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Step mother jailed for pulling son’s manhood

General News Step mother jailed for pulling son’s manhood

Court hammer

A 33 year old woman has been sentenced to five years simple imprisonment after she pleaded guilty for one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Appearing before Magistrate Davy Simfukwe was Annie Chanda 33 of Molokai village in Senior chief Shimumbu in Luwingu district in the Northern province.

Facts before Magistrate Mr Simfukwe were that Annie on 28th April 2013 did injure a child aged 7 by pulling his manhood as a way to instil discipline for urinating on the reed mat.

Annie who is the step mother told the court that the child has been urinating on his reed mat every day despite having advised him to stop but failed and instead she decided to pull down his manhood so that the child stops the habit.

“I asked the juvenile why he had continued to urinate on the mat but he could not give satisfactory answer, I got hold on to his penis and twisted it with a view of stopping him from urinating,” she disclosed.

In mitigation Annie pleaded for lenience by saying she did that merely to discipline her step son from urinating.

And Magistrate Simfukwe said the convict being the first offender and having readily admitted the charge was entitled to lenience but the case committed has a minimum sentence of five years and not exceeding 10 years.

He explained that children are always vulnerable and they need to be protected at all times.

“One wonders how a person could think of pulling the manhood of defenceless child as the way of disciplining him,” he said.

Mr Simfukwe said the courts are duty bound to protect vulnerable children in society by imposing stiffer penalties to deter would be offenders like the convict.

He said although the convict was the first offender the case calls for a minimum sentence of five years imprisonment and not exceeding 10 years. “The only way I can express lenience is by sentencing the convict to the minimum sentence as provided for under the law,” he said.

Annie was sentenced to five years simple imprisonment for one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to section 248 (a) of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.



  1. but this woman pa ni discipline,,,twisting a defenceless child`s pipi….awe sure she must be a cadre PF,, because such things only happen in the PF camp

  2. She deserves the punishment. Now I thought Molokai Village was Congolese musician Papa Wemba’s virtual village where he reigns as Chief …….so it actually exists in Zambia. 🙂

  3. Evil woman, would she have done that to her own flesh and blood? Children at that age tend to wet themselves when they are afraid and in this case it is clear that he has been living in fear of his step mothers abuse. For all we know she probably belts te poor boy on a daily basis and make him do all the hard chores, the typical step mother trait. By the way, where was the father of the boy when all this nonsense was happening?? Useless man, hope he finds a civilized wife while this evil clout is serving her sentence.

  4. iye step mother!!! sure,….the boy is only 7 for heaven’s sake. some children take long to stop bedwetting. I hope this woman’s children also pee on the bed as well but since those are blood children she cant do such a wicked act to them. This child will grow up and be a better person than your own children and you will be feeling ashamed when you meet him.

  5. This woman iis definitely evil. She is bitter. These could be HH’s relatives settled in Northern province. Bitter on everything even on a 7 year old. How can you honestly be bitter with a child. It serves her right.

    • Kikikikiki! Koma iwe ANC waligomauka mwe! Ati HH’s relatives! They are very much ab ena Lu bemba

  6. Maybe the courts should have just pulled and twisted her bean so she feels the pain that the kid felt when she pulled the tombolilo! It`s a devilman`s affair in the shake of a surfband. Woman is the root of all evil!

    • the boy was injured and at that age would be easily cowed to keep his mouth shut ….serves her right

    • you dont believe?…sure,, it true! she is a PF cadre, in fact the boy was lucky because there was mupini or a panga nearby,, thats why she just twisted the `pipi` instead

  7. its not surprising, most Zambian step mothers are like her or worse…
    …..they either starve, beat or burn the stepchild.

  8. Poor little defenseless innocent fella. Way too harsh on the punishment for step Mom. 1 month with hard labour can transform this mother.

  9. Maria u are foolish & short of brains. Its women like you who are bringing our society to shame. How can u say five years is too much. I’m shocked we still hv pipo of ur mind in our society still remaining . Surely any person that abuses a child doesn’t deserve being part of our society

  10. Some women are shameless and so cruel,lucky her for savin five years because if i wz da magestrate she would have saved a life sentence.

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