Zambia drop one place on FIFA rankings


Zambia has slipped one place down the FIFA rankings by one place.

Herve Renard’s side has move from 45 to 46th in the World as of May 9.

Zambia stay put for another month in seventh spot on the CAF zones top ranked teams.

Meanwhile, Cote d’Ivoire lead at 12th in the World, Ghana are second at number 22, Mali are third in 26th place.

African champions Nigeria are at number 28 while Algeria and Tunisia are 35th and 41st respectively.


    • Why only one place down? That is too linient.

      I was of the view that we will not appear anywhere on the FIFA world rankings

    • And where has that got you?? For you to play your own football you need international competitors who also happen to members of FIFA.
      Wake up!!

  1. Only one place!! From the appalling performances of the past 6 months I wouldn’t have been surprised if they dropped 10 places. They still have not learned anything from past mistakes and they are still organising cheap friendlies with lowly ranked teams like Zimbabwe and Namibia. So long as we have incompetent self-serving empty suits in Football House we will never go anywhere.
    Wake up people!!

  2. I think we shud drop like a rock to somethin like # 168 so zambians can quit watching too much EPL and instead put all our focus education ,poverty eradicaton and correcting our woeful sanitation.

    • Nonsense.. You don’nt understand tha EPL is made up of players from around the world. Mayuka is Zed’s contribution to EPL. To qualify to play in EPL aplayer must have played for his national team for a number of time. They don’t jump the line.

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