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Zambia has enough ARVs for all the health institutions -Mwaba


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba
Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba

THE Ministry of Health says there are enough stocks of Anti Retro Viral drugs (ARVs) to cater for all the health institutions in the Country.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Peter Mwaba said sporadic shortages of the life saving drugs experienced in certain parts of the country have been caused by a routine exercise at Medical stores which necessitated the closure of the institution.

Dr Mwaba said in an interview yesterday that there was no cause for panic as there were sufficient stocks of the drugs in the country.

“There is no shortage of drugs if you want go there and check, no I don’t think it’s true unless something has happened just now,” Dr Mwaba said.

He said all Institutions were advised to take sufficient stocks of drugs before Medical stores closed adding that the only shortage which was experienced was that of Nivrapine Syrup for children which has since been restocked.

Dr Mwaba attributed the challenges being faced by people in accessing the drugs particularly in Western Province to geographical problems stating that some areas like Lukulu were flood prone making movement for people difficult.

Dr Mwaba also said some Institutions which were administering the ARVs but were not accredicated could be the ones facing such challenges adding that he had not personally received reports of an actual shortage of the drugs.

“There are also some institutions which were initially operating as NGOs but are now like clinics, such institutions are not accredited, perhaps they could be the ones having this drug shortage,” he said.


  1. were are they kaili…………this fool is just seated there at Ndeke house thinking everybody across the country has the medication like him who just calls his friend from UTH for some ARVs

    • does it mean when Medical Stores routinely closes, then lives must not be saved or treatment must stop?

      And when people call u CNP you get mad… Its insane to play with people’s lives like this.

      Awa mwandi this is a one term govt for sure. You are so afraid of Fr. Bwaly such that u want scandalize him on things that don’t exist. Shame on you PF govt

  2. You call yourselves Christian country yet you are so dependent on ARVs like your Maize meal and fuel.

    • Please your being a poofter has nothing to do with being a xtian country, by the way is it a life style choice or is yours due to a degenerative gene? Keep your advocacy to yourself and people within your setting, nobody will interfere with your choices but pls dont preach it to others.

    • Internet troll. Don’t expect a lot of sympathy for your cause if you try linking promiscuity and adultery to HIV rates. Who is most likely to be infected in Africa? A woman from her husband. Do you not know the sad history of stigma and AIDS? A shameful post, trying to put others down to build your cause up.

  3. This Mwaba is a lier the last time he opened his mouth on the shortage of ARV’s he said this was caused by a ship which was delayed somewhere but today he says there are drugs?

  4. GURUVE — HIV-positive Zimbabwean villagers living along the border with Zambia are reportedly risking life and limb crossing the crocodile-infested Zambezi River to collect life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) from Zambian clinics because they are nearer.

    Some of the villagers, especially in Kanyemba, said the nearest local health centres on the Zimbabwean side were located in Mbire district and Chitsungo, about 125km away.

    “We cross to Zambia every fortnight to access ARVs even though we are not sure of the potency of the drugs we are being issued with in a foreign land. We also risk lives crossing the Zambezi which is infested with crocodiles, but we have no option otherwise we die from the virus,” Titus Huruva of Kanyemba area who is on ARVs said.

  5. why are top officials from ministry of health such pathological liars? If you listen to health minister lying, would think its a mishanga boy talking

  6. This chi stupid minister must not insult the ill people in zambia imbwa ya bantu iyi this group of thieves and lyers constantly lying the whole group keep lying to people we so it on muvi that there was a shortage of the arvs these dont insult zambians mmmmmmmmssssssh

  7. And so far what is the progress on FS2000 sondashi formular?or will Hiv patients wait on Professor Dr.David Harrich’s medication?.Govt should continue showing somekind of responsiblity it’s human life.

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