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Kalusha: We are looking for the class of 2013


Kalusha Bwalya says he hopes this weeks CHAN/Cosafa trials will yield the next generation to take over from the current Zambia team.

Herve Renard today began four-day trials for 162 players at Barclays sports Complex in Lusaka for Zambia’s 2014 CHAN qualifiers and its hosting of the 2013 Cosafa Cup this July.

“It is always important to mention that the core of the team that we have has been together since 2003 and it is nine years along the line and also that you need experience if you look at the boys who have played four Africa Cups you know they were there 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013,” Kalusha said.

Christopher Katongo, Kennedy Mweene, Collins Mbesuma, Jacob Mulenga and Isaac Chansa were all part of Peter Kaumba’s Under-23 team from the class of 2003.

Rainford Kalaba and Davies Nkausu were in all members of George Lwandamina’s Under-20 team from the same period in which Felix Katongo alternated between the two age divisions.

“So definitely you want to be challenged as a player you need to step up and be challenged to stake a claim in the Chipololopolo,” Kalusha said.

“Our team has been there for 10 years maybe this team that we start can also be there 10 years from there.”


  1. I could have liked to personally advise you this, but I will say it here: You can not have a complete new team and lose all the experience. You need to fuse in new players with old ones. The problem is that this has not been happening in Zambia regularly, such that we took the same winning team to the last AFCON!
    It will be a gross mistake to make a complete new Chipolopolo:
    There are players in the current team that can still play for many more years eg Mweene, Sinkala, HH, Sunzu, Chansa ( a few more years), King David and one or two more.
    The point 1s that National Team duties must not be compulsory all the time. Sometimes certain players should not be called to give room for others. Countries such as Brazil can produce 5 teams at any given time and each of these can win the world…

    • ati brazil.imwe fyonse ni brazil,these are the tricks used in mind control. keep posting or writing the same thing over and over until it subconsciously sticks or gets in the mind of the intended target. thats what has happened with brazil. you think football is brazil. prosperity is united states. technology is japan. inferiority is africa. poor chaps,to generalise is to be a fool, william blake.

    • ‘Conspiracy something’ please go back to school before you start embarassing yourself on this blog. Your English sucks and you can not spell. Normally I do not answer when fuuls respond, but in this case I am doing you a favour. What is wrong with having more players like other teams? It is not a crime to learn from others. The main point in my posting is that FAZ should gradually phase out the old players by bringing new ones slowly on the scene, consequently having a bigger pool of players, like Brazil.
      Please add ‘COMPHREHENSION’ to the subjects you should study

    • Ba observer lol. there you go again,you think speaking and writing in English is the ultimate measure of ones education. Again,brainwashed, olo ntobe ichisungu i really dont give a damn lol. how many white people or brazilians do you think have called their children sampa,mulenga or lewanika or better yet how many white people speak your mother tongue if at all you are an indigenous zambian. i agree with you that to learn from others is not bad an idea,but just get your facts straight about the brazilian soccer team. its not what you say it is. thats a total fabrication. ati 5 national teams at a time as they transition from one to another. bufi bw shani yama? prove it to the readers here. By the way,you are NOT a FOOL!!

    • Countries such as Brazil can produce 5 teams at any given time and each of these can win the world.

      You are contradicting yourself

    • I give up on you guys commenting on my posting. Do not worry it is not your fault that you do not understand English and can not write properly. Your parents should have taken you to proper schools instead of using all the cash on drink. For your information, if I say 5 teams, it means a lot of players and not literally 5 teams.
      If I say Ferari have capacity to develop 4 cars at any given time, it does not mean they will actually have them. If I say Brazil and Japan are virtual nuclear powers, it means they can produce a weapon at any time should the need arise, but they have none. You guys should now pay me for enlighting you! My advice to you is that in future, you should add positive content to blogs instead of shooting down anything that you see.

    • statistically speaking ba observer, zambia can produce 1593350922240000 possible different teams from a 22 man squad. so what is this five you seem to be obsessed with? Nga why are you so into this “english” thing. ninshi is it the only language on the planet. i tell you this again,whether i speak it perfectly or not does not make a difference to me. However,it would be a shame for me i could not speak or write in my mother tongue. that is more a shame than not knowing your english mukoselepo tata or is it mayo.

  2. Almost like a Blue Ocean strategy… Brazil set a benchmark but could not sustain it. It’s normal to use other countries or teams as benchmarks. In fact, it is inspiring and there is nothing wrong with Observer giving Brazil as an example. England aspire to be like Brazil…and so there is no inferiority here.

  3. This is a no brainer, in all honesty how can you have a “trial” if its even the right word for it to assess 160 players in 4 days…even 1 player can not be assessed in 2 days. HR can’t read a match in 45 mins and you expect him to assess 150 players.
    Additionally in the selfsame group you have players from the super league…why not reserve such pointless things for players from the lower leagues or secondary schools.
    Renard stop wasting these boy’s time and tell the empty suit Kalu to employ scouts then assess them at their clubs whether its Choma or Chadiza you go and watch the player there…we pay you for that.
    Looking at the pictures on the FAZ page I was shocked to see them wearing assorted kits ie Addidas kits one wonders what the terms in that Nike Kit sponsorship contract…

    • I agree with you on this one. This process is flawed. New players can not be identified in such a show. The old process of watching club matches and identifying good performers is quite effective. The problem as I see it is that we have been content with recycling our teams without bringing in new blood. Also coaches they tend to become loyal to players, which has led to our status.
      This is supposed to be a continous process and not one to do once off in the Renard fashion. I suggest FAZ should use scouts to identify talent as this is a big task which can not be left to one individual.

    • Spot on…its folly to assess 167 players in 4 days…what criteria did they use to pick these players. Let’s use scouts and encourage inter school the old days the provincial winners of the school competitions were sent to Lusaka for finals what happen to that?? Moreover when we assess school kids we are encouraging football about the importance of education as is the case in the USA.

  4. Chizongwe (chizzy metals), Chipata day(chiday) Chassa, Nyimba, Kabule boys, Masala etc. Thats were football was in our days. Why do you think KK built DK stadium in chipata?. Go to these places and pick players. You R F**********8.
    You have failed us. Why get 100,000 million for what.
    Primary school league, Zone six, etc etc. where on earth call people on one place. did advertise. No no, only your relatives, friends and those etc.
    We tired of FAZ kaluuuu. Give the pride when you were playing with Charles musonda, lack, kelvin, mumba, wisdom chansa, Alex chola,. beating Cameron 4-0, morocco 1-0 Egypt 2-0, Zaire(DRC) their First Game @indp.Stadium with kasongo wakasongo-all the team made of profession player. Efford Chabala at the goal. You man. Kalu kalu do something man…

    • Spot on…. the rough and raw diamonds are out there. In Europe national managers travel to all corners of their countries assessing individual players secretly at league matches not at “big brother” style shows like in the article. What does HR do over weekends if he is not at a niteclub.
      Those were the days Chizongwe, Chipata day, Chassa, Nyimba, Petuake, Katete and Lundazi (always had transport problems) all thanks to the Japanese via JICA they made these provincial inter-games possible.

  5. I could have liked to personally advise you this, but I will say it here: You can not have a complete new team and lose all the experience.

    It will be a gross mistake to make a complete new Chipolopolo:

    Countries such as Brazil can produce 5 teams at any given time and each of these can win the world

    You are contradicting yourself can you please make up your mind on what much you want to say

  6. Truth be told the current National team is just a Copperbelt- Lusaka select team. Kalu, FAZ and the Premier league teams need to devise a mechanism of identifying talent in places like Lundazi, Chavuma, Nchelenge, Kaputa, Senanga etc. I bet there is a Cristiano Ronaldo somewhere in this vast country of ours but we have no mechanism of identifying and nurturing this talent.

  7. Kalusha you need a team that is has the correct balance between Size (height & stature), Speed and Skill. You need at least four players on the field who are taller than 6 ft at all times. This is where Zambia has lost it.

    • I agree with you on this one. The Nigerians outsized us in the last game. Mikel easily stole a ball from Chisamba due to his huge size. While there is room for players of all heights and shapes, physical stature matters. Small players need to extra fit to overcome big players.
      Zambia can at least find 3 or 4 big players. We already have King David, HH and Sunzu. Small players also have their advantage as they can be deployed against slower defenses.
      At the end of the day, a coach needs a huge pool of players to chose from. That is why the game allows 23 players in the camp

  8. I wonder why no changes have been made to the coaching staff after such bad results? Kalu fired a coach that had qualified the team for the previous AFCON. Therefore it follows that he should have fired HR too from these results. Instead he appears to have rewarded him!
    My advice would be to find a Zambian coach that can interpret and analyse what is going on in the game. If you look at the Lesotho game, a five year old would have made a better coach. If he can not send HR away, he should at least find someone to help him.
    The only thing that HR has brought is the so-called ‘team spirit’ which is hard to measure and is subjective. There needs to be some changes to the coaching staff

  9. Bakabwalala! You’re just spotting innocent young boys to sell at next-to-free official prices while higher amounts exchange hands!!

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