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Sosala U-Turns, apologises to President Michael Sata and vacates the Bemba throne


SENIOR Chief Mwamba (right) welcomes Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo at his palace in Kasama
FILE: SENIOR Chief Mwamba (right) welcomes Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo at his palace in Kasama

Henry Kanyanta Sosala who until now was Senior Chief Mwamba has unreservedly apologized to President Michael Sata over his recent utterances that prompted the Head of State to revoke his recognition as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama district.

Mr Sosala said he regrets his actions which may have distracted the President from attending to other important national duties.

He said he has whole-heartily accepted President Sata’s decision to de-gazette him as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama.

Mr Sosala has since thanked President Sata for the support rendered to him during his tenure as Senior Chief Mwamba.

He further hailed the good working relationship he had with Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Professor Nkandu Luo.

This is according to a press statement signed by Mr Sosala and made available to ZANIS in Kasama today.

Meanwhile, Mr Sosala has announced his decision to completely vacate the throne of Senior Chief Mwamba and pave way for someone else to take over from him.

He revealed that he is making arrangements to relocate from Kasama town to another place which he did not mention.

Mr Sosala noted that he does not want the issue of succession to the throne of Senior Chief Mwamba to divide the Bemba people and the nation as a whole.

Last week, President Sata revoked the recognition of Henry Sosala as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people on grounds that the traditional ruler did not fully undergo the Bemba rituals for him to ascend to the throne of Senior Chief Mwamba.

Yesterday, President Sata cautioned Mr Sosala to conduct himself in a respectable manner and refrain from engaging in acts that were in conflict with the law.

On Monday, the Bemba Royal Establishment appealed to President Sata to re-consider his decision to withdraw the recognition of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Senior Chief Mwamba and instead allow Mr Sosala to continue on the throne.



    • Yes indeed Chief Sosala and all other Bemba Chiefs are much much wiser than Sata the one you call President. Ba Chief yesterday simply said “..arguing with a fool, people might not see the difference”. Mukwai Ba Sata nabateke chalo chabo, us the chiefs are not important no more. Naku Kasama mukwai nabashila. Lesa ni malyotola.
      Of course his nephew, GBM Godfrey B. Mwamba is totally upset at Sata, we heard it.

    • Can somebody educate me please on this issue of Sossala.Since the Bashilubemba endorsed this Chief,who complained to Michael Sata that the Chief did not go through the rituals of becoming a Chief?Would it not have been prudent to merely ask the chief to go through or complete the rituals which were not done instead of de-gazeting him?

  1. Coward, u don’t deserve to be a chief for sure. Why apologizing, for what? I wish this was another bye election but alas it cant add any number to PF. These are the kind of chiefs who were easily defeated, their wives grabbed long time ago!

  2. Wise move to shame the devil…. They think you are desparate… If the throne is indeed yours, God will surely fight for you. Who is Sata in the eyes of the Most High?

  3. But zoona mwebantu some chaps have very small and shallow brains. Anyway how does one bear a name sosala from an English word saucer which is a small shallow dish having a circular depression in the centre for holding a cup. Indeed that definition describes who you are. He is a mere saucer.

    • yes, in the heat of the clamour for multi-party democracy especially when Sata jumped the sinking UNIP ship to the then popular MMD. K.K simply revoked Sata’ father’s headmanship.

    • I dont know the procedure as well. Nevertheless, Henry Kanyanta Sosala has done the honourable thing. You don’t need to cling into something when higher authorities object. Bravo Sosala. Ba Sata ba President wandi tell us what is wrong with Sosala?

  4. Those calling Sosola a coward should wait a minute. He will bewitch Sata and have the last laugh!

  5. *This is embarrassing to Sata, how can a president get involved in the selecting of traditional leaders* @Sosala, you are a wise man, dont argue with failures of presidents#

  6. Ecclesiastes 7:8 advises us that:
    The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

    It was a complicated and classical case of its kind.T
    President Sata and Prince Sosala may for ever remain friensd indeed as both of them are catholics with peoples at heart.

  7. Ati wise decision? Wise decision yakuti? The man was threatened yesterday and today he expressly U turns and you call the decision wise and willful? This to me to looks like pure blackmail, arm twisting and being crushed under the heavy weight of the unyielding Executive in exchange for safe passage out of Kasama. Its possible this was also accompanied with a “brown sack” full of cash and promises of a diplomatic post. Come on folks, its written all over Sosala’s ZANISE statement. It now remains to be seen what the reaction of the Bemba Royal establishment will be. As far as I am concerned, the Executive and BRE are at daggers drawn now more than yesterday. L/T I pray that there will be no moderation for my comments.

  8. I am a traditionalist at heart and I do not think it is the duty of the Head of State to start choosing our chiefs for us! This is unacceptable to myself as a bemba. Whilst I support President Sata politically, I think he has over stepped his bounds here. Now, the bembas have lost a most learned chief in Mwamba. However, he has shown wisdom by resigning………it should be the other way. Mwamba was born a leader whether he resigns or not, he’still royalty, Sata was elected a leader and can be removed!!!!…..This is a sad day in Lubemba indeed.

  9. There is more to this than meets the eye !! Is SATA the KING of the BEMBAs ??? How come he now has the power to influence the choosing of a Chief?? This man seemed humble when he was begging for votes a few months ago ! BUT NOW !!!! Now he thinks he can walk on water like Jesus and have the audacity to blackmail and threaten chiefs around the country. Moreover, he is so power drunk that half of his time he dreams of which “mishanga seller” to be promote as deputy minister !!!

  10. Quite clearly there’s more to this debacle than meets the eye. One day, as the sun rises, and as the sun sets, the truth will be revealed.

  11. So who is right between the President and the Bemba Royal Establishment? I believe the Bemba Royal Establishment have a final say in this matter and not the republican President. The issue at hand is that Senior Chief Mwamba – Sosala was properly chosen, however, he was not put through the traditional ceremony to affirm his Chief title. The corrective measure for this is to get the ceremony done and not for the President to withdraw the instrument of recognising the Chief. It is clear that the Chief has been either paid handsomely to leave the title or threatened with his life. Not so long ago it was reported that Chief Nkula almost committed suicide due to similar pressure from the President to step down. What is going on in the Bemba land with all this Chief issues…

  12. Sometimes, it’s better to quip quiet than ukukosha Ulubingu. Imfumu yabene Senior chief mwamba yasalapo amano. Mr president, I think fwe babemba you have just pushed the boundaries like you had it planned. I pray and hope you know what you are doing.

  13. History!!!! In Bembaland at one time a Muzungu acted as Chitimukulu. Do you remember Father Joseph Dupont? This was becuse of wrangles.

  14. Very regrettable. The BRE all agreed that they will not budge from supporting Sosala as chief Mwamba, even if it means forgoing their monthly allowances. What has made them to change this stance?

  15. This is crazy. How can the executive make and choose kings in our land. Kings are born and presidents are elected. Imagine david Cameron firing price Charles because he was not initiated.our chiefs play an important role, if anything, the peace we have enjoyed can be attributed to stable chiefdoms we have…we are all content and happy with the breathing space and harmony we enjoy regardless where we are , by knowing that we have a respectable place to call home, and there is a respectable caretaker and leader called chief. . Helps to define ourselves and be content with life and be complete. Now our royals are not political establishments. Hence president ….hands off. Be wise and rescind your decision.

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