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Probe against Kabimba and GBM found nothing-ACC


Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba
Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba

The Anti-Corruption Commission has confirmed that it dropped corruption investigations against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his Defence counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba because they failed to find anything to substantiate the allegations.

ACC Spokesperson Timothy Moono told Journalists this morning that the investigations against the two cabinet ministers have since been closed.

Mr. Moono said the two Ministers were interviewed and that the Commission failed to find evidence to substantiate the allegations against Mr. Kabimba and Mr. Mwamba.

“I would like to inform the nation that the investigations against the two cabinet Ministers were discontinued because the allegations were not substantiated,” Mr. Moono said.

He added, “We interviewed the two Ministers here at ACC and we also spoke to a number of witnesses but there was no evidence so we dropped the investigations.”

Asked whether the directive from President Michael Sata that the ACC should seek clearance from State House before it commences any investigations against all Ministers and senior PF officials, Mr. Moono said the ACC carried out the investigations in a professional manner.

“There was no undue influence from any quarter, our people did a professional job and the outcome showed that there was no evidence to link the two Ministers,” Mr. Moono said.

Pressed further on the fact that Mr. Kabimba admitted that a bribe was offered to him by an oil firm called Dalbit, Mr. Moono said investigations did not produce any evidence to that effect.

And Mr. Moono has disclosed that the Commission has responded to an ultimatum issued by concerned citizen Brebner Changala for the Commission to investigate Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito.

He said the Commission advised Mr. Changala to seek other avenues for redress saying the matter he raised against Mr. Nchito fall beyond the mandate of the ACC.

“We scrutinized Mr. Changala’s ultimatum and we felt it was beyond the scope of our mandate as a Commission and we advised him accordingly. I cannot disclose what we wrote to Mr. Changala but I can only say we asked to seek other avenues for redress.”

Meanwhile, the ACC says it received 470 reports of suspected cases of corruption during the first three months of 2013 from January to March.

Mr. Moono said of these cases, 306 reports did not have elements of corruption while 164 reports contained some elements of corruption and of these, 108 were authorised for investigations.

He said during the quarter, 19 cases raised from the Auditor General’s Report for 2011 were investigated.

Mr. Moono revealed that 11 arrests were recorded countrywide and 5 convictions and 3 acquittals were recorded.


  1. stupid statement.kabimba refused to be interviewed.we are not children to be given crap .you should have done well not to say anything.

  2. its only pf cadres who can take this as gospel truth since these f00!s can believe anything to lack of basic education and analytical skills e.g90 days,ba64,more money in your thats not enough,the patriotic f001s have continued to to promise these f001s.

  3. Oh really? Even after one of these gentlemen stated publicly that he came into politics to make money? The joy is that a majority of Zambians who vote do not pay taxes and think that the opening of a hospital in their area is development. PF is likely to be heavily unsuccessful due to the lack of technocrats in government.

  4. The truth really is
    “The Anti-Corruption Commission has confirmed that it WAS ASKED TO DROP corruption investigations against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his Defence counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba because they failed to find anything to substantiate the allegations”

    What sort of nonsensical irrelevant body is this ACC
    To accuse a black man and find them not guilty is the same as coming to Glasgow and not seen someone with a kilt
    But then again I am talking to an audience not as highly intelligent as me , so this is water under the bridge


  5. This is still a contentious issue and it won’t go away. Let’s see the entire report via a parliamentary committee please. The fact of the matter is that His Excellence instructed ACC not to investigate any of his ministers without his permission. If that’s not undue influence Mr. Moono, I don’t know what you wanna call it.

  6. Mushota im one of the people who hates you with passion. But i dont know what is happening? i have started to intertain your comments, in short think my hate has turned into liking your comments

  7. Kabimba has challenged Transparency International to bring their own independent private investigator to investigate him, but they have not taken up the challenge.

  8. What do you expect after Sata says to ACC,” the law of Zambia states,you are not supposed to investigate a Pf senior official unless you consult me(Ukwa)”.


    • The fact that their operations are not fre of government influence makes it very probable that they are a compromised outfit masquerading as an independent, law enforcement agency fighting corrupt practices. So yes, many, like myself are skeptical.

    • Reminds me of what Kafupi used to say while he was in power. ‘if u had evidence take it to investigative wings’. What nonsense… Come 2016 when u are out of power there will be lots of witnesses and plenty evidence.

    • Ask yourself why Kabimba went with cadres when he was first asked for an interview by ACC thereby disrupting the whole exercise?

  10. ACC had a tooth during Mwanawasa and the only tooth was pulled out during Banda and what do you expect to find now in time of Sata? Sorry, both of them have wayward behaviour and corruption is one of their traits.

  11. Zambian are now being treated like small kids by ACC.It is a well documented fact that the company which was awarded the supply of the oil contract was not among those that met the criteria of the conditions as set out in the Procurement Document.

    Can ACC tel us who influenced the award of this contract?if Kabimba is not involved,why have we not seen officials from Procurement Authority not caged for endangering Zambia’s economic interests for awarding accepting a tender whose prices are higher in relative terms that pump prices in the oil producing countries/

  12. LOL! Mushota reminds me of me….

    …the only difference is that given a chance to work or serve in Government, I’d take oath and do the exact same things that our Ministers, Deputies and PSs do and I’d work in the exact same way they work.

  13. The future of the ACC Director and her officials, including their families and relatives is extremely bleak after the PF Government has gone into oblivion. The ACC is the worst corrupt institution in Africa.

  14. Allegations are very tricky. Many people have lost jobs due to allegations. Once someone makes an allegation, real or false, it is alway very difficult for the purpoted culprit to exculpate oneself. Many loose jobs because of fabricated information, sometimes based on hearsay. Imagine yourself, where you work, allegations are made that you stole the missing equipment when infact you never did at all, someone just wants to sort you out. Imagine where you are an allegation is made of inappropriate touch of a woman, sexual harassment of a child, stealing, licking information, etc etc. In so far as these cases happen other people can just be framed just to sort them out, or just because the real culprit is not caught an innocent is accused of a crime. Allegations can be traumatic to some.

    • He was given a chance to exculpate himself at ACC offices but he disturbed this process, isnt that telling you something?

  15. This is all well and good. If they are indeed innocent, that is good. If they are not, one day they will be out of power and we will carry out another investigation. In the case of these two there will be no need to lift any immunities, so let us just say its ok for now.

  16. Very interesting. Kabimba accused GBM of corruption and so diid GBM about Kabimba. These are senior cabinet ministers who weighed the impact of their accusations before pronouncing them. Are we therefore to conclude that both of them are foolish and did not know what they were talking about ? The ACC should not insult our intelligence.

  17. ACC is for “small” corrupt men. There are “big” men, some now dead, who corruptly dipped their fingers in public purse whom ACC could not touch? And nothing has changed since then. Don’t rely on ACC to catch big fish; because they (acc) are too small. They won’t find the evidence… quite frankly they have no ability to that.

  18. This is a job well done by the ACC. They’ve just managed to come up with the findings they were INSTRUCTED to make!!! Hahaha…. The LOO of Law!!

  19. That’s a bunch os BS ACC. But that’s to be expected considering you’re a toothless as the police and the rest of them.

  20. ACC at work!!!!!!!. Why did Kamimba brings his colleagues at ur offices. Move along Great East Road to Chongwe, those ZESCO pole lines whose project and how much is involved. But kwena. In fact the Chinese company that supplied trucks to MMD or ZAmbia or RB should be charged for corruption. Us Zambian are above board, we know more than you ACC, PRESIDO, WE ARE AWARE that Your Directors, PS, Ministers have major influences on awarding of contracts. I know there at Ka Agriculture college along great east road, busy doing renovations on single picked contractors and the persons in charge was a good Knickerbocker for Bwenzi and top mgmt are in opposition. Yes look at Prof Clive has shown. Ur Presido beat up a girlfriend at Helen kaunda and even picked a remaining half bag of meal-mill

  21. The whole report was a white wash because when the accusation was made against Kabimaba ,he should have been put of forced leave so that he doesnt have access to the evidence the ACC was looking for.That did not happen which in itself cast doubt on the credibility of the ACC’s investigation and on a bigger picture the PF government.The ACC have not stated when they interviewed Wynter and have not clarfified what made them arrive at their decision to clear Kabimba.The procedural anormally in the way they handled the case has been blanked out.

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