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Opposition MPs team to rehabilitate roads in Monze


Some Monze residents going about their business
Some Monze residents going about their business

Three opposition UPND Parliamentarians in Monze district in Southern province have raised KR1.9 million in order to purchase a brand new grader to rehabilitate the poor road infrastructure in the district.

The three Parliamentarians are Bweengwa Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Highvie Hamududu, Monze Central’s Jack Mwiimbu and Vitalis Mooya of Moomba constituency.

Bweengwa Constituency MP Highvie Hamududu said the earth moving machine (grader) would be bought locally at Caterpillar Zambia Limited.

Mr Hamududu said they decided to put the moneys together because government alone cannot manage.

“We the MPs in Monze district have decided to put our heads together and raised K1.9m to buy a grader in order to repair the feeder roads that are in a dilapidated state. The funds were approved by the entire Council because we realize government alone cannot manage to do everything for us,” Mr Hamududu said.

He said the funds were from Constituency Development (CDF) from the three areas respectively and that the entire Monze district council has approved the decision.

Mr Hamududu said the roads in the district leaves much to be desired and to quicken the procurement process, the parliamentarians who are also civic leaders at the Monze district council decided to put their heads together and came up with the move.

He added that a good road network is cardinal to the transportation of produce from the small scale farmers in the district.

Meanwhile, the Bweengwa MP has projected a good harvest from the farmers in Monze district and that he hopes the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) would not disappoint the farmers in paying them their moneys for the maize they will supply to the Agency.



  1. If you just sit down and wait for the monkeys in state house, you will not see any development. Hence a challenge for all MPs belonging to places where the monkeys are not interested to raise, sacrifice and work for the betterment of the people. The monkeys have disappeared in the field of maize. GOOD JOB, YOU CAN DO MORE IN FACT!

    • I think some of you people are cursed.Can’t you free your minds from rubbish thinking.Try to put yourselves in the shoes of Mandela. Above all jesus christ ” peace be upon him” who were oppressed.we all know things are not okey world wide but we have something to hold on to like peace.Look at our freinds surrounding us.some of them have no place to call home..they die everyday by the sword and some earth movements(quakes and tremors).Is peace not enough for us to cheer about? Do not trust any earthling man.Only God your creator my Creator will fulfil all the promises because he does not forget….please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • foolish post here.
      can’t you read that the funds are from the cdf.
      who funds the cdf? if i may ask.
      uku kutumpa waumfwa!

    • Mazyu is the dullest chap and a fuuuul. Please read the article. These 3 MPs ran for the office to support the people in those constituencies. The money does not come from anywhere but the PF government. Viva PF, you are shaming your critics.

  2. That’s the spirit honorable MPs some of these things we don’t have to wait for the government as most of their promises during elections campaigns end up just when they enter into office. Show them that development can also take place where there are opposition MPs.

  3. Development doesnt mean you have to wait for the government to do all the work, we need more people to come together and help develop their areas…. Thats the only way we can have faster growth… As it has always been “ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION”…..

  4. Good example to all lazing MPs.

    Things have changed.If an MP or Councilor wants to be re-elected effort to develop his area must be seen.No work no vote kwasila.

    Thanks also to the govt of H.E M.Chilufya Sata for increasing the CDF allocations in the 2012/2013 Budget.This was not going to be possible if the k300m CDF allocation was not improved.This CDF has build infrastrure almost in every Constituence.Good job UPND MPs.

  5. A little bit confusing story. First it says: “…UPND Parliamentarians in Monze district…have raised KR1.9 million….” And then further down it says: “[Hamududu] said the funds were from Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from the three areas respectively….” Now, I admit, I am not sure how the CDF thing works or if the funds are considered private.

    However, I was waiting to read how personally these three good MPs sacrificed their meager salaries or how much private arm-twisting went on in order to “raise” the KR1.9 million. But, alas, only to be told it is CDF money. So, “have raised…”?!

    Anyway, the initiative is still very commendable and I hope other MPs can learn from these three and find worthwhile projects for their share CDF monies—development will surely…

    • My thoughts exactly….. kudos for the great initiative though. I would also like to see the same spirit from the members of various communities, to try and work together. Surely one street in Kabwata with 10 working citizens can come together and do a road, its possible. The only problem with Zedians is the Kulibonesha mentality

  6. This is a good move unlike resigning to join the ruling party saying that thats when an MP can be helped

  7. Clear testimony that you do not need to cross the floor and be a deputy minister in order to bring development in your constituency. Shame upon those MP who are practicing politics of the belly. To the three gallant MPs I say bravo remain true to your consciences and never sell your people for money.

  8. If MPs knew what their true role in Parliament entails they would not be physically raising and handling funds like the case here (although this is a good gesture).

  9. From this article and the Kudos people are raising for the MPS, one will know that UPND MPs have done nothing apart from enriching themselves. I was so sure that these utopian MPs have raised funds from other sources opnly to find that instead of chewing the money like in the past years, this year for a change have decided to buy a grader. Electorates ask these MPs where they have taken monies in the past. Ask them how they used the CDF monies in the past years.

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