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WB gives Zambia US $ 35 million for climate change project


The World Bank has given the Zambian Government about US$35 million for a pilot resilient climate change project in Western Province.

Pilot Programme for Climate Resilient Agriculture Platform Member (PPCR) George Sikuleka said out of these funds US $30 million will be channeled to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning as a grant while US$5 million will be a loan.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Sikuleka disclosed the development when the Pilot Resilient Climate Change entourage called on Western Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba at his office in Mongu yesterday.

He noted that Western Province was chosen among other Provinces as it was realised to be the most affected Province in terms of drought and floods.

Mr. Sikuleka stated that the money allocated is not for loans but meant for the rural populace to come up with climate resilient project proposals and plan how to deal with climate change effects like drought and flooding in their respective areas so as not to be affected by environmental resilient.

He said the project will run for six years starting in September this year and end in September 2019, adding that other Provinces that will benefit from the pilot programme will be Southern and Central Provinces respectively.

Meanwhile, Western Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba welcomed the move saying the project will assist most people who have been affected by drought and floods in the Province.

Mr. Mwamba said Western Province has experienced 50% crop failure in the last farming season due to unpredictable rainfall pattern by the metrological department that left many farmers without crops in their fields.

He said government is yet to look for money or other interventions to provide relief food due to the looming hunger in the Province.



  1. is it a loan or grant? in 2005 Zambia reached a stage of zero debt. but the borrowing was restarted by a corrupt civil servant who was heading malaria control centre who borrowed 20 million usd from world bank. I do not think this borrowed amount has helped malaria control in zambia. the borrower benefited but other people are paying back.

  2. Becoz the WB has alot of confidence in the PF gvt. so they can have the money, 30million usd free money while 5 million loan. Good deal.

  3. 1. New and advanced equipment for the metrological department.

    2. Seed and plant research Centres fully equipped with lab equip , all-wheather green house, artificial flooding area and artificial drought area.

    3. Avoid rain fed farming.

    4.Livestock disease research centres in every province.

    5. Effective public awareness tools.

    6.Every district commissioner must do short agriculture courses.

    7. Parliament must always united when debating Issue of agriculture and climate change

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