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Mutati’s UNCTAD bid flops


Former Commerce minister Felix Mutati
Former Commerce minister Felix Mutati

Former Commerce Minister Felix Mutati’s dream of heading a global body has flopped after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon snubbed him.

Mr. Mutati, a Member of Parliament for Lunte was lobbying for the position of United National Conference on Trade and Development Secretary General.

A statement on the UNCTAD website revealed that Mr. Ban has nominated Mukhisa Kituyi of Kenya to serve as Secretary-General of UNCTAD for a term of four years beginning 1 September 2013.

Mr. Mukhisa Kituyi is a former member of the Kenyan Parliament and a former Minister of Commerce and Industry of Kenya.The nomination will go to the UN General Assembly for confirmation.

If confirmed, Mr. Kituyi will succeed Supachai Panitchpakdi of Thailand, who assumed the post on 1 September 2005 and was reappointed in 2009.

Mr. Supachai will conclude his second four-year term of office on 31 August 2013.


  1. Yaba…. To bad… It’s all because of poor and barbaric Zambian politics not inspiring to the real world…

    • But why should someone be nominated ? I thought this was supposed to be subjected to a vote.I think ban ki moon doesn`t like Zambia because we refused the gay rights thing he wanted to impose on our country.

  2. A statement on the UNCTAD website revealed that Mr. Ban has nominated Mukhisa Kituyi of Kenya to serve as Secretary-General of UNCTAD for a term of four years beginning 1 September 2013.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with guy scott, afterall what he said about South Africa is a hard fact. South Africa has never ever even shown appreciation for what we did for them during liberation struggles.
      However, this goes on to show how wrong some appointments have been since H.E Sata became president. Intergrity is a must on UN standards. U think they can appoint a man wgo has been associated with a highly corrupt political party with abuse of office labeled against him, not only that but he had a bid sex scandle with a married woman sometime last year. How can u 4get those are the things that make one integrity. Its high time the president learned to appoint ppl with integrity. just because Zambia easily forgives and forgets does not mean the whole world does.

    • @ekibinda..
      scot is a stupid white racist who had no right to say what he said weather true or not! those black africans or native south africans maybe backward,, but thats because of guy scot`s forefathers who unfairly abused and robbed them for years

      One things about these positions at UN,,, group support, regional support or continental support can help get your candidate in,,, mutati could have easily got that position if zambia had enough continental influence! ,,

  3. Too bad Mr Mutati,it’s not your fault but babarism in our political scene,kaponyalism and seriously painting our country black instead of green

  4. PF should know that good International politics and neighbourliness is very important.At International level PF Government is not insipring.IMF,World Bank can give the PF Government loans,because it’s purely business.These loans shall be paid even when PF is out.So PF is just creating problems for the next government.

  5. Very Unfortunate, Mutati would have delivered, he is a Good Leader politics aside. His one of the very few MMD members who can still help Zambia move forward.

    • This has nothing to do with the political party you belong to in your country of origin. Political party was certainly not one of the required qualifications.

  6. How can u win when u are being sponsored by SATA who has no friends in the Region. SATA is rejected in this region even MUGABE is better. Mutati u are also a treator u wanted to create a by-election for SATA increase numbers in Parliament so that he manipulate the constitution to extend the life of this seating Parliament to 8 years to avoid elections in 2016. this man is evil Zambians will proof it very soon so its good u have lost it MUTATI u are a danger to democracy.

  7. Excuse me, is it not member countries that vote? Yes, the SG has interests but he is not the final authority. So hang on Felix.

    • It is true that the member countries vote but usually they’ll go along with the SG’s recommendation. Unless he placed 2nd in the rankings it is unlikely that if the member countries reject the SG’s choice, Mr. Mutati would be the fallback. Kenya is also likely to have a wider lobby group (including the influence of a deputy SG who originates from Tanzania). It was worth a try though because the other likely Zambian candidate would probably have not faired well either.

  8. Mr. Mukhisa Kituyi is a far better and deserving candidate than your randy Felix! Zambians just support anything without proper analysis,thats why you have dont kubeba.

  9. The fact of the matter is that Zambia has nothing much up its cap to warrant any international acknowledgment under this Government. We wouldn’t be “rewarded” with an international post for now while the Governance record of PF leaves much to be desires. Opposition who are a cornerstone of any functioning democracy is stifled and their leaders harassed with most of them facing frivolous charges in courts at the instigation of Government. Legislature and Judiciary seriously interfered with by the Executive. International relations with 2 of Africa’s biggest democracies at their lowest ebb.(RSA & Nigeria) Apparent intolerance on minority groups(Gays). I know bloggers will jump on my last point. By hey! Welcome to the real world!

  10. In as much as we Zambian thought Mutati was our best bet, the Kenyan guy has better qualification needed for a UN top job.

  11. good move..that saves us form having an induced by Zambia..!!!!!!!!!!!! Ban Ki Moon has done us a favour..

  12. Mutati’s CV is not rich. no international experience. most of his career is Zambia based and therefore it disadvantages him. Further he has no PhD or done research in commerce that is internationally recognized e.g. published in peer reviewed journals or published by serious global institutions. Look at the CV of the nominated Kenyan. At a global level one’s eloquence must be backed by papers. This has nothing to do with PF. Let wake-up and be excellent. its only in Zed were even people with a mere Bachelors from UNZA CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE SUPER INTELLIGENT

    • I agree with you entirely! Such jobs, it’s not about eloquence, but experience, exposure and several other considerations. That eloquence needs to be reflected in journal articles as well. Not ukulandafye, mulelemba no kulemba. Yalikaba pa global level bane.

  13. These appointments are all about lobbying. Now since Sata became president, not a single foreign president besides Mugabe has been to Zambia. Who then would vote for Mutati with his weak profile? Being Bemba doesn’t count outside of Zambia & Zaire.
    Dr. Kituyi obtained a BA in Political Science & International Relations from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, graduating with honours & a PhD in Social Anthropology, a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies & a Diploma in Science, Comparative Production Systems, all from the University of Bergen, Norway. Prior to joining Parliament, Dr. Kituyi worked as Director at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Nairobi & as Programme Officer at the Norwegian Agency for International Development (NORAD), also in Nairobi.

    • For Mutati there was just a three sentence application and reference put up? Ukwa.

      That is why he lost miserably.

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