Two ‘Zambians’ arrested for armed robbery in the US


Union Township police, near Cincinnati, on Saturday night responded to a robbery alarm at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Union Township.
Two men identified as Kenneth Chipemba, 37, of Springboro, and Kabinga Kwambana, 22, of Cincinnati allegedly slipped in a back door around closing time, tied up employees, and tried to make off with bags of cash.

Sgt. Scott Blankenship, Union Township Police, says “All the employees were gathered around into an area, close to the managers office. They were bound at that time.”

But officers weren’t far. With the police station just a half a mile from the Golden Corral, the crooks didn’t have much time as officers quickly surrounded the restaurant. A quick thinking employee inside tripped an alarm. Sgt. Blankenship comments “Once they arrived, they quickly set up a perimeter, which kept these guys in a closed area of that building. Great job by our patrol officers and our patrol division. They surrounded the place.”

The suspects tried to escape out the back door, carrying a bag of cash, but were met by an officer who arrested them. “Neither one of the suspects engaged law enforcement at the time. They both surrendered without incident.”

Investigators believe the same 2 men could be responsible for similar restaurant robberies in Green Township, Erlanger, and more recently, Dayton and Grove City near Columbus. All of those incidents happened within the past 3 months. “These 2 suspects are incarcerated right now, and we’re going to do our best to keep those subjects there while other people that need to take a look at any evidence that we have to build their case and make it stronger.”

When police initially responded, one officer entered the restaurant through an opened door. At that point, he made eye contact with an employee who was able to indicate to him that something bad was definitely happening inside. That officer took that nonverbal form of communication and quickly exited and called for back up.

Sgt. Blankenship said it was that quick thinking by both the employee and the officer that allowed police to make what he called a perfectly executed arrest.

One of two men caught in the act of robbing the local restaurant is a college student who asked a judge to set him free so he could make his class. But Kenneth Chipemba of Springboro and Kabinga Kwambana of Cincinnati are not getting out of jail though, unless they can come up with $750,000 bond each.

Chipemba told the judge he is a student at Wright State University. His lawyer asked for his release so he could get back to classes.

Kwambana is enrolled to begin classes at the University of Cincinnati this coming fall.


  1. By putting ‘Zambians’ in apostrophes in your heading, I understand your sentiment. These are two men shaming their beloved country in very unpatriotic fashion. But what about the many other Zambians involved in robbery in Zambia. Are they ‘Zambians’ or just Zambians?! And what about corrupt lying politicians? Are they ‘Zambians’ or just Zambians? Because many of us are actively involved in doing things that harm our country, I think we’ll soon all be just ‘Zambians’ – selfish and shamefully unpatriotic.

    • Iwe James, the author is right by putting `Zambians` in apostrophes because these might be other nationalities with stolen Zambian passports, this is very common now in the USA and Europe because Zambians are easily `accepted`than other African nationalities.

    • Mwaiche Ndobo those are not bemba names.Those guys could also be Congolese or even west African guys using Zambian passports.Zambian passports are just too easy to acquire.Turn down on your ignorance and tribal profiling too mwana.

    • @James N, By putting ‘Zambians’ in apostrophes the author may be doubting the nationality of these alleged criminals, and I’m inclined to think the same. Those names sound afar from our poor land.

    • Ndobo maybe the passport officer who gave them the passports thinks like you.No wonder those names which again if you ask me are not bemba.Even if they are it makes no difference to me.

    • If they had done something nice the Bembas would have been boasting. Now that the two are robbers they are being disowned by their own. Those are clear Bemba names.

  2. Zambians have now graduated from drug trafficking and swindling to armed robberies??? iyo kwena twasebana!!! those with nothing to do abroad should go back home and find something to do. In the words of KK; “go back to the land!”

    • shame on the guys. they have just paid their hotel bill. they will definately go in for a long time. this will teach the guys to stay home and make something from here.

    • You want then to start staging robberies in Zambia? Let them stay there where there is plenty to steal from ala…..

  3. Kabinga!! Temwana wakwa ‘Mwansakabinga’ Aka Mudyelekedzi..anyway that saves as a notice- Sometimes when you go to Rome,don’t do what some Romans would do….

  4. They sure will be given a stretch in the joint. On the bright side for them, they can learn a skill whilst inside. What a pair of wallies!!!

  5. Now the American embassy need to scrutinize these Bembas, a Bemba is more likely to lie, steal and kill just for an opportunity they don’t even qualify for. No way near hard work and sacrifice.

    • yes the america embassy should!.. bembas are horrible people, one bemba woman killed her muzungu husband in chigola who was supporting him and chopped off his balls and shaft not long ago,,horrible!

    • @ndobo and charcoal burner. Tribalism in 2013? Man your parents DID a horrible job at raising you guys. You are both an excuse of the so called Christian nation. U are nothing short of a person that can start a genocide. PS: 3 of zambia’s presidents are bembas. Beat that losers.

  6. What ever happened to Patricia Chisanga – the woman who was wanted in the US for alledged Medcial equpipment fraud? Has she been extradited?

  7. This is very sad, Kenneth Chipemba is my personal friend, he is married to an american and they have two beautiful kids……his dad will be very disappointed…….

    • you say you know Ken personally and he is not a bad guy! In case you have never experience it before, having a gun pointed at you is very traumatic. for someone to point a firearm at another person (running away with their hard earned cash), that simply disqualifies that person from being good. most likely you are related to that person , so you see it fit to try and clean up his image.

    • stop lying his dad died along time ago back in Mansa…hes young brother who is late was my personal friend. he has always been a crook from the days he was at DK and pep shop in mansa

    • Destroyer he was a crook in Zambia too read the comments below yours. Don’t accuse his American wife. It’s just the Bemba way. Why are Bembas defending these crime sprees. Is stealing normal for you guys?

    • Ya, he used to be my class mate at David Kaunda tech Sec School and we completed in 1997. Very disappointing indeed

  8. What a mess the boys are in!! They are going to jail for life. That is how serious armed robbery is in the US. They are looking at serving not less than 35 years minimum each. If I were Kenneth or Kabinga, I would probably worry about how I will spend the rest of my life in jail – rather than worrying about attending classes. Just the arrogance of wanting to go and attend lectures after you have traumatised people all night trying to rob them of their hard-earned cash – that’s shocking and those chaps Zambia doesn’t need them. Clearly if they were in Zambia they would have killed by now – that is, if they didn’t kill before they went to the US – probably that is how they financed their foreign trip. Good riddance…I have no sympathy for them whatsoever!

    • @ Abana ba mfumu — I understand your feelings very well. But the truth is we often think that we know very well the people we have been friends with, when actually we don’t know them that well! Clearly, you don’t know Ken very well.

    • Kabinga is just an innocent boy who was probably brain washed by this Kennethy guy. he comes from a well to do family and wud ve no proper reason to do wat he did unless he squandered his tuition money. Pliz people think of the parents who gave up a lot to have their son get an education, how do you think they re feeling? its not a jocking matter. hes just too young for such a thing. Lets Keep the Parents in Prayer to endure what is happening its not any parents dream to go thru such things.

  9. Both are subjects of the dead chief mwinelubemba chitimukulu, Abemba anyanya uwakawalala. They thought this is Zambia where theyget away with after bribibing akapokola. Tiyeni munjenje bane , good riddance God knows how to shame thieves from Kasama, ukotolafye

  10. emwaume, you take risks. if they succeeded all female bloggers would be falling on them. you think the houses we ve built & the cars she drives comes from where?

    • @gorrilaZ —– mmmmmmmhhhh, abena!!! Eya shani iyo? You want to turn Kenneth and Kabinga into role-models apapene? Anyway, as you say: the houses you’ve built and the cars your partner is driving may have similar origins. BUT you see now, you need clever and better role-models…if you had clever and better role-models, not thieves and robbers, you would not be unknowingly revealing you possibly criminal profession on a world-wide blog like this… you would much cleverer than do that! Good luck! Do you know what happened to Nervous ‘Spoiler’ Kapenda? Go to the library and read about him if you have never heard about him.

  11. It is sad for these two young men. But we are not being good Zambians at all….. We are always quick to judge and point fingers, take the Iris case for example, i’m sure many of you talked all sorts of BS….. In as much as we know they have done wrong and we are not happy with their actions, let us all learn a lesson from it and be the united people we are….. No wonder Zambians are never happy for other Zambians and are always quick to judge and gossip and with such an attitude, you still wonder why we never develop as a country…… Anyway, sad for the two young men, but people let’s not point fingers too quick….. Let’s wait until they have been proven guilt by the court of law in the US….. And wait until it happens to you, then maybe you won’t talk so much.

    • I dont know what the heck you’re saying but do you understand what it means to have somebody put a gun onto your head? You’re such a loser defending these scum-bags. I don’t care where they are from but to hold people hostage with a weapon in hand is the most cowardly act anybody can commit. Don’t compare it to Iris being screwed.

    • @Destroyer….. Firstly don’t call me a loser because you don’t know half the stuff I’ve been through in life I’ve been close to death and forgiven someone who has changed my life forever. The is a reason to call me a loser at all for being defensive towards these guys….. I know both of them, they are family and I know how they were brought up…. I am disappointed with their actions and it’s not acceptable, but pointing finger and talking BS and calling me a loser for being defensive towards them? Aaaahh you’ve crossed the line……

    • P.S. destroyer if you read my first comment properly you will see that i state that their actions are unacceptable, then i am not comparing this case and Iris case at all… I was giving an example of how quick people are to judge when i mentioned Iris case….. ENGLISH and LOGIC THINKING please….. If you went to a proper secondary school in Zambia i am sure you were taught how to thinking critically and logically, and you wouldn’t be so quick to say all the nonsense you have said on my comment.

    • Pesh, am able to apply critical thinking in legal reasoning so don’t even go there. I don’t want to toot my own horn. Your reasoning is obviously clouded by the fact that these scum-bags are your relatives.

    • Well then destroyer it you able to apply critical thinking you’ll realize that we are all entailed to our own opinions and that you have no right whatsoever to pick on my comment amongst all comments and that you have no right to call me a loser for being defensive,so what if you think I’m clouded by my thoughts because they are my relatives? You have no right to judge my opinion,that’s why it’s my opinion and not yours. I am not the first to say what I have on this article so please be adult enough and leave me alone kmft…….

    • Was that Bemba Chisanga woman also a Nigerian? Were all those Bemba women caught drug trafficking Bemba?

      If it was Ingutu, Mainza or Bota, then we would have said it was nigerians impersonating Zambians. Bembas I tell you need Jesus to heal their thieving ways.

    • Mwanawakwitu – your type of thinking is retarding Zambia. Perhaps its you who needs Jesus to heal your inferior ways.

  12. @ Pesh, what do you mean by “and wait until this happens to you….?
    This is not an accident – they deliberately set out to rob innocent people at gun point – so yes they do deserve to have fingers pointed at them coupled with very hefty prison sentences.
    And from what the police are saying this may not have been their first armed robbery.

  13. They are Zambians alright,i no them one is from riverside kitwe…shame,people out there please don’t disgrace our country zambia is a peaceful and loving country.for God’s we are a Christian nation…awe mwe!

  14. They are confirmed Zambians. Please, brothers and sisters in Diaspora, get a legit job. Facebook is making people live outside their means.

    • Regardless of tribe, they have given the America government ammunition to impose more stringent conditions on the issuance of visas to Zambians as a whole.

  15. We need to pray to our heavenly father Jehovah that all Bembas are cleansed of this principality of wickedness. People that emigrated to Zambia from the Congo need healing.

    • Perhaps its you who needs to be cleansed of your ignorance. If you know how to use Google you will find that the robbers in question are not Bembas.

    • All tribes presently in Zambia emigrated from the Congo…and there is nothing wrong with the Congo, its a beautiful landscape, the garden of the world/ecological lungs of our planet.. The only tribe in our nation today that has lived there longest, are the Lenje of Chief Mungule. Infact, the Lozi’s and all other sub tribes emanate from the same Kingdom as the Royal Bemba Kingdom. We are all one in Zambia..same root!

  16. But people in Zambia loves to deport foreigners involved in assaulting his employee like the recent case of a Lebanese man in Kabwe and all foreigners gets branded as criminals. Lets wake up to reality .these two Zambian criminals in USA does not make all Zambians criminals do they ?

  17. Foolish bastards! The !diots will go in for 50 years each for “robbing a restaurant” at gunpoint. Njala ya ba nyokola ba Kola Foundation diaspora! If it is food they wanted they should have simply asked Dante Saunders. He would have fed their entire clan for life! Attention HH! Your nemesis need food!

  18. Dooty Scooty just said yesterday, Zambians are thieves, this just proves it, imagine, a veep saying this.Zambia railways, professor Chirwa also says Zambians like easy money, everywhere, just stealing.Yonse, ma kawalalas.Ati, Shame.Mambalas

  19. pipo thz r human beings ur tokn about, yes they did wrong but dnt 4get that you are also a sinner! it’s like Jesus said let he without sin cast the first stone!!!!

  20. Am personally shocked to hear this, Kenneth Chipemba a childhood friend of mine and he once worked in Mansa pep store . I spoked to him on Friday over the phone about families issues he was going through and I never saw this coming from him. So disappointed, ba ken why do such a thing?

    • Biggest question is where did he get a gun? Olo spoko ( spoke ) gun used to scare the rest of us but he and junior seem to handle them with ease.

    • ***************

      I live in the US completing my PHD in Public Health, I know these guys….total laziness! They think people like us are foolish when we dedicate our lives to school. Any armed robber’s place is jail.

  21. I know kabinga his from ktk and was at Mpelembe Secondary School and he aint bemba. Did his A-levels at Chengelo. His brought shame to his family

  22. Whether bemba’s or what all we need to do z pray for them n let God make them realise it was bad are u telling me you are all perfect?haven’t u done wrong?so he without sin continue commenting ifyabupuba here!!imagine if it ws u,some of u ur parents did the same for u to evn b surviving even worse!quit being so judgemental and let the law n /od take its course!!!!


    • Walitumpa sana and I hope in the next seven days you will be locked up. Why you Bemba haters!! You all gather on this website farting your opinions after deliberately misidentifying the characters in this story when you very clearly know they arent even Bemba. You are just looking for an oppotunity to spew your TRIBAL vomit anonymously. With such cowardly tactics you will never progress. Come out in the open and condemn a Bemba but you wont because in your so called true identity you pretend to be civilised and unaware of tribalism

  24. All those demonizing other tribes even without foundation are just too pathetic and backward. This is the 21st century for goodness sake!

    • Amen to your comment…… Anyway just shows how Zambia really needs to develop and how we still have a long way to go as a country to develop!! We need to stop with this primitive thinking……

  25. Why you Bemba haters!! You all gather on this website farting your opinions after deliberately misidentifying the characters in this story when you very clearly know they arent even Bemba. You are just looking for an oppotunity to spew your TRIBAL vomit anonymously. With such cowardly tactics you will never progress. Come out in the open and condemn a Bemba… but you wont because in your so called true identity you pretend to be civilised and dont want to be identified as a tribalist

  26. Ba Zambia mwasebana, keeping up appearances. Armed robbery carries a hefty sentences those dudes better kiss their studies goodbye and they can never find a decent job with a felony. Life in the US for these two is over.

    • Ba Zero Boyz naimwe, Townships in the US are mostly in subarbia (kuma yadi)….it is not the Misisi type of township!

  27. Most west Africans do their home work before they actually obtain fake passports ! If they are getting a fake USA passport they use American names e.g. they love ‘Williams’ as a surname. Similarly, if they obtained fake Zambian passport from Zambia (easily due to corrupt home affairs officials), they could have used any Zambian sounding names !! If they asked them which village in Zambia they are from…they wouldn’t have a clue !! Zambians are respectful people…I believe so !!

    • I was born and raised in Lusaka if you asked me which village/ chiefdom I was from I would not have a clue without taking a look at my NRC.

  28. Geez,i was around Union township this past Dec specifically on Clough pike & Mt carmel-tabasco rd where i stayed.Glad i don’t live there or know any “zambians” there coz surely these hoodlums are giving us a bad name.Hang ’em for all i care.

  29. Shame. These are Zambians. Our name is tarnished by people like them. Avoid making a tribal issue. There are good people and bad people in every tribe. What values define a Zambian. Stealing is not one of them or is it?

  30. Very Poor Contributions by most bloggers. Criminal activities do happen in every tribe, Nationality ++++. Come zambia visit Prisons you will see Muzungus, Indians, Lebanese, Chinese. So nothing realy strange be concrned about yourselves and thank God that it’s not you in such. These might be Zambians but we dont know what infuenced them to move in that direction.
    Be happy, dont let some fool spoil your day.

  31. I’m shocked!I know Kabinga from Mpelembe, we went to school together, I hope this is some sort of misunderstanding. If not, then this is such a shame.

  32. Awe they are just accusing them, maybe some real robbers threatened them with death thats the only reason they could have confessed, otherwise, balebabepeshafye!

  33. they should deport these thieves back to zambia and ensure that these thies are no longer allowed to go back under fake names/passports……..they should take an eye scan as they do in Dubai!!!!!!!


    • What, are U insane? You think armed robbery is a joke? Innocent lives would have been taken here. You have all the time to back off during planning. And in a foreign country? This is no matter of being holier than thou. this plain there’s no plausible excuse in hell. You’re beinning to piss me off. These idio.ts have even small children as from posts above. Have you thought about them?

  35. Well the older guy is definitely a Zambian and for all you doubting Thomases just go to his Facebook page and see, shameful indeed!

  36. @USD 750 M BOND ; It will be a very long while before they are deported to Zambia – they have also been slapped with a kidnapping charge !!

  37. U *****s, those are most probably other nationalities with stolen zambian passports. wait for official infor bfor u exhibit yo ignorance.

  38. There both zambians know kabinga from secondary school and have seen the mugshot its him alright. So don’t make up crazy scenarios

  39. dont judge so easily…they havè done wrong…that we all know…who are we to judge..only God can judge them…look at your life before you go out looking and condeming others.

    • Its really a shame putting your country in great embarracemnt, this is what happens when you want fast money. good things come to all those who wait. its a big lesson to all of us. Let us be responsible for our own lives other than putting our parents to shame.

  40. I actually went to high school with Kabinga. We were both at a secondary school in Nkana east, Kitwe Zambia. Those guys are definetely Zambians.

  41. The American embassy should limit the number if bembas going to US. They should b very strict when it comes to them

    • There u go with this Bemba kaak You behave like all tribes are saints in Zambia except us Right?.

  42. They are not zambian i know them they are zimbambwe living in zambia before coming to usa…mazezulu

  43. More “student” Zambians in the USA, on student visas and meanwhile they are committing crime, working illegally, round them up and deport them all, useless waste of life.

  44. Thats exactly why i don’t watch movies.. i mean its quiet an interesting scene were a 22 year old jerk asks someone 15 years older than him to pull some f@*ked up move they thought would be cool. Total a.holes

  45. He he he… Desperate times calls for desperate measures…but they deserve what they will get… The truth is that they are just common criminals who are a danger to any society whatever their tribe or nationality..Anyway the sad part of this article is the clear dislike of fellow Zambians because of tribalism…The comments posted… MY GOD… Just don’t forget the genocide which took place in Rwanda.. It can show its ugly face anyway on simple things… Articles like this one just breed more discontent and am telling you now, have your fix or fun when posting but when the gates of hell open, the whole lot of you will have no where to run or hide….Think before posting rubbish…Surely if you have nothing better to say then don’t bother posting.

  46. OK, so im a little confused… these boys went to DK and to Mpelembe which in my day were some of the most prestigious academic institutions for highschoolers before 1991 when the can of curruption burst open in zambia and anyone with money could buy a seat in university for their kids. What i dont understand is how stupid are these guys to even ask the presiding judge if they can be dicharged so they cn attend lectures???? what a joke! They should change their plea from Guilty to Non Guilty By Reason of Insanity! That way they can end up in a mental asylum where they belong. It doesnt matter what tribe, they have brought disrepute to our Nation.They are Zambians and its a shame. They obviously had desperate situation but its no excuse for this shameful act. Their poor parents- SHAMEFUL.

  47. Sorry if they were involved in all the robberies for the past three months. life sentences.
    Anyway, forget about it and worry about our constitution here, unless you have never being visited by armed robbers. They tie you, rape you, your sisters,brothers, mother, grandmother in full view of you. Get all you money, shot and wound you, pick up your car, eat food. let them just hang. we don’t want them in Zambia.

  48. Chi Ndobo, Nabakweba kale ati those names are from North Western Province (eg Kabinga Pande). You just have a bone to chew with Bembas. Tukamilopola ngamuleyangala. WANUNKA AMAFI YA NGOMBE!

  49. they are zimbambwean i know them very well they use to live in mandevu one is the son of bambo sekuru of chainda


  51. They’ve just messed with the wrong system of justice. (Now you want to attend class, really? You shld ‘ve been home studying, shame on both of u and ur lawyer!)

  52. They could be Nigerians or Congolese! There are a lot of foreigners who are getting Zambian passports and they find themselves in the US and UK. Our systems are so porous and even worse our passport officers are so corrupt….Afterall even Congolese nationals have Zambian NRCs…So names only do not make them Zambians…it could be any nationality…We should be thinking of how we can mitigate the risk of how foreigners are acquiring our passports than purging verbal diarrhoea on Bembas you tribalists!

  53. I don’t care which TRIBE they are. The fact is that I have been told theese robbers are PF. So infact they deserve locking up for a longer period, even life. You PF chaps have messed up Zambia’s reputation everywhere on earth. Even Satanism has gone up 500% since you came into power. We used to tell you that governing a country requires education…you see now? your write-off mulokoto in state house is failing to run the country properly and so you have resorted to killing people thinking Satanism will improve his performance. The most useless party to ever be in govt in zambia….it is shocking to see PF supporters even happy similing around, which indicated how low the standards of achievement are in PF. Ken and Kabinga should go into jail for life…..until PF gets out of power!

  54. That’s quite unfortunate. I just emailed LT photos of these two guys, pretty thugish looking hoodlums. Kidnapping and robbery charges are pretty bad, they won’t be seeing freedom for a while.

  55. People are busy posting BS when some of y’all involve yourselves in cults and satanism!! But the fact that you all heard that its a gun involved, you don’t think first but judge!! Yes its sad that they did that but if GOD is the only one to judge then who are you to trush talk! Besides your comments won’t make any difference

  56. imwe bana kabinga this is a lesson for you. God is punishing you now. You think you are special you are just stupid we are tired of your behavior.

  57. Pipo God can judge them only Kabinga is my brother yes he was in the wrong and he deserves punishment but leave him 4 God and usa only pliz this shud b a lesson 2 all yo niggahz 2 to think bout ur lives too.btw Kabinga is Koande not Bemba

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