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Calls to hike bus fares in line with 21% fuel increase misplaced-Yaluma


Tranport Minister Christopher Yaluma
Tranport Minister Christopher Yaluma

Government has asked public transport operators to comply with the 16 per cent hike in bus fares effected for all local routes in provincial centres countrywide, due to the recent 21 per cent hike in the price of petroleum products.

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Christopher Yaluma said in an interview today that prior to authorising the 16 per cent fare hike, the Government, had conducted a thorough negotiations with other stakeholders in order to make an informed decision in the public’s interest.

“So many factors had to be considered before we could authorise operators to hike the fares and because Government has the duty to protect the interest of the public, we considered these factors, for instance, the wage bill and the plight of the unemployed,” he said.

Mr Yaluma said calls by transport operators to have the fares hiked in conformity with the KR 1.75 fuel price increase were misplaced and warned that law enforcers will not hesitate to reprimand all earring transporters.

[pullquote]“When the fuel is hiked by a certain amount, it does not mean even transport fares go up to match that figure, if some operators decide to overcharge commuters, the law will reprimand them,” he said.[/pullquote]

“When the fuel is hiked by a certain amount, it does not mean even transport fares go up to match that figure, if some operators decide to overcharge commuters, the law will reprimand them,” he said.

In a separate interview, Commuters Rights Association of Zambia (CRAOZ) president Aaron Kamuti said commuters should report any public transport operators found charging passengers above the permissible bus fare.

“Commuters must ensure that they are availed the fare charts before making a payment so that operators who are fond of exploiting passengers are exposed and reported to the relevant authorities,” he said.

The 16 percent hike means bus fares for all local routes have been increased by KR 60.


    • When the fuel price is hiked by 21% the cost of living goes up by much higher percentage coz, people will have to pay extra for transport, production, food and other services.

      That being the case, is the govt prepared to bring salaries and wages in line with the now higher cost of living?

      Where is the social safety net to cushion the effects of the higher cost of living on the poor & vulnerable in our Zambian society?

  1. Yes there is no correlation between the increase in the fuel price per litre and the fares being charged.These commuters are indirectly robbing people.High time this issue was tackled wisely.

    • Yes thats basically what i`m talking about.The operators should stick to the 16 % approved by government which which is roughly 50-60 ngwee on the local routes unlike the 1 kwacha they want to be charging people.

    • You are very dull sir.Carry out a research and give a comment.Fuel prices have increased too much,so you expect bus owners to lose the profits they get.How will they continue paying workers,eat,repair these road tax and other tax,insurance,etc.
      ZEBIGE mulibe nzelu.So you are the PF Chief EConomic Advisor.With craps like you Zambia is going no where.

    • @Dady perhaps you should also learn how to debate without getting personal.Your point has unfortunately been diluted because of your unwise choice of words.Grow up sir.

  2. Operators who are exploiting passengers are reported to the relevant authorities? Yaluma, you be a joker or a day dreamer. Who is exploiting who? I thought its you who have started this exploitation. No wonder people are saying you want to bring dictatorship in Zambia again. Increase in fuel will affect everyone including the poorest from the remotest area of this nation Mr Yaluma if you did know. So this exploitation was started by the one who decided to increase the fuel price, and not the bus operators.

  3. Yaluma you are just a fo.ol. Who said the increase in fuel will not have a ripple effect? But have you looked at the other side of the decision taken by the GRZ especially long term effects? I think you tuned in to radio phoenix let the people talk where your unwise president was speaking. you are actually mimicking his rubbish utterances. This man claims to be an economist but he does not understand one principle of economics. What makes you think people are succumbing to you foolish propaganda m****** imwe.

  4. Kambwili said on public media that only a few people are affected by the fuel increment; so why should a few people worry the government? Do these make up the 43 percent of the population that ushered in the pf? Please dear leaders worry not we have heard from a government minister that only a few are affected.

  5. Government increased fuel prices to punish those with cars but look at who is complaining, poor people who do not have cars…. people with cars are not complaining because they earn enough and can buy fuel at any price. i cry for my vote that i gave PF

    • Roger Kambwili that….. Yes it has become expensive to drive my car but I have never parked since they increased fuel.

  6. Anything above the rate of inflation is not good. Other countries always use the rate of inflation in price increases and wage negotiations. In a country where leadership award themselves “animal farm 100% salary increases” nothing is strange. You chose it, live with it, I just feel sorry for the other more than 50% that were not duped.

  7. History has shown that by subsidising consumption Zambia will not diversify to create jobs
    It is prudent that govt uphold the removal and ensure monies saved goes to subsiding PRODUCTION so that poor people can benefit

  8. Its amazing how these baboons think…

    When you increase fuel its not only the fuel price businesses have to consider to increase the fares…

    Spare parts are also transported
    Bus serving also goes up as its an indirect cost

    You should have done your home work well as guess you were using Kambwili as your researcher

  9. Well and I thought businesses were free to increase prices if Thats what they wanted to. Is the government going to dictate how much bus fares should go up by? I mean seriously is this what we are now reduced to. Though i agree with the removal of the subsidy the should have thought about the consequences associated with such a move. Let the bus operators charge what they want. Perhaps some sort of competition might arise unless we are looking at a cartel.

  10. I wish this was in Africa South were our VP said that the South African are backwards. Gooo Zambia Gooo!!!!1

  11. Economics from Mpika

    Where is your so called leaned economist Bob Sichinga? He has seen that its falling apart and gone hiding… The said he was from Harvard. Never knew the was Harvard in Muchinga

  12. PF is practicing voodoo economics, Satanomics at work. The minimum qualification to be a member of the Cabinet is sub one or an old scholar, very old. These are the people who borrow money without planning how to use it, meanwhile they are paying interest before using it without added value

  13. Here we go now! I predicted all this all they way from 2011!
    All the Bemba chiefs will fight the uneducated with low IQ satanist Sata!

    Sata and Kabimba will soon face Zambians on the ground when they RIOT more than the 1986 riots against UNIP!
    I honestly knew that Sata will be the most hated man in Zambia.

    Let him move the way he moved in Livingstone when he used the Minibus before he increased his salaries more than 100% when Zambians are suffering and dying of hunger and avoidable diseases in hospital. Sata can be shot dead if he moves in a Minibus

    Northern Province, Western Province, North Western are no longer no go areas for PF thugs and cold murderers

    No use of force will work. Zambia is heading for a Winter Revolution against Sata and his corrupt evil PF leader thugs

  14. I dont get anything about PF’s explanation on fuel hike. Maybe they should hire somebody to that. People this is simple , fuel has a direct effect in economics. Why
    are these guys denying this. It will even affect the price of ifishimu, pupwe, chulu manda, game meat ( kolwe) ,impwa, chikanda etc. Bushe tuleya kwi? Is this more money or less in our pockets?
    Lekeni ipite temu yabo.

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