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Sata become President because Zambians wanted to get rid of the MMD at all cost- Fr Bwalya


 Father Bwalya
Father Bwalya

Outspoken Catholic Priest Father Frank Bwalya has charged that President Michael Sata is president by default.

Speaking when he featured on 5FM’s ‘The Burning Issue’ this morning, Fr Bwalya said that President Sata became president because Zambians wanted to get rid of the MMD at all costs because of the sufferings they were subjected under President Rupiah Banda’s leadership.

Fr Bwalya said that Zambians were prepared to vote for President Sata despite the smear campaign by the MMD based on his past political history.

He said that had someone else taken over from within the MMD after the death of former president Levy Mwanawasa and done a good job, President Sata would not have been president by now.

And Fr Bwalya who appeared to have toned down his criticism of the PF said he still supports the ruling party and President Michael Sata.

He said that he is forming a political party as another way of supporting the PF through constructive criticism.

He said that the best way to support the PF is by providing checks and balances so that they deliver on the promises they made to the Zambian people.

And Fr Bwalya has advised President Sata to stop associating himself with people like National Revolution party president Cosmo Mumba because people will not take him seriously.


  1. Supporting the ruling party does not necessarily need u to form yo own party. President Sata will still have been President even if President Levy Mwanawasa were alive today. Its God who puts leadership, I understand u Father Bwalya u want to rule Zambia too but avoid political asaults like Mumba and HH are doing coz if u do this who knows u can win our votes. If God has really told u that u are the next President then surely u will be, but first learn to respect yo President and his leaders in government. All the best.

    • Leave God out of this Sata thing. It is 46% of the voters who put him there, not God. Are you telling me that God hates us so much that he gives us dunderheads for leaders. Look at lies the so called president has peddled. Look at how destructive Chiluba was… or RB. Is it really God who put them in office? NO!!!!!! Ask the Jehovah’s witness, they will explain better about how Satan the devil chose Sata (and other leaders) to be president…

    • I wish people can stop saying that God put sata in the presidency. Did god put idi Amin to be president of Uganda, did he put Gadafi, Sadam, Hitler, Napoleon and all the other scam leaders we have witnessed throughout history? Stop using God to justify bad leadership please.

    • Sometimes God allows things to happen to teach people a lesson. A leader annointed by God can be seen from afar. Anyways, it depends on which God you are talking about.

  2. Let us just hope for the best and offer suggestions to the PF government. I think we are headed for the right direction, the government should just reduce its inflammatory rhetoric. it should also tame people like GBM and Chishimba Kambwili. there is no need of having the militancy of an opposition party. people need change now

    • Oh come on, Maxwell…. the way you’ve ranted on about MMD you would have voted for a goat if its name weren’t Rupiah Banda!

    • Brave Face…..kikikiki awe mwesekesa….a goat??? As long as it was not called Rupiah Banda. Every one in Pf is now anti Father Bwalya….no permanent enemies in politics bane…. Maxwell some of us well come Fr Bwalya now!!!! Karibu ba Father tuli pano….nenkoko natukwata

  3. Frank you have now finished yourself!

    Sata became President, not “by default”, but “by the vote”. The only one who could have become President by default was RB if he had been retained.

    Furthermore, if Sata became President just because Zambians wanted to get rid of the MMD, why did they not vote HH or some other politician?

    You Frank have lost your senses young man.

    • i moved in each and evry province in zambia during 2011 general elections…pipo vowed to vote 4 sata ad later vote 4 HH in 2016……thats the bad decision which pipo did….

  4. The toning down on PF and Sata(nism) by Frank is a sign of being drafted of the pay rol of Sata parots. Shane Fake Father. I thought I could support you but already compromised by the PF. Na ba Father bose amano yakulyamo

  5. The Analyst from Tokyo don’t be so unwise, are u telling me that the Jehovas witness are the only pipo who understand the bible. If God did not put HE Sata then why did he allow him to win. U are big learn to talk sense like GUNDIXY. Besides my comment wasn’t for u but a serious advise to the Father. Be the Analyst from Zambia. Nonsense!

  6. Must God interfere in peoples free will? GOD gave us freedom to choose .People chose pf i repeat people.

  7. He is very right.We were all tired of the MMD.If you sampled a significant proportion of the people who voted for the PF you wuold discover that most of them did not have a slightest clue as to the policies of the PF except peharps the more money in your pocket promise.Most were attracted by Sata’s oratory skills and his connection with the masses at a time when the country was tired of the MMD.

  8. Which Bible do the so called witnesses know namwe ba Tokyo ?They are just a bunch of misled human beings. Actually they are not even Christians.The stance u and yo HH have taken will cost u big time.Shameless demon!

    • 1 John 5 vs 19 says “….the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one”
      Ephesians 6 vs 12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
      2 Corinthians 4 vs 4 “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”
      Matthew 4 vs 8 “Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
      9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me”

  9. What is so special about yo masonist? Chimibaba maningi.l think u know already that yo demagogue will never win .Being un democratic as u are u will even allow him to stand in 2030.Pf never mind Frank Bwalya .keep on working izamunyokoola injala.

  10. wish people would do so some growing up and realise that god and all bible stories are fairy tales. The world would be a much better place. People then would also not use god as an excuse to justify the tin-head that occupies state house now.

  11. Bollocks!! If that’s case why didn’t they vote for HH or the good old General? We voted for Sata because we love him. Father Bwalya has lost his plot before long he would be sucked dry of his Zesco allowances by people cheating him that he’s popular. I needs a wife to regulate his testosterone levels.

  12. Bollocks!! If that’s case why didn’t they vote for HH or the good old General? We voted for Sata because we love him. Father Bwalya has lost his plot before long he would be sucked dry of his Zesco allowances by people cheating him that he’s popular. He needs a wife to regulate his testosterone levels.

  13. This man has political ambitions, will be a bad Presido, be carefull, he is fake.y form another party, join UPND.

  14. I digress…. “Describing South Africa as “the most unequal society in the world”, he highlighted corruption, unaccountability and weaknesses in the constitution as key issues that need to be addressed.

    Archbishop Tutu was also strongly critical of past decisions made by the ANC government at the UN, particularly on Zimbabwe.

    “The things we have voted for or against have been a disgrace. It has been a total betrayal of our whole tradition.” — BBC

  15. Why do they keep on calling him Catholic priest Father Bwalya when he is no longer with the church, this guy is a politician now and nothing else! Bwalya was not around when PF was being formed and he has no experience in politics, claiming that Sata was voted by default is a pure lie. UPND was the strongest party before PF came on the scene and people had a choice to choose between MMD, UPND, PF and Heritage, but they chose PF and Sata. Bwalya is pretending as if the elections were contested by PF and MMD only. If priesthood and company boards cannot satisfy his appetite for power we should be careful with this guy, once in power he will become a despot and start claiming that God told him to hold the position for life. The last thing we need is a president who hears voices!

    • Matthew 23 vs 8 “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

  16. Fr. Bwalya is very correct. This man. Mr. Sata should not be president. This is evident by his actions that are retrogressive to the revamping Zambia. He completely does not know or understand what he is doing. He became president to prove people like the late Chiluba that his choice (levy) was not right as well as gain the status of being called president. He lacks vision and direction. Red card. Start packing your bags Mr. Sata.

  17. We are tired of By-elections, high living costs and none-presidential behaviour (does not respect the laws of the land nor conducts himself like a president, compare him to Levy and see the difference). Please Zambians Red Card this man of no action.

  18. U are out of the way of being a christian father!!!.what u are doing is like a rat which bites and then blows afterwards.All this attacks on president sata is only your selfishness of becoming a politician!!!.STOP!!!! using innocents zambians citizens to path the way for your dreams& just say u want to be a politician full stop!!!.

  19. Bane, Lesa gave you what you wanted after singing the same song for along time.The next thing is to thank Him for that and ask Him to give ways and means of supporting the government of the day so as to acceralate the needed goals regardless of what ever party you be long to.You are our beloved Zambians.
    Bwalya.Tekanya mune bakateka ni ba wiso mune ,kapapate.wilacholekananaba fyashi. ku Mongu,Magoye,Kalabo nakuMansa kwaliba abakalamba.Kwapa mune tachila kubeya.Those who are encouraging him hardly likes the boy,Pls help him.Mune batila ukwali nsoke.

  20. Bwalya is a big fool. One of those beings KK used to call ‘stupid *****s’. He was a PF useful *****. He entered the PF/Post newspaper/Catholic alliance to lie to the people of Zambia to remove the MMD. He is failing to mention that the election was so close and not a landslide. He is not mentioning the role of former Intelligence chief in elections who was to be shamelessly awarded via an aborted appointment. Sata’s election victory is just like the supreme court ruling on Sata’s Chikopa nonsense, which needed the casting vote of a cadre to go through.

    Now he is saying he supports the PF via constructive nonsense. Simply confirming he is Sata’s tool to weaken the opposition by splitting numbers.

    To the progressive world, be extremely careful with this snake in white rob and…

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