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31 picked up from UNZA riots

General News 31 picked up from UNZA riots

Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa
Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Joyce Kasosa

Lusaka Police Chief Joyce Kasosa has confirmed that 31 people have been picked up following the street riots at UNZA Great East Road campus in Lusaka Friday afternoon.

“Yes we have 31 people apprehended, we have not yet arrested anyone yet and we are yet to interview them. I will not reveal the locations where we are holding them from,” Mrs. Kasosa said.

She said police has apprehended the 31 people to help with investigations into the UNZA riots.
Ms. Kasosa could however not confirm reports that some of the people apprehended are senior officials from the Young African Leaders Initiative.

“Like I said, we have not yet interviewed these people so I cannot assume they are all students or YALI members, let us first do our job and we shall inform you accordingly,” she said.

UNZA students ran amok Friday afternoon in one of the tense street battles with the police seen in recent years.

Three rooms at UNZA hostel have been burnt to ashes as a result of the demonstrations.


  1. Ni normal.Its part of being a student.I once lost my phone in a demo but only the timid ones get caught.I won`t be surprised that the ring leaders were not touched because they were busy drinking in Kalingalinga, while their sheep were getting arrested.

    • Data….Chachine eh normal. U dont have to graduate without passing through ths phase at the great UNZA.

    • You justfy this kind of behaviour. Sibsidies are bad for your education. Let the government use the money to give more scholarships to students and build more hostels at UNZA. A stupid phase that you justify. I was educated abroad in 2 countries. Never rioted and I cleaned plates to earn my stipend. Wake up.

    • Maybe those western universities you attended didn’t face the issues UNZA students do. Apples and oranges my dear….

      Anyway, ever heard of Tianamen square riots of 1989?

    • @Muyunda Mwansa, your confession suggests you never completed your university syllabus… You’ve a bit of work to do to understand the history and significance of university riots…

  2. This is PF you yelled day and night. This is a good lesson to all Zambians to use our brain to think, not our ears. The war has just started.

  3. namayo uyu takwata amano
    no wonder ni whule ye igona
    natubana tung`ono.y cant you
    just do a proffessional job on your

  4. Ok next time bane let’s open our eyes pantu ifi tefintu. Busy with ‘donchi kubeba’ campaigns kanshi they hide to apply them on the current state of the govt


  6. Any one opposing subsidy removal is either not normal or he doesn’t know anything about susidies any one responsible who would come in power will face this issue if he doesn’t he will lead this country in much bigger problems let’s have the politicians waiting for state house talk about it

    • Those who are dependent on taxpayers money like Sata and Nshilimuemba should be the last to support the removal of subsidies. This also applies to all the maggots in Zambian foreign missions who have infested this website to support Sata’s tribal , wasteful and incompetent government.

    • Pipo shud b analytic mind how they present themselves.the removal of subsidies has caused millers to pass on the burden to consumers.same applies to removal of subsidies on fuel.now wat is the govt doin about this?we have bin experiencing bumper harvests in the past seasons but wat benefits have we seen?change is a slow process yes!but ba sata mwilenga tuchite regret pakumi votela.its beta havin a thief in power than choosing a dictator for a leader..everyone supportin the subsidy removal must see a pshicatrists and leta attend economics classes.

    • Pipo shud have analytic minds and shud learn how they present themselves.the removal of subsidies has caused millers to pass on the burden to consumers.same applies to removal of subsidies on fuel.now wat is the govt doin about this?we have bin experiencing bumper harvests in the past seasons but wat benefits have we seen?are average zambians goin to manage to have full meals a day?just becoz these selfish politicians are enjoying doesn’t mean everyone is.change is a slow process yes!but ba sata mwilenga tuchite regret pakumi votela.its beta havin a thief in power than choosing a dictator for a leader..everyone supportin the subsidy removal must see a pshicatrists and leta attend economics classes.

  7. Even developed countries from Sweden to USA to France to UK have subsidies. Subsidies are meant to protect economies. Why remove subsidies in such important sectors like agriculture?

    • The subsidies are not in consumption but given to strategic industries that could close down and cause unemployment if exposed to the competition of cheap imports

  8. nshilimuemba you are very dull individual. there where you are you are enjoying
    because a lot of things are subsided you go and live in upscale los Angeles you will
    be homeless. because you won’t be able to live like those rich people. everything is overpriced. what we have in africa is mismanagement of resources, subsidies are not a problem western countries spend colossal amounts on their people and still have money for projects. one big issue is PF has deported and discouraged investors now they are reaping what they sowed

  9. Pf is not after politics of appeasement that have among others brought unplanned settlements. Bravo again pf!

    • Coming from a government that has trashed our towns and cities with street vending…..you chaps have no shame! Just get out of government ! You are destroying the country!

  10. IT IS ONLY IN ZAMBIA WHERE A PRESIDENT ASKS THE POLICE TO ARREST CITIZENS….. We are learning things the hard way, we made a serious mistake. i wish i could get my vote back, Zambia deserves better that this useless government.

  11. It sad for the same students who does not pay fees to start burning hostels. This kind of behaviour that of bush products. Then tomorrow these clueless students will start asking the govt to repair the hostels they burnt? Subsidies in developed countries are coming to end just same as benefits. So to compare USA, UK and other countries to Zambia is madness. People who are involved fertiliser supply make more money than the intended poor of the poorest. So why subsidies that doe not alleviate poverty?

  12. No one is arguing the fact that subsidies are bad, but sometimes they are unavoidable in order to maintain and sustain a community. The biggest problem with this Govt is that it acts on impulse and without strategic thinking. Removing subsidies on two major commodities without first sensitising the population and at least undertaking a fazed approach, to cushion the impact, is a recipe for anarchy. Worst still, we all know that most of the money won’t be used for the benefit of the common good but for by-elections (until PF get their numbers) and funding the lavish lifestyles of ministers and their deputies. In other words, the money will only benefit the PF party. MMD managed and growth of the economy was evident with reserves in the bank by the time “BUFI” took hold.

  13. I hope we don’t give the president to invoke marshal law. Let them demonstrate but do it in peace and avoid destroying other people’s cars and the school’s property. No one wants to see the red berets on our streets.

    • Please tell me you are not a University student and you are not on some MMD scholarship to Australia, but some illiterate chap who just found a computer already on LT.

  14. Since they have been picked for riot degree, they are going to be taken to another University where they specialised in riot behaviour so that they can be properly educated. The bursaries for the new University for the 31 is 100% and they willstay for about five years. usually they will come out with a Masters degree in riot. They dont have many choices though which University to be in whether Chimbokaila or Mukobeko Riot and Technology. Others will be at Open air University for riotus behavior.

  15. A head of State publicly ordering police to arrest his citizens who are protesting over the prices of fuel and food seems somewhat bizarre to me. Couldn’t he have let the police react to the demonstration independently. His orders sprinkles the whole process with politics and makes the job of the police and the DPP more complex. The result, more Nolles and autocracy. Not good for our image I suppose.

  16. You must be a serious ***** to support pf.because there are ko brains in all decisions just sick old men yaba how does a head of state say arrest the students on what law or grounds just yesterday june wynter was saying no human rights abuse how embarrasing

  17. zambia is a democratic country people have the right to demostrate. However, if the demostrators cause riots and damage to property it is a duty for the police to arrest them. Students should not be used for political gain by failed politicians. Keep zambia peaceful.

  18. Expelling those student is not the right way to stop the riots, what is democracy if you are afraid to express yourself for fear of being expelled, our president should understand that this is a democratic county and we have the right to express ourselves, instead of using harsh language he should try shutting his mouth and listening for a change.

  19. If only openness,transparency,integrity,accountability and information dissemination were practiced by those who rule,the ruled would probably appreciate the course of their nation.Alas,its rule by decree!

  20. subsidy at consumption level not needed, The PF govt are not impressive to the expected level but were better options to the MDD, Now that we are with them until 2016 lets help them to give us results that better our lives until 2016.PF learn to consult constantly and advise the citizenary on govt programmes.

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