo love this language. Just imagine pipo at the rally laughting and giving each other ‘high -fives’… Zambian soapies at its best..

  29. “The day I’ll be sick even an ant will know-President Sata” And l guess that should be quite soon!

  30. Political prostitutes offer themselves to PF officials- ZWD
    KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  31. rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!! nalolo boyi pa side. some of us are not interested in your ailing health, we just want the development that you promised the Zambian people. i did not vote for you and i hope my fellow zedians have learnt one thing’ to keep away from recycled politicians.

  32. Has Kabimba got only striped T-shirts?
    Why is that if so? mixed brains a sign of confusion
    Can’t be surprised these two characters smoke together.
    but the big question is “what do they smoke”?

  33. i am also just wondering what is hidden in the jacket and portruding at some point. Look closely at the jacket and you will see something there. Anyway, we say time will tell. even mwanawasa was looking healthy but at least he never tempted fate. Besides, how come his voice lacked the vitality and edge that its had all this time. Check out the voice and tell me if am wrong. Equally wondering if our president cannot campiagn in any other language than bemba and the bemba sayings ??????

  34. latest, the president now moves with a molser automatic pistol hidden under the jacket on his left side. he is a gun collector mind you! ever ready for battle, he could be hiding a short range bazooka in the pocket too, be careful.

  35. Let the president inform the nation equally when he sneaks out of the country for medical check ups. PF Sata doesn’t just get it to be complete in his character of ‘Donchi Kebeba’ mantra.

  36. but kwena mu Zambia mwaliba amafwafwa. how active do you want the president to be? He is the boss and his job is to deligate. Wake up you Zambians.

  37. Yes Boss. You are very correct. The Ants that will know well are those at Embassy Park. I am sure they are waiting ……

  38. It was a slip of the vernomous tongues, what he meant to say was the day that he dies even a kanyelele kaza chiliza!

  39. Yes Ukwa you are not sick even Wynter Kabwamba is not corrupt and he’s not a thief.No more dialysis for you and sneaking out the country at night.No more Indian doctors in ambulances at the rallies.No more .No more .You have certified yourself fit for re election ,my fooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Over to Wynter ,whats your comment dull man?

  40. I am not sure if the president reads the Bible, if he does he may have read these words of counsel from the book of Hosea, ”They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”. Mr Sata you sowed the seed of hatred when you always talked maliciously about the late Mazoka’s, Mwanawasa’s and Kunda’s illnesses each time you opened your mouth, now you are reaping the whirlwind about your own illnesses. No hiding place, you will have to endure it.

  41. What happens if Michael Chilufya Sata Dies (God forbid) Do we see any one becoming a President from the Opposition parties. None at all. 1. Miyanda (Brig General) is Lazy. 2. H.H is Tribalist. 3. Mumba Nervers alipontela abena Congo, ali Kululula Kachingwe mu maloba. 4 Nalimo ba Edith.

  42. I wonder how some pipo think. I wud u wish your friend bad health. Crazy pipo. Long live the president. We love you.

  43. Let me tell those *****s wishing my President death, that they will die earlier that any body they wish dead. My President do not worry what these *****s say, it’s only God who knows and be assured your loving people are praying for you all the time. By the way well come back home from your tour of duty. We have been following your good works and we say thank you for marketing our beautiful Country and thank you for the agreements you signed on behalf of our Country. THANK YOU TAMBALUKUTA.

  44. With what is happening in the country, very few would miss Sata’s funeral. Only God knows why they would want to body view when all have been seeing the moving corpse.

  45. First and for most I would like to thank you Mr President for a wonderful work in China. We the loving people of this Country we have been following your achievements during this tour of duty and all we can say is thank you Sir. We know what will come out of this trip. And for those unpatriotic citzens who keep on wishing you death, I have no kind words for them but to say God is the only one who knows. My President be ansured that we are praying for you, your good health and indeed for your family. And our God will indeed supply you all your needs including your good health. Thank you once again your Excellence.

  46. Why are you f.uckers concerned about his health? tamulwala imwe? you used to say the same about mazoka. don’t you have sick relatives to focus your energy on? the fack is no one will leave for ever.

  47. VERY INTERESTING?? NO ONE WOULD WISH A FELLOW HUMAN BEING BAD OR TO BE SICK. Unfortunately It was the President when then in Opposition that castigated Mwanawasa, to an extent of calling him a Cabbage. What goes around definitely comes around. NOW OUR WHOLE PRESIDENT WASTING TIME Justifying HIS HEALTH. SIR We would definitely Wish you a healthy life but Please Seek forgiveness from God. YOU HAD WISHED YOUR BROTHER LEVY MWANAWASA, A LOT OF BAD Things UNTIL HIS DEATH. Remember you chasing the funeral everywhere because you thought it was a campaign Strategy. I AM SURE Ants Have truly known that you have not been too well. Thanks to China for some rejuvenating Therapies you went thru. YOU really look FIT and HOPE IT STAYS. BUT APOLOGISE FOR THE WRONGS YOU DID TO YOUR LATE BROTHER MWANAWASA.

  48. @Wiseman, you and your Sata are the ultra tribalists. You seem to be obsessed with the issue of tribalism. I don’t there will be any President past and future who would ever surpass Sata’s tribalism. What we have now is utterly unacceptable.

  49. Partisanship aside! It just been proved to me that indeed Africans are mentaly disturbed, i mean how does a normal person wish an older man who has lived his life successfully more than most africans including Europeans who live on borrowed money( credit cards, visas etc), i mean he could get sick or die anytime which would be normal considering his age, to my suprise, under achievers are busy wishing him death, how stupid are these self proclaimed interligent people, all of you will die, like it or not, the guy out lived youngsters like Mwanawasa, great kafupi, are you normal or a dunder heads? you bring your stupidity on a pulic forum, nowonder you hurt you chaps, get a life, yes Sata will die and so are you and me, one at a time death comes to everything than can breath including trees!

  50. On September 9, 1990, the Chief of Staff of the West African Peace Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) one Ghanian Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo told President Master Sergent Kanyon Doe to leave the ECOMOG HQ or face death at the hands of Prince Johnson who was commanding the Independent National Patriotic Front (INPF). Doe is alleged to have retorted, and quote: “The day that I’m captured by rebels, even ants will know about it.” Without hours, Kanyon Doe lay dead, his body badly mutilated. So Sata’s statement sounds like deja vu, only time will tell, this year!

  51. May people reap what they sow. Wishing your friend evil is as simple as wishing him blessings and wishing yourself evil. Little brains dont understand even simple issues

  52. HH puppies in endless twists and turns. Whatever the president does they ll say this or that, so if its not this its that. Just get your under5 presidents to actively strategise not wishing someone sick, what cheap thinking is that.

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