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PEPFAR 10th Anniversary Marks 58% Decrease in HIV Infections in Zambia

Headlines PEPFAR 10th Anniversary Marks 58% Decrease in HIV Infections in Zambia


Ten years ago, AIDS was considered a death sentence. It threatened the very foundation of societies by creating millions of orphans, stalling economic development, and leaving countries stuck in poverty.

PEPFAR is the U.S. government initiative created by President George W. Bush to help save the lives of those suffering from HIV and AIDS around the world. “It is the largest effort by any nation to combat a single disease,” stated Zambia Country Coordinator Kristie Mikus when asked to reflect on the past decade of PEPFAR. “As PEPFAR builds upon its successes, it is focusing on partnering with countries to promote programs that are sustainable and country-led.”

Today, Zambia is working with PEPFAR and other partners to save hundreds of thousands of Zambian lives every day. “The partnership between Zambia and the United States through PEPFAR is one of the strongest in the world,” said Ambassador Mark C. Storella. Zambia is truly at a tipping point: between 2001 and 2011, the rate of new HIV infections dropped by 58 percent. Today, more than 455,000 Zambians are accessing antiretroviral treatment (ART), a staggering difference from 2004 when only 3,500 Zambians had access to ART. This is a tremendous achievement and together, the United States and Zambia are creating an AIDS-free generation.

There is more to celebrate on PEPFAR’s 10th anniversary. On June 18, Secretary Kerry made an announcement that wouldn’t have been considered possible ten years ago. This month, PEPFAR will have saved one million babies from becoming infected with HIV through advances in the science behind the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT). One million babies around the world have been born HIV-free due to increased political leadership, shared responsibility, and commitment to science-based programs.

As Secretary Kerry highlighted in his commemoration speech, “PEPFAR is a story worth telling.” To convey the partnership of the American people with the people of Zambia in creating an AIDS-free generation, PEPFAR will highlight during this 10th anniversary year outstanding individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and passion in serving the people and communities living with and affected by HIV.


  1. Hats of to George Bush for the pepfar project.In loving memory of my late elder sister who died of Steven johnson syndrome as a complication of AIDS more than 10years ago.She just missed PEPFAR, so it means alot to see that so many lives have been saved and so many babies have a chance to live HIV free lives.


    • indeed i really apreciate the effort being done i lost my cousin some 9 yrs though hiv complications and i keep on thinking it was now the my cousin would be alive.thanx

  2. I was told not to sleep with Zambian men because of Aids so I am not surprised
    People with HIV could be told with dark sin, eyes, and most have weight abnormally


    • Ulimbushi iwe mushota, you are a reject i dont think our zambian men would want to go to bed with a prostitute like you. you are condemned one.

    • ignore the troll.

      She inflames everyone deliberately on every topic.


    • Mushota, you are soo incomprehensible it is amazingly annoying. UK has not changed you at all. Do you speak bemba with your so called white boyfriend??

    • Well sometimes it is ten mins, sometimes thirty. But I guess it is not worth it no matter how much time you spend on it, right??

  3. Hallelujah! The scourge has taken a lot of our people. Zambia shall be free! I can attribute some of the achievements in this fight to KK – well done!

    “if you are not infected you are almost without doubt affected by HIV/AIDS”

  4. aids rates
    1. Swaziland – 33.4%
    2. Botswana – 24.1%
    3. Lesotho – 23.2%
    4. Zimbabwe – 20.1%
    5. Namibia – 19.6%
    6. South Africa – 18.8%
    7. Zambia – 17.0%
    8. Mozambique – 16.1%
    9. Malawi – 11.8%
    10. Central African Republic – 10.7%

    • 58% reduction in new infections (incidence), not a 58% reduction in total number of people infected (prevalence). I had no idea CAR had such a high rate; where and when are these numbers from?

  5. Why is HIV prevalence more in former “British” colonies than any other, especially East and Southern African countries? Could this be that the Brits are (have been) behind it?

    I wouldn’t be surprised then because, why was HIV prevalence so ‘minimal’ in other colonised African countries like Angola/Mozambique (which were colonies of the Portuguese for instance)? How then do we explain “Poisons” found in Beef imports just reported from UK, by a British firm ZAMBEEF, (unpatented chemical compounds ‘Aromatic Aldehydes’ )? Are the British coming back to finish us off?

    Zambians please listen and listen good. As long as you remain the most STUPID people in the world today (as you are), you will have no future for your children and their children’s children, bye-bye Zambia my…

    • Many reasons, I suggest you read The Invisible Cure by Helen Epstein and Tinderbox by Halperin and Timberg. But one part of the explanation may be how peaceful and developed Southern African countries are; the road network and mines created situations where men were separated from their wives and spread HIV to sex workers (prevalence is much greater in urban than rural areas), and HIV spreads through networks much easier when war doesn’t disrupt and stop the movement of people. Rape by soldiers happens, but you’re more likely to acquire HIV in a long-term relationship than a single event. Most of the wars in Southern Africa were over by the time HIV started spreading in the population, unlike Angola and DRC. Low rates of circumcision also contributed.

  6. …home, my pride. I remember those old good days/years gone by when my old political mentor, SIMON MWANSA KAPWEPWE once quipped; the only good englishman was/is the DEAD one, hahahahaha……

  7. Aids rate reduction- we depend on USA,copper production- we depend on chinese,supermarkets -we depend on S.Africans,air travel-we depend on E.African carriers,on our fuel -we depend on Kenol and other foreign oil dealers…endless dependence.Is there anything we can achieve on our own as zambians?

    • Stability, refuge for the persecuted of other countries, music, innovation without over-commercialization in tourism (e.g. the walking safaris), a reputation for hospitality, maize production, etc.

    • @9.2 hahaha, lacks common sense.Your stuff is very very basic and all the stuff i metioned takes education,skill & specialist training.Its like a mango picker comparing himself to a heart or brain surgeon.Its not even close

    • What good is it to put yourself and your country down? Much of the reason Zambia hasn’t developed (like many other countries) is due to the actions of the West. Countries that have done well haven’t done it independently, or if they have, they had more to start out with than Zambia has. Elitist! You are like Mushota, except that she at least can make someone laugh.

    • @appealtocommonsense:What is worse than putting your country down- its called hiding your head in the sand which is exactly what you’re preaching.Denying our ugly realities will never help us get anywhere.

  8. @ An Appeal to Common Sense. The book you mentioned, The Invisible Cure by Helen Epstein and Tinderbox by Halperin and Timberg is a really good one. I have read it and its iin Library, I wish many more can read it. It is not wise to laugh at people infected with HIV becuase this can happen to anyone. You may think your partner is faithful and yet they are having having unprotected sex with someone else. Read my words this can happen to you, you child, sister brother. lets not be childish and stigmatise. You may thing you ahave an angel in your house but it might turn out otherwise.

    • Thank you! Have you read 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa? That’s another good one, not as scientific, but it looks at a lot of perspectives of people infected and affected.

  9. hiv does not come only thr unprotected sex there other people who have been infected by un clean un intensil e.g ear plucking and razor for tatoos. l for children born with hiv when will they avail the cure?we hear the cure is there but those who manufature antiretrol therapies are impeding the medicine because they will be out of business.we tend tobelieve such stories coz how come they there still no cure todate?Not even news of advanced medicine that are being discoverd like the one from queenlands institute of australia Dr.Harrich no local media in zambia has said anything about it why?

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