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Bishop Mpundu bans group doing activities such as devotions, pilgrimages, faith healing and baptizing people


Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu
Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu

Archbishop of Lusaka, Telesphore Mpundu, has disbanded the Chainama Emmanuel Community prayer group from holding activities such as devotions, pilgrimages, faith healing and baptizing people in Lusaka.

Archbishop Mpundu says there is no record in his office to show that the Chainama Emmanuel Community has been approved by the Church or his office nor is there a copy of its statutes duly approved as required by the Church Law.

This is contained in a letter that has been issued to all the Catholic parishes in Lusaka by Archbishop Mpundu.

He said the prayer group led by Henry Mwansa, who is a parishioner at Kaunda Square Catholic Church, is a fraud which is, therefore, a source of needless but considerable confusion among the faithful in the diocese.

The Archbishop explained that Catechists, catechisers, prayer leaders, lectors and extraordinary ministers among others are selected by the Christian community and commissioned by the local bishop to perform their duties.

He said Mr Mwansa on the other hand conducts public worship in form of prayers, preaching, healing and deliverance sessions and teaches Catholic doctrine in the name of the Church though unofficially but on his own authority.

The Archbishop further stated that Mr Mwansa has admitted baptising four people including a Jehovah’s Witness and perhaps he continues to baptize people without any regard for Church regulations governing the administration of baptism.

He noted that at the Chainama Emmanuel Community has no room for deepening people’s faith and forming them in view of enabling them to manage difficult lives, sickness, suffering and death in the light of the faith.

The Archbishop said the focal point of the prayer group is the healing of diseases and deliverance from demons and problems of all kinds.

Archbishop Mpundu stated that by emphasizing healing, deliverance and problem shooting, the community promises its adherents paradise on earth, thereby eliminating the role of the cross, its central place in the Catholic faith and salvific power.

The Archbishop has, however, forbidden Mr Mwansa to rejoin the Charismatic Renewal Group because of his strong bias for healing and deliverance prayers.

He has also forbidden him from preaching at any Catholic Prayer session or liturgy, adding that he shall not held any leadership position at any level in the Church.

Archbishop Mpundu has instructed Mr Mwansa to reconnect with his Small Christian Community (SCC) and the Kaunda Square Parish where he will report to the parish priest to discuss his reintegration to the parish.

He has since given Mr Mwansa twelve months probation period before being readmitted to penance and the Holy Eucharist on Easter Vigil next year.



    • @Nubian fimofimo: you have no clue on the catholic doctrine! Catholics do not cheat lame people that they will walk or those afflicted by disease like leprosy and Aids that they will be healed after some prayers in tongues. We do not offer false/fraudulent hope. Rather we share in the pain and encourage those afflicted in carrying the CROSS the same way Jesus carried his cross. As brethren we can help to carry the cross by compassion etc the same way a man helped Jesus carry the cross or the same way the Roman Centurion gave Jesus sour wine to quench his thirst whilst he was crucified on the CROSS. The Bishop has a duty to sherperd his flock and protect it from fraud/falsehoods.

    • Continued: Secondly only an ordained priest can baptise. No layman is allowed to baptise except under exceptional circumstances. For example a person at an accident scene or on a death bed about to die who asks for salvation and it would be too late to call a priest. Even in this case only a baptised and confirmed catholic can perform the ritual and it has to be reported to the parish and extenuating circumstances explained and verified for baptism to be regularised. There is a lot more but I end here.

    • @Theoretician – Thank you for the explanation but maybe those people don’t want to be Catholics anymore. People must have freedom worship. Catholic priests are not as holy as they would like us to think. There is no confidence in them anymore, hence the people are picking the slack that wayward priests like Fr. Bwalya create.

    • The Catholic Church does not hold its members prisoners of their free will including its own priests or Bishops. If they do not want to be CATHOLICS they are free to leave the church and join or form their own Pentecostal church or whatever. We try though to reconcile them with the church eg olive branch given to Mr Mwansa or several attempts made to bring Milingo into fold before final excommunication by Pope Benedict.Once they leave then they will be free to do what they want BUT they must not call themseves Roman Catholics. The Jehovah’s witnesses are one example. Their founder Charles Russell was a renegade former catholic. The Catholic church is a large institution and it attracts all sorts of people. Others fall by waayside like Milingo for female beauty and Frank Bwalya for the…

    • CONTINUED: the trappings and arrongance of political power. We cannot stop them but they must just be honest and leave the ministry honourably. Meanwhile we will continue to carry the CROSS of ridicule on behalf of our deviant brothers like Frank Bwalya in the flock until they leave!

    • If they don’t want to be Catholics anymore, they shouldn’t be practicing in that name, or they form an official excommunicated group. It’s deceptive to people to call it a Catholic group if they are violating canon law on a number of measures. I’d have more respect for them if they weren’t doing healings; those are more than dishonest, they are dangerous.

    • Nubian stop thinking like a backward person.There rules laws and regulations in everything,the church included.You sound like a lost pagan in the wilrderness!!


    • It is very important that before you comment on something you should have facts 1. you should also know the regulation of that group, in this case the doctrine of the catholic church. Does it allow it or not. Therefore, you can not say the Bishop has jealous. I think you are a Catholic and you are commenting form ignorance. Unfortunately, ignorance has no defense.
      Agree with Aphiri anabwera.
      Mr Mwansa is wrong and the best for him to do is to follow what the bishop has said.


  1. Well Bishop Mpundu is right. It is a catholic Doctorine issue here at Stake. Catholics , don’t baptise, heal or do any of those things. Fya ba PENTE. Milingo got in trouble for this before he even discovered the beauty, wonder and awesomeness of this thing God created called Woman, which is responsible for the 90% of irrational decisions men make.

  2. Bishop Mpundu, please there is no need to blow up this issue through the media.
    You have an office and an administration where you can resolve this amicably and prayerfully with Henry Mwansa. Every denomination/ church has problems but do not rush to be seen condemning their own members on television.
    Supposing Henry Mwansa exposes your secret weaknesses in public, would you like it?

    • Iwe read properly, that letter was written to Catholic Parishes, not to the media. The audience was the Catholic Parishes, hence even the language used is well understood by Catholics. Its not everyone in the Catholic church who in ordinary circumstances can baptise e.t.c, its about the rules that govern each organisation

    • Lets not involve the Bishop in such issues please. The Bishop does not take issues to the media. Do not involve him.
      Ignorance again.

    • @5.1 Bikiloni & 5.2 kci,
      I appreciate your comments but the fact that you and I are reading this report and commenting on it from a public online medium explains my point. Thank you.

  3. I recall the bishop when he visited ill cardinal mazombwe in the company of president sata ,they shared that ‘look’ and laughed . He always thinks that he can replace him – GOD Forbid

  4. Why is it that these who claim to be healers do not go to empty the hospitals so that we even disband the ministries of health around the world. They are all abusing the Bible and the Jesus in the name of gifts of healing. They are all thieves.

  5. Bishop Mpundu is 100% right.

    Who ordained Henry Mwansa to Carry all those functions of a clergy or Priesthood?
    It’s something the Catholic Church should not Condon.Mwansa is just riding on the catholic church to enrich himself with offerings he is receiving.

    Why is it that today’s pastors are not preaching salvation and resurrection? All the time they are talking about ecomical prosperity and healing because people are poor and sick and they ride on their ignorance.Do these pastors even preach about the kingdom of God to come and end this lawlessness system of things? Nay!!!!

    Bishop mpundu you have done the right thing exposing this thief.I have been catholic myself for sometime i never seen this non sense happening today.These self impossed clergy are the real angels of…


  7. the matters of preserving the doctrines of the church are very important….the Bishop is correct by following the catholic doctrines closely.The bibles exhorts all believers to watch their doctine and lives closely lest they be found wanting….However, it should not only be the matter of watching the doctrines but also having to live a Godly life…..I hope Bishop Mpundu is doing both. There are issues in Mpika and Kasama bordering on compromised moral standards exhibited by the same…. let him balance the scale of justice.

  8. The Church of Christ established in 33AD on Pentecost has weathered all forms of break-a-ways, reformations, scandals within and outside, but remained intact and solid under the rule of Jesus and as blessed on earth to be ruled by the Holy Father Pope Francis I for now, and in Lusaka Archdiocese by His Grace Most Reverend Archbishop Mpundu. In humility my brother Henry repent and return to the fold, or respectfully become freely like one of our seperated brothers,the non-Catholics with your die-hard followers. This sunday is Pentecostal Sunday suitable for the true Holy Spirit to fall afresh on you. Please repent, we still need you within the Holy Catholic Church.

  9. For those who dont know what this group is doing, they are abusing chidren/women in the name of God hs spoken to me (in dream) they say they hav to put into practice what ever they dream about.

  10. The London Eye, your power of reasoning is so pathetic it is not worth commenting on. Are you saying everything you read in the media is because someone went to the media? If i read about a bomb blast in Egypt in the New York Times does that bmean the bomb told the New York Times that it had exploded in Egypt. You sir, are a shameless liar.

  11. Isaiah 53:6 “By his stripes you are healed” I see no reason why healing should not be taking place in church. The Israeli ties were children of God, but they cried to God when they were taken in bondage and God delivered them. There is no need to have a church full of people possessed by demons just because the church leaders forbid deliverance.

    • Wechinangwa talala. Your comment is out of topic. If you have nothing to comment on please keep your rot to yourself. dignity will uphold you.

  12. The catholic church continue to surprise me on who they are following. Is it Jesus Christ or their Pope? The catholic church is on record opposing Zambia as a Christian nation. The Catholic Church is on record ordaining homosexual priests. Now this, where someone conducting prayers and people getting healed is put on suspension. This is indeed confusing.

    • my dear @chabe chabe, you are confused because you do not go to church and you do not understand the word of God because you do not listen to it….. “Do not use my name in vain”, in things such as using titles like ‘christian Nation’ to gain political advantage, or using healing sessions and fake baptisms to make money like pentecostal pastors or recognition like Mr. Mwansa in this story. So go to church, read your bible and do not just hide behind useless slogans such as christian nation tugs which have nothing to do with christ, this is abusing the name of God, I hope this helps u a bit.

    • @Chabe Chabe, please do not confuse yourself; read the whole story and comment. I am sure you belong to some churches where some people just wake up and call themselves bishop, pastor/reverend or prophet without even undergoing any training.

  13. There were no pentecostal churches in the past, and this noise about tongues and singing all over the place was not there.

    • Get this right. The first church was formed on the day of Pentecost, only when the disciples became Apostles. Jesus told them not to go anywhere till they received the Holy Spirit. They they spoke in tongues, healed the sick made miraculous escape from the enemies of the gospel, etc. In other words the early church was purely Pentecostal not the way we see the Catholic church today. Mr Mwansa is just being a true Christian if at all he is truly led by the Spirit. Note that God is a Spirit and can only be worshiped truly in spirit not by following the church doctrine and rules.

  14. wow, I’m impressed.nicely insults or vujger language whatsoever even on a HOT topic like religion.lets keep up this maturity.

  15. This church is an acult hence anything that points to true salvation they always oppose..

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