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PF scoops Feira by-election

Headlines PF scoops Feira by-election

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has scooped the Feira Parliamentary by-election.

The PF candidate Patrick Ngoma has polled 3 529 votes to beat his nearest rival Eualaria Zulu of the United Party for National Development (UPND) who has polled 967 votes.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) candidate Elias Phiri who in the third place has polled 617 votes while United National Independence Party (UNIP) candidate Charles Kanyama has polled 344 votes to come out the fourth in the by-election.

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) candidate Samuel Sikaonga is the least in the fifth place with 63 votes.

A total of 5 615 votes were cast and counted from 31 polling stations of the constituency.

The Feira Parliamentary seat fell vacant when the then MMD Member of Parliament Patrick Ngoma resigned from his position to join the ruling PF.


    • Sata was winning elections while in opposition, what has changed so far for the current opposition? Don’t you think that the opposition has no appealing message for the voters? The opposition always come out as if they are against the voters. Please tell them to strategise wisely.

    • …nalelolesyafe! [I was just listening yesterday]
      And 2day you say what? #embarrassment
      Where are those vuvuzellaz you were blowing so load yesterday.
      A certain party even turned an innocent Radio Christian Voice program into another of its vuvuzella. Shockingly, even the so called neutral analyst couldn’t hold himself, went flat-out to support the same party. Electoral codes, was that fair? Other parties should have been asked to bring in there reps too.
      Unfairness & media vuvuzellaring will not take this country anywhere.
      I wish that leader could realize this soon, humble himself & work with GRZ. He can’t see that he is enriching mobile companies.
      Its also very sad that even a destined NAREP has failed to withhold the pressure and resorted to media vuvuzellaring

    • Ha ha ha ! Looks like we have smart people in that constituency who looked beyond the subsidy song.Well done PF.This is a sign that our people have accepted subsidies.By the way we won a ward by election too in southern province yesterday.

    • The area will be opened up. They will benefit from Link-Zambia 8000 project. Already the Leopards Hill road through Chiawa, Luangwa to Chirundu is underway. This is how it shall be even in 2016. PF won on account of performance bakaamba.

  1. We all know that the current opposition is not a factor . We have no opposition in Zambia. The opposition lacks a winning strategy at all. If they continue in this path of baseless politicking , 2016 will be disastrous for them.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  2. MMD+UPN+UNIP+NAREP =1991 votes
    PF= 3529 Votes

    PF= 62.85%
    And you say HH will be president in 2016? I thot UPND will use removal of subsidies to win in Feira? How about Amsterdam, it seems he is not doing his job well. and The watch Dog seems to be recording Zero displacement. They report alot of lies but achieve nothing. IS the 50+1 going to work for the Opposition? Well done PF

    • And this is exactly the biggest problem you have in the Opposition today, particularly in UPND, insulting the very people (voters) you seek votes from. If you think this silly mentality of insulting people’s intelligence will work for you, then you will be waiting for a VERY LONG TIME to be a factor in Zambian politics.

      Grow up and simply accept the fact that you have lamentably failed to sell yourselves as an alternative party to PF, and then change. Try doing less useless politicking and more issue-based politics. I am sure people see through you simple-minded brats whose only way of expressing your political failures is by insulting and ‘peeing’ on the very people you are asking to support you—how childish!

      Calling people “Id+iots” will never win you votes. Planning…

  3. HH is using reducing balance method of diminishing. So subsidies are not a factor anymore. Let’s Go PF!!!

  4. Please petition these results,PF Government officials were making donations before the election, and there was use of government vehicles and funds for campaigns.

    • I thought you folks are allergic to budget overruns, now you want this election to be nullified so we can have another round of by-elections and add to the already ballooning budget overruns? Just saying…….!

  5. The removal of subsidies is not a factor anymore and it wil soon die a natural death!!People must realise that there is a time for everything,the time to eat free things went with KK,we cannot continue subsidising and depending on foreign aid inform of loans and grnats to develop our country.We hve a duty to develop Zambia ourselves.Loans come with conditions and interests.We need to sacrifice and this is the time to sacrifice for mother Zambia and for our children’s future.VIVA PF for teaching these hopeless opposition another lesson!

  6. Shouldn’t there be a rule stating that if 60% of voters do not show up the election results are rejected.How can 2% determine who will be a lawmaker thereby affecting the lives of ALL Zambians.Our constitution is pathetic and we are paying for it.Most of us do not even know where or how to voice our concerns to the appropriate authorities.Villagers do not know what is at stake,they should not be given so much voting power.

    • Partcipating in an election is personal choice we dont force people to vote those who voted are happy with PF those who did not they have been assisted to decide since they were not ready to decide thats how it is. what about jehovas witnesses they dont vote do you force them NO. so live with this choice. People have seen what SATA is doing people in rural areas are benefiting from tared roads which they did not have so the only people complain so far are town mouse like yourselves am linking it here. watch out chipata central PF is geting………..

    • Ba Sista , it is not that the villagers have been given so much power, just like you they have a right to vote and they excercise it , if somebody failed to appeal to them for a vote how is it their fault? They need development just as you in the urban so they know waht is at stake more than you may think …. VIVA PF

    • There goes another “gumu gumu” insulting innocent village voters for expressing their constitutional right! When are you people going to appreciate the fact that insulting people you seek votes from is a losing strategy? And you want to make everybody believe you are such intelligent and educated cadre of people?!

      Anyways, it is true that formal education does NOT necessary translate into WISDOM. And you folks in the Opposition calling yourselves educated are really proving this point right quite well!

    • excuse me educated sista, villagers are human beings just like you and me. What is good for you is good for me and for them as well.

  7. Babanyankula bakapala, Pobo, Pobo,Pobo, Pobo, Pobo, Pobo, Pobo,Pabwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. azryt

  8. Fu.ck ZAMBEEF. I have stopped buying their nyama. They EMBALM the sh.it. Fu.ck ZAMBEEF. ATASE!

    • Tekanya mwaiche wandi. Dont talk of beef when you strugglin to find rape on the table. Wilaipompa maiche wandi


  10. hahahahahahahaha okay some bloggers, you guys have cracked my ribs @Zemuntu and Chisenga , ROTFLOL yaba #dead

  11. Zambia Vs Lesotho 4-0. What do you expect of a party where the President goes alone to demonstrate.

  12. Stories like the alleged Zambeef scandal are published either to frighten the general public or destroy a business or political opponent.

    • No @Voice of Reason , people have the right to know what they are feeding their children. Any business that withholds information which might be detrimental to their customers’ health deserves NO sympathy. Mind you, some of these chemicals are quite dangerous, especially to children whose vital organs, such as the brain, are still developing. So if Zambeef is importing chemically tainted meat to sell to unsuspecting Zambians without disclosing this info, then they deserve every negative media coverage coming to them. I bet even the EU (Britain in particular) wouldn’t allow it if roles were reversed.

      Anyways, this article is about the Feira by-election, but I just thought your comment is outrageous!


  14. UPND can only be ruled by a Tonga says HH. Okay that is fine provided UPND can only be voted for by Tongas. This is a reality HH needs to come to terms with. If HH means well for UPND he should call for a national conversion in the UPND were all position including the president should be contested otherwise UPND will remain a regional tribal Tonga political party. Talking of the MMD they should learn survivals skills now that they do not have tax payers money to abuse. As for NAREP we do not know you guys and do not know what you want to do for Zambia.

  15. NAREP how can you sink so low as to start playing HH’s game? He is setting an agenda for the opposition. What is this agenda? Bitterness…. Well you have a right to free choice. All the best.

  16. I am not sure if it is just me but all my posts on the dog watch do not show. If it because I have no kind words for HH and that is the reason for my posts not appearing then I wonder what kind of democracy HH will run. He is busy painting Sata a dictator but he can not allow a simple comment on his site that does not support his childish understanding of Zambian people.

    • Kci. The ZWD rarely publish constructive posts, especially when you challenge them to provide evidence to substantiate their lies. I wonder if we will see those vile bloggers who come on this site just to insult the PF and other level headed bloggers.

    • You are very right my dear the ZWD does not post critical commments expecially if your comments oppose their views and those of the UNPD and their hungy hyna (HH).I stopped commenting on their articles because most of it is biased and total lies,utter rubbish!!The ZWD exhibits the selfishness of HH himself and its driven by selfish motives.Its full of bitterness and unbalanced lies.The editor has no manners not even bad ones!!

  17. No opposition in Zambia for sure, this is embarrasing the relevancy of democracy on the opposition’s part. This was a landslide win and congrats PF though I can never vote for u jst like i can never vote for hhh!!! ataseeeeeeeee

    • My sentiments exactly! not that am politically inclined, but someone whose keeping watch for a better governed Zambia, which ofcourse entells a better life for our fellow zambians, coming back to the elections? what does this mean? what is the purpose of the opposition, is there a chance that we are heading for one party state? i hope not otherwise, NAREP Is exceptional, why dont we encourage the youth so that they can bring in fresh ideas?

  18. Am getting contradicting results from ZNBC. They are stating that PF got about 3500 + and UPND candidate got 2600 +. Which is which now?

  19. Yes the PF candidate got 3500 + but he beat the UPND candidate by 2600+ meaning the difference in votes is 2600+. Maybe you wanted to hear that the UPND candidate got 2600+ votes so that the difference is more respectable.

  20. As I keep saying, elections are won at the polling booth; not by who shouts the loudest or writes the most vociferously over the Internet! A lesson that seems to be beyond the comprehension of most bloggers on certain websites. Fortunately Zambians are perfectly capable telling sense from nonsense, reality from fantasy. Hear them cry “rigged” like babies!

  21. This is the lesson to hh, he should learn to read the minds and faces of pipo and move with the masses. 1. its evident that zambians dont want subsidy all what they want is development but hh goes alone to demonstrate, who are you representing? 2. Zambians are tired of road accidents and RTSA are trying to bring order on the road but hh goes on to incite drivers to protest against RTSA, again who are you representing? 3. zambians are tired of having their copper being stolen day and night by jerabos but again hh goes on to say he will legalize jerabos when voted in office. Pipo have seen that this man doesnt mean well for the nation but selfish. upnd has no respect for voters, when they lose they insult voters, saying they are dull, uneducated etc. Have respect as the party for voters.

    • You stated 3 valid points that any reasonable human being who claims to be very educated can look into as free postmotem

    • Excellent points but i dont think this Neanderthal realizes that. how do you allow your supporters to be insulting the same voters whose vote you want? Nowonder i would rather vote for a frog than this dirty troglodyte kod ichilema.

  22. Congratulations Honourable Patrick Ngoma for having won these election. It was a known fact that you will win..All the time when Mr. Ngoma stood for election in his constituency he always won elections, the time he didn’t stand is the time he was asked to go and serve in foreign service. People voted for Mr.Ngoma because he is faithful to his electorate he always takes development there and its the people that ask him which party to stand on..So the winning of these election is the candidate not just the party. If these election where nullified and Mr.Ngoma was in opposition he was still going to win. People remember that He used to be D.A there also before he became MP.

  23. isukulu lisuma but UPND cadres are daily insulting voters that they are not educated, let your PhD take you to state house…

    • Personally i doubt their education coz UPND has a high number of MPS whose education is very average. just visit parliamentary website to confirm.

  24. I am congratulating PF for a job well done. There should be not victor, no vanquished. Without doubt, winning elections is a culmination of various factors. The campaign can not suffice. The electorate needs to connect with candidates.


  26. Viva PF Viva! Opposition combined votes total only 1829 almost half what PF gobbled. In short the Opposition has been beaten clean Bwana! HH silenced, Mumba embarrassed, Chipimo butchered and UNIP hammered.
    See despite the subsidy thing, PF is still increasing its numbers in parley.

    Anyways Congrats PF, SATA despite the BUFI song you can still manage a win! You Rock! I am impressed.

    As for the opposition, your total votes put together, could not excite me! You Sack! Get back to the drawing board oro unite the hell up. You pathetic, miserable, un-trainable, lousy noisy losers! Cheap liars! Use slogans like development in 60 days! Achieve big lies to win! lol! Nangu nga teifyo shut your all bloody hell up! Blind and inexperienced political stooges!

  27. One thing you should know is MMD left govt while the economy was still booming. The rate of the Kwacha was good,Reserves to the tune of $2.6b,Many roads were graded by Rb before elections.Pf has continued were MMD left by having those graded roads tarred and utilizing ka $2.6b at the moment the opposition have nothing much to say angainst Pf.unlike how it was at the end of UNIP rule under Dr. Kaunda.The economic situation at that time was pathetic,roads were in a deplorable state,transport was scarce,essential commodities were hard to buy.Today whats only hard to find are Jobs and there is still No money in people’s pockets this what the opposition are not talking to the people.because this what the people want now not mere politics.

  28. The opposition should stop using the song of Subsidies, especially with the less educated; all they know is that they will be paying more for things. Development to rural dwellers is physical infrastructure, if they can see it, they have no problem. They dont care about all these debates that we who think are learned spend our time doing at the expense of working!

  29. This is what I said “Zambian Watch dog has taken a political trajectory that aims at throwing the country off tangent in an attempt to divorce the local and international communities from the current government. The lawful mandate of the PF to rule this country has left pompous but strategy-less opposition very bitter, to the point of wanting to cut short the term by concocting, insinuating, perpetuating exaggerated innuendos.

    This is a futile and unkempt strategy which can only be hatched by numbskulls. The PF has not less than 10 more years to go before people begin to get weary on a serious note. I mean before we get that critical mass to talk about real change. Otherwise villagers will ensure PF goes on past 2016, 2021 …Lol”

  30. It is likely that these elections were rigged or the voters were bought. Any rightful thinking vote SHOULD NOT VOTE for PF.

  31. Only a dumb ass can believe that these results were genuine. If this rigging continues we are going to have a hard time getting rid of these gremlins because they will continue rigging every bloody election.

  32. Ala natuwina, UPND should know that the revolution only happen in 1991 and 2011.
    Zambians are now clever than you the opposition think. Don’t just criticize for the sake
    of criticizing. Zambians want issue based criticisms.

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