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Kabimba urge Zambians reject and denounce people and institutions championing homosexuality


PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has called on Zambians to unanimously reject and denounce people and some institutions championing homosexuality.

Mr Kabimba advised Zambians to be wary and report to law enforcement agencies some people working to ‘import’ and sponsor the homosexuality practices in Zambia

Speaking in Lusaka on Saturday evening at Pamodzi Hotel during a colourful fundraising dinner organised by the Patriotic Front Lusaka District, he said Zambians should discard homosexuality at all costs.

“As Zambians, we declared that we are a Christian nation and there is no way we can allow this un-Zambian culture. I want to urge all Zambians to rise and denounce this vice.

“Why should someone or institutions want to import this homosexuality and try to influence others to practice it? We can’t allow it, I am calling on all citizens to stand firm and reject it,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said Zambians should not be influenced to fall prey to homosexual practices because of some international organisations which had pumped in colossal sums of money to sponsor the vice.

He said citizens should be cautious of some people receiving finances from external institutions and pumping it in Zambia in a bid to massively influence innocent citizens on homosexuality recruitment drive.

Meanwhile, Mr Kabimba who is PF Secretary General said the ruling party would not be tempted to extort any finance from Government because it wanted to be self-reliant.

He said the party wanted to be autonomous and self-reliant and that it would stand on its fundamental pillars of being transparent by not abusing any Government funds.

“PF as a party, will not deep its hands into Government resources. This why even when I am going for party functions, I don’t carry any Government imprest, or use my official GRZ vehicle. We want our party to be independent of Government resources,” he said.

He said fundraising functions for PF were vital in raising funds from its many friends unlike some former party regimes who allegedly abused Government resources to sponsor party functions.

Mr Kabimba said President Sata was a ‘hero’ of the PF because he had managed to move the party to higher heights adding that PF was a party for all..

“PF was not formed to make some people get fatter in their offices. This is why President Sata is in a hurry to carry out various developmental projects countrywide to improve people’s welfare,” he said.

He said the ruling party had learnt lessons from former party administrations and warned civil servants against continuous frustrating of Government’s developmental agenda.

He said civil servants who did not always want to see Mr Sata’s official portrait as Head of State in their offices, should relinquish their positions because the Head of State was on course to reconstruct Zambia.

Earlier, fundraising committee chairperson Charles Chimumbwa said the PF was started from a humble background and the fundraising events would be on-going to raise finances for its operations.

PF Lusaka District chairperson Goodson Banda said the fundraising venture was meant to help in procurement of transport to assist in reorganising and recruiting more party members.

Among many people and companies that pledged towards the cause included Mr Kabimba with KR5000, Local Government Minister Emerine Kabanshi KR3000, Lusaka City Deputy Mayor Mulenga Sata KR 5000, a Mr Lombe Bwalya KR20, 000 and Avic International limited KR5000.


  1. Winter is right and we as Zambians need to fight tooth and nail and campaign against such immoral acts which are considered to be an abomination to society and in the eyes of God(Remember how God punished and destroyed sodom and Gomorrah?-Homosexuallity was one of the sins that eat up these cities).What are we going to tell our children?Please lets protect our culture and the future of this nation by makin g our stance known.Umwaume pamulu pa mwaume abash!

  2. Distracting from real issues. I’m not saying you have to support gay rights, but putting more people in prison and introducing a witch-hunting atmosphere will harm the public instead of improving everyone’s welfare. MMD did the same thing when it was being criticized, politicians know this issue attracts attention from government failures. KK and Festus Mogae knew what they were talking about.

    • Not all people get information at the same time and in the same manner. People should be informed and sensitized against the vices of homosexuality. Why condone it? They are two sides to every situation but, for the common good for all. How is it a distracting.Any right thinking Zambian can not go to prison for the sake of homosexuality, if this vice is brought to light what it is no one will venture into it, therefore, your generalization of so many people will be in prison is unfounded and misleading. Let the people know and right measures put in place to discourage and stop it from eating up the cornerstone foundation of mother Zambia.

  3. Homosexuality has not been imported into Zambia – it is present everywhere on this planet where people are. It is unChristian to deny the characteristics or attributes that one is born with, because one is born homosexual, one is not made homosexual. This is just politicking to deflect attention from real issues like education and healthcare. Whilst promoting gay rights may be an agenda too far, do we really need to concern ourselves with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes? Or are we now going to have sex police checking no heterosexual couples engage in anal sex as that is equally “unChristian” and illegal? For that matter, is oral sex against the order of nature? That’s the problem when you bring morality into the law – which morality, who decides?

    • Sam guy we are not saying it hasnt been there, whether it has been there or not. We dont want it to distruct us from our own values and beliefes. So those trying to champion this couse of Gay rights should keep it to themselves. Lets adabt the American military way of “dont tell dont ask” then you wont have winter talkiing in the papers again. Its your gay people who started this whole thing buy marching to Kapata’s office and demanding marriege papers, and there after going live of National TV to hoodwink the nation in form of Human rights. Advise your friends to keep it private as you have suggested. We dont want to hear anything about gay this gay that. You are either born with a male organ or female organ with an exception of those with both

    • No one is made as a homosexual, no not one. The God who said “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; It is an abomination” Leviticus 18:22, could not have created a homosexual. Rather it is man not honouring God as God but became futile in their thoughts…..etc. Man has chosen to exchange the truth of God for a lie by claiming that he was born a homosexual! Romans 1:26-27 women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful……
      This is what God says. Homosexuality is sin PERIOD and should never be allowed in mother Zambia. Homosexuals are going against the natural order of things and should not be allowed to openly pervert Zed!

  4. This is a non issue. Only a fool will lose sleep thinking about as to who is fornicating with whom, who is committing adultery with whom, or who is engaged in gay sex with whom. These are things that people do in their privacy and the government should keep out. I repeat this is a non issue. It can only be an issue if one of the parties is forced to engage in any type of sexual against his or her will . It can also be an issue if one of the parties is under the age of consent.

  5. Red lips HIV+ kabimba,, why are you denouncing homosexuals now????,, when you `ate` the money of those Danish gays prio to 2011 poll.. you are a snake!!!

    • Chindobo ulichipuba sana u always dip your short sick penis in feaces, leave Winter alone! it is you who is sick in the head and your weak ass!

    • @ iwe ka chalo bantu.. ulikapuba.. am not gay but Sata and kabimba promised the gays prio to 2011 elections!! and ate their money, thats what am saying

    • ndobo – There is always repenting. Doing wrong in the past does not mean you should continue doing wrong or believing in a lie. Repenting means turning back and going in the right direction. Kabimba is going in the right direction now, what you knew was past, gone. Wake up and be a right thinking person.

  6. Let him first tell the Bwinjimfumu clan, his backers for plot 1.

  7. How does this issue really bother people? Let people talk about health, education, clean water, the environment. That is why Africa is not developed because of focussing too much on sex and matters related that. This issues does not really bother me after all the homos are a minus when it comes to competing for women…we shall have them in abudance.

  8. Pathetic….if that’s the mindset of leaders then Zedians are in big SH!T! DOOMED!!! With dunderheads as law makers and decision makers the country is heading backwards

  9. Are people born gay? What science is this, guys? The same misleading science says people are born savage. They are born serial killers, the list is endless.

    Did you study about the identical twins that lived and grew up many miles apart in different cultures?

    The science of genetics has expounded that the outside environment can mould people in terms of behaviour and in a physical way. Our behaviour is strongly moulded by the outside world and not primarily by the inside. You can control what you can become depending on the interactions you have with a particular outside world.
    Don’t quote social scientism here . Do you know the meaning of a saying, “Charity begins at home.” It talks about the influence the environment has on our behaviour.

  10. The environment strongly influences our sense of right and wrong. That has been concluded and closed in the realm of science.
    Even the science of Thermodynamics tells us that if the system is isolated and completely insulated from the surrounding, it’s internal happenings( Internal Energy) will not change but there is no such a system in practice. So whatever system you can conceive of will in one way or the other interact with the surrounding and as long as that happens, the system is bound to experience a delta change in some property whose magnitude will depend on the interactions it has with the environment. A human being is certainly a very open system even before is born and the undisputable science of thermodynamics demands that the surrounding must affects you.

  11. If any scientist has come up with a theory that does not agree with the science of thermodynamics, then do not even entertain the hope that your theory will go anywhere.
    Forget it and start working on something else!!

  12. Actually kubekata no kubacita kasitrati elyo banamayo kubasusula nokubaposa filya mu Bible time cali and stoni bonse tu defi. Thank you Mr. Kabimba.

  13. All you homophobes out there – being homosexual is not a choice, it’s a natural feeling. Homosexuals find members of their own sex sexually attractive, that’s it, what’s the big deal? Why don’t you people who are getting so heated about homosexuality concentrate your efforts on making some important changes in your country – e.g. fighting for girls’ rights to education and delaying marriage and first pregnancies. There’s an issue that really needs attention and would actually lead to some improvement in your country.

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