Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pensioners want subsidies back


The Zambia Local Authorities Retirees and Pensioners Association (ZALARPA) has joined calls by some sections of society urging government to immediately retain the subsidies on fuel and maize which government has removed.

ZALARPA President Mathew Nyakalale says the Association which comprises 8,000 pensioners will be negatively affected by the removal of the two subsidies.

Mr. Nyakalale says the removal of the subsidies has affected them because of non-payment of their terminal benefits coupled with the current high cost of essential commodities like mealie meal and the increase in bus fares.

Mr. Nyakalale said this in a press stamen released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

“The removal of fuel and maize subsidies has left retirees devastated. We urge the PF government to avoid making the same mistakes which were made by MMD,” he said.

He said urged the Government to avoid making mistakes which cost the previous MMD government to lose power because president Rupiah Banda never listened to the people of Zambia who put him in Office.

The ZALARPA President demanded that Government pays them their pension and live up to its 2011 campaign promises.

President Michael Sata has directed Ministers and their deputies to go round the country and explain the benefits of the subsidy removals aimed at diverting money to developmental projects.



  1. Sorry fellas but we cant keep spending vast amounts of money equal to the euro bond just on maize every year when we have crumbling and decaying infrastructure in all corners of the country

  2. Sorry Al, which corner of the diaspora are you in? Let’s not shout on the mountain tops when it’s hot at sea level where the masses are.

  3. Dull pansioners! U are the same people that have made zambia to b poor becoz of yo mindset. Used to free everything.Better to b out of power for doing the right thing than politics of appearesement. PF bravo!

    • Pabwato all the way!
      People just want to talk.
      Can you imagine, I have being arguing with a friend who hates everything about PF from the time they came into office.
      So last week I deliberately decided to give in to him and said: “Yes PF has lost tough with the people over subsidies, yes this is the end of SATA over the UNZA arrest, yes PF has the biggest cabinet in history, yes PF is causing unnecessary by-elections, yes there is no money and reason to remove subsidies, and yes PF is useless and has done nothing at all”.
      Do you know what?
      The guy called me and changed goal posts. He started talking about all the benefits of removing subsidies etc.
      Thats people for you…

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