Munkombwe threaten to dissolve UPND controlled Choma council

Daniel Munkombwe
Daniel Munkombwe

Southern Province Minister, Daniel Munkombwe, has warned that the UPND-controlled Choma Municipal Council risks being dissolved if it fails to implement the Patriotic Front (PF) government development agenda.

Mr Munkombwe says even if the local authority is run by the opposition councillors, it is duty bound to implement all developmental programmes initiated by the PF government without inertia.

He was speaking in Choma today when town Mayor, Geoffrey Makwamba, and Town Clerk, Mwiya Mwiya, took him on a conducted tour of sites for the proposed new bus terminus and housing complex.

Mr Munkombwe said government will not hesitate to dissolve the council if it is seen that the institution is blocking the PF government development agenda.

The minister said Government is in a hurry to provide necessary infrastructure in the new provincial capital of Choma.

The council has engaged an investor, Fallsway Timber Limited Group of companies, to construct a modern bus terminus, 250 housing units and other facilities in a project expected to gobble more than US$ 13 million.

Fallsway Timber Group of Companies chairman, Vora Shyam, informed Mr Munkombwe that the project will kick off immediately with the first batch of housing units being ready for occupation by December this year.

The company, which has sourced external financing, will implement the project under the Public Private Partnership concept.

Mr Shyam said the project will also include construction of a school, clinic, shopping complex, medium and low cost houses.

The minister directed the mayor and the town clerk to ensure the project is quickly implemented so that people and facilities can be moved from Livingstone to Choma without delay.



  1. As much as we need the old for consultations i think we need a complete leadership revolution in Zambia, these men( old generation politicians) have lived their useful life. What is the difference btn Zambian government & Pf government? All the Mps & Councillors who were voted from different wards & constituencies regardless of their political party form the Zambian government & owes service to the Zambians who voted for them & all things normal the Republican president regardless of him political party has a duty to develop the country whose tax money he earns comes from its citizens. Pf’s arrogance will soon cauch up with you. Pf development Zambia as a unitary entity & avoid your divide & rule approach to leadership. Zambians are not foo1$, so use this previlege to lead wisely.

    • Kayombo, what kind of reasonong is this? All the minister is that lets develop choma, despite it being led by an opposition council. where is the divide and rule. my friend you will chock with hate. and please give credit where is it due. we have never had a great government like PF.

  2. Somebody please throw this !diot into the Zambezi or Kafue river , whichever is closer. Honestly , if read the story there’s nothing that could have prompted this nonsense from this parasite of an old bag.

  3. He does not even know how the project was funded. It’s not a PF project mr nchelebula.

  4. Why is this old turncoat threatening to dissolve the council for? There is nothing in the story to show that the council is against the projects. Or is this one way of showing his president that he is working? What a way of attracting attention!!!

  5. I don’t understand why this old man is blowing a lot of hot air. Has this so called UPND controlled council resisted any development in Choma? So why raise all this dust and birsmirch UPND with so much venom and bile? That money for development doesn’t belong to PF or UPND,it belongs to the people of Zambia courteous of all Tax payers. You HON Munkombwe NMP and the councillors are just agents of the people. Period!

  6. What wrong has the oldman done 2 u pipo? lf he is useful y not use him 4 the benifit of the pipo. He is Zambian and useful .Age aside bane. We have alot of useless young ones who only think of plundering. Go on bataata!let them cry as spoiled brats.

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