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Musician ‘Pilato’ is a free citizen-Police


Lusaka Police Chief Joyce Kasosa has dismissed online media reports that controversial musician Pilato has been detained over his latest song titled Bufi.
Reports circulated over the weekend that Pilato has been detained at Lusaka Central Police for questioning over the lyrics to his song Bufi in which he denounces politicians for making false promises.

But in an interview, Mrs Kasosa said such reports are unfounded.She said the police have not recorded any such incident and that Pilato is still a free citizen.

“He is free just like any citizen of this country. He is not under any threat of being arrested. It is just rumours,” Mrs Kasosa said.

And Pilato also tweeted that he was safe urging friends and family not to worry saying the story of his arrest is Bufi.
He was also due to perform at a CBU students function on Saturday.Pilato, whose real name is Chama Fimba has caused some controversy over the latest song titled Bufi in which he features with Petersen.

In Bufi, Petersen and Pilato sing about broken promises like cheap fuel, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people.
The song has gone viral on most social sites with many people sharing its file.


    • Nice Riddim, Big up!!! the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof ; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalms 24:1 King James Version.

  1. This Zambia watchdo.g thing is misleading people a lot.Funny how low some online publications can sink in order to convince their gullible followers.At first they started accusing the government in ritual murders(Apparently every road accident in Zambia is being attributed to pf ritual sacrifices) and now it is publication of false rumours.This is not just sad but also lame just to say the least.

    • why don’t you just ignore those good for nothing rumour mongers.
      they are a bitter race since it has now dawned on them that they will never sway the right thinking zambians into their domain of idiocy.
      satanist they are.

    • They compete favourably wrt lies with the Post. The Post continues to lie day in day out since 1989 when they lied that KK stole $7billion up to the recent election promises- michael this, that, to date about the fake gains under the PF. The ZWD is still much better by far.

    • not to mention the blocking of people who have different opinions on there stories, am one of those blocked from commenting on there useless rumor mongering site. you cant compare the post to ZWD, that is just lame, the post has stood up against many challenges and threats, BR wanted to close it down but failed besides the post has a physical location which means if they lie anyone can sue them, they dont hide behind a computer and malign, demean and criminalize others on false stories while hiding like those cowards at ZWD.

    • Sad state of affairs, only a dullard can compare a faceless amateur blog to an awarding winning tax paying daily newspaper publishing company with 30 staff. Very very extreme dullness from these youth from the sms text generation.

    • You guys you should be paying attention when you read. Reading for comprehension is important. Watchdog did NOT say Pilato, but mentioned that there were rumours that he was arrested. They quoted some sources that talked about the rumour and NOT what you are trying to implicate them here. Please, go back to school and start reading for understanding.

  2. ba pf.
    please lets work towards improving the living standards of the poor majority.
    not by increasing fuel prices, but by reducing the same.
    this is what isknown as ‘amalibu yakuilombela’.
    fuel of all things sure!
    awe mwe. even our own young boys have started maligning the party because of what the party has done in the recent past. negatively.
    please lets strive to fulfil our promises.
    otherwise 2016 is just round the corner and these songs will be doing the rounds full time.

    • Wilabepa.I`m just from talking with him.He has finished smoking a hard one that he bought from Chipulukusu compound yesterday.Am sure he is now mu studio.He likes doing it when he is high.

  3. I think we are jumping the rop here! Give the govt a chance, its another 3 years before the elections, then we can start calling names. The PF govt is trying, going by the projects being worked on and yet to be completed!

  4. The shameless ***** at watchpig have no time for apologising, the keyboard tapping ******* clowns just hide the story in their useless amateur website. No ethics, profanity is the order of the day from their vile tribalistic feeble minded moppets who masquerade as bloggers.

  5. This Pilato thing thinks Jobs will be given to them on a silver plater. He should not mislead his fellow youths but instead encourage them to work hard. The PF gvt has created an enabling environment for Zambians to do work as we are reading in most adverts in papers. Zambians are lazy and just want to be given free things. The number of Cars in Lsk has swollen. Why should the gvt continue subsiding our fuel when the same cars need good roads. better money goes to making roads which will also benefit those who have no cars, than subsiding fuel. This was an Excellent move ba PF. Regarding M/meal prices, the increase is just a response to the high demand of the product from within and outside. Most Zambians are able to afford the commodity that before when people where having a meal a day.

    • more money in your pocket.. BUFFI!
      90days paradise………………….BUFFI
      more jobs of the youth…………BUFFI

  6. I think it will make sense to change Chama Fimba into Chanda Chimba. These guys have told us the truth. Let us listen

  7. IWE BUFI!it’s true let’s go Father Bwalya for 2016.Ba Sata Bailufyanya.Cabipa Saana mudala wesu.We had so much hope in U. looking at yo experience and understanding of Zambian life.I’m very disappointed with PF .Is that U’ve wrong ministers?Fr.Bwalya was right to resign.Ba sata be careful with Luapula,Nothern,Muchinga,CB and Lusaka revolution otherwise u’re going.Just an increase of fuel most people in these areas are now very disappointed.They are even thinking maybe Mr.Sata is no longer ruling.Therefore people consider Fr.Bwalya as a right person and has a chance to be a president of this country.Watch my space!! Nowadays people can use phones and internet to share information.If people are cheating U that PF is the same then U’ll cry like RB.Yo ministers are doing nothing.

  8. You can tell from the way Joyce Kasosa is answering that she is not so sure whether the powers that be may request that Pilato is arrested. Her language is that of a person who does not want to rule out any possibilities. Deep down she knows the musician has committed no offence but she has to be prepared to please those who put food on her table. She is not sure whether the PF chief thugs will demand that the musician be arrested. I am sure they must be scheming for a charge; once this is done they will then order Joyce Kasosa to effect an arrest. Just read between the lines. You will see that Kasosa is not so sure whether this guy will be let off the hook by the usual thugs who aorder innocent people to be arrested on flimsy charges. We are watching and waiting. Let the idioits bark.

  9. Pf cadres like yourself are the only ones in denial that pf have failed in every way so shut up dont be a blind follower use you head to reason not your poverty

  10. Ati Sampa has resigned,pilato arrested and so own and so forth.Mwemashilu nasheniko ubushulu!For whose benifits are u telling all these lies?for 1 hh ?PRIO 2 de 2011 gnral elections u spread untold falsehood but we voted 4 pf. U are yet 2 cry.

  11. Pilato is one of the greatest POETS this country has ever seen let him express his views ……He has the right to do so.

  12. Nga baamba ukumiponona ati u’re disrespecting the presido and GRZ leadership dont complain. Mwachilamo umusalula. ZP where are you?

  13. Pilato organised this. I think his publicists took advantage of the fact that Zambia Watchdog will publish anything anti-PF. So they released the fake news to ZWD. While everyone was wondering if it was true the sales were rocketing. Many marketers use the ploy for music artistes that need publicity.

  14. Sub Sahara Africa’s problems are too immense to be solved by the current kind of leadership. Even the educated leaders behave like they’ve never been to school – they plunder, plunder and plunder. Africa needs a proper revolution, I’m not sure if there’ll be one in my generation.

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