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Government will not bow to pressure to remove subsidies on both fuel and maize-Kabimba


Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba
Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Winter Kabimba has reiterated government’s stand on the removal of subsidies.

Mr. Kabimba says government will not bow to pressure to remove the subsidies on both fuel and maize.

ZANIS reports that the Justice minister said this when he featured on a Zambia National Broadcasting cooperation (ZNBC) television program, dubbed Sunday Interview.

Mr. Kabimba said government will not be sidetracked from making prudent financial decisions by members of the public who were misinterpreting policies.

The Justice minister , who is also ruling Patriotic Front Secretary General , said government’s removal of subsidies is a positive economic move which should be seen as temporal setback but whose benefits will be appreciated in the long term.

He added that according to the ministry of finance, government will gain over KR300 million every month from the removal of subsidies on fuel alone which will be used in driving the nation to economic reliance.

Mr. Kabimba also noted that the PF has not diverted from its manifesto and maintained that all the programmes that government is pursing are enshrined in the party manifesto.

He further regretted that many people have not endeavored to read and understand the PF manifesto as it stands as a policy framework for government operations.

Last week, several stakeholders including the civil society attacked government for going ahead to remove subsidies on fuel.

The parties demanded that government should rescind its position. In the same cause a n umber of varsity students namely Copperbelt, Mulungushi and University of Zambia were arrested for breaching public piece.



  1. Awesome ! Stick to your guns bane.We know that your popularity and vote is at stake here, but sometimes it takes a great sacrifice to get the results.I know you are not foolish to introduce this thing which might cost you a re-election victory.I admire your courage.Politics of appeasement should remain in the past.All the best.

    • The hallmarks of great leadership,
      Doing what is beneficial in the longterm and not succumbing to pressure from pollsters and mood swings of the public opinion.
      PF will win by a bigger margin in 2016.

    • Unless they literally stick to their guns, there will be fired by a ballistic missile. strictly speaking am amazed that despite showing how incompetent PF are, they still manage to dupe people. You cant help but wonder the thinking of some people. what will you tolerate next from this party !! people been hanged in broad day light?

  2. Awesome ! Stick to your guns bane.We know that your popularity and vote is at stake here, but sometimes it takes a great sacrifice to get the results.I know you are not foo-lish to introduce this thing which might cost you a re-election victory.I admire your courage.Politics of appeasement should remain in the past.All the best.

    • Your friends have depleted the treasury funding by-elections. Rather resorting to printing money they decided to remove subsidies on fuel and maize. We wait to see how the redistribution of income will be achieved. But one thing is certain, unless they rig the 2014 elections they are a goner.

    • Stick to your Guns indeed if you are dependent on a taxpayer salary, taxpayer vehicle, taxpayer phones, taxpayer housing, monthly 800 litres taxpayer petrol. Indeed it is easy to stick to your guns when your whole life is funded by the long suffering Zambian public.

  3. Pakanwa kwati chiletukana, you are not ruling us, what pf is doing now is torturing its citizens, you removed rural hardship, subsidies and what do we get,….you increase yo salaries by 300% without parliamentary approval.

    • Can you now imagine how much you would save if you removed the excess deputy ministers and canceled bye elections? Why not listen? The saving you are talking about of about K300m can even shoot up to billions then all can understand. The notion that bye elections are budgeted for and therefore should go ahead at all costs defies logic. Needless to remind you that you that even arvs are budgeted for but now are not being sourced . By the way, how many bye elections have you budgeted for? When will you say it’s enough ? When you have you106 seats? By then how many deputy ministers Will we be supporting? At what cost?

  4. This is the most annoying man in Zambian politics. We ask the PF executive committee to get rid of him once his backer is no longer President. He has never won an election yet in his mind he thinks he can be Zambian President. The Defence Minister despite also being currupt would definately be better, atleast even he is MP

    • Everything spot on UNTIL your last sentence!!! Which defence minister is better – The one who batters women & his employees? Awe tube serious bane! Nangu we re blind its not like this!!!

    • Ulemona, what i meant was if we had a choice between two currupt politicians Kabimba and GBM, i would rather we went for GBM. He is a successful businesman which is an achivement on its own. Ofcourse the best result is we get rid of the PF altogether. But at this rate this government will rig elections so we might be stuck with them for a long time

  5. They are just plain stupid *****s these guys in pf. something as essential as fuel and maize you phase it out over years so the impact is not as drastic.

    • Gono, the subsidy on fuel is not completely removed or your relatives in Mongu & Nakonde would be doing chachacha right now!! Why are you people failing to see that the subsidy on fuel rarely trickles down to the most vulnerable of our people? Or is it just a matter of few selfish elites who have been benefiting and now can’t let go? Subsidise on fuel had to give way either this way or through country bankruptcy. The subsidise on Maize have made our country one of the most conducive places on this planet to be a miller. To whose benefit? The millers of course who sale the milled subsidised maize mill at super-normal profits. The maize subsidy was intended to uplift the peasant farmers life and lost direction unless properly reworked with institutional capacity building. I rest my case!

  6. go ahead guys otherwise you won,t have enough money to fund by-elections. it is an open secret. if only this money could be put to good use iam sure in ten years time zambia can be one of the best countries in africa. but this can never happen. jobs are being lost every day but we just hear about figures of how many jobs have been created. God help Zambia.

  7. Banda ignored the Zambian people and he was made to pay the price. Let them think they are on top of the world. I hope the people of this country have learned a lesson from these useless id10ts. They have blown the countries reserves in 1 year and now they want everyone to pay for it. Explain to the people exactly how much saving you will make from removing critical subsidies and explain what you intend to do with the savings.

  8. You talk about making prudent financial decisions,REALLY!
    1.Are the self induced bye elections a wise way of spending money?
    2.Is having 3 deputy ministers a way of saving money?
    3.What about the allowances that are paid to all the Permanent secretaries,Deputy Ministers,Cabinet Ministers,are they not a waste of resources?
    We are being called upon to sacrifice.How about all of you sacrificing your allowances.Leaders are servants of the people but in Zambia the people who are voters are the servants

  9. kabimba na yena ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure,BOZA ULABEJA
    PONAMA.Look at the following
    1.wat about more money in our pockets
    2.wat about more job opportunities in90 days.
    3.wat about delivering the constitution in 90 days.
    4.wat about the B.R.E fullfilment
    5.wat about cheaper fuel and meali meal within 90 days.
    6.low cost of living within 90 days.
    7.8 bags of fertilizer for each farmer
    the list goes oooooooooooooon!
    Now,whoever is going to belive these guys is also a
    missed call like kabimba.if only you fullfiled one of the above
    i was going to belive u bt NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  10. It just does not make sense that Lungu is telling people that people opposing the removal of subsidies should offer alternative solutions, while this dim wit appears to be saying government is not going to change it’s mind on subsidies.I think to start with ,the removal of subsidies should start by
    1.Trimming the number of people in government.
    2.Putting a price on the maize which has been sold to Zimbabwe and ask Robert to pay.
    3.Asking ministers to pay for alternative accomodation rather than paying 70 million kwacha in rentals at that expensive palla
    4.Closing down parliament hostels.
    5.Not to give malawi free fuel in future again.
    6.Kaseba’s 5 billion budget funds should be pumped into schools etc

  11. We’ve been told how much will be saved per month 4rm fuel alone n that is a very huge amount of money if put 2 gud use @list devlpmnt can be there. Fellow country wo/men let us give them time n c what dey can do, if dey fail, 2016 is not far dey’ll c

    • We cant give chance kufibantu fyabufi ifi, if we wait for 2016 they will definately rig elections this i can assure you, imagine they are only 18months in govt and they have become so big headed like no man’s business what if we give them 2 terms? it will be another zimbabwe

  12. Sunday interview is becoming so boring and unwatchable now, owez Kabimba???? This man is arrogant and thinks he knows everything, he is becoming a Dora/ Shikapwasha of PF…. eeeiishh thank God i didnt tune to ZNBC last night!!!

  13. OK, The idea is good but has been done in bad faith.
    According to what i have seen ,The President is not againest SUB`SIDIES,but against
    BUDGET OVERRUNS.you budget 500 billion for maize Subsidies, but someone at the ministry of FINANCE allows 1.181 trillion.
    The biggest question IS , WHO ALLOWED THAT EXTRA 780 billion for this subsidy in question?This what the call MISMANAGMENT OF RESOURCE.SO in this case subsidy is innocent but MANAGMENT IS AT FAULT.

  14. If there is one person whose face is a dicampaining gesture against the PF Government, it is Kabimba, His face alone makes me hate the PF. He is so full of himself

  15. Attention Mr. Minister of justice, W. Kabimba
    The Ministry of justice and the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury are not one and the same thing. We want expert data which informs benefits, both short and long term which flow from government’s change of policy. If this is arguably a prudent approach, then it begs a question. Has there been any evidence-based research conducted which can be utilised as an argument to support your approach and crush other ideological differences? What theory will be used in distributing the wealth among the legitimate beneficiaries? Are going to apply the trickle down approach or the triangle approach? Or will capital be eliminated so as to benefit labour and the poor in your equation? Give us your clear approach.

  16. “regretted that many people have not endeavored to read and understand the PF manifesto”

    Oh yeah, the fine print! I guess when Kabimba promised “more money in 90 days” what he really meant was “PF PROMISES AUSTERITY?”

    How foolish we didn’t understand! Here is what the Manifesto does say:

    “In order to correct the mono-crop syndrome the PF shall: subsidize agriculture, especially small-scale farming; tailor subsidies, market guarantees and extension services towards specific crops; review the FRA Act to rationalize its operations.”

    On energy: “The petroleum sector is burdened by high taxes, the PF shall maintain steady and reliable supplies at minimum cost.”

    Does this sound like AUSTERITY, especially when the introduction castigates MMD for “increased basic…

  17. By the way, is the title of this story correct ? ‘Government will not bow to pressure to remove subsidies on both fuel and maize-Kabimba’. I was of the view that it should read….Government will not bow to pressure to restore subsidies on both fuel and maize-Kabimba

    Correct me if I am wrong…



  20. Why the arrogance kanshi?? There is always a better way to explain to the people who have put you where you are.

  21. UPND is an oppotunist party who want to take advantage of this.Shame on u .Don’t even cheat yourselves that u will win 2016. Politics of appearesement are long gone. NO wonder the country is full of unplanned settlements. Bravo !

  22. So chabe. Tizaona thawi ya masanko ikafika mu 2014. Even RB at some point didn’t care but despite spending multiple billions he still lost.

  23. If Kabimba would just confine himself to speaking about things that he understands, then he would have much less to say.

  24. Kabimba chipuba!! Save money for what? So they can sustain their salaries. Taking out subsidies to help the economy in a long run that’s just BS!!. Subsidies is a form of boosting the economy most if not all rich countries on this planet. These guys are thinking like they are playing dice. If they want to save the government some money they need to cut their salaries, allowances and start buying reasonable vehicles for ministers. How can you try to save money on the most need. Start by some stuff we can live without. Sata doesn’t need more money . Kabimba himself doesn’t need pay raise nor his fellow ministers. The people who are getting up early in the morning in order to support their families are the ones who needs pay raise. Not these crooks in the government.

  25. Ba pf ba fi colour you seem to be on cloud 9. Tables will turn. Just wait. Ask RB and mmd, they will tell you how it is. OK, tuleloleshafye. 2016 is not far.

  26. You can only be believed if you offer some emperical evidence that you are capable of making such savings.Who believes you anyway after the so called 90days lies?Just admit that there is no money to spend after your stupid and careless spending.You cannot spend what you have not got .The stupid idea of rebasing the Kwacha has failed to jam start the economy.Your selective justice system has failed to win you international aid.Your fat wages is killing the economy which is in the intensive care.Small businesses cannot cope with the high cost of fuel. How can people sacrifice on an empty stomach?

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