KK is a letdown-Muhabi


Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

Spokesman in the Office of the MMD President Muhabi Lungu said he is disappointed with First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s support for President Michael Sata and the PF government.

Mr. Lungu said it is disheartening that Dr Kaunda can today side with President Sata, a man he believed was at the centre of his misery when he exited State House in 1991.

During his recent visit to Cuba, Dr Kaunda was quoted as saying President Sata is leading Zambia in a truly wonderful way.

Mr. Lungu closely worked with Dr Kaunda as his Press Assistant when he lost the general elections to the MMD in 1991.

“It is sad that the old man is now glorifying Mr. Sata but I remember that this is the same man and a few of his colleagues in the MMD then Dr Kaunda used to describing as scared little men in suits,” Mr. Lungu said.

He said Dr Kaunda believed that Mr. Sata, then a key figure in Dr Chiluba’s government was instrumental in the ill treatment he suffered at the hands of the Chiluba administration.

“I was one of the few Zambians that decided to stand by the old man when everyone ran away from him. I did it on principle and the respect for human rights and he used to complain to me how the MMD at the behest of Mr. Sata and Dr Chiluba harassed him. He constantly complained about Mr. Sata and it is surprising today Dr Kaunda can call this man an angel.”

Mr. Lungu said it would be advisable for Dr. Kaunda to avoid making some political statements going by the stature and respect that he commands world over.

“I saw him recently at a US National Day event in Lusaka and I walked over to say hi to the old man, I was almost tempted to asking him why he is behaving the way he is but I thought the occasion was not appropriate for such conversations.”


  1. Ba Lungu Twapapata!!!!! Leave KK out of your political agenda. The man has done a lot for you as an individual that education you have its KK don’t forget who made it easy for you. He is a free man to make a statement on any national issue.

    • @Ndobo, keep quiet and continue living under your wife’s umbrella. We do not need i.d.i.o.t.s. like you. Stay away from Zambia you economic refugee.

    • @diva naiwe ka @Robin
      Am not like you backward twetss who will accusse anyone young to `protect` old pleople in the name of muchishi! NO… when you are seat and a madala puffs and its smelly Donot hit the boy seated next NO! ask the big men to excuse himself next time!
      Kaunda is a letdown! he is suppose to be the father of all zambians.. but he is not he is the father PFONLY!!!!

    • KK is useless. How can an ex-President use his image to sell detergents? He is a schizophrenic who inherited Africa’s second richest country in 1964. All he did was run it down. A dictator who continuously insulted Zambians by contesting against wild animals during elections as if there were no Zambian humans worthy of the office of President. He supports Sata for monetary reasons. PF is looking after him and his Children. Most of his Children are now working for PF either in Zambia or in foreign missions. Even the so called UNIP President Tilyenji Kaunda is quiet. His UNIP has been contesting elections but President Tilyenji does not campaign or speak. The Kaunda family are leeches who have lived the majority of their lives on taxpayers money. It is high time they were weaned off!

    • Kaunda and Satan are both Bembas and they will always stand or fall together. It is simply the name of the game. No surprises here. Muhabi & Mulusa, please leave MMD and join the party of the People. We need a strong team to run this country after 2016, not aya ma rubbish.. (Or Malabisi if you are from Kumawa).

  2. When you eating the side of bread which is not butttered whilst admiring the buttered side you can go all the way denouncing everyone and everything. Sour grapes! Just be real, not everyone will behave and do things the way you do or the way you would want them do. Life goes on, the good and the bad shall ever coexist.

  3. Ba Lungu kwateni amano. KK is not the causer of your failure in politics, it is your bad timing. You will keep on crying

    • Muhabi you have lost it. Try and practise your politics sensibly. KK is no longer in active politics and therefore no opposition to anyone, so it makes sense for him to promote the image of our country outside. We can differ amongst ourselves, but must not go out and suggest to outsiders that Zambia has collapsed. UBUFI MULEKE!

  4. this is Rubbish mr. Lungu. Do you want KK to continue being an enemy of Sata? Every where in the world people forgive and reconcile. Why should KK not give credit where it is due. Ba Lunga you are behaving so childishly man. Leave KK alone to enjoy his few days remaing before he is called home.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Kaunda must or should be a father of all zambians, like mandela who is loved by all, the father of all south africans,, black, white india,,,everyone! But kaunda is a father one Sata and grand father of PF… He has even desserted his own UNIP!

      Any what would you expect from a wizard like kaunda with his HOE(heaven on earth) formula… all he needs is human blood at all cost

    • @ndobo, you are right to say that “Kaunda must or should be a father of all Zambians”. A father who takes joy in welcoming back even his PRODIGAL sons (Sata being one of them,) like the good book, the Bible, teaches us.

      By the way, being a “father” does NOT mean you lose all objectivity. If KK feels that Sata is doing a good job running the affairs of our country it is not up to you or Muhabi Lungu to give him permission to say so. He has the every right as a free citizen to support whoever he wants, including Sata and his PF. Just like you have the right to disagree with what PF does. But your language falls miles short of the maturity needed to be taken seriously—just like a lot that is coming out of the opposition nowadays—plenty of r@bbish and very little substance!

    • Kaunda and his children are welfare queens. They have to play nice with Sata because he is looking after them on the public purse! They are leeches who will never grow up to be independent for they have lived the majority of their adult life on the public purse for 27 years ( 1964 to 1991). They have failed to be independent of the public purse tits. The period 1991 t0 2011 must have been very painful for Kaunda’s children. The first born Panji was even declared bankrupt. The 2011 change of govt was an opportunity for the Kaundas to grab at the tits of the public purse once again. And the best way was to go all sycophancy on Sata and his PF. Tilyenji leads UNIP which he never campaigns for. This way Kaunda is able to pad the nest for his little children! Kaundas are leeches! Full stop!

    • @yambayamba..
      A true father of the nation loves everyone equally! he does not supports some to his children and leave out some… at the level at which kaunda is now or should be he is above political party lines! He must stand with the truth for all his children… if sata errors, KK must advse same with HH or mumba or any other political party leader…
      Kaunda should/must speak for the good of zambia and zambian in fullnes,,NOT oppossing or supporting individuals
      KK should be the first one to condemn that political violence or intorence,,,

      yambayamba osa yamba booza about fathership!!!!!!

  5. Muhabi is one little ungrateful person who is surely a political failure and nicompoop.Leave the big man out of your political game.He has a right of association and freedom of speech.

  6. Fire to the demon that is with you.KK has crossed the boarder immune from ridicule.If you insult him,you bring a curse on yourself.If KK was enemy to SATA at some point and now they are freinds..i can tell you the angels in heaven are smilling and happy with KK and Micheal.

    Take your madness somewhere before God punishes you please.Nowander Cadres are beating you under5 politicians to restore sanity in the country.

    • Kaunda is a leech. Sata is looking after Kaunda and his children. There’s nothing respectful about this ex Dictator. He and his family just don’t want to be weaned off public resources. They are like 4 year old kids who still want to suckle from their mother’s breast! Kaunda is still looking after his first born 65 year old Panji.

  7. Mr. Muhabi Lungu who have no substance to talk about. Know that KK has moved on, he forgave Mr. Sata, the Late Mr. Chiluba and all that mistreated him. KK does not hold any grudge against any one. KK is praising president Sata because he has seen that PF is busy developing the country. To me it sounds that Mr. Muhabi keeps grudges. Mr. Muhabi
    you know that KK was mistreated and you had no guts to tell off those who mistreated KK. and you failed to protect KK. Mr. Muhabi Lungu you are a disappointment to the nation with cheap politics talking about KK. It only shows Mr. Muhabi has no positive ideas to contribute to the development of the nation, except to tear the country apart. He is very ungrateful to KK. His tongue is very dangerous to the nation.

  8. muhabi lungu he just had to open his big mouth…thats what comes out can you please concentrate on how u are going to trim your grey beard leave tata kaunda alone ala..

  9. Mr Lungu, it is good for Kaunda to forgive Sata. That is commendable. It is time to move on, however, Sata is not governing this country well and Misrule is a sin. KK seem to be supporting this situation which unfortunately is a SIN against GOD. Both men need to review their lives or else theirs will be a sad ending with their followers.

  10. What education? Zambians are the least educated people on the planet if you ask me. The old man KK had a lion’s share of running down the country and should stay away from active politics forever. His communist and tyranical ideologies killed our country and therefore he of all people should remain quiet and enjoy free travel officiating the chipolopolo games and things that matter less in the running of the country when called for. Sata is taking the country back to the Kaunda days and that excites the old man. Chiluba had a better plan for zambia but power went to his head and became corrupt. Sata has no plan for Zambia and power has gone to his belly and has bloated him up. Would you honestly hand on heart tell where this country is headed to in the next couple of years? Downwards!!

    • You are a really confused retard. who told you Zambian are the least educated people. geez, do you even know what you are saying? You are a good example of a let down ignoramus and now you infer that all Zambians are as uneducated as you are. hey, wait a minute, are you even Zambian?

  11. KK is right. KK is fair. KK was let down by zealots in UNIP. Stop tarnishing his image. Talk to PF directly. Yesterday MMD was in power. Today PF is in power. Come General Elections, Zambians will decide what the next government must look like. It is not too late for you also to join PF.

  12. Do you want KK to remain rooted in the past with its hatred and insecurities? What if Mr. Sata has changed? You are here supporting Nevers Mumba as president of your sinking organization, do you not remember the insults he hurled at you losers when he was the president of NCC? Stop being petty and openly insecure.

  13. Lungu, what are you doing in MMD???? Lungu ,you are supposed to be in UNip and not MMD. Get out of there man go back to UNIP!!!!!

  14. We can discuss Kaunda all day long and you won’t find any positives from me about this man’s track record. Why is Zambia still one of the poorest, impoverished, bottom of the pile, scrubbing brush country of the world? Ask Kaunda. Inflationary rate was running into thousands during the end of his tenure until it was contained in recent times by MMD to single digits of as low as 9%. Do you know what it takes to change the country around like that? Do you ask yourselves why the PF had the luxury of rebasing the Kwacha? Yes, now you know, the hard work had already been done by others. Inflation was that low PF could afford to correct the too many zeros issue in the Kwacha. In short the rounding off of the unnecessary zeros which were not reflective of our strong economy was child’s play.

    • @confused.com
      You better ask the late FTJ and MMD why Zambia is poor.The Donars wrote off almost all of the national debt after 1991.However,within 10 years we were back to the same national debt levels.The period between 1991 and 2001 saw zambia experience worst in economic rape;corruption and plunder.Yes the old man has his faults but lets not be blind to the real reason for our economic woes…

  15. Comrade Lungu! You must be ashamed of yourself, please don’t blame Dr. Kaunda for your decision making in life. You look very young, but your thinking is that of “Cha Cha Cha” era. You don’t think like strategist, you are always a step behind. The time when real men supported MMD you remained idle in UNIP, now real men are supporting PF you still remain idle in MMD………..wake up Ka Lungu…..

  16. Kaunda is a nut case and a die hard dictator. He will never change because he is a deluded madman who believes that one party state of government is the way forward for Zambia. No wonder he thinks his boy Sata is doing a great job. Kaunda and Sata including Rapiah are old men with no fresh ideas because they are past best before date and should not be allowed in government authority.

    • I thought KK left any “government authority” about four Presidents ago and he is perfectly content living as an Elder Statesman! He is only expressing his opinion as a Zambian citizen just like you and me—love it or hate it, that’s your choice—but to accuse him of wanting any “government authority” is really ridiculous!

  17. @Tambo, you want to resort to derogatory remarks? Let’s put this way – I haven’t got the time and you haven’t got the brains to understand this. Many have tried to delimit their thinking by resorting to hurling insults but I have now run out of superlatives for such people. Tambo, my advice to you is that you quit that slave job you have in South Africa, get an education and start all over again. It’s not too late mate. You can neither match me intellectually, academically nor in toe to toe, pound for pound stature.

  18. KK started off well, Just like FTJ. But KK’s rein collapsed and left Office a disgraced dictator or a man.

    Without advisers and u engage KK now, that is when u can see how useless the man is. He can support SATA that is his problem cause he will sink with him.

    KK has said nothing on BA64. Does not talk about the suffering PF has brought on Zambians and he has abandoned UNIP. Because he talks glowingly about PF, he is praised. The day he shall talk ill about PF, they will threaten to withhold his benefits ati u talking POLITICS

  19. Muhabi you are not different from your cousin William Banda, people without any proper agenda, just being dragged left right and center and told what to say and do. For once come up with something of own making, come up with a solution to Zambia’s perceived problems, do not just attack others because of their honest opinions. Nanga chakubaba bwanji kuti KK amukonda Sata? It is of no consequence to you or to anyone if KK chooses to approve of Sata. Grow up, sha!

  20. And I thought forgiveness is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Christianity. We preach about Zambia being a Christian nation yet we miss the crucial tenets of Christianity—FORGIVENESS! Say what you may about KK, but the man seems to believe in the principle of “LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR/ENEMY AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF” (A phrase KK likes to remind us every time he gets a chance.)

    By the way, very few people are privy to the private conversations that have taken place between Sata and KK. Maybe Sata has apologized for his “sins” and they have decided to burry the hatchet. It also appears this is what happened between KK and Chiluba before Chiluba’s death. They seemed to get along fine after Chiluba left office. That’s KK for you—the man seems to hold no grudges, learn from him!

  21. I know all the communists are going to come out to play on this one. They hide in capitalist countries because theirs are examples of failed states. Reminds me of Saddam at his point of capture. All along he had been referring to the Americans and the British as infidels but was found with a million US dollars in his brief case at the time of his capture. Face it, Kaunda was strategically removed from power by the IMF and World Bank when he run out of ideas and they put him under a double dose of their medicine which seemingly kills the virus that is self. The country was cured of Kaundatism by doctor IMF working in conjunction Dr Worldbank. Remember, these two consultants are doomsayers themselves & are examples of pot calling kettle black. KK is leading Sata to the infamous Doctors!

  22. If that is indeed the case, it is very good that the old is not keeping a grudge against anyone and he has forgiven those he perceived as his enemies! Why should KK in his old be holding a grudge against anywa? Muhabi you should move on and concentrate on other issues affecting Nevers and the MMD!

  23. Muhabi is mentally sick. What about him, what is he doing in MMD the same party that he hated and they didnt like him?

    • Is this the same Muhabi Lungu (son to Mkondo Lungu Chief of Protocol at State House during Kaunda’s era). Was Muhabi not imprisoned by Chiluba at one time. Seeing that he joined the MMD, do I take it that he forgave Chiluba for imprisoning him?

  24. Face it, Kaunda was a dictator and committed many crimes to humanity. At least he has a chance to redeem himself to his creator and that’s the beauty of it. He should remain humble and appreciative of the timid people of Zambia for allowing him to stay in the country otherwise he would have been in exile in Iraq or Cuba – do you see any similarities there?

    • I agree with you.KK is a saint
      Compare him to late FTJ who was found liable for plundering the nations resources.FTJ was president when Zambia witnessed the worst in political assasinations;The killings of Paul Tembo,R Penza,R Ngenda,W Kaunda,B Nkumbula,E Shamwana e.t.c

  25. Mumbai talks about principles in KK that he himself fails to display! Whether you like it or not, KK made you who you are today you ungrateful unprincipled useless p*nk! Do you imagine for a moment the thieves you are associating with and glorifying today are better than KK? Grow a pair and take responsibility for your own failures for a change!

  26. By the same token, we are waiting for your principled stand on your friend Augustine Seyuba, whom not long ago you were in bed with until he was appointed into the PF government. He was your spokesman in your ill-advised dead-end political ambitions! Come out publicly and call him for what he is and we will then know what type of people both of you are!!

  27. All of you buffoons mumbling rubbish about our great Father KK are cursed!!!! Muhabi lungu you better respect yourself and apologise for your *****ic comments. Live out KK out of your dirty politicking games. You. There is ONLY one KK and there will be no one like him. LONG LIVE KK. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  28. All of you Citizens mumbling about our great Father KK like that are cursed!!!! Muhabi lungu you better respect yourself and apologise for your *****ic comments. Live out KK out of your dirty politicking games. You. There is ONLY one KK and there will be no one like him. LONG LIVE KK. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  29. All of you Citizens talking about our great Father KK like that are cursed!!!! Muhabi lungu you better respect yourself and apologise for your *****ic comments. Live out KK out of your dirty politicking games. You. There is ONLY one KK and there will be no one like him. LONG LIVE KK. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  30. All of you Citizens talking about our great Father KK like that are cursed!!!! Muhabi lungu you better respect yourself and apologise for your useless comments. Live KK out of your dirty political games. You. There is ONLY one KK and there will be no one like him. LONG LIVE KK. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  31. Muhabi Lungu you are the least person to throw aspersions at KK. It should always be ringing in your head that KK nurtured you from a tender age and gave you a status upon which you have built your livelihood. Umucinshi usuma ku bakalamba mwaice. Ni KK wakusambile amnon’go. Ulemu ni wa bwino mufana. Manje tizaona kwamene muyenda na Nevers wako. Indications abound that you are headed for a dead end.

  32. @ confused.com- my friend i thought you were a factual man. please come up with examples of crimes against humanity that kk committed. also does a dictator give up power through elections? if kk wanted to hang on to power he would have done the mugabe route and unleash the military and police in full force. kk is not perfect but he did his best during his time. please he is also a free man that should be allowed an opinion, it does not necessarily mean that he is correct. i dont remember chiluba or banda recognising freedom fighters as sata has done. it means alot to those gentlemen.

  33. Mwaice Muhabi,today u are in a sunk Titanic-mmd re u being principled? Sata has shown forgiveness 2 many creatures kk included so is de big old man.@ndobo,goncrave u must b insane. KK gave subsydies u re crying for.fo ols u won’t’ve dem dis time.

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